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Reviewed: 04/21/03 | Updated: 04/21/03

Well if Lara Croft were a man you'd have Sam Fisher.

Well the principle of this game is good: You are a goverment spy who uses stealth and a range of cool gadgets to uncover secret information. But the principle of the game doesn't always mean it will be great as i found with this game. The only thing stopping me from giving it a seven are the really cool goggles that Sam Fisher, the main character, wears. Well here's my review, and remember it's MY opinion so if stealth games are your thing then don't let me put you off buying this game.

Grahpics: 8/10:
For a game that has caused so much tension the FMV graphics aren't that great and there a plenty of faults in the game for example: When you pick up a body and place it by an open door the door will still close resulting in one half of the body one side and the other the other side. Or at one point in the game Sam decided to get stuck by some pipes resulting in having to resart the game. But overall the graphics are 'nice'.

Sound: 7/10:
I have mainly given sound a 7 becasue, yet again, of the FMV cut scenes. The voices don't match the lip movement at all! And i personally think that that is the worst thing ever becasue it makes the game seem unreal. Also when on a mission and someone has some important information for you they will contact you via some ear peice gadget. But the voices are muffled and quiet, i had to put my TV on full volume just to here one bit! Although not all aspects of sound are bad for insants when Sam draws his gun or smashes a light it sounds real!

Gameplay: 9/10:
Well as for replayability the game scores 0; you'd have to be very very board to replay this game! But as for game length i give this a 9! Because each mission lasts about three hours! There are plently of aspects i don't like about this game. But the one i hate most is, you have to die so many times just to get a bit further to the end of the mission!

Well that just about ends my review! My overall mark was 8/10 because it had good bits and bad bits. I wouldn't go straight out and but this game first i would rent or borrow it. I just have one last thing to say: I would like to label this game with the word 'nice'.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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