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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

A four part game you'll never don't miss out on this one!

.hack//Mutation is the part2 of the first game: .hack//Infection...which rocks just as good as this one!! Well here's my review of this unique game,I hope you enjoy it!

Storyline(9/10)~If there's one thing you want to give Bandai is a great applause for the unique storyline on this game. The setting of the game surrounds an online game called 'The World'.
If you've played part one and passed it, you can load in your game data with just a click of a data. If you didn't play part one, you can still begin a new game(there's a story update when you begin) though you're familiarity of the controls might be slightly out-of-touch.
You start off like usual, at the desktop screen; you don't really get to see the 'real-life' Kite,only his 'game-self'.
What really makes the storyline unique is that the character you're playing, is playing an online game...the whole concept makes you feel like you're really playing an online game. It also makes this game very beware, you're in for long hours of playing(a good thing really).
To top it off, the storyline for Mutation has a unique setting,is addictive and also revolves around very interesting and amusing characters.

GRAPHICS(8/10)~The graphics of Mutation didn't change from it's previous game, but if put to test and perspective is pretty good.What really makes the graphics stand out would probably be the lovely designs of the game characters...which are clean,simple and has an 'online' touch.
You won't find any glitches in the graphics which seems to be a problem with certain game genres like this.And to add, Mutations graphics match up to a lot of games these days.

GAMEPLAY(8/10)~The gameplay is similiar to part1: you get to use items by pressing triangle(stopping the game) and excessing the menu.
Also,there are now 3 instead of 2 different servers. This will definately add variety,though I won't go any more further to avoid spoilers.
Also,many games of this genre seem to have a problem with the camera both Infection and Mutation,this does NOT exist.The camera movement is fluid an takes quick affect.
Also,the reaction of the controls towards the gameplay is a bit above average. Nevertheless, tight controls make good gameplay.
One more of the flavours which make .hack// addcitive besides it's storyline, would be the fighting system(although average) which posseses interesting motions.In fact,after a while the fighting through dungeons will definately be a fav pastime due to the large variety of 'keywords'.
The AI of monsters in the game are similiar to Infection and there will be many more types too...on the other hand,some of the monsters might cluster you without strategic movement(could have been done on purpose) so bringing friends with you would be a very good idea.

SOUND(8/10)~Once again,something similar to part 1. Each variety of dungeons have their own theme song,though some might get repetitive.
What's good about the sound though is the solitude and not to mention the characters voice-acting does justice for all good games.

EXTRAS~In the game,by going to a certain amount of dungeons, giving a lot of gifts to your friends and other challenges, you recieve extra's though the Ryu books.
The extra mainly include most of the CG's or cutscenes,them music and backgrounds for your desktop.This can be pretty interesting because sometimes you might find yourself wanting to get them all.

FINAl NOTE~.hack//Mutation will live up to the expectations of Infection's previous players and also amaze those new to the series.You'll also get a very interesting .hack//Liminility with it(continuing from the one in infection).
So to put it simple; .hack//Mutation is unique,wonderful and the second part of a wonderful series.Perhpas Bandai might please us by making a real online one,but until that happens, this my friends, is as good as it gets!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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