How to go about getting this Daisoujou?

  1. I am going for the True Demon Ending of Nocturne and am going to make a Daisoujou for my end party. I suck at how Fusion works, so I need help to get my Daisoujou to get the following skills:
    War Cry
    Fog Breath
    I need help with what demons I should use for these skills, the order to get these skills, just step by step till I get this set-up (or something like this list, I'll gladly take any suggestions for different skills). I am confused on how I should go about getting a Daisoujou like this. (Also i have Nue with the Prayer from Second Kalpa, as well as a bunch of strong demons in my Demonic Compendium from my last playthrough, and over 200,000 macca.)

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Accepted Answer

  1. Three of your desired skills (Meditation, Prayer, Mahamaon) come nautrally to your Daisoujou, so those aren't a concern at all. It remains to find the other five skills for you to fuse into a neat package.

    Create an Erthrys or an Aquans with Fog Breath -- the shortest plausible fusion path will require one or the other, and won't have a demon who naturally learns Fog Breath on it.

    Recruit a Decarabia (Fallen 58) and level it up once. At level 59, it learns Sukukaja. Fuse the Decarabia with the elemental we created in the previous paragraph to make an Ose (Fallen 45), and make sure said Ose inherits both Fog Breath and Sukukaja in the process. Ose starts with War Cry, so that is taken care of. Level Ose up twice, so he learns Dekaja and Dekunda.... and then level him up a few more times (or fuse him with a magatama of your choice) so he has all eight skill slots filled.

    Now you need another demon. Any demon of the Kishin, Beast, Wilder or Haunt class will do, because a Fiend fusion more-or-less ignores levels -- rather, it is dependent on Kagutsuchi's phase. The only important thing is that said demon has all eight of his skill slots filled as well -- you need 16 combined skill slots between the two in order to have the product inherit five skills. If the second demon has one or more of the skills you wish to carry to Daisoujou, so much the better. "Noise" is also good, if you can find a way to work skills Daisoujou cannot inherit onto that second demon -- for example, Wilder Mothman has wings while Daisoujou does not, so Wing Buffet on Mothman cannot be transferred across.

    Fuse the two demons (the Ose and the other) together. Daisoujou has to be fused at a Kagutsuchi phase between 5/8 and Full for the "normal" outcome of a Night-class demon to be overwritten by the Fiend fusion (assuming, of course, you also have a Deathstone to sacrifice). To make things even easier on yourself, you could do this as a sacrificial fusion at Full Kagutsuchi, with any third demon acceptable as the sacrifice. If it has additional copies of the skills you wish to transfer, so much the better.

    To recap:

    Decarabia + Aquans/Erthrys = Ose
    Ose + (Beast)/(Kishin)/(Haunt)/(Wilder) = (Night) = Daisoujou if Deathstone and Kagutsuchi between 5/8 and 8/8

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