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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Turbage

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                                 TOM CLANCY'S
      ____            _   _           _                      ____          _   _
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     \___ \  | '_ \  | | | | | '_ \  | __|  / _ \ | '__|   | |      / _ \ | | | |
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                             STEALTH ACTION REDEFINED
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PS2 Walkthrough/FAQ
    By- Brian Quaranto (untelligent@hotmail.com)
     *********This Splinter Cell Walkthrough is copyrighted to me,
                Brian Quaranto. If you want to copy ANY section of it,
                You must email me at the above email address.**************
    ===========================Table of Contents==================================
       What's New?
    I. Version Info
    II. Controls
    III. Characters
        IV.  Walkthrough
              i.   CIA Training Farm
                 a. Basic Training
                 b. Covert Ops Training
             ii.   Police Station
                 a. Finding the Contact
                 b. Finding the Black Box
                 c. Finding the Sub Dermals
                 d. Accessing the Security System
            iii.   Defense Ministry
                 a. Interrogate the Driver
                 b. Laser Mic the Conversation
                 c. Access Nikoladze's Computer
                     1. Courtyard Diagram
             iv.   Oil Refinery
                 a. Infiltrate the Oil Refinery
                 b. Trailing the Mercenary
                     1. Oil Rig Platform Diagram.=
              v.   CIA HQ
                 a. Retrieve the SC-20K
                 b. Access the Central Sever
                 c. Tap the Computer
                     1. CIA Hall Diagram
                 d. Kidnap Mitchell Dougherty
                     1. CIA Briefing Room Diagram
                 e. Get to the Rendezvous Point
              vi.  Kalinatek
             vii.  Nuclear Power Plant
            viii.  Chinese Embassy
         V.  FAQ
        VI.  Stealthy Acts
       VII.  Special Thanks and Credits
                                         WHAT'S NEW?
              Hello all! This is my chance to talk to you directly without having
              be about Splinter Cell. For all those who have sent me mail, thanks!
              Keep it coming! I enjoy getting mail and sending responses. For those
              who haven't, its time you should. As you can see, two more names have
              been added to the sites with rights list. If you want your site added
              YOU MUST ASK ME FIRST. That cleared up, I'll tell you what's new in
              v.51. Its a little bit of an upgrade from .5 (duh) and none of that
              upgrade is in the actual Walkthrough (boohoo). I've been swamped with
              work, and I am quite the procrastinator, so I put off almost all of
              my work until the last two days of Spring Break-yesterday and today.
              Back to stuff about the FAQ. Obviously, I added this What's New
              Section, And I will be frequently updating it along with the FAQ and
              the Version Info Section. I also added a section called Stealthy Acts,
              where many Stealthy Acts can be found. Feel free to send me some I do
              not have listed. I also did a lot of work on the FAQ section, and I
              added a SC vs. MGS2 part, which is my opinion. Also feel free to send
              me questions about the two games, and I will see which one wins. But
              you must remember, those are my opinion, not solid facts, so don't
           getall mad because I gave Splinter Cell better graphics. Kalinatek will
              be coming sometime duirng the week, and Nuclear Power Plant probably
              on the weekend, and the last three levels a little later, along with
              a Gadgets minifaq by Riku1590, so watch out, it will come..........
    I. Version Info
          Version .51 2003 by Brian Quaranto (untelligent@hotmail.com)
               The ONLY site(s) that may use this FAQ are:
          4/15/03----Purchased Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
          4/18/03----Work Started on Walkthrough/FAQ
          4/19/03----CIA Training Farm, Controls, Characters,
                     Special Thanks and Credits Added
          4/20/03----FAQ Updated
          4/21/03----Police Station Added, Submitted to GameFaqs, Began Work on
                     Defense Ministry, Began Copy without Word Wrap.
          4/22/03----Finished Copy without Word Wrap, Finished Defense Ministry,
                     Began Work on Oil Refinery, added ASCII Art, added Diagram of
                     Courtyard, Updated FAQ, updated Controls, updated table of
                     Contents, Made Oil Rig Platform Diagram, Uploaded to FTP,
                     Finished Oil Refinery, Began Work on CIA HQ, Updated Special
                     Thanks and Credits, Added CIA Hall Diagram, Added CIA
                     Briefing Room Diagram, finshed CIA HQ
          4/23/03----Took a Well Deserved Day Off
          4/24/03----Sing Praises! Thanks to CJayC, this FAQ is now posted on
                     GameFaqs. Rejoice! Updated Special Thanks and Credits, took
                     One More Days Rest
          4/25/03----Resumed Work on the FAQ, Updated Table of Contents, Updated
                     Updated Special Thanks and Credits, Began work on Kalinatek,
                     Added Stealthy Acts Section,
          4/26/03----Took entire day doing homework, and answering all of the mail
                     you have sent me.
          4/27/03----Resumed work on v.51. Updated Special Thanks and Credits,
                     added the Whats New? Section, Updated FAQ, Answered more mail,
    II. Controls
    Control Pad
    Up................Scroll Inventory
    Down..............Scroll Inventory
    Left..............Night Vision Toggle On/Off
    Right.............Thermal Vision Toggle On/Off
    Left Analog.......Move Character
    L3................Sidle Against Wall, Change Fire Rate, B2W mode
    Right Analog......Move Camera
    R3................Binoculars, Sniper Mode, Camera Center
    Square............Quick Inventory
    Shoulder Buttons
    R1................Primary Fire/Knock Out
    R2................Draw Weapon/Hold or Toggle
    L1................Secondary Fire
    L2................Manual Reload
    III. Characters
    There aren't a whole lot of characters in Splinter Cell, but heres a short
    list and a short description of them.
    Sam Fisher- The main character (no, really?) He is quiet, instinctive,
    and observant; somebody who watches from the outside. Combat, espionage,
    and constant training have defined his adult life; his tactical experience
    have become a part of his instinct. Now, even outside of work, he is most
    comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant, but still removed.
    Colonel Irving Lambert- Third Echelon Operations Coordinator. He is the link
    between the agents in the field and the Third Echelon's Team of researchers,
    hackers, strategists, and commanders. While Fisher is in the field, he is in
    constant contact with Lambert via Sub Dermal Microchips and a Cochlear
    Vernon Wilkes- Third Echelon Field Runner. He gets Agents in and out of the
    Anna Grimsdottir- Third Echelon Communications Lead. She Heads a team of
    programmers that provide agents in the field with the information they need
    to complete a mission
    Sarah- Sam's daughter.
    Kobayn Nikoladze- Newly elected president of Georgia, terrorist ringleader,
    he launches terrorist attacks on America
    Vyacheslav Grinko- Ex Russian Special Forces, Grinko is now Nikoladze's
    "lieutenant" of the Russian Mafia.
    Hamlet- Grinko's personal driver.
    Georgian Colonels- they have access to areas that normal soldiers don't. They
    are the leadership of the Georgian Mercenary Army. They have exclusive access
    to retinal scanners.
    Chinese Soldiers- Your basic soldier.
    IV. Walkthrough
          Keep in mind before you start reading this Walkthrough that
          Stealth is key in this game. If you get stuck with a
          Situation, try it again being more stealthy. Patience is also
          A factor one must consider. Wait for guards to stop talking and
          To separate before you make a move. Stay in the shadows. For more
          Stealthy acts look in the Stealthy Acts Section.
    i. CIA Training Farm
    Location: Camp Perry, Virginia.
