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"Lets go this way! Ok... Lets got that way. Hmm ok I think its this way now."

Did ya play the first one? Well that what you should be asking yourself. Don't bother playing this game if you didn't play infection. I went down to gamestop about a week or two after beating infection and belief me when I saw this for fifteen dollar and if you beat the first one this game is worth it. I beat it about a day ago. I would say this game should take you about a week but if you speed run through it maybe three days. That stuff is well cool but id rather remember something about the story.

You are Kite and we find heroes about to set out on their second adventure. This time around we have to find Aura like always and defeat the mutated viruses. Along the way you will meet new friends and explore dungeons. Not much of a story this time around though. Besides the new players and some stuff Helba will tell you. Not much here.

Game play
Its pretty similar to the last one but this time around you will finally get your hands on some nice equipment. I suggest you explore as much as you can. Dungeon design is pretty straightforward. The reward is always a chest with goodies inside of it. Well almost always. You can get rare weapons, armor, and items. Etc by data draining monsters. Be careful please because if you aren't careful you're going to kill yourself. The data drain can not only hit allies but also kite. If that happens you may lose around 400+ exp, your hp and sp will go to one, and you might be healed entirely. Beware there's no real guarantee what will happen. It takes 1000 exp to level up. So you won't be in the hrs of mindless leveling. You just have to get a high enough attack to take down things like dragons. Then you can level up maybe every three battles. You can equip whatever you want but for your other characters to get better your going to have to trade or give them better equipment. For me I had more stuff then I knew what to do with. So I just kept handing out level 30-52 equipment to all my allies.

The voice acting is all right. If you are a loyal fan of the series you should recognize the usual cameos. Voice acting was for me slightly better then average. Music during battle you will be able to stand. I think it's the out of battle music that really got me. It's either almost none existent or the same tune for the entire level. Would I buy the sound track? Nope but I can stand most of the music. Well it also comes with an anime short. It's a bit hard to understand unless you're really into sci fi or you have the logic of a guru! lol

The controls are pretty simple. You do have a varity of different attack and commands. Pretty much because im level 50 so I just tell them to attack now. lol The idle party to me is one wave master and blade master. But that's me you might want to try something else. Besides tell them to attack you can choose a few more commands. Like heal, magic, strengthen, weaken etc. I kind of wish there was just more to do during battle. You won't be able to move when the enemy casts a spell on you so don't blame me lol. When I mean move, I mean you won't be able to do anything but send a command or use an item. Yes you won't be able to attack. Plus there isn't much you can dodge in this game. I remember trying to dodge and I got hit anyway. Even thought the attack clearly didn't hit me.

Over All
The loyal fans of the series may rent or buy. To me fifteen bucks is better bc then if anything goes wrong you can start all over again. Oh joy! It started off and ended rather well in infection. I can only hope the new dot hack will be better. If your not a fan of the anime and you don't like the sound of this game please for the love of god do not waste my time. If you didn't like it don't bother me. So far I have only gotten a few people that don't agree me but thats why I can ban people lol.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/01/06

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