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Reviewed: 04/16/03 | Updated: 04/16/03

Splinter Cell is practically a work of art, but as with works of art, there are flaws......

Splinter Cell first shocked us when it was released on the X-Box in 2002, with its amazing visuals, and Stealth-Based Gameplay.....and now it comes to the PS2, and it must be said that this game is simply a work of art.

Gameplay- 8/10

Splinter Cell is a Stealth-Based game, therefore those of you looking for a shooter should try something else. Splinter Cell is unique, and unlike other Stealth-Based games, Splinter Cell is as realistic as possible, using shadows, and darkness are your main weapons, but Sam does have some nice Weapons and Gadgets up his sleeve. Your Character, Sam Fisher, can hide in the Shadows, and use various moves such as a Split-Jump to literally, 'Get the drop on the enemy'. Also, gamers might want to take note, that Splinter Cells missions are long, and hard, and often involve trial-and-error, so if you do think about buying Splinter Cell, then consider that. The Controls are well suited to the PS2 controller, and are very responsive. Also, exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version of Splinter Cell, is a mission that takes place in a Nuclear Power Plant. This mission, as said above, is exclusive to the PS2, and is a great bonus.

Graphics/Sound- 8/10

Unlike other games, Splinter Cells graphics ARE an important factor in the Gameplay as the shadows, and lights are an important part of the Gameplay, but the graphics are toned down from that of the X-Box version, and look less realistic, but compared to other games on the PS2, Splinter Cell shines. As for things that could be improved, the frame rate could have used some tuning, and the graphics could have been polished a little more.

Story- 8/10

You are Sam Fisher, an Ex-CIA agent, and an Ex-Navy SEAL. You are recruited into the NSA to serve as a 'Splinter Cell'. Splinter Cells are considered the last resort, and are used for reconnaissance, assassination, and other Black-Ops. You are sent on mission after mission to investigate, and take down the terrorist leader of the Georgian Government.

Play Time/Replayability- 7/10

As for Replayablilty, Splinter Cell completely lacks it, but a for play time, Splinter Cell's missions are long, and hard, so you will have at least 10-15 hours of Stealth-Based fun, not to mention that there is an extra Power Plant mission included in the PS2 version, which is Exclusive to the PS2 version.

Final Recommendation- BUY!

If you don't have an X-Box, by all means, get Splinter Cell for PS2. It is a great game that will provide you with many hours of tension-filled fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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