Review by Liquidus Yugi

""Splintering" the Metal Gear Fanbase"

Splinter Cell is the game that will split the Metal Gear fanbase wide open. Up until now, Metal Gear Solid has owned the Tactical Espionage Action genre, and all others have failed. This game blows the T. E. A. genre out of the water, and here is why:

Graphics: 09/10
While the game doesn't use the shadowing graphics as the Xbox does, the graphics definitely push the PS2 to the limit. The voice acting is great, but sometimes the lips don't go with the words. As for graphics during gameplay, it is awesome!

Storyline: 07/10
Okay, so the storyline isn't that great. There are no cutscenes during the levels (like in MGS), but that isn't why the story isn't good. Even during the cutscene, the story basically deals with stopping global warfare and retrieving inside intel about the enemy's operation without government approval. You know, the typical T.E.A. story!

Controls: 09/10
The controls flow beautifully with the game. With all of the buttons, Ubi Soft has designed the controls to be easy to use, though it may take about 30 minutes to get the hang of it.

Sound: 10/10
This great game is accompanied by background music that really sets the atmosphere. In most T.E.A. games, the music doesn't match the mood, or there is no music at all. In Splinter Cell, the music keeps you on your toes, and keeps you from making irrational decisions. Also, the voice actors do a great job. Whoever did Sam Fischer's voice must be sarcastic, though...

Gameplay: 10/10
With all of the crappy T.E.A. games out there, I thought none would ever stand up to the intense gameplay of MGS/MGS2. I was wrong. This game forces you to use your surroundings to sneak past enemies. ''Always use your gun as a last resort'' is a quote from the game. In some levels, you cannot kill anyone so you have to use your hands to knock them unconscience. Another example is when you have to use soda cans or whiskey bottles to throw and get your foe to look another way.

Length/Replay value: 7/10
While there isn't any point in playing the game through again, you can always try a different level setting, unless you play through on the hard one the first time through, which very few of you do. But, it takes so long to complete the game that you won't get bored. And if there is one part you can't complete, the game is fun enough that it doesn't get old while you try it over and over. In this game, you are forced to take your time and sneak, while in Metal Gear you can just run in and shoot like crazy, then hide in some locker or under a table (not in the shadows, mind you) and then get out and shoot again! Now, I'm not dissing MG or anything, but this game requires more patience and skill.

Rent/Buy: Buy
It will be worth the $50. If you rent it, it will take you too long to beat it, and plus this is always a fun game to come back to when you're bored and try different ways to complete certain objectives.

Overall: 10/10
I see no reason why this game doesn't deserve a 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/06/03, Updated 05/06/03

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