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    FAQ/Walkthrough by YanaMan

    Version: 0.85 | Updated: 06/26/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell FAQ/Walkthrough for the PS2
    Written by: YanaMan (Chris Moore)
    Version .88 (06/26/04)
    This document Copyright 2003 Chris Moore
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                                MMM          MMMPMEB#Mv  MMM        0MM0       
                               5#5          jMM2        .Mh:        5        jv
                                    ..... 2                                 .;
                        Son Kain did the above ASCII art.
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    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Introduction
          A. Special Stuff
          B. Story (Taken from the game's instruction booklet)
    III.  Controls
    IV.   Screen Setup
    V.    Profiles (Taken from the game's instruction booklet)
    VI.   Movements
    VII.  Weapons
    VIII. Gadgets and Items   
    IX.   Walkthrough
          A. Training
          B. Police Station
          C. Defense Ministry
          D. Oil Refinery
          E. CIA HQ
          F. Kalinatek
    X.    Hints and Tips (Some are from the game's instruction booklet)
    Version History
    V.7      I've actually been writing this FAQ for a week now. Finished most of
    05/25/03 everything except the walkthrough, which I've done for 3 levels, and
             the hints and tips section. Submitted to GameFAQs.
    V.71     Minor change made to the Defense Ministry Walkthrough.
    v.80     Did the walkthrough for the CIA HQ level. Fixed some of the version
    05/28/03 history that was messed up. Some other minor things fixed.
    v.81     Put the ASCII art at the top of the page. I haven't had much time as
    05/30/03 of lately to add much to the FAQ. I've been playing the game some more
             but I haven't put much more into this. The Hints and Tips section will
             likely be up next update.
    v.85     Finally got my PS2 back today fixed. Now I can finish some of the
    07/03/03 walkthrough and add some contributions.
    v.87     It's been a while since I've updated, as I took a break from this for
    08/14/03 a while. I've added the Hints and Tips section in this version and I
             will add the rest of the walkthrough in the next few updates.
    v.88     Updated my e-mail address and fixed a few errors.
    Please be wary that this is my first FAQ and hopefully not my last. With that
    said, in this FAQ, I'll provide you with the essential knowledge that you need
    to complete this game. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are awesome and show
    the power of the Playstation2 wonderfully.
    Also, I wanted to add that in the training part of the walkthrough,
    instructions appear on screen to tell you how to do the specific move, and
    therefore, I won't. Also, to repeat instructions, go up to the switch and press
    During the remainder of the walkthrough, I also won't mention the codes to the
    doors because if you follow what I say, you'll get the code and it'll be
    displayed at the bottom of the screen when the keypad pops up.
    The story:
    It is the year 2003.
    In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal
    potential threats to the national securtiy of the Untied States, the NSA
    (National Security Agency) has ushered forth a new dawn of intelligence-
    gathering techniques. This top-secret initiative, dubbed Third Echelon, marks
    a return to classical methods of espionage, enhanced with leading-edge
    surveillance and combat technology for the aggressive collection of stored data
    in hostile territories. When intelligence deemed critical to national security
    cannot be obtained by tradtional means, Third Echelon is granted clearance to
    conduct physical operations.
    Denied to exist by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys units known as
    Splinter Cells: elite intelligence-gathering forces consisting of a lone field
    operative supported by a remote team. Like a sliver of glass, a Splinter Cell
    is small, sharp, and nearly invisible.
    March 10, 2004: The CIA contacted NSA officials reguarding the loss of contact
    with Agenst Alison Madison and Robert Blaustein, CIA operatives monitoring
    widespread communication shortages plaguing the former Soviet republic of
    Georgia. Fearing for the lives of Americal agents compromised at the hands of a
    suspected terrorist effort, Third Echelon has activated Splinter Cell operative
    Sam Fisher to locate the missing agents and evaluate the situation.
    You are Sam Fisher. You must leave no trace on the physical or political map.
    Remember: Although killing may compromise secrecy, the choice between leaving 
    a witness or a corpse is no choice at all. You do not exist. You are a Splinter
     Left - Turns on Night Vision
     Right- Turns on Heat Vision
     Up   - Selects Inventory
     Down - Selects Inventory
    Left Analog - Move/B2W On/Off
    Right Analog- Camera Move/Center Camera/Sniper Mode/Binocular Vision
    Start - OPSAT Main Page
    Select- OPSAT Main Page
    []  - Quick Inventory
    ><  - Interact
    ()  - Crouch
    /_\ - Jump
    R1 - Primary Fire
    R2 - Draw Weapon (Hold or toggle)
    L1 - Secondary Fire
    L2 - Reload
    Screen Setup
    | |---------------------|   |----------|  |-| |
    | |                     |   |    2     |  | | |
    | |         1           |   |----------|  | | |
    | |                     |                 | | |
    | |---------------------|                 |3| |
    |                                         | | |
    |                                         | | |
    |                                         |-| |
    |                                             |
    |                                    6  7  8  |
    | |---|                              |------| |
    | | 4 |                              |   9  | |
    | |-------------------------------|  |------| |
    | |               5               |  |  10  | |
    | |-------------------------------|  |------| |
    |                                             |
    1   Dialog Box-     displayed when you're being talked to
    2   Interact Box-   displayed when you can interact with an object or person
                        use X to interact with the object and use D-pad to select
                        the specific action
    3   Life Meter-     shows how much life Sam has left
    4   Alarm Counter-  shows how many alarms set off as well as how many allowed
                        before a mission failure
    5   Objective-      displays the current objective
    6   New Goal-       there's a new goal to read in the OPSAT
    7   New Note-       there's a new note to read in the OPSAT
    8   New Recon-      there's a new recon to read in the OPSAT
    9   Stealth Meter-  shows how stealthy you are; if it's all the way to the left
                        you are well hidden, to the right and you'll be easily
    10  Selected Object-the current weapon, item, or gadget that's selected
    Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage in several defining conflicts
    throughout the past decades. He has not only survive, but also excelled in the 
    field of covert operations through hard work, insatiable curiosity, and brutal 
    honesty. He has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies. 
    Though fully aware and confident of his abilities, Fisher understands that his 
    survival has often been a gift of chance. He knows he is human and fallible, 
    and he does not want to die. He has a strange and slightly dark sense of 
    He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the outside.
    Combat, espionage, and constant training have defined his adult life; his 
    tactical experience has became part of his instinct. Now, even outside of work,
    he is more comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant but still
    Fisher has acquired an admirable collection of scars and secured his place in 
    Valhalla; he has little left to prove to the world. Now older and wiser, he has 
    no interest in glory. If he fights, it is because he believes the cause is 
    necessary and he is capable. 
    Third Echelon's specialists have been recruited from every branch of
    intelligence and the armed forces, some even culled from civilian life. They
    are the elite of America's strategists, hackers, and operatives. Each field
    operative works with a remote support team of roughly a dozen members.
    Support Team Leaders:
    Born: 1961 in Batcave, NC
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 270 lbs.
