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"Fans of .hack rejoice"

.hack//MUTATION continues the saga in the .hack series. ONLY PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU BEAT INFECTION!! It picks up in the middle of the story and is very unfriendLy to newbies. I won't take too much of your time, because MUTATION is more of the same of INFECTION. You can find a full overview of .hack in my INFECTION review. lets get down to business

Story: 10/10
I can't stress this enough. The story of the the .hack saga is just outstanding. You play a boy whose friend invites him to play an online RPG named ''The World''. The World is an MMORPG. The game does a fantastic job of mimicking a MMORPG without the Internet connection in your home. SPOILERS
The story picks up where it left off. Skeith has turned into some weird mutated monster. Kite is still in search of the source of why his friend entered a coma. The game introduces new characters to battle alongside with. The emails you recieve are fun to read and the message board provides hints on what to do next.

Gameplay: 9/10
Although very repetitive, MUTATIONS gameplay is always fun to engage in. You are playing a MMORPG in a non-online game. The game does a great job executing this, almost perfectly. Your in-game desktop has many things to do including, Mail and News to check, Access to the MMORPG ''The World'', options to save your game, and other various options (audio visual, etc.). To play .hack you must log on to ''The World'', a MMORPG. Battles are the same in MUTATION as in INFECTION, but Boss battles are a tad bit better. You use Keywords in various Game servers root-towns to enter fields with dungeons and whatnot.New servers are introduced in MUTATION as well. Very fun although you must be very patient.

Graphics: 8/10
.hack's graphics are just perfect for the game. Characters are well done as well as the WORLD itself. Everything is polished but battles can catch slowdowns and get a little sketchy.

Sound: 8/10
Nothing much to say about the sound. Voices are done fantastically, meaning they don't sound lame(except for Piros). Everything is done well with the sound.

Control: 9/10
Its so easy to play and engage in battles in MUTATION. With a rotatable camera, battles become epic and exciting. Although the various Magic and Skills you can use are hard to get to, you can really get used to it.

Overall: 9/10
A great sequel to its predecessor, MUTATION lives up to its name. A very exciting experience for FANS ONLY!!! The story continues on magically and will get better as the saga continues...BUY IT

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/22/03, Updated 05/22/03

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