    Brief Briefing: You have been recruited for the Third Echelon Iniative, and
    before you are put in the field, you have to show that you are the right man
    for the job.
    Primary Goal: Show your are the right man for the job.
                                 a. Basic Training
    Alright people, this first part is really easy. There are even hint boxes on
    the walls.  If you can't get past this, well good luck with the rest of the
          After a short chat with Lambert you'll be asked to calibrate your
    sides that he asks for (hint: there'll be a red light) do that four times, and
    you'll be asked to climb a wall. On the left side of the pool there is a set
    of yellow arrows. Run close to the wall and use triangle to jump. You should
    now be hanging from the wall, so move Sam to the right and when in the middle
    press up to climb over the wall. Lambert will chime in if done properly.
    Jump off the wall and make your way to the back corner, and climb up the
    ladder. When on the platform above, jump on the zip cord and slide across.
    Now use the pipe to get back down to ground level. Press circle to duck down
    and walk under the barbed wire, and take a left into the narrow corridor. Time
    for the split jump. Move next to the wall and jump with triangle then push
    riangle again to kick olff the wall, and then triangle again when at the top
    of the second jump to do a split jump. Press triangle again to return to the
    ground floor.  Proceed to the next room. Jump onto the bar and move to the
    wall. When at the wall press O to draw up your feet, and continue through.
    Climb over the fence and move to the yellow arrows pointing at the wall. Here
    press L3 to get up against the wall and move in between the two walls. When
    you reach the end, press L3 to get off the wall, and use the pipe to climb
    over the wall in front of you. To get over the next gate, all you have to do
    is a wall jump. Get over the wall and go into the garage.
                               b. Covert Ops Training
    As Lambert says, "the object is to get through without being detected." Press
    left on the control pad to turn on Night Vision,And go open the door in the
    corner with X. The next door you have to use the lock pick. Simply rotate the
    left analog stick until the controller rumbles, then slowly move it until it
    clicks. Repeat for the rest of the pins. Go into the next room and Lambert
    will tell you that you have to sneak up on the guard. Press O to crouch and
    SLOWLY walk around to his back and SLOWLY walk up to him. When Close enough
    grab him and interrogate him to find out the code, which is 28469. In the next
    oom slowly sneak up on the guard, grab him and stuff his face into the
    retinal scanner. After, feel free to knock him out with R1. Proceed to the
    next room. Here you have to shoot out the lights. Press R2 to aim, and then R1
    to shoot. Shoot out the one light above you and the one around the corner.
    When both are shot out, go through the door under the camera. In the next
    room, the camera (which is inside the metal cage) moves back and forth. Time
    your movements so that you are in the dark when it points at you, and you are
    moving when it points away. The door is in the corner across the room. Go
    through it, and crouch down immediately. This room you have to hide bodies, a
    skill which is very important. Sneak up on the guard and grad him. Walk him
    over into one of the pitch black alcoves in the wall and knock him out. Stay
    hidden next to his body and wait for the patrolling guard to walk past you,
    and then go back into the other room. Once the coast is clear, move to the
    door where the guard once was, and enter. This next room is very fun! (Note my
    sarcasm) It is a sound test. You must be extremely quiet. This means crouching
    (O) the entire time. Crouch down and SLOWLY move across the metal floor. Drop
    down onto the lowest platform. Don't worry about making noise dropping down,
    if you are crouched you will do a quiet landing. Walk over to the next
    platform and press O to get up and then triangle to jump onto it. If you just
    press triangle, you will jump straight up, and fail. Face the next platform,
    and jump. All that's left now is a long curved stretch. Inch along it making
    sure that you are going as SLOW as humanly possible, and take the turn left,
    then left again, then right onto the black section, and open the door. Holy
    Christmas, you're done with the first level!
    ii. Police Station
    Location: T'Bilisi, Georgia
    Brief Briefing: You must locate agents Blaustein and Madison, who worked in
    Georgia fo two years and disappeared on October 11. (See opening cutscene to
    find out why they disappeared.)
    Primary Goals: Locate the local NSA Contact.
                             a. Finding the Contact
    As a starting note, this first part requires little or no stealth. All it is
    is basically a review of the Basic Ops training. Straight up, its very easy.
    So without further delay, here we go. Turn on your Night Vision, and leave it
    on until I say to take it off. In this first area, there is one other person
    but you, and he's either a guard or a civilian, I don't know which, but it
    won't matter because he won't set of any alarms or anything. Run forward a
    little, and then turn to your right. You should see a stair case. Walk up it.
    Stay straight once you get off, and walk right into the wall. Jump, and if
    you followed me correctly, you'll grab onto a ladder overhead. Climb up it
    and go onto the roof. Stay straight and in front of you will be a trap. Open
    it and drop down. Staying crouched, walk trough the passageway. When you
    reach the end of it, you'll be in a small square room. In one of the corners
    there will be a thick pipe, use it to climb even higher. Once you reach the
    top, you will notice a zip cord. Take it and slide into the burning building.
    There are no guards in this house so dont worry about the optic cable and
    such. In front of you when you enter should be a door. Go through it to go
    into the hall way, and then turn to your left, and there will be another
    door. Enter that one and then run to the opposite side of the room, where
    there will be another door. Go through that one and turn to your left, there
    will be a stair case. Run down the stairs and when down as far as possible,
    take a right. MAKE SURE TO STOP! There is a big huge fiery hole in the floor,
    and if you try to jump it, you will surely die. To get across it you will have
    to use the pipe above you and cross that way. Now take a left, enter the
    door, then go straight and enter the next door, then up the stairs, as
    Grimsdottir said. The door on your left is the the room with the contact.
    Enter it and you'll find that the contact was just buried under some flaming
    rubble in the center of the room. But that doesn't mean you still can't talk
    to him. Talk to him ( its easiest to find him w/o the nightvision) and leave
    vthe room via a door behind you in the corner. Once you're in the hall you'll
    see a black opening on the right side. DO NOT GO IN THERE YET! Grimsdottir
    will tell you to "shoot out the sky lights" for those who do not know what
    they are, skylights are windows on the cieling. One shot will break the
    glass, but you'll have to wait a second before you go in there, so the smoke
    has time to rise. Go in and there will be a door on the right side of the
    room, go in there and you'll reach a save point.
                                b. Finding the Black Box
    Open the door and walk out onto the balcony. Run as far as you can to a wall
    with ivy on it, and turn to face the other balcony. Directly overhead should
    be a pipe, jump onto it and move as far as you can with it. When it stops
    you, bring up your legs and continue on to the next balcony, where
    immediately you should crouch down. When you walk a little ways further,
    you'll here a man start talking. Here is your first guard. Stealth is
    necessary. When you reach the end of the corridor, there will be a bottle,
    pick it up. Still crouched, quietly sneak down through the plants a rotate
    the camera so you can see him. Move down into the corner (going through the
    plants) Throw the bottle in front of the guard and he'll walk over to see
    what it is, then walk near you. Before he has a chance to fire blast him in
    There is another guard in the apartment, and he'll hear you. Use
    the Optic Cable on the double-doors, and watch him run the doors. Get out of
    the Optic Cable, and pull out your gun. When he opens the door, unleash hell.
