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"A great continuation for a great game"

This is not just a game, it is a continuation of a saga. It all started with .hack//infection, where the hero Kite is trying to figure out how to get his friend Orca, out of a coma. It all started in .hack//infection, and now it is continuing with .hack//mutation.

Story 10/10
The story has to be the best part of the game. I remember dropping everything I was doing just so I could go play .hack. The story line will suck you in and it won't let you go until you have finished the whole thing. You are an "outlaw" player in a huge mmorpg in the future, looking for a way to get your friend Orca out of a coma. You encounter huge monsters that have the ability to "data drain" and put people into comas. The upside is, that you have the ability to. A bracelet, given to you by Aura, will help you to defeat the 8 phases.

Sound 8/10
It isn't the best sound, but it still is pretty great. You enter a dungeon, and hear that strange dungeon music can really set the level for you. The sound effects are pretty good themselves, but could be a bit better. Voiceovers are really good at that, and you can even choose to listen to it in English or Japanese! Though one thing that gets me, is Piros the heavy axeman's theme song on the field.... *shudders..*

Graphics 7/10
Not the greatest, but then again graphics don't make the game. There are though, beautifully designed towns, and the fields are just that much better. The monsters look beautiful, and so does your whole team. But the people themselves in the town are lacking in the graphics department, greatly.. Otherwise it has a great look itself.

Controls 10/10
Very easy to learn controls, basic in their own sense. It won't take long to learn all the controls of the game, and there is an easy step-by-step tutorial in .hack//infection. If you haven't played .hack//infection, they are still extremely easy to learn, and you will have them down in no time.

Gameplay 5/10
This is where things get a little bit hairy.. The gameplay does become pretty repetitive. Run through dungeon, kill monsters, grab treasure, repeat. Run through dungeon, kill monsters, grab treasure, repeat. It is the same thing ove again. This is mostly why many people chose to stay away from the game, but it is a great game nonetheless.

Overall 8/10
It is a great game, though many people overlooked it in place of different games. Final Fantasy may be a great series, as I am a huge fan. But you can't compare, as many people do two completely different RPG's. I would recommend buying this, but all four installments can be extremely hard to find. I myself have been lucky enough to track down all four parts, and am very satisfied. So if you are looking for a good RPG, or maybe a change from Final Fantasy, I would say check this out, but if you haven't played .hack//infection first, do so beforehand, you will understand much more!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/07/05

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