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"Without a Doubt One Of The Greatest Stealth Games Off All Time!!!"

Splinter Cell is probably the greatest action stealth game ever made for the Playstation 2 or for any system. When I played the demo I was amazed at how realistic this game was and how well the shadows were done in the corners and under stairwells. When you play this game you will feel like you’re actually in the game your self that’s how realistic this game is.

Graphics 9.0

The Graphics are incredible; everything looks so realistic in this game. The shadows in corners are perfect so you can see how none of the guards or cameras will be able to see you. Through out the whole game you will have to use the shadows to your advantage and luckily the graphics are so well done you can identify a shadow from a dark wall. The character models are excellent as well; the characters are so realistic they almost look like real people. The movement of the arms and legs is almost perfect to how a real person would move. But sadly when they took this game from the X-Box and put it on the PS2 they had to turn down the Graphics just a bit so that proves the graphics aren’t as good as they could be…

Sound FX 9.0

The sounds are very accurate in Splinter Cell, when you knock someone out they land on the ground with a big bang. When you shock someone it actually sounds like they have electricity running through them. Also when someone falls in a pool of water it makes a very realistic splash sound. They could have worked on the voices because it seems that there’s only one or two voices for each type of person, for example every Russian soldier uses either voice one or voice two and every Chinese soldier uses voice one or voice two. Also the noise when you knock some one out is the same for all the soldiers, and when you knock out a civilian it’s always the same noise as the last civilian made or maybe slightly different. But those are only small details overall the sound is wonderful.

Story 10

You are Sam Fisher, part of the NSA’s espionage team “Third Echelon”. You and your team travel around the world to try and stop World War 3 from being started by an evil man who hates the Americans and will try anything to destroy them. You must uncover information and details on what exactly this Evil man is going to do and how he will do it.

The story to this game is very well done, the plot of the story is very realistic and seems like it could actually happen. That’s all I can say, this is a great story for a game.

Play Time 8.0

The playtime for this game is pretty good. The first 50% of this game seems to take a few days to complete since your just getting used to the controls and just finding out new things. But the last 50% of the game seems to go by mush faster. You know what to do now and you probably have your own techniques for eliminating your enemy. Ultimately I think this game could have been a little longer, the first half was perfect but the second half goes by to fast.

Replay Value 6.0

Splinter Cell has horrible replay value. There are no new characters to unlock or new weapons to unlock so there is no major reason to replay this game. After you beat the game you can choose from what mission you want to do, but doing the same thing again and again with no reward can get a bit old.


I think that if you have access to the demo play that first and see if you like it. If you liked playing the demo then you will really like the full version of the game. I say that this game is a great buy and not a rental.

I hope that this Review helped you make your decision about buying this game easier.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/26/03, Updated 04/26/03

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