    Third Echelon Operations Coordinator
    Lambert is the link between the field agent (or agents) and Third Echelon's
    team of researchers, hackers, strategists, and commanders. While Fisher is in
    the field, he is in constant contact with Lambert via subdermal microchips and
    a cochlear implant.
    Born: 1967 in Baltimore, MD
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Third Echelon Field Runner
    Field Runners are mainly responsible for coordinating the transportation and
    equipment for field agents. Transportation is usually procured (stolen) from an
    area of operation and abandoned afterwards. Wilkes will debrief Fisher on any
    new equipment or weaponry as it becomes available.
    Born: 1974 in Boston, MA
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 128 lbs.
    Third Echelon Communications Lead
    Grimsdottir heads a mall team of programmers responsible for providing
    technological, cryptographic, and data support for the Field Operative.
    Grimsdottir will assist Fisher in his interface with the high-tech components
    of his missions.
    Using his political, technological, and financial influence, Nikoladze has
    become the newly elected President of Georgia. His ambition is matched only by
    his industriousness.
    Ex-Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces), Grinko is now Nikoladze's "lieutenant"
    of the Russian Mafia.
    Grinko's personal driver.
    The leadership for Nikoladze's worldwide military/mercenary forces. Several
    colonels can be found in each cell of the Georgian mercenary army. They also
    have security clearance to certain areas that normal soldiers don't have.
    Hired for his vast computer knowledge, Philip Masse is the man directly
    responsible for the Georgian information crisis.
    The leadership behind the Pople's Liberation Army of China, these officers
    sometimes hold key information that Fisher can use to accomplish his missions.
    Elimination might not be the best option when first encountering them.
    Press circle to crouch and walk more quietly.
    Press triangle to climb onto something about waist high.
    You can climb ladders, pipes, vertical cables, and fences. To do so, just walk
    up to it. Press triangle to jump off.
    Press R1 to do a close range attack. It takes 2 to knock someone out unless
    you've taken them hostage.
    Press L3 (left analog stick) to put your back to the wall.
    Use triangle to jump and grab ledges above you. You can also walk SLOWLY off
    of a ledge and Sam will grab on and hold himself there.
    While hanging, use the left analog stick to move back and forth.
    Jump and grab onto a horizontal pipe or wire and use the left analog stick to
    move along.
    Jump and grab onto an inclined wire or pipe ans Sam will automatically use it
    as a zip line.
    Advanced Moves
    While running, press and hold O to do a roll.
    Jump and press triangle again to push off of the wall and go higher.
    Do a wall jump and press triangle again to spread Sam's legs and he will stay
    While above an enemy, press triangle to fall and Sam will knock him out.
    Press O while falling to land silently.
    Hold left on the left analog stick to open the door a bit and look through the
    When you're near a small chimney, press X to rappel. Press triangle to jump
    Press R2 while rappelling to draw your weapon.
    Press R2 while hanging to shoot.
    Press R2 while in the split jump to draw your weapon.
    Put your back to the wall, peek around the corner and press R2 while peeking
    and he will draw his weapon.
    Non-Player Character-Lined Moves
    Stand over the body and press X. Move him and press X again to drop it.
    Walk up to the person and press X.
    Sneak up behind a person and press X.
    Grab the person. Use this and other enemies won't shoot.
    Grab the person and press X.
    Grab the person and drag him to the device you want him to use and press X.
    Sam starts most missions with this gun. It's the only gun available for the
    first few missions. It's equipped with a sound and light suppressor.
    An assult rifle that is available after the first few missions. It's light
    and has a light/sound suppressor as not to alert guards in the area. Also has
    sniper mode. To enter sniper mode, equip this weapon and press R3 (right analog
    stick). While in sniper mode, you can hold Sam's breath by pressing L1. Press
    R1 to fire the weapon. Also has a multipurpose launcher that is used with L1,
    but cannot be used with sniper mode. It's equipped with a sound and light
    A high impact, no-penetrating device that is used to knock out an opponent. Has
    better effects when contact is made with the head. You can shoot 2 at a person
    in the body and that'll knock the person out too, but it's easier and quicker
    to go for the head.
    A device that is launched and will stick to an opponent, giving them a high-
    voltage shock. If you fire it into water, it can shock multiple opponents.
    A standard gas grenade that makes the enemy unconcius.
    A small camera with pan, zoom, night vision, and heat vision. Feeds the image
    to Sam's OPSAT.
    It's the same as the stick camera except instead of night vision and thermal
    vision, it has a noisemaker and CO2 cartridge that attracts enemies and then
    incapacitates them.
    Used to pick locked doors. Rotate the left analog stick until you see the pin
    move. Once that happens, keep it there and wiggle it until the pin moves out
    of the way. Repeat for the rest of the pins.
    A laser operated microphone used to eavesdrop on coversations from afar. To use
    it, equip it and point it until the box in the middle turns red.
    Exactly what it says. It jams cameras. For it to work, it has to be pointing
    directly at the camera without letting go of the trigger.
    The optic cable is a fiber optic cable that Sam can use to peek under doors to
    find out what's on the other side without having to open the door. This device
    totally eliminates the need to stealthily open a door. To use it, go up to a
    door and hold X, then select Optic Cable from the menu.
    This is a lock pick that is only able to be used once. When inside the bolt
    of the lock, it explodes, shattering the pins and unlocking the door.
    Lets you see in the dark! Press left on the D-pad to select this.
    Standard binoculars on a headset. Press R3 to go into this.
    Lets you see heat emmitted from objects and people. Press right on the D-pad
    to select this. Not available until 5th level.
    A motion sensative explosive that can be attatched to almost any surface.
    To disarm them, walk SLOWLY to them and once the option to disarm them appears,
    press X. If the light on the mine is red, DO NOT SELECT DISARM, SELECT BACK TO
    GAME!!! Try again until it's green and then select disarm.
    These are just bigger versions of those glow sticks. You can throw these and
    distract your enemies with them. You can use these to distract the automated
    gun turrets.
    A standard flare that all police officers have. You can use them to distract
    the enemy's turrets while you sneak by.
    A grenade that produces shrapnel that goes everywhere at a high velocity
    when it explodes.
    Standard first aid kit.
    Contains ammo.
    Enemies use these to alert more enemy personnel when they spot you.
    Heat and motion sensative. You can turn it off, or turn off it's Independent
    Friendly Fire system so that it will attack everyone it encounters.
    A standard off-the-shelf security camera. Shoot it to disable.
    Same as the surveillance camera except it has bullet-proof casing.
    Push-button security pad that needs a code to unlock doors. Obtain the codes
    by data sticks and interigating enemy personnel. Once you've obtained a code,
    it will appear when the keypad does.
    You can only get by these by forcing an officer, particularly a colonel, to
    cooperate with you. Only the real thing will suffice.
    This is my first walkthrough ever!!! Please email me and help if I make any
    mistakes. Thanks!
    OCTOBER 7, 2004, 06:01 HOURS
    Prove that you are the right man for the job.
    As agent Sam Fisher, you have been recruited to spearhead the operational arm
    of the National Security Agency's Third Echelon Initiative. Before being sent
    into the field on a mission to recover agents Madison and Baustein, you must
    demonstrate that you posess the skills to undertake dangerous and covert solo
    Get through the course.
