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    Nuclear Power Plant FAQ/Walkthrough by LSvensson

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nuclear Power Plant Walkthrough/FAQ
    Version 1.2.
    By: Lukas Svensson
    Email: titan_2005@hotmail.com
    2003-04-06 to 2003-04-07
    Table of contents:
    I.    Legal Info
    II.   Story
    III.  Characters
    IV.   Buttons
    V.    Items
    VI.   Walkthrough
    VII.  FAQ
    VIII. Contribution info
    IX.   Credits
    I. Legal Info
    This FAQ may be reproduced and posted on any web-page as long as it is kept 
    intact, with my name on it. E-mail me before you post this FAQ anywhere. 
    You may not make money from this document (by selling, charge people for 
    A view, etc.).
    II. Story
    Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant, Kola Peninsula Russia, November 6th, 2004, 
    19:50 Hours.
    Trace microwave relay.
    Data retrieved from Kalinatek reveals that Nikoladze uses an unconventional 
    network of relays to communicate with Georgian terrorist cell. Background 
    electric noise surrounding the Nadezhoa Nuclear Power Plant in Northern 
    Russia makes it impossible to trace the network beyond this point.
    Mission objectives:
    1. Trigger a meltdown alert in the cooling rod room.
    2. Investigate the Nadezhda communications center.
    3. Tap the Georgian microwave relay.
    4. Get out of the power plant using the railroad.
    III. Characters
    Esfir: a technician, he has a ponytail, wears a brown shirt and blue jeans, 
    if he is killed or Ko’d before you’ve got his key code, the mission ends.
    Russian Technicians: they are all across the middle part of the level, 
    they are civilians, so if you kill to many the mission ends. They wear 
    orange outfits, and are not hard to make out from the soldiers.
    Russian Soldiers: they are scattered all across the level, it doesn’t 
    matter how many you kill, as long as the bodies are not discovered that 
    IV. Buttons
    X Button           Use Interaction menu (hold down, release to confirm)
    Circle Button      Crouch, tuck and roll (hold down)
    Triangle           Jump / Split Jump (double tap in narrow place)
                       Double Jump (double tap against wall)
    Square             Quick Inventory (hold down, release to confirm)
    R1                 Primary Fire (only works when weapon is drawn)
    R2                 Draw Weapon/gadget
    R3                 Enter Camera mode (when weapon is not drawn) / Enter 
                       sniper mode (when the SC-20K is drawn)
    L1                 Secondary Fire/hold breath in sniper mode (only works 
                       when weapon is drawn)
    L2                 Reload (only works when weapon is drawn)
    L3                 Back to wall (when nearby a wall) / switch between 
                       semi-Automatic and fully automatic (when SC-20K is 
    Up D-pad           Choose in the Interaction menu / zoom in
    Down D-pad         Choose in the Interaction menu / zoom out
    Left D-pad         Turn on Night vision
    Right D-pad        Turn on Heat Vision
    Start Button       OPSAT (used to check mission objectives, datasticks and
    Select Button      
    For more in depth controls, look in the manual, or play the training 
    V. Items
    Starting items (only applies for Power Plant mission):
    Arctic Suit
    Night vision
    Heat vision
    SC-20K (60 rounds):
    Sticky Camera (4)
    Diversion Camera (3)
    Ring Airfoil Round (3)
    Sticky Shocker (3)
    Five7 (40 rounds)
    Lock Pick
    Disposable Pick (1)
    Camera Jammer
    Optic Cable
    Items found in the level:
    Frag Grenade (3)
    Five7 Ammo
    Flare (1)
    Medkits (12)
    Chemical Flare (4)
    SC-2K Ammo
    *Note:* you don't have to get all the items, they are mainly used if you 
    get into a fight and and needs to spend alot of them.
    VI. Walkthrough
    During the Power Plant mission three is maximum amount of alarms.
    [1.0] Infiltrating The Plant
    Equip your Five7 handgun and shoot out the camera from the upper level 
    where you're standing. The guard will become suspicious from the noise and 
    walk towards where you are. Once he is halfway there, jump down to the 
    spot where he stood at first, then walk behind the crates located to the 
    South (so he doesn’t see you once he comes back). Equip your SC-20K riffle 
    and the Disruption Cameras. Break the window that is located in the end of 
    the room opposite the where the camera was, use the SC-20K or the Five7 
    (whichever you prefer). Then shoot out a Disruption Camera onto the wall. 
