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"There is always more than one path...."

Enter Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Many loved the game. Many despised it. One main reason is because it is a totally different RPG than what most American players are not used to. the average gamer can tell you he played Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross. But this game is nothing like these "mainstream games." The average RPG gamer has nto played anything but Final Fantasy games. They haven't played Valkyrie Profile, the Saga Frontier series, Tales of Destiny, Suikuden, and other unmainstream games. Most of the mainstream games, like Final Fantasy, require no skill. That's right, NO skill. Level up to level 99 and you got the game in the bag. In Valkyrie Profile, max levels do not mean instant domination in the game. When it comes down to it, unmainstream games require patience. If you do not have patience, this game is NOT for you.

Story: 10
You are a japanese high school student (finally, you are always a blonde/brunette guy living in a fantasy world, finally a reality RPG!!!!) who has a weird dream of your teacher and soon you find yourself a half demon. You see only a handful of humans left, as the world you knew ceases to exist and is overrun with demons instead. You are now one of the few remaining humans left in what is called the Conception. Now you are the one that will decide to save or destroy the world. Yes, you can do both. It is time for RPG players to vent their frustrations in saving fantasy worlds, now they can destroy it instead. Want to know more? Rent/Buy the game.

Graphics: 10
Wow, great graphics. This, BY NO MEANS, resemble anime visuals. People tend to think that anything from Japan that is sold in low quantities are games that are anime related. The graphics are beautiful. Each monster has an image and persona of its own. Although the attacks are nowhere near spectacular, you are playing this game to get away from all those graphical game nonsense that is just looks and no filling. Everything in the game visualwise is well done. Not like FFX wise, but a dark and occult looking atmosphere.

Sound: 10+
Every demon has sort of grunt or cry when it dies/appears/attacks/talks. This is good, as not every demon says the same thing. But its not that important. The soundtrack, which is conviniently packaged with the game, is a gem. It has been a while since I had a soundtrack this good (I loved Lunar Eternal Blue). The music is relevent to the dark theme of the game. If you do not play the game for everything else, play it for the music.

Gameplay: 7+
This is what people debate about. It has simple controls and pattern. Its like Final Fantasy. It is turn based. You input commands and the character does it. What sets it apart is that you can lose or gain turns through the symbols at the top of the screen. For every character, you get one symbol. But suppose you miss an attack, you do not lose one symbol but two. But suppose you attacked the enemy with its weakness. Now you use only half a symbol. These factors make the game harder/easier/unique. If the enemy uses this feature against you, be warned that you WILL see game over frequently.

Difficulty: 10+
With instant kills being awfully frequent, and awfully long dungeons with pitfalls, invisible walls, this game will be too hard for the average player. Not hard, but frustrating.

Innovation: 10+
Now to the goodies. This game has several unique aspects that make it great. One is the multiple endings. One is the gameplay and the lose/gain turns. But it all comes down to the fushion and the combinations of team members you will have. The game has so many monsters, and so many to choose from, its not rare to find people having several that they like. Sure you may have some good and ultimate beasts, but people tend to like a certain monster for their look or personality. Think poke'mon meets the theme of Devil May Cry/Resident Evil.

Conclusion: Buy. Renting the game is pointless. Unless you are that desperate to not lose money, buy. This game has so much to offer. If you do not have patience, leave it on the shelf.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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