    First, Lambert says that they'll have to calibrate your equipment. Turn left
    and right to look at the lights as Lambert tells you. You'll have to look up
    and down too. Time for the actual training. Go over to the yellow arrow and
    jump to grab the ledge in front of you. Shimmy over to the middle and press up
    on the left analog stick to climb on top of it. Jump down and go over to the
    ladder on the right to get to the next platform. Now use the zip line on the
    left side to get to the next platform. Walk to the yellow arrow and slide down
    the vertical pipe. Crouch down and go under the barbed wire and continue left
    into the corridor. On one of the arrows, do the split jump. Continue around the
    corner and get onto the horizontal pipe. Jump to it. Use the hand-over-hand
    method and when you get to the hole in the wall, pull your feet up to get
    through. Now hop down and continue over the fence. For the next part, you'll
    have to put your back to the wall and walk between the walls. Climb up the
    vertical pole and onto the platform. Use the ladder on the other side to get
    down. Now you'll have to get over this wall. Go up to one of the arrows and
    do a wall jump and grab onto the ledge. Pull yourself up and over and then go
    into the garage.
    Sneak through the area without being detected.
    First open the door to the next area and then Lambert will tell you that the
    next door is locked and you'll have to use your picks to get past. It's very
    easy to do and is described in detail in the Gadgets section.
    There's a man in the next room. You'll have to sneak up behind him, grab, and
    interrogate him to get the code to the door. Crouch down so you don't make as
    much noise and move around the central pillar and grab him and the interrogate
    him to get the code. After this bit, knock him out using R1. Go to the keypad
    and enter the code and go to the next room.
    In this room, there's a guard and a retinal scanner. Lambert tells you that he
    can use it and get through. So sneak up behind him, just as you did the last
    time, and grab him. Drag him over to the scanner and force him to use it. After
    he does, knock him out and continue through the door, and then through the door
    after that.
    Now is when you get the pistol, and you have to sneak by the camera. Lambert
    suggests that you shoot out all of the lights, so do just that. Once that's
    done, equip your NVGs and go through the door that the camera was guarding.
    There's another camera now, but this time all you have to do is shoot it.
    You'll see some sparks and the noise that it makes won't be playing anymore.
    Now just go through the door into the next room.
    In this room, there's a camera enclosed in bullet-proof casing and then there's
    a fence surrounding it so you can't go directly under it. To get by, when you
    can see that the camera is pointing the opposite direction crouch and run and
    stop behind the crate. Once the camera passes by again to the direction you
    just came from, make a run for the door. Go through it.
    There's a guard in this room. The point for this room is to learn to cover your
    tracks. Sneak up behind him and knock him out with R1. Quickly grab his body
    and go around the corner behind you and go into the dark hallway that leads
    to nowhere. The guard will come and check things out. Once he leaves again, go
    back through the door that the original guard was protecting.
    Go through the next door and into the hallway filled with obsticles. For this
    room, there's hidden microphones everywhere. You'll have to make it through
    without making a noise. Make sure you're ALWAYS crouching down during this
    part. Make your way onto the metal platform and jump down to the lower one. Go
    accross and jump onto the next plaform and again to the platform to the right.
    Now, you will see some chains dangling from the ceiling. make your way past
    them without touching them, still going slowly. Turn the corner at the end and
    on the floor there'll be some styrofoam packing material. Go very slowly past
    this and turn to the right. Go through the door.
    Police Station
    OCTOBER 16,2004, 20:01 HOURS
    Locate CIA agents Blaustein and Madison
    Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian Political Arena for two
    years, securing a role in president Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'etat.
    Special agent Robert Blaustein was also in Georgia. They both vanished on
    October 11th.
    -Rendevous with local NSA informant Thomas Gurgenidze for information on
     Blaustein's area of operation.
    -Killing civilians will result in Mission Failure.
    -Touching the street will result in Mission Failure.
    Start off this mission by crouching down and going to the front deck of the
    house accross from you. From here, you'll have to jump up to a ladder and make
    it to the roof. At the top of the roof, there's a hatch. Open it and jump in.
    Make your way through with the NVGs on. At the end, you should see a vertical
    pipe. Climb it onto the roof. Use the zip line here to get into the burning
    Go into the door on the roof and then take the left door once in the office.
    You'll now be in a hallway. On your left, you should see another door now. Go
    inside and you'll be in another office. Take the door on the opposite side of
    the room. You'll be back into the hallway. Now go to the end of the hallway
    and go down the stairs. On the right, you should see a hallway with part of
    the floor missing and engulfed in fire. Use the pipe running along the ceiling
    to get accross. Make the first left. Go in the door on the right and in the
    back left corner will be another door.  Go into that one. Now make a right and
    go up the stairs into another hallway. Open the door on the left side of the
    hallway and go in. The contact is in the center of this room near the fire. Go
    over and speak to him.
    Now, go in the door to the right of the one that you entered the room from. Go
    into the hallway and into the next room on the left. Quickly shoot out the
    skylights to let some of the smoke out or you could die. Go through the door
    to the right side of the room.
    Go through the next door and you should be back outside. Go around the right
    on the deck and shoot out the light accross on the other building. Turn on your
    NVGs and go accross the pipe covered in foliage. Use this to get accross to
    the other building's deck. If you fall here and touch the ground, it'll be a
    mission failed. You'll have to pick up your feet to get over the railing for
    the deck. From here, go in between the lattice and the building and you should
    hear somebody talking on the phone. Turn the corner but don't make yourself
    obvious. There's a guy on the deck of Agent Blaustein's house. Shoot him in the
    head. Stay here because in just a moment, another guy will come out of the
    house. Shoot him too. Now go into the house.
    On the right, there should be a computer. Use it to pick up a data stick. Go up
    the small set of stairs into the kitchen. On the left, you should see a hallway
    with curtains in front of it. Follow the hallway to the end. There's a medical
    kit just before entering the room at the end on the floor. Now go into the room
    and go to the painting on the left wall. Slide it open and use the computer
    inside. You'll pick up a data stick and the code to the next door in it.
    Go out of the door on the opposite side of the room. This is the one that you
    will need the code for. Once outside, use the zip line to the left. You'll drop
    down on a roof on the other side of the street. Go in the door on the roof and
    go down the hallway and drop down the elevator shaft. Once on top of the
    elevator, open the hatch and go in.
    You're now allowed to go on the streets. Go up to the door and you'll have to
    pick the lock. Go outside and you'll see two people. Shoot them and hide the
    bodies. Go past where the people were and go to the left. Go up the stairs and
    into the hallway. Go directly accross the yard and into the foliage and you'll
    find a small duct that leads to a computer. Use the computer and get the 2
    medical kits and the ammo. This triggers a guard to come back into the yard
    where you were just at. Now you'll need to go back there. Shoot the guy and
    hide the body. Go through the gate that the guard came through and was locked
    Now you'll have to sneak by 2 guards in a small passage. Stay inside the place
    right after the checkpoint because there's going to be a guard that comes by.