    Time to hide their bodies. I usually hide them in the same corner where I
    threw the bottle from, and if you want to drop their bodies quicker, press
    R2. (Its also very funny) Go into the house. Use the computer on the right to
    get a data stick. There are no guards left so you dont have to worry about
    stealth. Run through the halls until you get to a point where a door should
    be. On the floor there will be a Med Kit. Use it if necessary. Go into the
    next room. On your left there is a wall in the opposite corner of the room
    there is a painting. Press X near it to slide it up, revealing a computer.
    Use it to get a data stick containing the code to keypad for the door. Go to
    the door and use the keypad entering the code 091772, and walk out onto the
                             c. Finding the Subdermals
    For those that can't understand simple conjuctions, or whose cognitive level
    of comprehension is sub par subdermal means Under the Skin. GEt it?
    Sub-Dermalas in sub=under, dermis=dermal=skin?? OK that being cleared up,
    lets find the SubDermals.
    When you are on the balcony turn to your left, and walk to the edge of
    it.Here there will be a zip cord, take it to cross over the street. When you
    get off, walk into the building and down the corridor, turn to your left and
    there will be a small room. Use the pipe to slide down, and open the trap.
    You have reached a save point. Once it has loaded, walk to the door and use
    the lock pick. Open the door and immediately crouch down. In this next room,
    stealth is key. There are two guards (standing) and one drunk (sitting). You
    must only kill the guards. Silently walk, and take a left making sure the
    guards don't hear you. Then silently walk down the stairs, making sure the
    guards don't  hear you. Creep down the stairs, and don't make a sound. When
    you get close enough, aim for the first guards head, it is key that you kill
    him in one shot. The other guard will either a. see you and open fire, in
    which you proceed to kill him, or b. freak out and panic, and not see you, in
    which you proceed to kill him. Easy enough. Hide both their bodies in the
    dark area near the stairs. Once thats done run to the end of the corridor and
    take a left. Go up the stairs and into a building, exit the building and
    you'l be in a plaza type area. There are no guards here yet so move quickly
    but quietly to the opposite side, where one corner (on your right) will be
    covered in shrubs, and there also will be a red light, take off your Night
    Vision to see it more clearly, but don't forget to put it back on. Go there.
    Crouch down, and walk into the small passage way. Continue to the end, and
    there will be a room with a computer. Use the computer, get the ammo and the
    two Med Kits (one on the floor one on the table), and go back to the plaza
    area. A guard will now be patrolling, so when he somes close enough, blast
    him before he has a chance to see you. Move his body into the passage way. Go
    through the newly opened gates and youhave reached a check point. Quietly
    walk down this next area stopping in the darkest area ( theres a roof over
    head) A man will start to meander down the street, he is a civilian, do not
    kill him but knock him out silently so you don't attract attention from the
    guards. If he makes a sound, which is the most likely case, a guard will open
    fire. Kill the guard, and hide both bodies. Silently walk around the bend,
    and there will be another patrolling guard. If he comes too close kill him
    before he has a chance to act. If he walks to the end of the corridor and
    stays still, he will stay still for a long time, sneak up on him and knock
    him out, (NO need to kill when you can knock out---saves ammo) and hide his
    body. Now go through the gates and run to the opposite side. There will be a
    dumpster. Jump on to it. Do a wall jump to get over the wall (It may take a
    few trys to line yourself up right) Jump down and save. After it loads, walk
    down the stairs and use the optic cable on the door. When the guard turns his
    back, wait a second, then open the door. Silently and SLOWLY creep down. The
    guard will enter a door, so go near one of the brick sections of the wall and
    do a split jump. Wait for the guard to some back out, and you can either
    shoot him, or press triangle when he's directly below you, I prefer the
    latter. Hide his body someplace dark, and walk to the end of the hallway, and
    go into the room where the guard went. Use the computer here and leave the
    room. Depending on you timing a guard may come out now of the room directly
    in front of you when you leave the room. IF not, wait until he does, cap him,
    hide he body from the room where he came from, and take a right and continue
    down the corridor. I advise shooting out th lights, but there is only on
    civilian left on this floor so you don't really have to. Walk a little
    further and you'll see windows into a morgue, so silently enter it. There is
    two parts to the morgue. The first part, obviously, is the one you enter from
    the hallway. Depending on how you killed the guard, the civilian in the
    second part could have ran into the first, but all the same you must knock
    him out before he hits the alarm. As soon as you enter the second room of the
    morgue shoot out the camera on the opposite wall, and then knock out the guy
    if you already haven't. Get the Med Kit, and you have found Agent Blaustein
    and Madison, and the sub dermals, or have you?
                           d. Accessing the Security System
    You have now been instructed to go to the top floor and access the security
    system. Leave the second part of the morgue and directly in front of you is a
    computer. Use it to get a data stick. Leave the first part of the morgue, and
    take a left and go to the end of the hallway, open the door, you will reach a
    save point. After it loads, go up the stairs and open the door. Take a quick
    right, and position yourself so that you have a clear shot at the guard
    through the window. Once the two people start talking and stop for a moment,
    kill the guard by a direct head/neck shot, and run over and knock out the
    civilian. Pick up his body and hide it with the guards, use the computer,
    then switch off the lights. Leave the room via a door on the opposite wall of
    that which you came into the room. (NOT the double doors) You will reach a
    checkpoint. Crouch immediately. Two guards will be sitting at their desks.
    They, obviously, dont have ears which function properly, or are ridiculously
    thick. You can sneak up on each on individually, so do just that. Hide their
    bodies, and go through the door on the on the far side of the room on the
    right side. In this room there are curtains in the  middle. Silently creep
    through them and sneak up on the guard at the computer, and knock him out.
    Use the computer, and you have accessed the security system. Congrats.
    Backtrack a few rooms, to where the double doors were, and you have completed
    the mission.
    iii. Defense Ministry
    Location: T'Bilisi, Georgia
    Brief Biefing: Discover President Nikoladze's Secret
    Primary Goals: Infiltrate the East Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry
                            a. Interrogate the Driver
    Begin By turning on your Night Vision, so you can see. Walk to the small
    chimney and press X to rappel down press triangle to jump or you can just
    walk. Go down and into the window. Walk to the far end of the book case and
    wait for the guard to walk down and turn. Wait for him to look at the book
    shelf, and kill him by a direct head/neck shot. No need to hide his body, it
    is already cloaked in darkness. At the far side of the room, above the door
    is a camera, shoot it. Use the computer on the desk to get a data stick. Exit
    the room and take a right. Use the Optic Cable on the next door and watch for
    the guard to walk up, then turn around. Wait for him to turn around, then
    Open the door. It is impotant that you slolwly sneak up on the stationary
    guard first, since he is closest to the alarm. Grab him and press R2 to use
    him as your human shield, and shoot the patrolling guard, then knock him out.
    Hide them both in a dark corner. Walk back and on the right side of the room
    there will be a door, which leads to a stair case. Go up it and walk across
    the wood planks to get a Med Kit, then go back to the door you came from. Go
    down one flight of stairs, and turn to your right, and start going down the
    second. There will be a camera on the second landing, shoot it. Go down
    another flight, then another but on the fourth, make sure to shoot out the
    camera. You must move slowly to avoid being detected, and shooting out the
    lights helps but is not necessary seeing that you need to conserve ammo for
    this mission. After you shoot out the second camera, there are no more, so
    continue down to the bottom of the staircase, where you will reach a check
    point. Open the door and enter the parking lot. There are two cameras here
    but you do not need to shoot them. Turn left and walk in between the pillars
    and the walls until you get to the wall, where you turn right and walk
    straight, until you pass the car. Take another right and walk between the
    pillars and the wall. You will see the driver. Wait till he goes to the
    corner to take a leak, then start sneaking up on him. Grab him, interrogate
    him, then knock him out.
