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"Greatest PS2 game to date"

Welcome to my 6th GameFaqs review! Now I have to tell you that this will NOT be a review comparing this to the X-Box version so please if you don't like my review it's because I am basically comparing it to the PS2 games and how the graphics are on PS2. NOT X-Box.

Gameplay (10) - This game is truly exciting. It's stealth oriented, you must hide in the shadows and surprise attack your enemies. You can even use tham as human shields. Plus you can grab people and force them to tell you certain things as well as shove them into retinal scanners so it will scan their eyes and open doors. You can climb poles ladders and you can even rappel off of walls and then bust through windows! The gameplay here is all good!

Levels (10) - There is about 11 levels I believe including the PS2 exclusive ''Power Plant Level'' in which no other system including the PC has it. The levels are all diversified and they just over all look stunning.

Difficulty (10) - The game is extremely challenging, especially the levels in which you CAN NOT use lethal force, but the game is extremely fun and you will get stuck, but you can make it!

Length (9) - I am very disappointed at the length of the game, it only took me 4 days to complete this game, but the game is still very fun. Lets hope if their is a Splinter Cell 2 that they make the game atleast 15 levels or more!

Story (10) - Sam Fisher is a Splinter Cell, he is part of an NSA group called the Third Echelon in which they use the ''Fifth Freedom'' allowing them to if absolutely neccessary they may use lethal force and bypass all laws and such. An evil man named Nickoladz, a Georgian man (the country not the state) is looking to wage war upon the United States by doing many different things you wil lsee in the game. Even allying himslef with other people. You must stop a possible World War III. Great Story!

Audio/Video (10) - It's all good here. The graphics are extremely surperior for a PS2 game, they are the best I have personally seen, ever. They are crisp with lighting and shadows and the mouths move just when they need too. The sound effects are crucial in a game like this for you need to listen for foot steps or cameras, the sound effects are great in this game!

Replayability (8) - No unlockables, nothing to go back and do. But since the game is so addictive you will want to master the game and move onto the Hard Difficulty.
To buy or to rent? - Is it worth shelling out $50, $5, or is it not worth the disc its been burned on?

Final Comments - This game is truly great, you can do all sorts of different moves and their is many ways to be able to beat each mission, Stealth? Lethal Force? And many others. It's all up to you. So go out and get this game!

You are Sam Fisher...
You are a Splinter Cell...

*Why did this game deserve a 10?*
I added up all of the scores and then divided by 7 and got 9.5, round it up and you get a beautiful 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/16/03, Updated 04/16/03

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