    Once he turns back around, sneak up behind him and grab him. Drag the guard
    back to where you came from and knock him out. Run down the path and duck down
    in between the dumpsters on the right. Make sure that the other guard isn't
    near you first. Wait for the other guard to walk around the corner and come
    from behind and grab him. Take him back between the dumpsters and knock him
    out and pick up the satchel to find a data stick.
    Go forward and around the corner. Around the next corner will be another guard.
    Shoot him and hide his body. Go down and through the first gate. You won't be
    able to make it through the next gate, so you'll have to go over. Jump onto the
    nearby dumpster and then do a wall jump so you can grab onto the ledge of the
    wall. Pull youself up and jump off the other side.
    Once you start up again, go straight and down the wooden stairs. Open the door
    and you'll see a guard in front of you turned the other way. Let him walk up
    the hallway and when you see him go into a storage room on the left, go up and
    do a split jump between 2 brick walls. When the guard comes back down the hall,
    press triangle when he's right below you to fall on him and knock him out (or
    you could just shoot him, but that could cause more commotion).
    Now pick up the body and take it up to the corner without going around it. Turn
    the camera so you can see down the other hall connecting it. Once the other
    guard turns, go into the storage room to the left, drop the body, and turn off
    the lights. Now use the computer for the magical data stick.
    You might need a little luck now. Open the door and run to the left quickly so
    that if the guard is there, he won't see you and set off the alarm, instead,
    he'll come and investigate, allowing you to shoot him and hide the body in this
    room. If he's not there, sneak up on him like the norm and take his body back
    to the closet.
    Now go back down the hall. On the left you should see some windows lining part
    of the hall. Inside, you'll see a technition in a lab. Enter quietly and go
    behind the cabinet in the middle of the room. When he's turned around, sneak up
    behind him and knock him out and hide the body. You know the drill by now. Use
    the computer in the lab and you'll find out that there's a camera in the morgue
    which is the next room. Open the door behind you and shoot the camera without
    going through the plastic filmy stuff.
    Go over to the bodies and talk to Lambert some. On a stool behind one of the
    bodies is a medical kit. Now leave the same way you came in and go left at the
    hallway. Open the door and go in.
    Once you start up again, head up the stairs and open the door. Be quiet now
    and go forward a little and shoot out the light in the office. Sneak in and
    knock out the guard and then go back out and knock out the civilian and take
    him to the office with the guard.
    Go back out and around the office to the stairs. Go up them quietly. There's 2
    guards here, but you can avoid them without any confrontation. Didn't use any
    ammo for the rest of this level. Sneak behind them moving slowly and as close
    to the wall behind them as possible. You'll have to go around the plant. Don't
    worry about the computer, just do as I say. Go in the room on the back wall in
    the corner (there's 2, it's the second room but in the far right corner).
    Once insde, still be quiet, as there's a guard here. Turn on your NVGs and
    sneak up behind the guard at the computers. Let him have it. Use the red
    computer and Lambert will talk. Leave the room the same way you came in and
    sneak back behind the 2 guys at the desks. Head back down those stairs go to
    the left. Go through the double doors behind the transparent curtain (or
    whatever that is) and finish the mission.
    Defense Ministry
    OCTOBER 16, 2004, 20:01 HOURS
    Discover President Nikoladze's secret.
    CIA Agents Blaustein and Madison were killed for getting too close to 
    information Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze needed to protect. Vyacheslay
    Grinko, a Russian mercenary, is closely tied to Nikoladze's secret; they have
    arranged to meet at the Ministry of Defence.
    - Infiltrate the East Wing of the Georgian Defence Ministry
    - Discover Vyacheslay Grinko's whereabouts by interrogating his driver.
    - Tripping an alarm will result in Mission Failure.
    When you start off, run forward to the small chimney. An option will appear
    that says to rappel down the wall. Do so. Go in the window below you and go
    forward to the edge of the bookshelf. You'll see a guard coming. He'll go in
    between the 2 other bookshelves. Once he goes between them, follow him and
    knock him out. Leave him there and come back to the edge of the bookshelf.
    Look left and you'll see a camera above the door. Shoot it out and go forward
    to use the computer. You'll receive a data stick. Go into the hallway and use
    the optic cable to look under the door. When you see the guard close to the
    door, open it and he'll come in to investigate. Move to the right behind the
    wall as soon as you open it and draw your gun. Shoot him with a headshot. You
    can't take more than 1 shot or he can't shoot at you or the other guy in the
    room ahead will sound the alarm, making a mission failure. This may take a few
    Once that guard's dead, sneak into the next room. Stay against the left wall
    head down the side of the room slowly. Sneak up behind the guard as his back's
    turned and knock him out. Hide his body in the shadows at the far end of the
    room. Go back and get the other guard's body and hide it in the same spot.
    Now go back towards the way you came. You should see a door on the right side
    of you halfway back to the end of the room. Go in it. If you like, you could go
    straight and then up the stairs and do a wall jump to grab onto one of the
    metal beams. Do a series of jumps going back and forth with your NVGs on and at
    the top, there's some ammo, a medical kit, and a disposable lock pick.
    Jump back down and head towards the door. Just before you get back to it, turn
    right onto the stairs heading down. They're easy to miss, especially if you
    don't have on your NVGs. I suggest shooting out all of the lights until later
    stated differently. Now there's a series of stairs with cameras on every other
    flight of stairs. You'll have to shoot out all of the cameras. I don't think
    that it's possible to go down the stairs without shooting a camera, but you
    can try if you like (remember, 1 alarm and you'll have to start over), but I
    think it's better to be safe than sorry. Once you reach the bottom, go through
    the door.
    Now, you'll have to shoot out the camera ahead. You're in the car park with
    Grinko's driver. When you get around the corner, go behind the blue car and
    shoot out the camera on the wall to the right. Sneak to the left of the car
    along the left wall. Grinko's driver should be relieving himself. Sneak up on
    him and grab him. Interrogate him and knock him out in the corner.
    Talk to Lambert and head back to the room with the 2 guards in it. Go left and
    you'll see a door that was previously 'jammed'. Go inside and shoot the camera
    above you. Use the 2 computers in here and go in the vent.
    Turn on your NVGs and keep going to the end. At 1 point, you'll see a cutscene,
    but it's nothing major. At the end of the vent, jump down into the freezer.
    Walk towards the door and turn out the lights. A guard will come in the room
    with the chef and talk to him. Once he leaves, sneak in and grab the chef and
    take him back to the freezer where you'll knock him out. Go to the other door
    in the kitchen.
    On the left, you'll see a guard looking at some tv monitors. Sneak up and grab
    him. Knock him out and take him back to the freezer. Now go back to where the
    guard was. Go down the stairs near there quietly. You'll hear 2 soldiers
    talking. Go down and go near the left set of stairs in the next room. Go down
    just a little ways and shoot the guard near the computer with a head shot. This
    is very important as not to alert the other guard. Now, while the other guard's
    back is turned, jump down to the lower level. You could probably sneak up on
    this guard, but I find it easier just to nail him with a head shot. Hide the
    bodies under the stairs and go over to the computer.
