"A terrible overrated game!"

Splinter cell is one of those games. Most people say it is good just because it is similar to metal gear solid but in this review I will give you the truth and a real opinion.
Splinter cell has god awful controls and when you aim a gun it is so slow to point to a different target. It is frustrating because of the controls and you often end up dead. Graphics are very bad yet shadowing is very good. Enemy intelligence is repetitive and onvious and the game is extremely linear.

Now i will rate the game in each area and explain why. You amy think I am an idiot but this is all true and this game is god awful.

Graphics = 2/10

The shadow effects are good without question but everything seems to be so ugly and plain. The frame rate is bad and the character and others all move like PSone classics not PS2 heros.It takes so long to aim your gun and the speed is appaling.

Gameplay = 2/10

Sneaking in shadows is the only fun yo get otherwise it is very linear and repetitive. You easily get killed and save points are badly spread out. God, even the aiming and shooting system is awful and their is a lack of weapons. There are good gadgets but not enough to knock James Bond off the next Bond Girl.

Sound = 1/10

Very dull sound and the music is pretty bad. Not much to say here part from same old voices and in game sound is very basic. No sound of bullets dropping on floor and civilians screaming but silence and bleeps. Put Britney Spears on, even the sound from her is better than this.

Lastability = 1/10

You will turn this off as soon as you have done the first level and you will not want to play it further. How people say this is a classic i do not know.

Value for price = 1/10

If i was you spend 40 pounds or dollars or whatever on metal gear solid 2 or silent hill 2. do not bother with this because you will be guilty for wasting your hard saved cash on rubbish which appears rush.

Overall = 1/10

A total waste of an opportunity and I suggest Tom Clancy should change the way his games are developed. This game needed another century in development and every part of the game is let down badly. Do not bother even renting it because that is also a waste of money. Buy another game that deserves being enriched with your time and cash.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/19/03, Updated 04/19/03

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