                            b. Laser Mic the Conversation
    Now backtrack all the way back to  the room with the two guards. Go into the
    room at the end of the hall way that you previously could not get into. Open
    the door, and before you walk one step shoot the camera thats directly above
    you. Then jump on the desk, and jump up into the trap door. You will reach a
    save point. When its loaded, turn on your night vision and walk through the
    air ducts. (you'll need to crouch down.) You will soon see a sort cutscene
    with a chef. Continue through the rest of the ducts and drop down. When you
    land, quicky turn around and switch off the lights. Then sit back, and listen
    to a very funny conversation. Once it is over, the guard will exit the room,
    so you can sneak up on the chef and knock him out. Hide his body in the
    kitchen, then turn off the lights. Open the door, crouch down and sneak up on
    the guard that had just been in the kitchen. Grab him and move him into a
    corner, then turn out the lights. The light switch is on the wall in between
    the pop machines and the two chairs. Go back into the kitchen and grab the
    bottle that is on the counter. You will need it for the next room. LEave the
    kitchen and go back down the corridor where the guard was standing. There
    should be a staircase, so quietly go down it. You will soon hear a guard
    talking. Once you get down the stairs, turn right and walk up to the guard
    rail. One both side of you there will be stair cases, and there is one guard
    directly below you, and one guard on patrol. Stand up and throw the bottle at
    the guard directly below you. If it connects, it will knock him out, if not,
    you'll have to kill him, and the other guard. If you miss, the guards will get
    suspicious, but quietly wait, and the guard will return to staying still. This
    is the most oppurtune time to kill him. Kill the other guard before he has a
    chance to ring the alarm, and hide their bodies underneath the stair case.
    After you kill bothe guards, use the comp, you'll be instructed that a Colonel
    is coming.Colonels are the only people that can open retinal scanners, so you
    need to sneak up on him, take him over to the scanner, and stuff his face
    into it. Bring him under the stairs where you hid the guards, knock him out,
    and take his satchel. It contains a Med Kit, use it if necessary. Go through
    the door the scanner opened, and you have reached a check point. After it
    saves, you will hear the whir of a camera. Shoot it out and go through the
    double doors. I usually shoot it by going agaisnt the wall, moving to the left
    and peeking around the corner, then pulling out the gun, or B2W shooting, but
    it doesn't matter how you do it, just that you do do it. In this next room,
    which is the courtyard, you laser mic the conversation. In the short cutscene,
    the elevator is marked by a blue flourescent light. Take off your night vision
    and look for it. It will be directly in front of you, a little to your left.
    Scroll your inventory for your laser mic (it looks like a mic) and shoot it
    at the elevator. The elevator Move upward, so make sure you are moving it up,
    keeping the bow in the center of the targeting reticule red.
                           c. Access Nikoladze's Computer
    As soon as you hear Lambert speak, get out of the Laser Mic, and switch back
    to the gun. There are two guards now, the first one on patrol. Before he sees
    you, shoot him dead, then turn around and wait for the other guard to come out
    of the double doors. There is a dark area right in front of you I reccommend
    hiding in, but the gravel is loud so its not really worth it. The guard that
    was on patrol has a satchel containing a data stick, and the other guard
    doesn't have anything. Hide their bodies in one of the dark areas, I usually
    hide them where the shrubs meet as seen in the accompanying diagram
                              Courtyard Diagram
                        Med Kit
                  /     ]%%%[    \
      Glass Elevator    ]%%%[     Fence
                  %%%%%%Sta  %%%%%%%
                 /%%%%%% tue %%%%%%%
          Walkway ######]%%%[#######
                        ]%%%[88     \
                        ]%O%[  \     Hedge
       O=Place to        +++ \  Two guards' bodies
         Laser Mic      /     Hedge
         From        Door
    After the guards bodies are hidden, run to the opposite side of the courtyard,
    and get the Med kit on the wall. On the other side of the double door (which
    you can't open) there is a fence. Climb up the fence, and you will reach a
    save point. After it loads you'll be in a corridor with a door that has a
    counter above it. Actually, its an elevator, and those are the floors. You are
    going to want to run to your right and hide in the the very dark area. Two
    soldiers (with automatic guns, no less) will come out of the elevator. One
    will walk near you, and the other will walk to the opposite side. When he
    turns around, silently walk into the elevator, and press up. When it reaches
    the seventh floor, get out. Immediatly go B2W on the pop machine. Use B2W
    shooting to take out the camera. Get off B2W and look down the hallway. There
    will be a guard on patrol. You must shoot him. Two other guards will run down
    the hall way after you shoot him. Take out one before he starts shooting, and
    start shooting at the second. Head shots definately help, but don't take the
    time to aim, since they have automatics. If you kill them in the hallway,
    there is no need to hide there bodies, since it already very dark in it
    already. Go to the end of the corridor and turn right. At the end of this
    corridor, there is a camera, shoot it. Then, turn right and go into the
    lounge/cafeteria area. Use both computers on the desks and get two data sticks
    then exit the lounge. continue down the corridor and take another right. At
    the end of this corridor, you will see a trap, but you can't get up so it
    doesn't matter. Open the first door on your right, and get the med kit and
    ammo, then climb the ladder and open the trap to the roof. Turn right and walk
    You will come to a duct type thing, jump on top of it. Look for the small
    chimney on top of the duct, and rappell down. You're going to want to walk
    down the wall, so you don't break the glass. When the guard in the room sits
    down in the chair, shoot him in the head. This one shot will break the glass,
    so enter the room. Pick up the guards satchel to get a frag grenade, something
    that will help in a few minutes. Use the computer and Lambert will talk to
    you, and you have to keep on using the computer to relay more data back to
    Lambert. Just keep tapping X, and soon you will hear a guy on the radio say
    that Nikoladze's office has been entered. Just keep tapping X, don't pay any
    attention to it. If somebody does come in, duck down, and shoot him, or wait
    until he leaves. Sooner or later, Lambert will say "thats then end of it".
    Time for some serious strategy. If the door is already open, chuck the Frag
    Grendae in there, then wait til it blows up, then run for the door. If not,
    open it, then throw it. When you step out of the room, you will reach a check
    point. Turn left, and go to the door that has a red light above its door. Run
    down the stairs, and grab the Med Kit, and use it if necessary. When you open
    the next door, there will be a guard there, so shoot him as quick as possible.
    Once hes dead, there is an opening behind him. Slowly move to the edge, and he
    will grab on, and press triangle to let go. Keep on pressing triangle to get
    down to the ground floor. You now are in the parking lot. Run to where the
    driver was, there will be a guard in front of you, but he will be killed by
    none other than Vernon Wilkes, the field runner. Walk up to him to end the
    mission. (If you want to do something funny, shoot him in the feet)
    iv. Oil Refinery
    Location: Georgian Waters, Caspian Sea
    Brief Briefing: NATO and U.S. Intervention has pushed out most of the Georgian
                    Commandos from Azerbaijan, with only a few well hidden cells
                    remaining. One of those cells, entrenched on an oil rig on the
                    Caspian Sea, is exchanging data with the presidential palace
                    in Georgia via a secure network.