    Use the computer and an officer will come, so go back and hide under the left
    stairs. When the officer sits down, sneak up on him and grab him, but don't,
    I repeat, don't knock him out. Take him over to the retinal scanner force him
    to use it. It's in the glass room behind the desk. Now you can knock him out
    and take his satchel. Go in the door.
    Once into the room, shoot out the camera above the other door. Now go through
    the door into the courtyard. Hide in the bushes and whip out your laser
    microphone. Point it at the glass t and listen in to the conversation.
    Make sure that you follow the elevator all the way to the top.
    Alarms are no longer mission critical, meaning you can set off alarms!!
    After you get control again, 2 guards will come into the courtyard (I don't
    know why unless they know you turned off the laser grid). This part can be a
    bit tricky unless you want to get into a gunfight. Stand up from behind a bush
    and let one of the guards see you. He'll come to investigate so move. When he
    comes behind the bushes, grab him and knock him out. Now, you can just sneak up
    behind the other guard here and knock him out. Stick him behind the bushes.
    Next, go find the lattice on the wall where the elevator is, but it's on the
    right half of the wall. Climb up the lattice.
    Once you're in the hallway, go into the shadows at the end of the hall to the
    left. Two guys will get off the elevator and will come down towards you, but if
    you stay put, you'll be fine. Soon, one guard will go down to the other side of
    the hall. Quickly kill the one remaining with a headshot and sneak to the other
    end of the hall. Grab the guard and toss him into the shadows. Go back and hide
    the first guard in the shadows now. Next, go into the elevator and head up.
    Reader Submission: Austin
    Instead of going to the right and hiding in the shadows, you go to the left and
    shimmy the window sill, after you hang on to the window sill shimmy to the left
    was far as you can go, then when both the guards are stopped at the right side
    use the elevator. This is much easier because it conserves ammo, health, and
    Once at the top, go out and hide behind the soda machine. Peek out and shoot
    the camera, but be quick, since a guard comes near. Quickly run to the other
    side of the soda machine and put your back to the wall beside the windows near
    the hall. This hall is where the guard will be. When he turns around, shoot him
    in the head if you're quick enough. If you can't kill him in 1 shot, don't do
    it because you'll alert more guards. Don't worry about it if you decide not to
    go for it.
    Go back to the other side of the elevator now. Pick the lock to the door and go
    inside. Turn off the lights and use the computer. Next stand on the desk and
    head inside the vent. Use your NVGs and when you come out the other side be
    quick since there's a camera that can spot you. Hide behind the filing cabinet
    and plant. Shoot out the camera and go into the door on the other side of the
    In here, get the ammo and the medical kit. Turn off the lights and go up the
    ladder and open up the hatch. You'll now be on the roof of the building. Go up
    to the higher part and climb on top. Look for one of those small chimneys and
    rappel down the side of the building. Once you get to the glass, jump on it
    using triangle to bust through. Quickly shoot the guard and use the computer.
    Now all the guards will be in a frenzy. Run back to the edge of the window and
    fall down so that he catches himself on the ledge. Wait for the guard to come
    in and then leave again. Once he's gone, Lambert will tell you to use the
    computer once again. Do so and then go for extraction. Go out the door and into
    the hallway.
    Go left at the intersection and use the door on the left side of the hallway.
    You'll be at a staircase now. Go down and grab the medical kit. Go out the door
    and try to shoot the guard out here. Now fall off the edge of the elevator
    shaft just barely so Sam'll grab the ledge. Now, just fall and he'll grab the
    next bar. Keep doing this until you're at the bottom.
    You'll now be in the car park. Run over to Wilkes and talk to him.
    Oil Refinery
    OCTOBER 27, 2004, 09:38 HOURS
    Retrieve Geortian communication data.
    NATO and U.S. intervention has pushed most of the Georgian commandos from
    Azerbaijan, with only a few well-hidden cells remaining. One of those cells,
    entrenched in an oil rig on the Caspian Sea, is exhanging data with the
    Presidential Palace in Georgia via a secure network.
    -Infiltrate the Oil Refinery by the main pipeline.
    -Trail the technition.
    After Lambert finishes talking, go up the ladder ahead. Once at the top, walk
    along the three pipes until you get to the big orange pipe. Walk along that
    until you get to the barbed wire. Jump up and grab the small pipe and pull your
    feet up to go over the wires. Once you're over that, you'll come to a large
    box blocking the way and won't be able to go over it. Go near the right edge of
    the platform and fall off just barely so Sam will grab on to the ledge. Shimmy
    past the box to the other side and pull yourself up onto the pipe again. Crouch
    down and go under the box ahead.
    Now go on the platform that extends off the pipe to the right. Jump up and grab
    the zip line. On your way down, an explosion will take place. Once you land,
    go to the other side of the pipe by crouching. There will be a vertical pipe
    that you can climb up. Get on it and make your way back onto the orange pipe
    once again. Now you'll see a hole in the pipe. Get into it and turn on your
    NVGs. Go down the tunnel and eventually you'll get to a save point.
    From here, climb up the ladder and open the hatch. Go up the ladder on the
    pillar to the right. Jump off the ladder and grab onto the rail on the catwalk.
    Pull yourself onto it and move to the far left corner. From here, you can get
    an alright shot on the guy on the far catwalk. Shoot him. Go back down the
    ladder and go to the far right side of the lower level. Jump onto the ledge
    and you should see a pipe running accross diagonally over the water and under
    another catwalk. Jump to that and shimmy to the other side of the catwalk. Pull
    yourself up onto the pipe and jump to the catwalk. From here, just follow it
    until you go up a second set of stairs.
    When you take control of Sam again, you will see an explosion and some men will
    be right in front of a fire. These are the men that you'll need to follow. Run
    toward the fire and duck into one of the inlets on the side and shoot the guard
    that's stooping there. Next run to the left and then to the right and go around
    the corner. You should see the men turning the next corner. Go to it and peek
    around. You should see 3 men and one will stay and guard the door. Once the
    other 2 go inside, shoot the third and quickly move his body to other side of
    the door and put your back against the wall, since the men will come back near
    here. You can also pick up the satchel that the guard dropped to get a data
    Now, one of the mission objectives changes to getting the briefcase that the
    technition is carrying.
    Now, go into the place where the other 2 men went. On the desk to the left is
    a medical kit. Go to the back and there's another medical kit. Go back out the
    door and continue left.
    You should see 2 fires and a big red box in the middle of the area. Climb onto
    the box and jump to the pipe above. Pick up your feet and go through the window
    where you should see a guard shooting all of the computers. Put your feet back
    down, and, while still hanging from the pipe, draw your gun and shoot the guard
    in the head. Drop down, get the medical kit and ammo and go through the next
    door and up the stairs, but don't go too far. A guard will walk past. Shoot
    him. Now quickly look left and up on the ledge. Another guard is there shooting
    at you. Kill him.
    Now run straight from the stairs and you should see a spot of oil on the floor.
