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Reviewed: 05/04/03 | Updated: 05/04/03

Something For Those Who Can't Fall Asleep

Splinter Cell is not as fun as trying to sneak behind some girl and tickling her before she sees you. That is definitely the only way to compare the entertainment value of this game. It’s no where nearly as cinematic or as fun to Metal Gear Solid 2. Is this something Xbox owners were proud of? I heard somewhere Halo and Splinter Cell were the top games of Xbox. I personally never played Halo, but feels that Splinter Cell doesn’t really give that awe to the word awesome. All that remains is the fraction of that word, “some” being some ordinary lame game. Alright, here’s the breakdown on the game.

Story: 3
The author’s name is part of the game, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the book and read it for your self. Here’s a controversial topic on video games, storyline or gameplay or graphics, which one is more important? If it were an epic RPG I would have to say storyline, but here’s just an action-based game with very little action going on. Well, we’ll leave that topic for future debates. But the story is not what you will enjoy out of this game. I’m a spy, “Sam Fisher” on a mission to save blah and blah, I must infiltrate this blah blah... “Big Freaking Whoopie Doo”

Graphics: 8
This is perhaps the only thing that this game illuminates out of its entire composition. Sure you’ll be stunned by the graphics… Sure it’s one of the best you ever saw… Sure it’s not as good as the Xbox version, but it comes close. It’s most comparable to that analogy about blondes being bimbos. Well, here’s one shining blonde beauty for you. The model design is pretty slick, but I don’t understand why there’s a shiny glowing light thing on your back. I mean, wouldn’t the enemies be able to spot you because of that glowing light? This being a spy game and all, wouldn’t that make the game unrealistic?

Music/Sound: 7
Tension music… and lots of it being repeated over and over. Tension music is what I describe as the music they use to scare you like in horror flicks or they use when you’re disarming a bomb. The sounds are pretty good but …er you can’t go wrong with sounds. If you did, why even bother making a game in this present day of video gaming. Correction… they do and still would make a game with bad music and sounds.

Controls: 6
When I play a spy game I expected precision or at least some something that is accurate to use while I’m shooting. The aim is awfully slow; you can’t shoot when you need to at the time you want because of this. Sneaking is easy to master, yet with the analog stick you will have to move really slow and steady to get it correctly. This learning curve is just a matter of time. Reality plays a major factor while you are sneaking around but it has it’s flaws. Sneaking isn’t always silent; sneak too fast and they will hear you, so doesn’t matter if you are walking slow or not, you have to do it extremely slow. Yeah it has to be even slower than the old lady crossing a street. I would have to say as fast as between a turtle crawling and an old lady, just in order for you not to be heard moving about.
There are other problems with this game, such as the jumping mechanics. You’re allowed to do double jumps (jump once on a wall then jump from wall to reach further). This is other example of where the game fails to make sense in its controls. At times it feels like a platform game where things such as double jumps are mostly applied and the most appealing move of the game, the split-legged wall climb is a useless move in general. I find myself hanging onto pipes and railings, even if it wasn’t required to use in order to advance further on.

Gameplay: 5
Back to that topic on whether gameplay or storyline or graphics is more important. Well in action games it’s gameplay… duh!!! don’t be silly… All true hardcore gamers know that. Unless you’re some one who’s new to video games, similar to some of my female friends who are interested in playing games since seeing the movie like qualities of Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2. If you fall into that category, which contains all 3 of the requirements that makes or breaks the game, this Splinter Cell does not even fall in the category of FFX or MGS2 because these two were fun and enjoyable to the many. On the other hand, Splinter Cell can only be enjoyed by the few because it is on the category of graphics alone.
You would have to love sneaking around, and lots of it. From mission to mission… all that is required from you is to sneak around and gather information. It might even be possible to finish an entire stage without using a single bullet. James Cameron’s Dark Angel, the video game was even more entertaining than this. Yeah that’s right!!! and it’s only 10 bucks compared to this 50 bucks game.

Overall Score: 5
I wished I could have given it a lower score, but I have to say that I’d spent 50 bucks on this game so this is just a justification of what I did with my money. That’s 10 bucks for each point that’s up there. Maybe this is just a lesson that I needed to be taught. Having spare money doesn’t mean you should go out and buy games with that money when you could’ve spent pleasing that lady whom you could’ve tickled instead of wasting time sneaking around in this game.

Buy or Rent?
Well, rent it definitely… but you wont be able to finish it in a rental, unless you have no life, which we as gamers are classified as. Don’t worry fellow gamers I believe it’s not true; gamers have lives as much as the next person in some sort of activity. It’s like saying; you basketball players have no lives because you spent your entire time playing basketball all day. But I recommend you to not even spend all your time during rental period toward playing this game. My 5 points for the overall score justifies your reason for rental.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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