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"Not the best RPG but its still great!"

Note: My score is based on the old one, or the one I go by. Meaning a 5 is an average game, a 10 is the perfect game (I've yet to come across one) and a 1 is a crappy game (Lot's floating around!). As much as I love this game, I have to make sure its honest and that the person who reads this helps him the most when deciding to buy this game.

Story: N/A
I can't really rate the store (not yet anyways). The .hack series is expanded over 4 series (MUTATION being part 2) and rating the story now would undoubtfuly fool an avid gamer. The story so far however is quite good, and full of mystery, conspiracy, and a little humor! In Mutation, you can also see some cutscenes from your favorite .hack//SIGN characters, which I thought was real neat. When the Series is over, i'll rate the story in the 4th part review.

Controls: 6/10
Ugh! These controls are hard to get used to. You constantly have to adjust the camera angles using R1, L1, and the right analog stick to keep the enemy in your sight. It's really hard to get used to but eventually it becomes second nature. Still, I wish it was easier to adjust the camera or it would change it self.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is somewhat bland and a bit repititive. You press the X button to attack (no combos or anything) and to use skills and magic you must enter the menu and select it. The name for the skills are hard to remember so you have to scroll through them and check what they do before you go and cast them. You can also control your other two party members (lots to choose from) and give them commands seperately or together. For example, you can have a Blademaster use attack skills while having the Wavemaster sit back and heal everytime (my favorite tactic!). Equiping your teammate is also tedious and you have to give them the equipment and they'll automatically equip it (the hard part is to figure out if they will equip it or just take it). Selecting the field isn't hard but if you just randomly put in keywords (You need three to enter a field)you might get taken to an area filled with higher level monsters that will destroy your parter rather quickly. Overall, the gameplay is fun once you get the hang of things, learning it is a part where gamers might give up on it.

Graphics: 5/10
Graphics aren't there to impress you and aren't there to make the game look pretty. The graphics are average and I can't complain. If your someone who wants beautiful graphics, look elsewhere.

Sound and Music: 9/10
The Music is pretty good. It's not annoying and it doesn't get repititive and it changes nearly everytime you go to a different field. Not a bad job in this department.

Final Verdict: 8/10
The game is great but it doesn't compare to the other RPG legends out there. Still, it's a great game and a refreshing battle system that I personally like but thats my opinion. As like most of my reviews say, rent first before you consider to buy it, it might save you 50.00!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/25/03, Updated 05/25/03

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