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"There is a new spy in town........"

Splinter Cell is a unique game in every way. As soon as you see it, you will probably be very impressed by the visuals and effects. Here is my take on how ''redefined'' stealth action has become by this game.
NOTE: All of this is my opinion!

Story: 9/10
Splinter Cell's story is very realistic in every way. Basically, you are a spy searching for two spies who were captured while checking a group of people in Asia were not violating UN regulations. This story could actually happen, which adds more to the game to make it better. I would have given the story a 10, but unfortunately, the story is not dramatic enough. Occasionally, Splinter Cell will show a movie called the First News Wire, which is cool, but jumps around too much and is hard to understand. Also, it is rare that you will ever remember certain character's names.

Graphics: 9/10
This game has some of the most stunning visuals on the Playstation 2. All the effects are cool, from the heat and night vision to the water effects. Unfortunately, some ideas were realized later, like the fire and smoke. Both are very weak and do not look very realistic. Thank goodness they don't use either one too much in the game.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is definitely the best part about the game. The use of gadgets is perfect. They are easy to use and very cool. There is usually more then one way to do a part in the game, which is so awesome. Instead of walking past a room full of guards, you could go through a vent. The only problems I had with the gameplay were that it was very difficult, sometimes the checkpoints were spread out too far away, the AI was bad, and your pistol doesn't feel like a pistol because it is too weak. I feel it is more of a tranquilizer gun.

Sound and Music: 8/10
The sound in the game is only ok, because I noticed too many re-used sounds, like the enemy weapons which make one sound for each gun. On the better half though, the music is very good and appropriate. Although some of it comes up to be annoying after a while, it is still very good. The best music that fits the game the most is at the last regular level at the last scene. That is perfect for the part of the game.

Rent or Buy? Buy!
Splinter Cell is good enough to be next to Metal Gear Solid 2. Therefore, if you love spy games, buy this. If you don't and didn't like MGS2, rent it.

This over other system's versions?
If you have an Xbox and a Playstation 2, this is more of your decision. I would buy it for the PS2 because of the extra exclusive levels, costumes, and features. If you want more levels over time and only slightly better graphics (in my opinion), go for Xbox.

I hope this review has helped you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/03, Updated 04/18/03

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