    This means that you're going the right way. Follow this path and go down the
    stairs at the end. Open the gate and shoot the guard. Run into the room on the
    left and go to the back of the room. When you open the door, a timer will start
    counting down from 1:15. If the timer hits 0:00, you'll die in an explosion. Go
    through the door and follow the path to the left and you'll see the technition.
    Run behind him and interrogate him. You don't have to hear what he has to say
    if you're running low on time, so after you're done, knock him out, take his
    satchel and briefcase.
    CIA HQ
    Track down the mole in the CIA.
    Hours after the attack on the oil rig, Georgian President Nikoladze launched 
    a devastating wave of remote, technology-based terrorist attacks as retaliation
    against the U.S. The only lead to Nikoladze's whereabouts is a mole thought to 
    be operating out of the Central Intelligence Agency.
    - Retrieve the SC-20K from the storage room behind the battery generator room.
    - Access the CIA central server to identify and locate the information leak.
    - Any agency fatalities will result in Mission Failure.
    This is the first level where you'll get the SC-20K. Start the level off by
    going straight down the hall and turning left. Don't go past the office door on
    the right yet though. Soon, an agent will come out and go into the room across
    the hall. Once he opens the door, come up behind him and grab him. Take him
    into the room and knock him out and turn the lights off. Use the optic cable to
    look out into the hallway. You'll soon see a guard go past from left to right.
    He'll stop at the end to the right, turn back around, and then go back where he
    came from.
    Once you see him do that, run across the hall to the office. Go in and turn out
    the lights. Use the computer for a keypad code. Leave and head right in the
    hall. Once at the intersection, go left. Go around until you get into the
    security room. There's a guard in here talking to someone outside through a
    window. Once he stops talking, grab him and take him to the back corner where
    the door that needs picking is located. Knock him out and pick the lock to the
    door. Go in and you'll find 2 sticky shockers and a medical kit. Hide the body
    in here too. On your way out, use the computer for another key code.
    Leave the same way you came in. When you get back to the intersection, keep on
    going straight. Go down until you find an office on the left. It's overlooking
    the main server for the building. There's a guy in here. When he's looking out
    the window, sneak in and knock him out. Hide the body in the darkest corner.
    Now leave and head back to the right. Enter the room that you have to use the
    keypad for entry. Sneak in and hide to the left between the filing cabinets (or
    whatever these are) and the wall. When you see the guy come in the room, sneak
    to the right, but stay behind the tall cabinet. When he turns around, let him
    have it. Take the body back between the short cabinets and the wall. Go into
    the next room and use the computer. You'll get another key code (there's a lot
    of 'em in this level). Enter the code into the pad to the right and enter the
    next area.
    Be very quiet in this room, it's tough. Stay low and go down the stairs and
    hide behind the small cabinets. There's 2 guards here. One will always stay on
    the other side of the room and one will come back and forth between the two.
    When one of them comes near you, grab him and pull him back near the stairs and
    let him have it. Now sneak between the cabinets in the middle. Go near the
    corner and when the other guard comes near, jump out and punch him (it's easier
    than grabbing him because if you do it quickly, it only takes 1 shot to knock
    him out). Take the bodies back up the stairs where it's dark and hide them. Now
    go into the next hallway and finally through the door.
    When you come in, you'll hear the buzz of a camera. Go up the stairs ahead and
    hide behind the metal carts. Peek around the corner and you should see the
    camera. While you're looking at it, face right and walk to that cart and you
    can pick up the SC-20K. Shoot out the camera and grab the sticky camera, ring
    airfoil round, and sticky shocker. Run up to the door and punch in the code on
    the keypad. Open the door.
    Get control of Sam again and head forward. You'll hear a man talking on a cell
    phone around the corner. Come from behind, take him back some into the dark,
    and knock him out. Now keep going straight and go to the left at the
    intersection. Go around the corners until you hear Lambert say that you're
    within sight of the server.
    Go forward and in the room to the right, there's a guard and a maintainance guy
    which has no weapon. Sneak in and get the patroling guard and take him into one
    of the cubicles and dispose of him (knock him out...don't shoot him). Now get
    the maintainance guy. He should be fairly easy since he'll most likely just run
    around and duck in a corner if you alert him, but sometimes he'll set off the
    alarm. Hide the body in one of the dark cubicles. Use the 2 computers in the
    room for data sticks. Head across the hall into the room with the blue lasers
    and automatic glass sliding doors.
    Go to the left door and enter the code into the keypad. Go inside and you will
    be on a catwalk above the server. Shoot out the camera on the wall ahead and
    sprint to the left. Jump down off the catwalk and use the red computer. Now
    hide on the other side of the pillar (looking at the computer, go left). A
    guard will come through the door and proceed to walk around the room. Stay on
    the opposite side of the server as the guard and he'll eventually go back in
    the door. When he does, go and jump on top of the lockers below and to the left
    of the window. Do a wall jump to get over to the catwalk again and Sam'll grab
    on. Shimmy to the left and pull yourself up where the gap in the railing is.
    Exit the room the same way you came in.
    Reader Submission: Austin
    After you sneak in and knock the guy out leave him where he is, then go hide to
    the right side of the door. It maight take a while but the guard that is
    walking in the hallway will walk in the room and run over to the knocked out
    guard. When he stops at the guard run up to him and hit him (this will only
    take one shot to knock him out.
    Go back out the glass doors and go left. You'll come to a lounge area on the
    right, and across the hall is a bathroom. Go in quietly and there's a guard
    inside. Sneak behind him and knock him out like usual. Take the body back to
    the offices where the maintainance guy was. Now go back past the bathroom and
    go down the hall.
    Get out your gun and have a sticky shocker handy (or an airfoil if you have
    better aim and can hit someone in the head easily). Go down the hall and move
    slowly. You'll see a window on the left side of the hall with a guard in it.
    Hit him with the sticky shocker. Go through the window and take the satchel and
    sticky camera. Turn the lights out on the way out. Go down the hall and open
    the door.
    In the next room, there's 2 cameras that can't be shot out and a guard will
    come in to make things worse. Go over to the right. Stay in the shadows and
    against the wall and make your way through. When the guard comes, knock him out
    with whatever you have left and stick the body in the shadows. While avoiding
    the cameras, go into the next hallway and turn left and left again into the
    Go slowly down the stairs because there's a camera near. When you can see the
    light in the room at the bottom, shoot it out since the camera that's in there
    is bullet-proof. Turn on the trusty NVGs and put the key into the keypad and
    open the door.
    In this next room, you'll hear another guard on a phone. When he walks out of
    his office, knock him out and hide the body in his office. Turn out the lights
    and head next door. Use the computer for a data stick and get the 2 flares on
    the desk next to the computer. Go over to the gun turret and turn it off via
    the computer on the ground to the right (it's not a normal laptop). Take the
    flare on the ground and pick the lock to the door behind the turret. Go in and
    use the elevator. Go up.
    Run to the end of the hall and open the next door. Remember to be extra careful
    and quiet in this room as there's 3 guards in this room and 2 have guns. Head
    to the wall that has the chalkboard near it. Move quietly behind the chalkboard
    and behind the control panels where the guards are sitting. Move around the
    corner and go through the end of it, making sure that the third guard doesn't
    see you. Go down the hall to the right and go into the office to the right. Be
    careful though, as a guard will probably come in while you're in here. Hide and
    when he comes in, hit him with something like a sticky shocker or whatever you
    have that'll knock him out instead of killing him. Use the computer here for a
    data stick and leave. Make sure the lights are out first!
