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"Duuude you don't need a Dell!! It's on PS2!!!"

Splinter Cell came out on Xbox, making them very happy, because now Xboxer's had two good games. They swore it was better than Metal Gear Solid 2(which is still debatable), they said Playstation 2 could not handle the graphics, and they said it was ''ONLY ON XBOX'', or so thier box art says. Well, now it is on PS2 and the Xboxer's are mad. Some people even speculate that the PS2 version is better.

But is it better? Let's find out...

Gameplay : 9/10
In Splinter Cell, there are 10 levels. The levels are very finely detailed, but only need one course of completion, making the game very linear.The PS2 version has an extra level, the Power Plant. Ten levels does not seem like alot, but the hours will go up as you near the end of the game, because some of them take over 2 hours to complete!

Splinter Cell's controls are magnificent! Dual analog movement makes moving very accurate and precise. There are many awesome actions to do, such as rolling, rappeling on ropes, split jumping, grabbing ledges, grabbing guards, and so much more. Firing with R1, and using secondary weapons with L1 makes the game alot more manuverable, too.

Sam Fisher has lots of equipment. He has the SC-20K, which has very many uses such as firing bullets, shooting diversion camera's, sniping, firing smoke grenades, and more. In the PS2 version, he has a pair of binoculars, which actually does help. He also has the 5.7mm pistol. I primarily use this to take out lights, and it is a side-weapon for when you run out of ammo for the SC-20K. Sam also has three different suits. He has the black suit he uses to sneak in, he has the black suit with the mask to hide his identidy, and he has a white snowsuit in the Power Plant level.

Graphics : 10/10
I'm not going to lie like all of the PS2 fanboys: the graphics are better on the Xbox. But thats Xbox, and not PS2. Splinter Cell is a landmark title for the Playstation 2, because it uses special effects never even seen before(on ps2). The lighting effects are dazzling, as shadows move as you pass in front of them, shooting out a light can hide your body from being seen, and hiding a dead guard in the open light will get an alarm to go off. Sam looks great, you can see that his hair is greying, and the animation is smooth. The levels are detailed greatly, and the overall feel of this game put together is ''realism''.

Sound : 9/10
Splinter Cell has awesome sound effects. The lights shatter, the men scream in fear as you though a grenade into a room, and Sam has a new voice actor(who in my opinion is better, he is always the mean dude in every movie sorry I can't think of his name!)! The voice acting is great with the other character's too. It's also funny to listen to guards chatting sometimes.

Walking too fast will cause guards to hear you. Instead of running about everywhere, crouch down and creep along the floor to be undetected. Sometimes stepping on a hard surface too hard will get you detected as well. The guns are very silenced and can't be heard very well by other guards.

The music is why this game didn't get a 10/10. The music in general is great, very silent and creepy, and when you are discovered the game bumps it up a notch and adds a new song. I just can't stand the music it plays when you are discovered. I HATE IT!!!!

Well, that's pretty much all you would need to know about the PS2 version of Splinter Cell. If you have an Xbox AND a PS2, I would buy the PS2 version because of it's many extras.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/03, Updated 04/25/03

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