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    Presidential Palace Walkthrough by Dale

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough/FAQ - Presidential Palace
    Version: 1.1
    Created by:  Dale Talbot
    Email:  DaTal2309@aol.com
    Table of Contents:
    i)	Legal Jargon
    ii)	Progress
    iii)	Items
    iv)	Characters
    v)	Enemies
    vi)	Walkthrough
    vii)	FAQ
    viii)	Contributions
    ix)	Credits
    i) Legal Jargon:
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    Copyright 2003 Dale Talbot
    ii) Progress
    6/16/03 - Version 1.0: Pleased to see CJayC posted my first FAQ. 
    6/17/03 - Version 1.1: Corrected a number of typos from the first version and 
    added more to FAQs section. 
    iii) Items:
    Starting items:
    60 rounds ammunition
    3 Sticky Cameras
    1 Sticky Shocker
    3 Ring Airfoil Rounds
    2 Diversion Cameras
    Lock Picks
    Silenced Pistol (40 rounds ammunition)
    Laser Microphone
    Camera Jammer
    Optic Cable
    On Site Procurement items:
    Data Stick - Code for courtyard gate (2126)
    Disposable Pick (x2)
    Medical Kit (x8)
    Data Stick - Code for corridor door (70021) 
    Frag Grenade
    iv) Characters
    Kombayn Nickoladze:
    You see this this guy a couple of times during the mission.  He is relatively 
    defenceless and the world would be better off without him.
    v) Enemies
    Note:  This section refers to enemies you actually fight.  For that reason I 
    didn't put Nickoladze in.
    Palace Guards:
    These guys are tough, they are slightly stronger than your average guard and if 
    they see you they aim for the head.  Don't expect to last too long if one of 
    these guys catches you out in the open.  They're armed with AKs and are very 
    accurate, even when you're crouching in the dark they can take off chunks of 
    your health with ease.  They are outfitted in a brown uniform with an officers 
    Guard Dogs:
    There is only one of these in this level and only a handful throughout the 
    game.  They are very fast, quite small (like puppy size) and if they reach you 
    then be ready to feel pain.  Don't let dogs see you unless you are fully 
    prepared to shoot the crap out of them the moment they do.  If they start 
    running towards you it's pretty much game over because by the time you have got 
    them in your gun sights again they will have almost killed you.  The dog's bite 
    hurts as much as an AK fired at close range.  There is only one on this level 
    and he is accompanied by a guard.  Dogs can also smell you so don't think you 
    can't be found if you're in the dark.  If the dog catches your scent he will 
    not only wander off to find you, but bring the guard with him as well.  A bit 
    of luck is necessary to beat these fiends.
    Georgian Special Forces:
    You'll know these guys when you see them because apart from anything else they 
    look precisely the part.  Kelver body armour, protective combat helmets and 
    black BDUs.  These guys look as if they kick ass and they do.  When these guys 
    shoot they shoot to kill you within a few seconds.  That means they won't miss 
    you ever, unless something is obstructing their shots.  When fighting these 
    guys stay behind cover and shoot at their head when you get the chance.  
    They're armed with what appear AK-47s.
    Hint:  Both types of guard use cover when they can and only lean out to take 
    shots at you.
    vi) Walkthrough
    Note:  At the start of this mission there is no room for error, up until you 
    get inside the actual palace you cannot set off any alarms whatsoever or else 
    the mission is over.  Once you get inside you have the privilage of being able 
    to make up to 3 mistakes before the mission is over.
    Note:  This walkthrough was written under the Hard level of difficulty, 
    although there is really very little difference between Hard and Normal modes.
    When you start you will notice three things.  The first is it is dark so you 
    don't need to worry about getting discovered.  The second is the spot light up 
    ahead which you don't want to be seen by and the third is the guard walking 
    towards you.  Lambert will contact you and inform you that you cannot set off 
    any alarms until you get into the palace.  