    Primary Goals: Retrieve Georgian Communication Data.
                         a. Infiltrate the Oil Refinery
    As a starting note, this first part is very much similar to basic training,
    with some surprises. Start by turning on you night vision. It is dark, and
    obviously, you need to see. Climb up the ladder. On your right there will be
    some pipes, so walk on them. Turn left and get on the metal grate. Walk
    forward a little and you'll see that you cannot continue. However, there is a
    pipe directly overhead, jump onto it and bring up your legs to get past the
    blockade. Once you get past it, get off the pipe. You will now hear that they
    are going to "blow the bridge" However, there is a wall right in front of you,
    so you are going to have to carefully walk to the edge of the metal grate and
    you will fall down, but he will catch the edge, so you can shimmy under the
    next blockade. Once you've gone under it, pull yourself up, and walk forward
    into the checkpoint. There is another metal grate with a thick pipe on it.
    Walk onto that, and jump onto the zip cord, and the bridge will blow up as
    you are on it. When you land, crouch down and walk underneathe the thick pipe.
    When you are on the other side of the pipe, in one of the corners will be a
    pipe, climb up it all the way, the turn so the thick pipe is under you, then
    jump off, and land on the pipe. Walk forward on the pipe, and you will soon
    fall into the inside of the pipe, where you have to crouch down, and continue
    through to the save point.
                              b. Trailing the Mercenary
    When the game loads, turn to your right, and climb the ladder in front of you.
    A few steps up the ladder you will have to open a trap. Open it and climb up.
    You will see a short cutscene showing the merc. This next part is a little
    tricky. Turn to your left. Turn to your left again. Walk straight. (You should
    be walking in between pillars) On the ground there should be a cement
    rectangle. Jump onto it, and turn to your right. Move forward now, and there
    will be a slanted metal beam. Jump on to it and shimmy across it. Once you get
    as far as you can with the slanted beam, pull yourself up and jump down onto
    the stairs. Follow the stairs upward, and keep going forward. There will be a
    guard once you go up the second set of stairs, ice him, (no need to hide body)
    and continue into the save point. Once it loads, you will be in a hallway
    where an explosion had just occurred. Wait until one guard leaves, and then
    there will be only one guard remaining,and he will be crouched, so kill him,
    and grab he satchel. In it will be a Med Kit, use it if necessary. Take a left
    then a right, and go B2W against the pipe at the corner. Peek over, and make
    sure that the guards have turned the corner before you make a move. When they
    do, walk to the end of that passage way and go B2W on the corner. Peek over
    and you will see the merc and a guard enter a door, and there will be a guard
    left guarding the door. Use B2W shooting to get rid of him. Make sure you kill
    him with one shot, or he will come and shoot you. Get off B2W for the present
    moment, and get the guards' satchel, containing a data stick. You will now
    hear the merc say "it won't open..." so go B2W underneath the horizontal
    window and watch them walk past you. Now go into the room they were just in.
    Get the Med Kit on the table to your left, and use it if necessary. Go into
    the back room, and get the other Med Kit on the table. Exit the room and turn
    to your left. Walk and take a right, then a left. You will now be in a
    fiery passage way. Walk straight and reach the check point. Walk a little
    further and you'll hear gun shots, but they're not aimed at you.  Climb up on
    the metal box in the center of the room, and jump to reach a pipe over head.
    Use the pipe to cross over into the other room. When you cross over you will
    see a short cut scene of the guard shooting out a computer. Since you had to
    bring up your legs to enter the room, bring them down now. Move further along
    the pipe, and you'll have a clear head shot of the guard. Cap him, then get
    off the pipe. Grab the Med Kit on the shelf and use it if necessary. There
    will also be Ammo on a filing cabinet type thing, so make sure to get it and
    reload. (or reload first) Now go through the door that the merc went through.
    Go up the stairs and you'll see a funny short cut scene. There will be a guard
    that walks straight then stops directly in front of you, so kill him the
    second he stops. There will be another person shooting you from somewhere you
    can't see, so shoot the barrel above you to your left,you can move. Pick up
    his satchel to get a data stick. Pick up the other satchel to get a data stick
                                  Oil Rig Platform Diagram
                      |     |    _________________  |
                      |     | A |                | B|
                      |     |   |________________|  |
                      |     |                |      |              KEY
                      |     |                |[=]   |         [=]=stairs
                      |     |                |[=]   |           1=Guard #1
                      |     |                |[=]   |           2=Guard #2
                      |     |          1    _|___C__|           %=stairs
                      |_____|              [        ]           O=Barrel
                      |%%%%__________      [        ]
                      |            O]  [=] [        ]
                      |            2]  [=] [        ]
                                          Stairs you come from
    Now with the diagram, it is easier to see how to do this. After the two guards
    are killed, go to point A, move behind the building to C, where you will see a
    cutscene of the merc. (No pun intended) Go down the stairs and open the door.
    There will be a guard here so kill him. He will constanctly run back and forth
    so when he stays still, shoot him. Look familiar? Its because you've been
    here before. Do not go down the corridor he was aiming at, instead Go to the
    door the merc went into and the guard came out of. In this next room, there
    are two doors. One has a barrel in front of it so use the other door instead.
    There now will be a timer on the bottom of your screen, so you better move
    quick. When you get to the long corridor after you come out of the little
    alcove where the door is, take a LEFT and run down. With your night vision,
    you'll be able to see the merc. Grab him, and you'll have the option if
    interrogating him, but all you'll need is the brief case, so cut to the chase
    and knock him out. If you dont do this quick enough, you'll fail. However, the
    very second you pick up the breifcase, you pass the mission.
    v. CIA HQ
    Location: Langley, Viginia, USA
    Brief Briefing: Hours after the attack on the Oil Rig, Georgian President
                    Nikoladze launched a devastating wave of remote technology
                    based terrorist attacks as a retailiation against the US.
                    The only lead to Nikoladze's whereabouts is a mole thought
                    to be operatinf out of the Central Intelligence Agency.
    Primary Goals: Track down the mole in the CIA
                               a. Retrieve the SC-20K
    To begin as a starting note, you cannot kill anyone in this entire level. So
    leave your gun to shooting lights, not people. The alarms also play a critical
    role in this level, more so than other ones. Stealth is the overlying major
    factor in this game, and this level brings out the most of the stealth, not
    as much as platformer as in other levels. Many people are still stuck on this
    level, so I'm working as fast as I can to provide you with the walkthrough
    and detailed maps. You also have thermal vision this mission, so use it!
    Alright what you need to do to begin with is make sure that you dont trip any
    alarms in this first area. Walk around the corner and you'll see a guard walk
    in front of you but you'll only see his shadow. There are two doors in this
    hallway, one on the right and one on the left, and the are opposite each other
    A person will come from th right door and make his way into the left, and when
    he stops to open the left door, grab him and knock him out, without making a
    sound. Move his body into the left door, and shut off the lights. Make your
    way into the left room, and use the computer to get a data stick. When you get
    out of the room there will be a guard on patrol coming near you. Knock him out
    and continue down the hallway, and when you reach the fork, go left. Keep
    going until you see the large CIA sign. Enter the room and hide behind the
    desk. There is a guard in this room so you must be very still. Another guard
    will walk up from the other side of the glass, and the two will begin to chat.