    Now go right and into the dark room. Use the 2 computers and get the sticky
    cameras. When you see somebody come out of the office on the other side of the
    computers, go into that room. It's office 508. Turn out the lights and use the
    red computer. Now leave and go to the right when you exit. Go down the hall and
    around the corner.
    Go around the corner and you'll see a guard sitting in a chair with a bullet-
    proof camera above him. Stay against the right wall and go behind the guard
    while the camera's looking the other way. Grab him and go under the camera.
    Knock him out and you'll see Dougherty using a vending machine down the hall to
    the right. This is your target, you'll have to take him in.
    Once you've taken out the guard, wait until the camera's looking the other way
    and go near Dougherty. He'll go around the corner. Now, you have 2 options, the
    stealthy way (1) or the taking hostages way (2).
      1. Follow Dougherty until you see him go into a room to the right with some
    windows lining the hall. He'll stay there for a bit and come back out. He'll go
    to the right while a guard comes and comes your way. You'll want to be behind
    the corner down the hall when he comes. Knock him out by whatever means
    possible and hide his body in one of the many offices nearby. If he sees you,
    he'll try to run back to the room he came from and set off the alarm, and the
    other guy in the room has a shotgun (and you can't shoot them because you'll
    fail the mission). Now sneak past the windows and open the door to the right
    (not the open one). Go in and get the sticky cameras and use the computer to
    get the code for the door. Open it and go through to the next door on the
      2. Knock Dougherty out ASAP, but now you'll have to carry him for a ways.
    Pick him up and carry him under the windows and past the open door and prey
    that nobody from the office sees you. Drop him and open the door to the right.
    Get the sticky cameras and use the computer for the door code. Go back out and
    open the door to the right. Pick him back up and open the door to the right.
    Either way...
    If you did it by the first method, grab Dougherty and knock him out. If not,
    that's already done. Now, there's a guard coming up. Hide in the shadows and
    when he appears, knock him out and hide the body in the shadows. Pick up
    Dougherty again and take him down where the guard came and across the catwalk
    bridge and into the door.
    Carry him down the stairs in front of you and drop him at the base of them. Go
    around the corner slowly to make sure the guard isn't near. Go behind the big
    grey thing in the middle of the room. There's 4 of them set up with a path
    going between each of them. The guard patrols in an 'L' shaped path from the
    computer to the door across the room, and then goes left about halfway up the
    path. Sneak up on him and get rid of him. Hide the body under the stairs where
    Dougherty is.
    Pick Dougherty back up and take him out of the room via the other door (not the
    one you came in from). You should be outside. Take him down the stairs to the
    left and drop him just before the cargo elevator. Crouch down and get on the
    elevator when the guard below's not near you. Go down and find him. It's best
    to use the elevator while the guard's at the cargo ramp. From there, he'll go
    in front of the parking deck. Take him out when he's there. Hide his body in
    the bushes near the building. 
    Go down into the parking deck and soon, you'll see 2 guys talking to a guard.
    Shoot out the lights and turn on your NVGs. They'll still be talking. Sneak up
    behind the guard and take him out. The other 2 people are on your side. They
    won't take you out though until you bring them Dougherty. So go back and get
    him near the cargo elevator and bring him down to the van.
    Briefing: Recover the Encryption Key.
    Russian Mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georigan activity at 
    Kalinatek. Before her detection in the network, Grimsdottir discovered that
    a technician named 'Ivan' is hiding in the building. Ivan possesses an 
    encryption key that could help Third Echelon find Nikoladze.
    - Infiltrate Kalinatek.
    - Access Kalinatek's fire emergency system to open the fire doors surrounding
    - Find Ivan before the Russian Mafiosos kill him.
    NOTE: In this level, you won't need to hide bodies, as there's no alarm limit.
    When you start this level off, go over and hide behind the white van ahead. In
    a few seconds, two guards will come into the car park. Get out your gun and use
    R3 to enter sniper mode. When you see them both into the park and the door shut
    shoot the first one in the head. If you're quick, you should be able to get the
    second one too without causing too much commotion. If not, just shoot him until
    he dies.
    Now go over and go into the door that the guards came out of. Go up the ramp,
    but once you reach the top, the lights will shut out. Turn on your thermals and
    enter the next area. Quickly go into the room to the left and take out your gun
    again and enter sniper mode. Shoot all three guards and go collect the satchel
    that one of them drops. Now, look along the right wall for a door. Go inside
    and you should be in a closet with a few boxes and a window. Climb onto the
    boxes and make a jump for it out of the window to the box that the crane is
    lifting. Jump up and grab the line going along the crane. Go hand-over-hand
    until you get to the save point.
    Once the game loads back, you'll start sliding down the cable the rest of the
    way and land on a box on the crane. Turn and look to your right. You should see
    a place with boxes in it. Make a jump for this and you probably won't make it
    all the way without running. You'll hang off the ledge, so pull yourself up.
    Along the left side is a small chimney. Use this to rappel down the side. Once
    at the bottom, crouch down below the window so as not to alert the guards. Walk
    beneath the window until you get to the part where the glass roof stops and
    changes to normal. Find the guard that's patrolling in the hallway with the
    glass roof and shoot him in the head while in sniper mode. Jump down and get
    his satchel for a keypad code.
    Go into the automatic sliding doors. Don't go through the metal detector,
    instead, go into the door on the right. You'll have to enter the code into the
    keypad. Just continue through to the next door. Be very quiet and careful in
    this room because it's very very easy to alert a guard. Go around the corner
    until you're facing a door. Get out your sticky shockers and just jump in place
    and get your shocker ready and pointed at the door. As soon as the guard comes
    in to check out the situation, shoot him with the shocker. Go to the end of the
    hall and pick the lock to the next door and open it.
    Go over to the next door now and use the lock picks again. Go over to the table
    and get the sticky shocker and the disposable lock pick. Head over to the door
    on the other side of the fish tank and open it. You should see a guy with his
    back turned along the wall in the distance. Snipe him with a head shot. Now, do
    you see that thing on the wall with a flashing red to green light? That's a
    wall mine. To learn how to deactivate it, see the weapons section. Now go
    around the corner slowly. There's another guard. Shoot him and then shoot the
    other mine (unless you want to try and deactivate it to use it, but later
    you'll get 2 more). Go inside the closet it's protecting to find a medical kit.
    Crouch down and go into the elevator.
    Another way to complete this is to shoot the first wall mine you see, killing
    the guard. However this will alert the other guard and you'll have someone
    shooting at you, never good.
    Now once you start again and after Lambert tells you that there's some
    technitions stuck in a room with wall mines, crouch down and exit the stuck
    elevator. Get out your gun and look to the right. You'll see a guard come down
    near the lounge area. Shoot him in the head. Now go around and on the left will
    be a room with some glass windows. Go past them. Soon you'll hear a guard start
    shooting. It's ok, he's not shooting at you yet. Go back to the glass windows
    and when he leaves the room, bust the glass and go inside.