    Use the Distraction Camera to take out the guard outside (make noise for 
    him to come, then use gas on him). Once the guard outside has been taken 
    care of, walk up to the window, open it (press X) and exit. Pick up the 
    soldiers body and walk around the building. Around the corner there is 
    another guard, take out your SC-20K and snipe him (use an airfoil if 
    you're going for no kills). Take both bodies though the door on the 
    building in front (don't worry, there are no other guards). However, 
    inside there is another guard. Hide behind the wall and take him out (use 
    a sticky camera and headshot him if you can, othervise, use the SC-20K). 
    Now strait forwards there is a room, take all the bodies there and turn of 
    the light of before you leave. Also there is a MEDKIT in this room. Go to 
    the door to the left of the room where you hid the bodies, it needs to be 
    lock picked. Pick it, then enter the door.
    In this room there is no enemies. Start by walking over to the fence in the 
    far end of the room. climb the fence, then duck under the pipes and pick up 
    the FRAG GRENADES (3) and FIVE7 AMMO around the corner (thanks to urgo for 
    this info). Climb over the fence again and go back to where you entered the 
    room from. Not far from there is a door with a pipe to the left of it. Go 
    though the door and pick up the FLARE inside the room, *do not forget the 
    flare*, you need to save it for later. Go back outside and climb the pipe 
    next to the door. You’ll get to a plateau where there is another pipe, 
    climb this, but not all the way. On the next plateau you'll reach there is 
    a search light moving around. If you step into it the alarm will go and 
    someone will start shooting at you. Try to time your movement so you get up 
    right after it has passed by you. Run to the right, to the next pipe, climb 
    it to the next plateau, then run to the left and jump inside the duct on the 
    wall. Note that you can also snipe the search light using your SC-20K 
    (thanks to DAT257 and HazPrior for the info). Turn your night vision 
    goggles on. At the end of the duct you will hear two guards talking from 
    above, wait for one of them to leave (you won’t see them, but listen to him 
    when he says he leave). Now target the black box (the only thing visible to 
    you when your inside the duct) with a disruption camera, make sure you are 
    not hit by the gas, then make make noise and gas the first soldier. Climb 
    up, out of the duct, then snipe the second guard (a Sticky Shocker is 
    better if you're going for no kills). You will now be on the roof. Take 
    both bodies through the door on the far end of the roof. Hide them inside 
    the room (the room is lit up, but the enemies still won't find the bodies 
    in there). Pick up the MEDKIT and the FRAG GRENADES from inside this room 
    (thanks to DAT257 for the info). Now pick the door to the right of the door 
    where you entered from with the lock pick. Go through and jump down the 
    white hole in the ground.
    [2.0] The Meltdown Alert
    You will find yourself on top of an elevator with two Russian technicians 
    talking to each other. Sam has taken of the arctic suit and is in his 
    normal infiltration suit. Once the technicians are done talking, jump 
    down from the elevator and under the metal bar floor. At the end of the 
    floor there is an open area where you can get above to the upper floor, 
    but there's also a camera. Circle around the camera, flatten against the 
    wall, and approach it. Take out your Five7 and shoot out the camera. If 
    the guard patroling the area above hears the shot, go away from the open 
    area and wait for him to leave before you’ll get up. Now, above there is a 
    corridor where just that soldier is patroling, also, the technicians from 
    the elevator is there, in a room to the right. Place yourself to the right 
    of the start of the corridor, wait for the soldier to come to you, then 
    shoot him once he is in front of you. Now knock out both the technicians 
    in the room to the right. Make sure neither of them hits the alarm (*note* 
    there is a big chance one of the technicians walks out in the corridor). 
    Pick up the MEDKIT inside the room where the technicians where. Once you’re 
    done, shoot the camera in the far end of the corridor. Carry all three 
    bodies over there (the soldiers and the 2 techs). Now, to the left of the 
    end of the corridor there are a small aisle, but beware, there are two 
    cameras in it. Shoot the cameras. Now, to the right you'll see a room, a 
    closet. Hide all three bodies there, pick up the MEDKIT in the room, shoot 
    out the light bulb in the ceiling. Now, leave the aisle and go back to the 
    corridor. Now, to the right in the end of the corridor you’ll see a hole in 
    the ground, go though it. Take a right turn at the crossroad. An FMV will 
    now play. Look carefully at the guy with the ponytail, that is Esfir.
