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"A game of wonder... Amazing"

This game is the sequel to the awesome game .hack//INFECTION. You carry on in this game after defeating the monster that takes your friend out, named Skeith. If you are continuing from the previous game, you should be in good shape, but if you start a new game, be in for a lot of work. A brief summary of game 1:

This game, for lack of a better word, is excellent. It totally betters the previous game in almost every way. If you are unaware, you play the role of a young boy, who takes on the character alias ''Kite.'' You were invited to play the game ''The World'' by your friend, who has the character alias ''Orca.'' He begins to show you a newbie dungeon, and is attacked by a large black creature chasing a girl in white named ''Aura.'' Shortly after words you are given a book, called ''The Book of Twilight,'' by the girl, who initially tried to give Orca, but after Orca was attacked, the book was given to you, bestowing on to you a bracelet that holds immense power, that no one else can see. After you log out of The World, you are told your friend Orca; Yasuhiko, was found in a coma that has an unknown cause. You immediately know that the cause was the monster, and proceed on your journey to bring him back. In this journey you meet many friends, enemies, and unknowns, and go through many trials and tribulations in doing so.

For gameplay, I give this game a solid 10. Good graphics, sounds, controls, it's awesome.

Sound I give a 7. Sometimes it's hard to hear the characters, and the English voices are horrid. Otherwise it's pretty good.

Replay value is a solid 9, although there isn't much need to REPLAY the game, because even when you are through you can level up further, get better weapons, etc.

Controls are a 9 as well, because the camera angles can be a bit irritating at times, although you can control them with the left and right shoulder buttons and with the right analog stick to move the view of the camera, you know, pan in, out, change the sides and stuff.

Difficulty is about a 6. If you aren't at the right levels, it can be really difficult to complete certain tasks, but if you are an exact level or higher, it can be a total breeze. Definitely not a game you need codes on for.

Time to finish isn't too bad, I finished the first game in about 11 hours, and the second one in about the same time, so not too many late nights. :)

Character development is probably the only downside to this game. The only character development is given through emails from your fellow players, as it's a simulated MMORPG, because as your affection level with other players goes up, they reveal more about themselves, sort of like in real life. You don't really find much out about Kite's actual person, you only develop on him in the virtual world. It just takes too much to find out about the characters.

It's an overall good game, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs. Excellent, excellent game.

I give the game a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/03, Updated 05/31/03

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