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"Giving Mr. Solid Snake a Run for his Money!"

I bought Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for the PS2 and week or so ago and here is what I have to say about it!

I'll start out by telling you this is NOT a direct port of the Xbox or PC counterpart. The Xbox and PC version ARE identical and just a simple port. But the PS2 version is different in many unique ways.
Its up to you to decide if this is for better or for worse.

Since I have the stategy guide I can tell you almost all the graphical differences and level differences.
So here goes.

Same: Same story and game, Sound Effects, Music, voice overs (except for the new vids), and alot of other things. This is the same game but the differences mostly in level design and graphics.

Differences: New intro video with music by the Praugue Orchestra, a entirely new level called the Powerplant the fits well with the story and is by no means a cheap add on, there are many level differences such as you have to do different thing to get to the same place (Example: On the fourth mission, CIA HQ on the PS2 version there is a video that shows you get on a elevator in disguise and then put on the suit thing then you start out after you get off the elevator and are on the top floor, on the Xbox version you have to sneak into the HQ and there is no video like in the PS2 version, since the PS2 can't handle some of the Xbox's graphical capabilities some missions are altered to fit the PS2, (Example: On the Oil Rig the sun is setting on the Xbox version but in the PS2 version it is night, also on some missions when you go outside in the Xbox version it is raining but on the PS2 is is a clear night, even though you still hear the storm and thunder,and it has over 30 minutes a brand new videos.

Now lets get onto the review itself.

Presentation 8.5: Very bland menus, but they get the job done. It is cool how they are like a Palm Pilot though. The videos are great, the newscasts get alittle old after you see them after almost every mission.

Graphics 9.0: The graphics and very good. As I said above the graphics are good but not on par with the Xbox ones. The lighting is good but much weaker and there are alot of jaggies. There are some new graphics like reflections and blurrieness from the heat over the fire that the Xbox doesn't have.

Sound Effect/Music 9.5: The voice overs are good with the main characters but some of the minor parts, like guard talking are alittle cheesy. Micheal Ironside does a great job playing Sam Fisher with anger and the toughness. The sound effects are superb, everything you walk on make a very unique sound and great ambience noise. The music on the other hand is good but not great like many other people said, it gets the job done excel like the other sound departments.

Gameplay 9.1: The main grudge I have against this game's gameplay is the how slow the aiming is. It is okay for this type of game since you don't need superhuman refexes but is quite slow. The great variety of things you can do is awsome. you can rappel down buildings, zip line, strangle and interrigate gaurds, do the sweet split jump never seen in any other game, wall hug, you can even shoot while rappeling or zip lineing. And of this is done with very fluid and smooth controls.

Story 8.5: An overall good story. Somewhat predictable but the great videos help out greatly. The story is not overwhelming or way to much to take in like in MGS2. And this game thankfully does not have hour long cutscenes and then 5 minutes of gameplay then more cutscenes.

Replay 7.0: This game will take you awhile to beat (15-20 hours) even if it is a tad easier than the Xbor or PC version. There are only 2 difficulty levels, Normal and Hard. But I acually thought the game was more fun the second time around, don't ask me why but it was.

Overall: 9.0, a great game that any MGS2 fans should at least rent. But if you live stealth and action, this is the game for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/03

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