    Your objective here is to grab Esfir and interrogate him to get the key 
    code to the cooling rod room. Don’t just blur out the tunnel, crouch the 
    whole time. Wait for Esfir to walk downwards the small staircase, then 
    sneak up on him. Start interrogate him as you approach the door to the 
    right, without being seen by the technician inside the outpost, or the 
    soldier patrolling the area. You will now find yourself in an aisle. Wait 
    here until Esfir has given you the key code, then knock him out. Now there 
    is a camera and a soldier here, shoot the camera, then shoot the soldier. 
    To the right in the aisle there are a room, inside are two civilians. Run 
    in and knock them out, then bring Esfir's and the soldier's bodies inside 
    that room, hide all four bodies (including the techs) in the dark place to 
    the right of the room. Now go out the room andcontinue down the aisle. 
    There are no enemies, but a light bulb and a camera, so equip your Five7 
    and take them out.
    There are no enemies, but a light bulb (above the door) and a camera (in 
    the aisle to the right), so equip your Five7 and take them out. Now go up 
    to the door with the key code and enter the code you got from Esfir 
    (560627). You will now be in the Cooling Rod room. Inside there is a 
    stairway, use whatever level of the stairway you prefer to target the two 
    cameras on the left wall. There are also another a MEDKIT in the stairway. 
    Go down the stairway and up the walkway to the left in the room. Here is 
    a CHEMICAL FLARE. At the far of the walkway end there's a technician. 
    Use a sticky shocker to take him out and pick up another CHEMICAL FLARE 
    from him. Pick up his body and hide it under the staircase at the far end 
    of the room (opposite from where you entered the room). Also here is another 
    MEDKIT. Now go up the staircase again. Use the first computer do start 
    "Meltdown Alert 25", second for "Meltdown Alert 50", third for "Meltdown 
    Alert 75", fourth for "Meltdown Alert 100". Now you’ll see an FMV where 
    some technicians are running off, also a soldier will enter the room from 
    the stairway. kill or ko the soldier, hide his body where you hid the 
    technicians. You will see an FMV where a greenish door is opened. Now 
    exit from where you entered, go strait ahead from the entrance, make sure 
    you’ve taken out the camera, then go though the greenish door.
    [3.0] Investigate The Nuclear Weapons Rumour
    Remember that Flare you picked up at the beginning of the level? The one I 
    said you where really going to need? Equip it. Walk up the stairway into 
    the room in front and walk carefully around the walls until you see a wall 
    with an empty doorframe and a wide window on it. To the left there is a 
    machinegun turret. Throw the flare at the wall, the turret will start fire 
    at it, now run up to the turret (make sure you're at the opposite side of 
    the flare). Next to it is a black box, press X on the box and disable the 
    turret in the menu. Now go back to the doorframe and enter it. In here is 
    one soldier and one technician, however one of your objectives is to 
    interrogate the technician and take his satchel, so don’t kill or KO him. 
    Take out the soldier with either your last disruption camera, with the 
    SC-20K, Ring Airfoil Rounds or a sticky shocker. Run up to the technician 
    and grab him, interrogate him then knock him out and take his satchel. 
    Hide both bodies down the small staircase in the dark. Go back to the area 
    with the turret. You can either enter the room to the North and get the 
    SC-2K AMMO and the MEDKIT, if you’re low on them, or you can go strait to 
    the keypad door to the left (a soldier will appear if you enter the room 
    then leave it). Now use the key code (151822). 
    You now see a corridor, here are two more CHEMICAL FLARES. After you’ve 
    picked up them, go thought the corridor. Here are some offices to the left 
    and a turret at the far end of the room, there is also a MEDKIT in front 
    of the turret, *note; you'll need to disable the turret to get it, not 
    worth it if you ask me. Try to hide around the stuff in the offices to not 
    get hit by the turret, throw chemical flares to fool the turret if 
    necesary. To your left there is another corridor, go inside it. There’s 
    another MEDKIT inside this corridor (like you need it :). Shoot the camera 
    over the door, then enter the door. 
    You will now find yourself in a computer room, with two bad guys guarding 
    it and TWO more MEDKITS on the wall. You need to get to the door to the 
    left without them spotting you. There are no places to hide the bodies, so 
    I recommend you sneak passed them instead of killing or KO them. Stand in 
    the door frame, throw a chemical flare from here, now go back and wait for 
    the door to close. Once it’s closed, use the optic cable on it. Wait until 
    you see that the guard is walking towards the medkits on the wall, once 
    he's there, sneak passed him. Go up around the computers (where there’s 
    darkness) to evade the other soldier. Now enter the door to the left.