    You do not need to approach either the spotlight or the guard, your destination 
    is to the left.  There is a gap in the fence, which leads to the edge of the 
    cliff.  If you want to buy yourself some time then wait until the guard walking 
    towards you is out of range of the spotlight before sniping him.  That way you 
    have all the time in the world.  You should find a steam pipe jutting up out of 
    the ground on the edge of the cliff (use your night vision goggles if 
    necessary).  Move yourself around to the front of this pipe until you see the 
    option to rappel down the cliff.  Choose that option and begin your descent.
    You'll see you're approaching a sewer, rappel all the way down to it and then 
    be ready to equip your thermal goggles.  There are no guards in this sewer 
    which makes things a bit easier, but what you do have to watch out for is the 
    infra red beams.  One wrong step and the alarm goes off and the mission is 
    First set of infra red beams:
    Once inside the sewer walk slowly forward with your thermal goggles equipped 
    you will see the first set of beams forming a cross shape in the tunnel.  These 
    ones are easy to pass, it's just a matter of timing your moves.  Wait until the 
    beams have momentarily switched off then make your move.
    Second set of infra red beams:
    Walk straight ahead until you reach an intersection.  Go right but take it 
    slow, you're about to encounter your first laser beams.  You should see two 
    beams, one is slightly higher and further away.  There is enough space between 
    the two to pass the first one and not run headlong into the second.  It's 
    common sense to time your moves so as not to cross either beam.  As soon as you 
    see the first one go off run past it but try to stop short of hitting the 
    second beam.  There should be plenty of space.  Once the second one has turned 
    off continue running.  
    Third set of infra red beams:
    Continue until you reach a dead end and turn left.  The first beam you see is 
    on ground level, the easiest way to pass this is to press the triangle button 
    and move past it by hanging from above.  Make sure you pick your feet by 
    pressing the circle button.  You cannot continue past this last section by 
    hanging since there is a single high level beam that would catch you out.  Get 
    into the crouch position after you've dropped down and prepare to get past the 
    final beam.  This one not only blinks on and off slightly faster that the rest, 
    but you must stop immediately after crossing it.  This is because a wall mine 
    is in place.  There should be enough room and time for you to run past the 
    final beam and stop between it and the wall mine, right next to the barrels is 
    ideal.  Now walk slowly towards the mine and get ride beside it until you see 
    the option to disarm the mine.  You will notice that this mine has a light 
    which blinks from red to green constantly.  With the option to disarm the mine 
    still in your view press and hold the X button when you see it turn green.  
    Then you can let go and Sam will safely disarm the mine. If you try the same 
    when it's blinking red the mine will go off and Sam will either be killed or 
    severely hurt.
    You no longer need your thermal goggles for now.  Continue walking until you 
    see a ladder and a manhole in the ceiling.  Get yourself into position and jump 
    up to grab hold on the ladder.  Pull yourself up and you will pass a...
    This next part is quite difficult.  It requires good timing and patience to get 
    it right.  You will se yourself emerge in a courtyard.  Once again you need 
    your thermals here so switch them on.  To your right is a hedge.  Your thermals 
    can see through it relatively clearly and if you use your binocular scope you 
    should see a guard passing the gate into the maze walking away from you.  Stay 
    exactly where you are because he is shortly followed by his four legged 
    companion.  This is the one and only dog you face in this level, but he's still 
    a great threat.
    There is no real easy way to do this part of the level other than learning 
    exactly what to expect from the two foes you're facing.
    The dog has an acute sense of smell and if he catches your scent he will 
    investigate bringing the guard with him.  You can use this to your advantage by 
    allowing the dog to sense your smell (you will now when he does because the 
    guard will say "he's picked up a scent") and then pulling back and setting up 
    to shoot the hell out of the dog and the guard who follows.
