"Tom Clancy gives "Stealth" a whole new meaning on the PS2"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is an outstanding game! It gives the Stealth genre a makeover. It is arguably one of the most detailed and intricate games for this console.

Graphics - 9/10: The graphics in this game were pretty awesome. It was very detailed in most aspects but had it's own flaws. For one, the graphics can get sort of grainy a lot of times, especially in dark areas where it is crucial to see what you are doing. The game uses light and shadow effects in certain areas and the object is to stay mostly hidden in the dark most of the time through the game.

Audio - 8/10: The audio for this game was pretty basic for the most part, except some of the characters voices go from quiet to loud depending on where you are standing, but at times it seems you need to be ridiculously close to hear what someone is saying, thus getting you caught and failing missions.

Storyline - 9/10: The storyline for this game was not bad at all. You start out as a new recruit for Third Echelon, which is a spin off branch for the Black Ops section of the NSA. It starts out where two agents, working for the NSA, who end up missing during a mission, and you are sent to the field to investigate. Everything goes from there and it takes you from a Police precinct, to a Russian nuclear power plant, and even to the CIA headquarters. It sort takes a bit to get into the story, but if you give it some time, it will suck you in.

Difficulty - 7/10: The difficulty for this game varies from person to person and how patient. you are. This game can be very tedious a lot of the time and requires a fair amount of waiting. You cannot rush this game in most cases. The game is also fairly hard for most people in the beginning. Usually when you start a new game it starts out extremely simple and easy, not this game. The first actual mission can take up to an hour for a new player, the FIRST ONE. And the second, third, and fourth are no different. The missions are very long, tedious, and require quite a bit of re tries. The game also runs on a "Three alarms, missions over" base. You can't trigger more then three alarms in a single (long and painstaking) mission or it's all over and you start from a checkpoint. You have to hide bodies, avoid cameras etc in order to avoid these alarms. But overall, once you play a while, it gets easier.

Overall - 8/10: This game is the first in a great series of games and is a must have because of it's uniqueness and detail. It can be quite fun a lot of the time and is a title you can play over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/26/09

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (US, 04/08/03)

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