    You’ll find yourself in a small room, with a computer and a man talking. 
    Grab him and interrogate him. After your done interrogating him, knock him 
    out, then use the red computer he was sitting at. Go thought the door to 
    the right of that small room after you’re finished (no need to hide his 
    body since a savepoint is coming up).
    [4.0] The Extraction
    Walk carefully up the stairway, take out the two soldiers using whatever 
    you prefer, hide their bodies in the dark, next to the computer in the 
    small aisle, use the computer if you want to (to get a datastick). One of 
    them carries a MEDKIT. There are also another MEDKIT inside a room to the 
    right. Now go up to the key code door (North), and use the key code you 
    will receive from Grimsdottír (795021). Go thought the door.
    Now, you’re in another room. Jump down to the platform below and slide 
    down the pole. You’ll notice that you’re on top of the air ducts in a big 
    room. There are two guards in the room, dispose off them (*note* the 
    barrels on the ground is explosive barrels, shoot at them to blow them up), 
    don’t bother hiding the bodies since the mission ends just a second later. 
    Now, jump down to the floor below and go thought the door by the staircase. 
    *Note; to break the fall of the jump, press Circle as you land.*
    *Mission Completed* Congratulations!!!
    VII. FAQ
    Q: When does the Nuclear Power Plant mission appear?
    A: After mission 6, Kalinatek.
    Q: Is there any way of getting the Power Plant level for Xbox/GameCube/PC?
    A: No, this level is solely for the PS2 version.
    Q: Why didn’t you write a guide for the entire game?
    A: The similarities to the Xbox game is sufficiant enough to use an Xbox 
    guide for the rest of the game
    Q: I have a better strategy to do the [insert part here] part than yours.
    A: If you want to, you can submit your strategy, then I try it and put it 
    in my walkthrough, your name will appear in the credits.
    Q: Why do some guards only fire single shots?
    A: Because they are armed with shotguns
    Q: I've followed your strategy, and at the end of the level I had to much 
    spare items.
    A: There are many item in the Power Plant mission, you only need most of 
    them if you spotted or get in fight. The only one you really need is the 
    flare. But pick them up anyway, just in case.
    Q: I missed the flare and now I'm at the turret, what do I do?
    A: A chemical flare will also work on a turret, use it. If you don't have 
    a chemical flare either, try rolling up to the turret (roll with circle.)
    Q: Is a normal flare better than a chemical flare on tricking the 
    A: Yes, the normal flare also alster heat. Therefor the turret will start 
    shooting at a normal flare even if it's not visible. This is useful when 
    there are alot of stuff laying about, and you need to evade a turret.
    Q: Why isn't there any blood in the game even though it specifies blood 
    and gore?
    A: Because Ubi Soft wanted this game to be rated "T" (teen) so they would 
    have a broader circle of buyers.
    Q: Hey, you made a spelling/grammar mistake!
    A: Contribute the mistake as well as how it's suppose to be. *Note* your 
    name will not appear for sending a spelling correction.
    Other questions are send to titan_2005@hotmail.com, write “Nuclear Power 
    Plant” as subject. Note: your name will not appear in this FAQ for sending 
    a question.
    VIII. Contribution info
    Contributions to this guide can be made via e-mail. Send an e-mail to 
    titan_2005@hotmail.com. Make sure you state for which section or part of 
    the walkthrough the tip is for. Your name will appear in the credits unless 
    you write you want to be anonymous. Make sure you include the name you want 
    to appear in the credits (screen name, real name or other). If a name isn't 
    stated in the e-mail, the name of the mail adress will appear in the 
    credits. If the name is offensive or to long (more than 79 characters) the 
    credits will say anonymous. *Note* Your name will not appear in the credits 
    if it's a question for the FAQ section or a spelling correction.
    IX. Credits
    Thanks to:
    "Ubi Soft": for making this game, and for adding a new level on the PS2 
    version of it.
    "Lukas Svensson" for writing this guide.
    "www.GameFAQs.com" for posting this guide.
    "www.IGN.com" for posting this guide.
    "www.neoseeker.com" for posting this guide.
    "www.Ps2Fantasy.com" for posting this guide.
    "urgo" for contributing.
    "DAT257" (Adam T) for contributing.
    "HazPrior" for contributing.

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