    The guard isn't all that bright but his dog makes up for that.  He is quite a 
    good marksman and if he fires upon you, you can expect to get a little bit 
    damaged.  Your only option is to try to take him out before he causes you any 
    or too much damage. 
    My way was to simply wander a little way into the maze before hearing the guard 
    say "he's picked up a trail".  I then withdrew and set up with my SC-20K with 
    the auto-fire option switched on.  As soon as I had a clear shot at the dog who 
    had come round to investigate I did a couple of burst of fire and he was down.  
    The guard who followed took a few shots and succeeded in hurting me a little 
    before I was able to put him out of his misery.  With practice this can be done 
    flawlessly.  The guard is also carrying a data stick so be sure to pick up his 
    Your next challenge is the cameras in the hedge maze.  These are equipped with 
    bulletproof casings but that is no problem since they rely entirely on the 
    light around them to see.  From the maze entrance turn left and continue up 
    this path.  You should hear the cameras by now but none of them can see you 
    yet.  The first camera can be seen as soon as you turn right at the end of this 
    path.  It is illuminated by a light near the cameras base.  Since you can't 
    shoot the camera out you do the next best thing.  Shoot the light out.  It is 
    very dark so you don't need to worry about being spotted when you lean out to 
    take the shot.  Once it is out equip your night vision goggles if you haven't 
    done so already.  You will see that this camera was guarding the passage into 
    the middle of the maze with curves around the right and into the path of a 
    second camera.  Again this second one is relying on light to see so just hide 
    in the shadows and shoot out the light when you feel you are ready.
    You can now pass this second camera and proceed into the final area which is a 
    small courtyard with a fountain and another camera.  The camera here is 
    covering the area to the left of the main gate and is mounted right next to to 
    the left part of the gate.  This gate is what you want to go through.  Be very 
    careful here and don't come out of your shadows until you have seen exactly 
    where the camera is.  You want to go to the right and hug the edges of the 
    maze.  Wait until the camera is facing the other direction before running to 
    the right and into the corner of the maze. Aagin watch the camera from your 
    hidden position and when it's facing the other direction run to the top right 
    of the maze.  From here the camera can no longer see you.  Creep along this 
    front area and to the right gate.  This gate is keypad locked, but if you 
    picked up the satchel from the guard and dog you killed earlier you have the 
    code.  If you didn't then the code is: 2126.
    Open the gate and into the new area.  Turn left and walk down the small flight 
    of stairs.  At the bottom is a panel to the right.  Choose the option to slide 
    the panel open.
    *Save Point*
    You will find yourself in a darkened room.  Explore the area to find the 
    Disposable Pick before going up the stairs.  There is a Medical Kit on a desk 
    at the top of the stairs.  Retrieve it before heading through the door.   
    Enter this large and keep alongside the left hand wall.  The door you want is 
    on the right side but for now you cannot access it due to the infra red beams 
    surrounding it.  Proceed on the left side about halfway up the hall.  When you 
    get this far the door you want to go through opens up and gives way to 3 guards 
    that walk into the room.  Use the pillars as cover and the Silenced Pistol to 
    learn around and pick off the guards.  You should be able to get one or two 
    with head shots.  Since they have come through the beams directly in front of 
    the door have been shut off clearing the way for you.  Make sure you hide the 
    bodies of the dead guards in the shadows.  One of them carries a Medical kit so 
    take that as well.
    Go through the door and you will find yourself in a wooden staircase area.  The 
    staircase is protected by more infra red beams to have your thermals goggles at 
    the ready.  There is one beam at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top.  
    The one at the bottom is easy enough to pass.  At the bottom of the stairs 
    there is a radiator.  Jump on top of it then jumop again to grip the panel on 
    the wall.  Move to the left around towards the first beam.  You can easily 
    clear this beam using this method.
    The second beam is slightly harder, it requires a careful run and jump to get 
    over it.  Once you have done proceed through the door at the top of the stairs.
    There will be a door directly in front of you, so pick the lock and enter this 
    storage room.  Inside you can find another Disposable Pick and a Medical Kit.