    Stay low until the one leaves, then sneak up and grab the stationary guard.
    Knock him out and grab his satchel. There is a tiny room in the back corner,
    use the lock pick on it to open the door. In it is going to be a Med Kit and a
    sticky shocker. Exit the closet and go back into the room. USe the computer to
    get a data stick. Exit this room and back track all the way until you get to
    the fork. Stay straight, and go around the bend. Quietly creep up to the first
    door on the left, and there will be a stationary guard there. Sneak up to him
    and knock him out. There is one more unarmed person on this floor, but
    he can be a number of places when you make the attack on the last guard, there
    is no possible way to correctly judge where he is without either taking him
    out first in the closet or using your thermal vision. After all that is taken
    care of go to the door with the keypad and enter the code 7687. When you get
    into this next room, immediately shut of the lights by the switch on your
    left. Hide behind the filing cabinets and wait for the guard to come in.
    As always, knock out the guard, and continue to the next room, but don't
    forget about the Med Kit on the Wall directly in front of you when you leave
    the room. Turn left, and use the the computer at the end of the hallway, then
    use the keypad and enter the code 110598, and reach the checkpoint. In this
    next room, there are two people without guns taking inventory, so sneak up and
    grab one and run to knock out the other. If he hits the alarm, a guard will
    come and open fire, so you'll have to knock him out. If you are very stealthy,
    you won't have to face the guard. Exit this room by the door and walk down the
    two stairs, then up many more. When you get up them, you will hear the whir
    of a camera but do not worry, turn to your left, and walk straight into the
    shelf. Here lie your gun and some secondary ammo. Pick up your gun and the
    ammo, and shoot out the camera. Go to the door, and use the key pad, entering
    the code 2977. Go through the door and reach the save point.
                            b. Access the Central Sever
    After it loads, coruch down and walk around the corner. You will see a guy on
    a cell phone. Walk up to him, grab him and knock him out. Walk to the end of
    hallway and turn left, and proceed to walk down the next hallway. When you
    reach the end, Lambert will chime in. Before you take the turn, pull out your
    gun, turn on the thermal vision, and scroll the inventory until you get the
    stick shockers. Stay in the darkness until theguard moves, aim, and fire a
    stick shocker. Once you do that, there is one more person in the room, and
    you can sneak up on him by simply crouching down and walking to the furthest
    cubicle on the left hand side. Pick up his satchel once you knock him out,
    and use the computer at his desk. It is important that you hide both of these
    bodies in a very dark area, you do not want to set of any more alarms. Now
    exit this room stay still and take off Night/Thermal Vision. Directly in front
    of you there will be a blue laser type thing. Open the door in front of it and
    walk through it, it won't matter. Walk through to the other side, and wait for
    the doors to open, putting you to a check point. The codes to both keypads are
    2019, but enter the left one first. When you enter the room immediately you
    will see that it is a very bright room, and there is no place to hide in the
    shadows. There is a camera on the opposite wall, use your sniper mode (L3)
    Silently turn to your left and walk straight. Drop Down and hide between the
    huge machines, and get your gun out ready to launch a sticky shocker at the
    guard who will come out of the door (below the door you came out of) Once he
    does come out of the door, wait until you have a good shot, and fire. There
    not many good spots to hide his body, I suggest hiding it where you hid and
    shot the guard. Use the computer, and you have accessed the central server.
                                 c. Tap the Computer
    Go through the door (the only one on this floor) and then through the next.
    In this room, climb up the stairs, and use the key pad to exit the room, the
    code is 2019. You will now be in the room with the blue lasers, go through the
    blue lasers, and turn left. Go around the bend, and you will now be faced with
    a long corridor. Go past the first lighted section ont the floor, and you will
    see a bathroom. There is a guy in the bathroom, so be patient and wait. When
    he comes out, shoot him with a sticky shocker. Pick him up and hide him in a
    dark corner, and continue down the corridor. Turn right at the end of the
    corridor, and you will reach a check point. Once it saves, walk up to the hole
    in the wall, and you will see that a guard is standing there. Pull out your
    gun, and change the secondary weapon to the airfoil rings. Shoot him in the
    head, and it will instantly knock him out. Jump up and mantle over the wall.
    Pick up his satchel, containing a Med Kit, and use it if necessary. Turn out
    the lights, and turn down the corridor, and open the door. In this next room,
    use the diagram to help.
                                 CIA Hall Diagram
            |   _____/ 1                                  |
            | /       ? (0)                               |
            |/       ?@@@@@@                              |
           E|\      ? @@@@@@                              |          KEY
            | \    ?  @@@@@@                              |        +=Door
            |   \     @@@@@@                              |        &=Dark Space
            |   /                                         |      (0)=Armored
            | /D        (0)                               |             Camera        |C\                                           |
            |  \      @@@@@@                              |      1  =Guard
            |    \    @@@@@@                              |       ?=Guards'
            |      \  @@@@@@                              |            Movement
            |        \@@@@@@                              |      A  =You
            |        /C                                   |       \ =Movement
            |      /                                      |        B=Destination
            |    /                                        |        @=Pillar
            |&&/&                                         |
            |&B_________                                  |
    Time to decipher. If you know the alphabet, you can probably understand this
    map. You start off at A. The & represents the dark area in the corner. Move
    from position A to B. From point B, you can see the camera. When the Camera is
    pointed away from you, move to point C. Continue to D if you still have time
    while it is pointed away from you, or if its almost made a full rotation, go
    B2W and wait until it has passed. At point D, you can see the next camera, and
    if that one is pointed away from you continue to point E Now the guard may
    come out, and his movement is marked by ? (? meaning it is a question if he
    will or not.) Anyway, continue to point F, and knock out the guard if you have
    not already. Continue down the corridor and take a left when the hall bends
    that way. At the end of the hallway there will be a door with steps going down
    Theres a camera at the end of this staircase, so you'll have to shoot out the
    light. Once the light is shot out, use the keypad on the door and enter the
    code 110700, and you've reached a checkpoint. Once you've stepped into this
    next room, you'll hear a guy on a phone. Wait until hes done using the phone
    to not make the person at the end of the line suspicious. Be very silent, and
    he will exit the room, and go into the office next to him, then into the other
    room inside the other office. Wait until he leaves that room and take him by
    surprise. Once you have hidden his body, I recommend disabling the turret.
    After you've done that, pick up the flare on the floor, use the computer, and
    pick up the two other flares on the table. Go into the room where you knocked
    out the guy, and in the back corner there will be an elevator. Go up in it,
    and exit on the second floor to reach a save point. After it loads, Lambert
    will tell you that Dougherty's office# is 508. This will save a lot of time,
    not going into every office, but just Dougherty's. Continue straight, and
    enter the Media Room. There are 3 guys in this room right now, but wait a
    while, and one guard will leave. Then the guard sitting down will be your
    target, shoot him with your last remaining sticky shocker, then the civilian
    in the room will hear and say "Oh my God!," and run and hide, find him and
    knock him out. If you do this properly, you will have enough time before the
    other guard enters the room to hide in the dark area next to the door. When
    he comes into the room, knock him out, and stash his body in the corner.
