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Reviewed: 04/19/03 | Updated: 04/19/03

One of the best titles on PS2

Well, it's here. No longer to PS2 owners have to hear how the Xbox rulez and the PS2 can't handle Splinter Cell becuz it's weak!!! The game of the year for the Xbox has arrived, and it was well worth the wait.

Presentation- 9/10
The menu system is a super cool PDA, and is one of the most original and coolest looking menu's I've seen in quite a while. The overall look of the game is meant to be really, well, real, and it is.

Graphics- 10/10
Unless you've been living in a hole for the past 6 months, you've probably heard a least some things about SC's graphics. It was widely believed it just couldn't be done on the weak PS2, but here it is. And while there is some downgrades in textures, it's definitely not bad.

Sound- 8/10
The voice acting in this game is simply amazing. The characters never seem hokey or dumb, and even . But the music isn't exactly amazing. It's not bad by any means at all, it just doesn't seem to live up to the game's obviously high production values.

Gameplay- 8/10
As Sam, you have access to tons of high tech gadgets and moves that could possibly make Mr. Bond himself green with envy. Rappelling, wall jumps, split jumps, it's all here. You have the ability to pick locks(which you do in a very cool and unique mini-game) and use an optical cable to look under doors. And of course the standard night-vision goggles are in attendance. The controls are spot on once you get used to them as well, making even the most complicated moves a breeze to pull off. And then there's the levels. Most are extremely linear, but still fun. Sadly, some of the levels have been shortened a little in the transition to the PS2. There's even a brand new level for the PS2 version! Another, not at all fatal flaw, is the fact that you find your self wandering without a clue where to go sometimes.

Story- 8/10
While the story isn't wildly original, it's told amazingly well with some awesome FMV's and cutscenes.(And great voice acting!)

Replay- 7/10
Like said earlier, the levels tend to be pretty linear, and there's no new modes, but the levels are fun enough to play over and over again.

Overall- 9/10
An amazing game that everyone should at the very least rent.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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