    Leave this room and follow the halfway round to a door at the end.
    Open this door and you will have your first encounter with the Georgian Special 
    Forces.  Shoot the one closest to you with a well aimed shot to the head.  The 
    second is on the balcony, you should be able to take him out too using the 
    sniper mode before he can cause much, if any, damage to you.  One of them 
    carries the corridor door code.  Hide the bodies in the halway you just came 
    from by shooting out the lights.
    There is nothing in this area so go around and up the stairs.  The keypad code 
    for the door up here is gained from the soldier you just killed.  It is: 70021.  
    Go through the door.
    In this new large corridor there is plenty of light for the enemy to see you by 
    so make sure to shoot them out whenever you get the chance.  Use the pistol for 
    short range and the SC-20K's sniper function to shoot at long range.  Without 
    light you can easily pick off the Special Forces patrolling the hallways.  
    Before you proceed make sure you go down the two flights of stairs to your 
    left.  At the bottom is another Medical Kit.  At the end of the corridor is a 
    door that you cannot open just yet.  A little further back up the hallway there 
    is a small passage with a light and a bullet proof camera slowly rotating.  
    Shoot out the light and walk down this passage.  Pick the lock at the end of 
    This is the passage to the Presidential Office.  It has a number of infra red 
    beams that you must get past.  The first is relatively easy.  Just make sure 
    you in the crounching position and when you see the 3 lower middle beams go 
    off, run.  You will be low enough not to get caught by the two other beams.  
    Stop after you have crossed them and look to your right.  There is another on 
    the floor and one higher up in the same place.  This one takes a little running 
    jump to get past which shouldn't be too difficult, you just have to wit for the 
    top one to turn off before doing so.
    You are now in the President's office.  Creep around behind the bookcases.  A 
    guard will have walked in walking to the President by phone.  Once he is 
    finished creep up behind him and knock him out.  You are now free to access the 
    computer containing the Ark Interrogation data.
    New Objectives:
    Use Nickoladze's retina to unlock the safe inside the vault in the library.
    Retrieve the Ark from the safe inside the vault in the library.
    The death of Nickoladze before retrieval of the Ark will result in mission 
    The room to the right of the computer you just accessed contains a Medical Kit.  
    Get it if you want. 
    Time to do a little back tracking now.  Go back past the infra red beams in the 
    passage and into the main corridor again.  The door at the end of this corrdor 
    is now open for business.  Inside is a single guard, 2 lights and a camera.  
    All except the camera should be destroyed.  Open the door and the guard will 
    come to investigate.  Before he can fire back kill him with a few rounds of 
    your SC-20K or just a single one to the head.  Shoot out the ceiling light 
    right in front of you.  Remain hidden in the shadows and slowly move around to 
    shoot out the second light.  The camera is now blind.  Move to the end of this 
    small corridor and open the door to continue.
    *Save Point*
    You will find yourself in a small corridor, walk through it to the door at the 
    other end.  On your way you may notice a couple of dead palace guards.  You can 
    ignore them.
    Go through the door into a small passage.  This passage goes into a larger 
    corridor.  One Special Forces guard patrols this area, he can be easily taken 
    out by first destroying a few lights, he also carries a bit of ammo for you SC-
    20K.  Walk to the end of this large corridor into an area with a wire mesh box 
    in the middle.  A defenceless technician is here.  You can kill him or knock 
    him out at your leisure.  Walk from this area to a staircase.  Go down it and 
    you will enter the library.
    As soon as you walk in a group of three Special Forces commandos will scramble 
    to take you out.  If you don't stay behind cover they will take off a lot of 
    your health.  Try to take them out one by one.  The best position is the 
    bookcase to the right to when you first walk in.  From here you have a good 
    view of the two of the three guards.  One is behind the bookcase opposite where 
    you are standing.  The second in on the staircase and the third is behind the 
    wire mesh lift in the middle of the room.  To take out the last bad guy use a 
    smoke grenade to disorient him before killing him.  Two of the soldiers have 
    satchels, one has a Medical kit, the other has a Frag Grenade.
