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"Twice is sometimes, always nice..."

But this time twice is the best. .hack//Mutation is a great squeal to the expansive RPG series. Mutation is the second of four parts to the .hack series. In Mutation you once again are in control of the character main Kite, and his many counter-parts from Infection.

The storyline takes place once again in The World, right after your fight against Skieth, the final boss to Infection. In Mutation, Kite and his gang take up the task once more, to finding the girl named Aura, who was spilt into many pieces and find out what is going wrong inside the world. Mutation offers more party members, new foes, and items that will help you through out Mutation. Get set, cause your in for another treat once again...

Gameplay 10/10

The jest of the game is quite simply, and is unchanged from Infection. You play as Kite, a young Twin Blade player and the main character, and you have the ability to call upon two others to form a party. You still have a pick of old players like Blackrose, Mistral, Mia, and so on, so you can still play with you favorite party from the last game. But in addition you get new party members to play with, so you’ll have more party combos to tinker with.

Also you gain access to new servers to the world, meaning lots more powerful foes and dungeons. So gameplay is much more expansive this time around.

Graphics and Sound 9.5/10

The graphics are quite nice, not as advanced as most RPGs of nowadays. But nonetheless the graphics are very well done and the anime feel to it, is quite nice to see. As for the sound, .hack offers arguably one hell of a soundtrack that instantly sets the mood no matter where you are in the game.

Replay-Ability 10/10

Like Infection, even after defeating the game you gain the ability to roam the world in-order to gain more abilities, gain experience, and acquire items. So even after defeating the game you still have plenty of things to do after wards.

Overall 10/10

Once again, this game is fully worth the price of $50, and the storyline and gameplay is more than enough to grab you and immerse you into a great series. .hack and its story will continue to grab you, and the anime series, like Sign, Illuminate, Dusk, that follows so closely, has made it one great genre that will stay strong for a long time. Only hope for now is that the next two continues to wow us more than ever. But for now enjoy, and see you in The World...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/19/03, Updated 05/19/03

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