    Stay here and when the guard goes back to see the guard that you shot, shoot
    him. Now go through the door and into the hallway. Once you reach a glass panel
    laying on the floor, stop and shoot the guard ahead in one shot with the scope.
    The other guard will run over to him, setting the wall mine off in the process
    and killing him. Now run to where the guards are and look to the left. You
    should see a small hall with a room to the left that's on fire. This is where
    the technitions are. They're in the back left corner when you enter the room.
    Be very careful as you approach them, as there's a wall mine on both walls near
    them. You'll have to disarm them. Once you do, talk to the guy that doesn't
    walk away and he'll tell you about a bomb. Keep talking to him and he'll give
    you the code for a door that you'll have to pass to get to the bomb. Go back to
    the hall and turn left. Go to the door.
    Leave the hall and follow the new hall. Once you see a glass panel blocking it,
    turn to the right. Use the keypad and enter the code that the technition gave
    you. Go inside and get the medical kit. Go into the next room and jump over the
    desk. Shoot the wall mine blocking the door and continue through into the hall.
    Keep going down and turn left right before the sign that reads 'Archives'. Go
    through the door and on the left you should see the room on fire just like the
    one with the technitions in it. Use a disposable lock pick to quickly enter the
    room. You'll have to climb over the filing cabinets to avoid the fire and
    defuse the bomb. Leave by going back over the filing cabinets and go out the
    other side of the hall.
    Go to the next room. Look in, but stay hidden, and shoot the guard that comes
    in. Another guard should hear him, so when he comes kill him too. Pick up the
    satchel that one of them drops for some ammo. Now go into the big room with the
    stage. Go down and to the left of the stage. Go to the stairs and you'll see a
    cutscene with guards coming after you. Run back and go to the right side of the
    stage where you can see the stairs where the guards will come up. Put your gun
    on automatic and shoot them as they appear. I prefer this place better because
    you have a little bit of shield with the low wall there and all.
    Once they're dead, go down the stairs where they came. Go around until you find
    a table with some grenades, ammo, and an airfoil round on it. Get them and look
    to the right where you should find some switches. Use them.
    Leave the same way you came in and go back through the auditorium. You should
    see another guard up there, so kill him. Get his satchel for the code to the
    next door. Go back out of this place and across the hall to the keypad-guarded
    room. Put the code in and open the door.
    Once you start up again, it's time to rescue Ivan. Go forward to the stairs and
    shoot the guard there. Go in the door and shoot the 2 guards in here also. Keep
    going ahead. You won't need to go in any of the side doors as there's only a
    disposable lock pick in the one to the right and nothing else in the other 2.
    Keep going ahead and go into the room with the sliding door and the medical
    sign on the door. Go inside and get the medical kit and talk to the technition
    laying on the bed. He'll tell you how to get to Ivan and afterward he'll die.
    Leave the room, but be careful as there's 2 guards wandering around outside.
    Turn right after leaving and go down this hall. Run down the hall until you
    come to a room with a red computer in it. Use this computer and now Lambert
    will tell you to be quick, as you have to get to Ivan before the Russian
    Mafiosos get to him. Go down the hall and up the stairs. Open the door and go
    Continue forward and shoot the guard around the corner. Go down the hall a bit
    and a cutscene will play where you see a guard entering the bathroom, finding
    Ivan. Run to the bathroom (it's the second door, not the first) and enter. Kill
    the guard and talk to Ivan. He'll give you the encryption key. Now leave and go
    right coming out of the bathroom. Go to the elevator and go up.
    In this room, there's 3 guards. Snipe them off and make sure that they're all
    dead. Climb up on top of one of the boxes and then on the one that's on top of
    that. Jump onto the roof and continue across. Jump back down onto the floor and
    get the medical kit and ammo. Hide behind a box and kill the 2 guards that come
    in. Now run through the door that they came in from.
    Run into the next room and put your back against the wall and go between the
    walls. A guard will spot you, so kill him. Next, go forward and crouch down. Go
    near the door and kill all three guards in this room. Go forward and up the
    ladder. Jump down into the room and go through the door.
    Now you'll be in a firefight. Quickly kill the guard that's throwing grenades
    at you first. He'll be in a window directly ahead and above you. Next kill the
    guard that will run up to you. Now kill the other guard that's behind the
    pillar when he leans out to shoot at you. It's actually pretty easy. 
    Now run up the stairs to the left and go over to where the guy was that was
    throwing grenades at you. You can pick up some of them. Crouch down and go into
    the vent near here.
    Crawl through the vent and shoot the guard that you can see at the end with a
    head shot. Jump down and go through the next door. Go into another door on the
    left to get some more ammo. Now wait for a guard to come. Shoot him and then
    shoot the other guard when he comes to investigate. Go out and you should see
    another guard at the end of the hall. Kill him and run past.
    Go to the first door on the left and deactivate the wall mine in the center of
    the room on the pillar. Run down the hall on the other side of the room.
    Go forward and you should see some stairs. Go up the stairs and kill the guard
    up here on the catwalk. Now 2 more guards will come up the ladder. So just be
    near it and when they get to the top shoot them. Jump down and run forward. Now
    you'll hear somebody shooting. Run forward and to the ladder in the distance.
    Climb up the ladder. Once you get completely up the first one, guards will come
    out and shoot at you. Kill them. Now go back up the second ladder and so forth
    until you get to the top of the roof. Shoot the guard that's shooting the plane
    and get onto the nearby crate. Jump to the cargo area of the plane. Pull
    yourself up and into the plane.
    Tips and Hints
    - When there's an alarm limit on a level, always hide the bodies that you knock
      out or kill.
    - You can change the SC-20K's rate of fire between semi-automatic and full
      automatic with the L3 button.
    - When you're sniping, use the L1 button to hold your breath and have perfect
      aim. This only works for a short while though.
    - When possible, use head shots to conserve ammuntion and inflict silent deaths
      to your enemies.
    - Cameras detect you quicker if you are moving faster.
    - Use the rolling maneuver to get through fire without setting Sam ablaze.
    - If you can, use a drop attack, it conserves ammunition and is silent.
    - Don't save your equipment, as you'll be re-equipped with new gadgets between
    - Knocking out somebody is always better than killing them (unless you're in an
      all-out gunfight) because if an enemy finds an unconscious friend, he'll
      revive him instead of using an alarm.
    - You can shoot out lights to make your own shadows to lurk in.
    - Not all enemy personnel can be forced to cooperate. Only colonels can use
      retinal scanners and only technitions can operate computers.
    - Enemys can see lights and cameras that have been broken and see objects that
      have been thrown through the air.
    Special Thanks
    Thank you to Ubi Soft for the awesome game.
    Thank you to GameFAQs for the site and posting this!
    Thank you to Son Kain of the GameFAQs message boards for the contribution of
    the ASCII art at the top of this FAQ.
    This document Copyright 2003, 2004 Chris Moore. All rights reserved.

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