    The bookcase on the bottom floor, and the top right from where you first walked 
    in has the passage behind it.  Walk down the passage and into the vault.
    Nickoladze is down here.  He is utterly defenceless.  All you have to do if 
    grab him from behind then force him to use the retinal scanner.
    This is the cue for three Special Forces men to run in, after a brief cutscene 
    the power is cut.  Immediately equip your night vision goggles and take out the 
    guard right in from of you with a shot to the head.  The other two will hear 
    this and come running.  You will unlikely survive this without taking a bit of 
    damage, just try to limit it by hiding behind cover and using your pistol and 
    sniper scope.  Once they are down search their bodies, one carries another 
    Medical Kit.
    Now it's time to leave the vault.  
    New Objective:  Kill Kombayn Nickoladze
    Run back up the passage that you entered from and back into the library.  Don't 
    bother trying to find who is shooting at you, it will probably only serve to 
    injure you more.  Run straight to the door on your left and open it.  
    *Save point*
    This is the final part.  You objective is to kill Nickoladze.  At the start you 
    will see him being escorted on a nearby balcony.  Run to your left and you 
    should see a guard patrolling on a balcony above you.  Kill him with a quick 
    shot to the head and climb up the drainpipe to his level.  Try to be quick 
    because there is another guard patrolling in the courtyard where you are.  If 
    it will put your mind at rest, then kill him also.
    Up on the balcony run to the end and pick the lock to open the door.  From this 
    vantage point you have a great view of Nickladze, or more accurately, his head.  
    Snipe him with your SC-20K to rid the world of his ways.  
    Shortly after you do the door behind you opens.  Kill the Special Forces guy 
    who enters through it.  Now go in through the door he came from.
    This passage leads to the dining room where two guards are patrolling.  Ignore 
    them for now and set up to aim for the passage you just came from.  A guard 
    will run in from this direction shortly and you don't want to be caught off 
    guard.  Once you kill him the other guards will be alerted to your presence.  
    Taking them out with auto-fire shouldn't be a problem.  Just be careful not to 
    expose yourself too much.  One of them drops a Medical Kit so pick that up.  
    Run to the end of the dining area towards the door. 
    Congratulations you have just completed the final mission of Splinter Cell.
    vii) FAQ
    Q:  Why didn't you write a full FAQ for the game?
    A:  Because when I started this FAQ there was no complete guide for this game 
    which featured the final level.  I had to do the final level without a guide 
    and I think for people who want a detailed one this should be of some use.
    Q:  I keep running out of ammo, what am I doing wrong?
    A:  Ammunition is not plentiful in this game.  You should make the best out of 
    what you're given.  No situation calls for prolonged bursts of automatic fire, 
    so don't do it.  Use your pistol when you can to pick off guards around 
    corners.  Throughout most of the game it is always wise to knock out your foes 
    with an elbow strike rather than deplete your small number of arms and 
    Q:  The guards can see me, even in pitch black.  This is stupid.
    A:  One has to assume that their training has paid off and they have very good 
    eyesight and aim even in the dark.  As for it being stupid, well this game 
    isn't 100% realistic ya know.
    Q:  Who would win in a fight, Solid Snake or Sam Fisher?
    A:  Solid Snake is quicker, has better weapons, can take more damage and has 
    single handedly beaten multiple Metal Gears.  You figure it out.
    viii) Contributions
    If there is something I have missed out, or something you would like to add to 
    this FAQ then email it to DaTal2309@aol.com with the title "Splinter Cell FAQ".  
    Full credit will be given should I decide to include your point.  Feel free to 
    also ask questions which I shall include in the FAQ section.
    ix) Credits
    None so far. 

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