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Best RPG of the Year? No Question11/22/04darkdestiny90
Now, speaking of challenge...08/05/05Apollocub
The Freaks Come out at Night (But Only When the Moon is Right)01/07/11BloodGod65
Call it what you will - A revelation from God, or a curse of the demon king, but the fact remains that our world came to an end.01/03/12Calamity
The Best Game Ever: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne!11/28/12EmbraceChaos
A highly challenging but rewarding JRPG.03/19/13Exodist
Atlus' Pokemon: For Mature Audiences Only (finally!)01/10/05Fear the MONKEY
Covenant's SMT: Nocturne Review06/02/05Grampy_Bone
SMT: Proving there can be too much of a good thing!12/20/04grasu
Because writing this review beats doing my term paper, that's why11/29/04J Weenus
Next time someone tells you that all RPGs are the same, have them hold your beer and show them this.01/24/17Kashell Triumph
A testament to the beauty that is the Shin Megami Tensei series01/02/04King of Dusk
An above average game that lacks in too many areas to make it a great one.10/11/06Master_Baihu
One of the rarest and best PS2 games around.02/19/08megaman2005
It just goes to show: Not all games are designed for everybody.01/03/11NinjaZidt
While it isn't for everyone, this game is the perfect example of a top quality JRPG08/05/08Platyphyllis
An excellent challengin RPG07/27/06seraphite
A Dark RPG, A Beautiful Game, Not For the Weak of Heart10/04/04Shin Kyo Kusanagi
One of the PS2's largest, longest, and most surreal RPGs.03/05/04Wyrdwad
Honors and Turns RPG Convention on its head at the same time for a great game.09/08/08Xenon

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