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"A great time waster, as well as RPG"

Storyline - (9/10) The story line is pretty good your invited to play an mmorpg and your friend goes into a coma? Conspiracy follows confusion, and difficult to understand poems!

Graphics - (8/10) The movie scenes are great, so are magic graphics and so forth but some characters really mess it up like Mia and Piros....especially mia shes a cat with rabbit ears.

Music - (9/10) There is a wide diversity in music for dungeons and other assorted things, very nice although non of them fit the computer theme on your 'desktop'.

Sound - (10/10) I LOVE the sounds for this game, between the great diversity in character speech and battle sound effects this diserves a standing ovation! I love listening to the funnier character dialogs...but not Piros hes annoying but I guess that is to be expected, there are freaks like him in mmorpgs...

Characters - (10/10) A game with lame characters (cough kingdom hearts cough) can be a mind numbingly annoying experiance, but this game has a wide diversity in selection so you can pick to be around the kinda people you like!
If you like the gentile little girls you can play with The female wave master and female two handed bladed (how embarrassing I forgot the names) if you want the 'bad ass players' we have a strong silent type who excercises too much, a jerk in full clad demonic armor, then theres the funnier selections such as piros (annoying) mia (a cat) Rachel (obsessed with money and has the voice of the lady from 'the nanny') and Nuke (actor wannabe) so this is truely a GREAT selection of the game that I cant help but truly love.

Realistic property /// actual MMORPG feel (3/10) Ok you may be wondering what this is about, well the game IS supposed to be that, a mmorpg to be exact and well its not very good at the feel, ive played many of the games and frankly this doesnt fit in with the feel.
First we have the trade system, NO ONE in an actual mmorpg would trade a lvl 24 weapon for a lvl 20 same class weapon and 3 health potions, amongst other problems with that.
Next is the movies, in an mmorpg your character does not have that kind of motion capability! Admittingly the game would be dull if it wasnt like a regular rpg for all the short scenes but still if your going for the mmorpg feel...oh well ill drop that, the final problem is the serious lack of people!
The game says they have 20 million players so why is it theres only around 20 players in a town? Look at ragnarok, a few thousand play and the towns are so crowded your terrified to walk through the center of one.
Though this doesnt ruin the game or effect my final score it should be noted.

Sidequests / extras (10/10) The sidequests are too short in my opinion, but they are fun (especially tag), where this really shines is the extras, the more stuff you do in the game the more extra stuff you get for your desktop!

Overall (9/10) .Hack//Mutation is an EXCELLENT game with some flaws and tedious at time, very time demanding and a great game series to play if you need to waste MASSIVE ammounts of time such as I did/still do.
Enjoy ^_^ thanks for reading.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/09/03, Updated 06/09/03

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