    Start walking down the hallway and enter the first door on your right. Use the
    computer, then exit the room. Continue down the hallway and take a right. In
    the next room there are two computers on the desk but do not use them just
    yet. There will be a guy in an office, wait for him to leave. When hes gone,
    go into his office and use his computer.
                            d. Kidnap Mitchell Dougherty
    Doesn't KIDnapping usually involve a kid, not a CIA agent?
    Remember that guy? Yeah he's Mitchell Dougherty. Leave his office and go down
    that corridor. There's a security camera at the end of it, so you won't
    want to go down it all. Instead, open the double doors (There's a Red Light
    above them) and enter. This room calls for another diagram, there is a
    specific way how to take out the guard first.
                          CIA Briefing Room Diagram
                 |  E                              |            1= Guard #1
                 | __3_____________________________|            2= Person#2
                 |             2              |    |            3= Person#3
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   |    |            H= Chairs
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   |    +            += Door
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   |    F            A= You
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   |    +             \= Movement
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | 1  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | C  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   | |  |
                 |         _____________________B  |
                 |        /   ________________| D  |
    Time to decipher. You start out at A, and you will be able to see and hear the
    two people in the front. However, If you go for them first, they will spot you
    and the guard, 1, will start shooting at you. So go to A, creep along to B,
    Sneak up to C, which is behind the guard, grab him, and knock him out. Move
    down to D, which is where 2 will run after he hears you knock him 1 out. Knock
    him out, then do to E where 3 will be hiding. Knock him out, and hide their
    bodies next to 1. Go to F, where you can use the Lock pick to open the door.
    Once the door is open, go straight, and then left. Before you walk down this
    next corridor, go B2W and wait for a guy to go into the bathroom. When he goes
    in, sneak into the room he came from, there will be a guard with a shotgun
    sitting down. Sneak up on him and knock him out. Then go into the bathroom and
    knock out the guy. Run back and get the guard's body and put in the bathroom,
    and turn off the lights. Continue down the corridor. In front of you will
    be double doors, but first, pick the lock on the door to your right, go inside
    and get the 3 sticky cameras. Now leave this office, and look on the left hand
    wall adjacent to the double doors. There will be a keypad, enter the code
    0614, and go through the doors. Through them there is a fork, you can't do
    anything on your left, so go right. (On the left however, is an office labeled
    "UFO Sightings Office") So go to the door on the right, called 'Smoking Area',
    and grab and knock out Mr. Dougherty, and reach the save point.
                          e. Get to the Rendezvous Point
    Yes, exfiltration deserves its own part in this mission. To start, pick up
    Dougherty (from now on, he goes by Doe) and move him out of the smoking area,
    into the cement patio, and lay him down in the farthest corner away from the
    metal fence. A guard will now come up. He is very thick, you can punch him
    when he walks near you, no biggie. Move his body where you put Doe's and pick
    up Doe, and continue through the metal fence. Walk down the stairs, and take a
    left. Take a right and go down another set of stairs, then Lambert will chime
    in. Go through the sliding door, and you've reached a check point. Be very
    quiet in this next part, you dont want to get the attention of the guard. Once
    Lambert's done talking, set Doe down on top od the stairs, and use the sniper
    mode to take care of the camera in front of you. Go down the stairs. In the
    next room, the guard will be on patrol, so hide in a dark are and wait until
    he walks near you then knock him out. Run back and get Doe. Bring him into
    this room, and on the right side of the room, there will be a sticky shocker.
    MAKE SURE YOU PICK THIS UP!! Pick it up, then Doe, and continue to the next
    room.  When in the next room, carefully lay Doe down, then silently make your
    way down the stairs. Once you're on the landing, go down the second small
    staircase, then jump onto the railing, then quietly land on the roof. Find the
    guard, who is patrolling the ground floor, and meanwhile, hide in the shadows.
    Jump down onto the piled up stuff on the ground, then again to ground level.
    Find the guard again, because most likely he's moved, then shoot him with your
    sticky shocker. If you miss, and he sees you, you're out of luck, but if he
    doesn't you still have 3 flares, and 5 sticky cameras. Hide his body behind
    the tree, and run over and switch the elevator. Return and get Doe, and return
    to the ground by means of the elevator. Pick Doe up and go into the parking
    lot, on the left side. Walk down into the parking lot, and set Doe down in the
    corner, near the cones. Take a left and walk slowly straight, avoiding the
    glass. Soon 3 men will come into veiw, and one of the is Wilkes, and directly
    across from him is a guard. Sneak up on the guard, knock him out, get Doe, and
    return to Wilkes. Congrats! You have finished the mission!
    V. FAQ
           Q-I own all 3 systems (XBOX,GCN,PS2) and I want to buy Splinter Cell.
    What system should I buy it for?
           A- Well since this is an FAQ for the PS2 version, I should start
    spouting advertisements for the PS2, however, its truly a matter of personal
    preference. The XBOX version is the original, and there are still some flaws
    in it that had been corrected for the GCN PS2 release. You can also download
    stuff off of XBOX live such as a new level, assuming that you have XBOX live.
    The GCN version is also out there, and if you have a GBA and the GCN/GBA link
    cable, you can use it to have a radar, but I have never tried it so personally
    I do not know how good it is. For the money you are going to spend, the Ps2
    ower Plant, 30 minutes more cut scenes, and a introduction by the Prague
    Orchestra. But really it's a matter of personal choice.
          Q- How much does the game cost?
          A- In most stores, $49.95, plus tax.
          Q- It's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, so did Tom himself write the story?
          A- Yes and No. Yes, Tom did set up the story about Georgia and the
    terrorists, but Sam Fisher is NOT part of any of his books, Ubi Soft made him
    up. Its simply set in Tom Clancy's World.
          Q- Are his books like this?
          A- Yes, they are. High action, terrorist stuff is mainly what he writes
    about, and does a fine job doing it. I recommend Rainbow Six. (As in the video
          Q- Are there really Splinter Cells out there?
          A- Yes, turn around very slowly..... To my knowledge, I'm not really
    sure, you would have to ask a high ranking NSA official. The US Government
    denies their existence, but come on.
          Q- Where can I train to be a Splinter cell?
          A- You don't become a Splinter Cell over night, I suggest enlisting in
    the army and trying to move up your rank.......some how
          Q- When did this game come out?
          A- I'm not sure about the XBOX release but the GCN and PS2 versions came
    out on April 8, 2003.
          Q- You mention B2W in the Walkthrough a lot. Whats B2W?
          A- B2W stands for Back to Wall. Push L3 next to a wall to enter B2W
    mode. If you walk to an edge of a wall, peek over, then push R2, you can shoot
    during B2W mode.
          Q- How do I use those Disposable Lock Picks?
          A- Originally, I didnt know, but Riku1590 says "equip it on your
    little thing in the corner, go to a locked door and press r1"
          Q- I just finished the game, and I want to know where's my "4 exclusive
    levels of gut-wrenching stealth action" that it says on the back of the box??
          A- Your 4 exclusive levels of gut-wrenching stealth action is the Nuclear
    Power Plant, which is broken up into 4 different parts. Kind of a sales pitch
    to say that there is four, but really its one huge one.
          Q- I've heard a lot of talk, saying that Splinter Cell is a lot like MGS2,
    but really I don't know much about either. Care to explain?
          A- Sure....Well to be frank, you're right, there is a lot of talkclaiming
    that Splinter Ccell is a lot like MGS2. Since I am writing an FAQ aboutSplinter
    Cell, I found it appropriate to rent MGS2:Substance, and see if they werereally
    that similar. MGS is an established series, so no doubt that once a rivalling
    game came out, many people would immeadiately defend the homeland, and say that
    Splinter Cell is simply ripping off of something that MGS started. Now, I'm not
    here to start a game war, nor to point fingers, but to present the facts. In my
    short time playing MGS2:Substance, and my long time playing Splinter Cell (40+
    hours and still counting) I cannot make any judgements beside the fact that it
    depends what you like. If you've played MGS forever, most likely, you'll stick
    with it, but if you're (or were) new to stealth action games, you'll probably
    give Splinter Cell a chance, an it may or may not stick. Splinter Cell focuses
    on both story and gameplay, both which are rock solid, and well, so does the
    Metal Gear series. They both deliver, and it is hard to tell which one is the
    better. If I had it my way, I would go straight up singing praises for Splinter
    Cell, but I am trying to be fair. I hope the table helps.
                                         SC      MGS2:Sub
                |  Larger Fanbase    |         |    X    |
                |  Better Graphics   |   X     |         |
                |  Better Controls   |   X     |         |
                |  Harder Game       |         |    X    |
                |  Better Guns       |         |    X    |
                |  Blood & Gore      |         |    X    |
                |  Extras            |         |    X    |
                |  Better Levels     |   X     |         |
                |  Better Moves      |   X     |    X    |
                |  Funnier Game      |         |    X    |
                |  More Mature       |   X     |    X    |
                | Easier to Get Into |   X     |         |
                |  Prequels          |         |    X    |
                |  Sequels           |   ?     |    ?    |
                |  Controls          |   X     |         |
                |  Story             |   X     |    X    |
                |  GBA Connectivity  |   X     |         |
                |  Multi-PLatform    |   X     |         |
                |  Skateboarding     |         |    X    |
                |  Realistic         |   X     |         |
                |  Cutscene Graphics |   X     |         |
                |  Innovation        |         |    X    |
                |  Online Capability |   -     |    -    |
                |  Multiplayer       |   -     |    -    |
                |  Gameplay Based    |   X     |         |
                |  Story Based       |         |    X    |
                |  More Difficult    |         |    X    |
                |  Better AI         |   X     |    X    |
                |  Main Characters   |         |    X    |
                |  Overall           |   X     |    X    |
          Q- Is Ubi Soft planning on a sequel?
          A- At the present momenr, there is no word of a sequwl, but not making
    one would be a terrible mistake, seeeing how much money is flowing in by this
    first one. If anything, I would expect am announce ment at E3, but thats very
    optimistic of me.
         Q- How much memory does Splinter Cell take?
         A- 493 MB it says on the back, but I believe that is a typo, and it only
    takes 493 KBs, since the PS2 Mem Card is 8MB
         Q- Where CAn I find out more about Splinter Cell?
         A- Wow, that question is insulting, I kid. You can go to Splinter Cell's
    official home page, http://www.splintercell.com  Or Ubi Soft'f official home
    page, http://www.ubi.com   However, I recommend that you go to GameFaqs
    Splinter Cell Message Board, then you can talk directly to me or the other
    people that visit the forums, and also are working on an FAQ.
         Q- IM always in a gun battle, and when I go to shoot, I have to reload. Is
    there anyway that I can reload before I engage the Enemy?
         A- Yes, there is. While in shooting mode, press L2 to do a manual reload.
    This will insure that you won't run out of ammo when shooting the enemys.
         Q- What's the difference betweem Hard and Normal Modes?
         A- Hard mode is Hard, duh.
         Q- In the name of all that's Holy, the guards always hear me!! What am I
    doing wrong.
         A- Well, since you were just so utterly descriptive, it depends. First,
    make sure the GUARD ISN'T FACING YOU!!! and for the rest, refer to the stealthy
         Q- You mention exfiltrating........What is it?
         A- Exfiltrating is the act of leaving a place that you infiltrated.
         Q- How is the computer version?
         A- Well, as far as I know, there are no extras, but if you have an amazing
    computer, that wouldn't hurt it, but otherwise, I would stick to the console
         Q- How do I do the thing with the thing near those guys an that level?
         A- Oh, you mean how do I play the game? Turn it on.
         Q- Every time I press the open button, a cupholder comes out of my PS2,and
    when I close it, my drink spills! Help!
         A- Try filling your drink up less.
         Q- gcjjd@bellsouth.net asks:
    "I bought the game splinter cell for the PS2 and I have some questions. Does
    this game have any cheats for itself? Not codes that are used for any game
    enhancer just cheats for infinite life or infinite ammunition. Or perhaps
    when the game has been beaten and saved will it unlock easy mode along with
    cheats for the game?  What do you unlock when the game is beaten?
         A- AS far as I know, no there are no cheats and no unlockables, but you
    could always buy the action Replay disk,but it its extra.
    VI. Stealthy Acts
           Behold the Section where I wil list lots of Stealthy Acts, and you, the
    reader should feel obliged to send me some as well, at Untelligent@hotmail.com
    So, without further delay, the Stealthy Acts
    -Shoot out lights
    -Shoot out cameras
    -If a guard is near a Fire Extinguisher, shoot it to knock him out
    -If there are multiple guards in a room, distract one while you go for the
    -Stay in the Shadows
    -Armored Cameras cannot be broken
    -While Sniping, hold L1 for a better Shot
    -Cameras Can detect you the Faster you are moving
    -If you see an Agent, do what we do- run (jk)
    -A rolling manuever allows Sam to go through flames without being hurt
    -Drop Attacks are amazing
    -Barrels usually contain flammable stuff, so shoot them
    -Dogs can smell you, so hiding won't work
    -Enemies have eyes, and ears
    -Knocking out is quick, effective, and cheap!
    -Hide Bodies under staircases, enemies never look there
    -If two guards are talking, wait until they seperate before you move.
    -Never underestimate the powers of the bottle
    -If you see a turret, avoid it at all costs.
    -If you are behind a turret, and there are enemies shooting at you in front of
    it, disable the IFF, and watch them die!
    -If you can't see, turn on your night vision.
    -Med Kits are valuable, save them if you do not need them, because there will
    be a time when you do.
    -Grabbing somebody is quiet, but knocking them out isn't, move them away before
    you knock them out.
    -Use the distraction camera to your advantage, aim at a guard's head, then use
    the noise command, then when he comes, use the gas command.
    VII. Special Thanks and Credits
                               Special Thanks
         -Thanks to Ubi Soft for making Splinter Cell
         -Thanks to Ubi Soft for putting Splinter Cell on PS2
         -Thanks to Ubi Soft for making extras for PS2
         -Character Information from Splinter Cell Manual
         -Thanks to http://www.schnoggo.com/figlet.html for the ASCII art
         -Thanks to Riku1590 for the info about the Disposable Lock Picks
         -Thanks to CJayC for posting this on GameFaqs
         -Thanks to my parents for letting me take the old comp to my room to work
          on this FAQ
         -However, no thanks to my crappy Toshiba Monitor, for constantly shutting
         -Some of the Stealthy Acts Courtesy of the Instruction Book
         -Thanks to Dave from www.cheatcc.com for posting it on his site
         -Thanks to the Countless People who send me mail, it makes me feel
         -All work as of v.51 is done by me, with the exception of the ASCII art

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