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    FAQ/Walkthrough by temjin15

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                          _-+++++++\  _-+++++++\  _-+++++++\
     ______  ____  _     |_____  __ ||  _  _____||    _     |____  _      _  _____
    | _____||_  _|| |    | ____||  \|| | ||_   _||   | |    |_  _||  \   | ||  ___|
    | |____   ||  | |    | |___ | |\\| | |  | | ||   | |    | ||  | |\\  | || |___
    |____  |  ||  | |    |  ___|| | \\ | |  | | ||   | |    | ||  | | \\ | ||  ___|
     ____| | _||_ | |___ | |___ | | |\\| |  | | ||   | |___ |_||_ | |  \\| || |___
    |______||____||_____||_____||_| ||\__|  |_| ||   |_____||____||_|   \__||_____|
            __           _     __   || __    _  ||     __    _     __    __     __
      /\   |  )   |\/|  | |   |  )  |||__   | \ ||    |     | |   |  )  |__     __|
     /--\  ||\\   ||||  |_|   ||\\  |||__   |_/ ||    |__   |_|   ||\\  |__     __|
                         |          ||          ||          |
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                           \+++_-      \+++_-      \+++_-
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    Armored Core 3 Silent Line (Import VERSION)
     General Walkthrough by Temjin15 (VERSION 1)
    Author's Note: 
    Alright... Exams over, no more work, plenty of time. What to do??? Right more
    FAQ!!! This is my third FAQ and I'm still aiming at Armored Core (There's so
    much things to talk about!) I hope I can give players a better understanding
    of Silent before it comes out in the US.
    Part 1 Introduction:
    The purpose of this guide is to give a general idea to new players. As for 
    the old time veterans, I'll try to explain the differents between Armored 
    Core 3 and Silent Line.
    From the previous game Armored Core 3, Silent Line is an expansion. The story
    begins where Armored Core 3 has left. Please read the official story from
    Fromsoftware below:
    Mankind's underground refuge, known as "Layered"
    kept humanity from extinction when the surface of
    the Earth proved too hostile for life.
    Humanity escaped the devastation of global catastrophe
    by living in Layered and surrendering control of
    their lives to both the super computer called
    The Controller and the last remaining Corporations.
    This arrangement lasted several centuries and
    most people became used to having their lives
    controlled and scheduled'''
    The Controller was destroyed recently by an Armored
    Core pilot - a Raven mercenary that freed humanity
    from the grasp of "the machine" once and for all.
    The Corporations were now able to move freely as well,
    without any interference from The Controller
    which was built to maintain a balance between them.
    A new age in human development begins - an age
    that saw humanity returning to the surface of the Earth,
    repaired after long centuries of healing from
    worldwide warfare.
    This was made possible by a plan instituted by
    the Corporations several years ago that accelerated
    the regeneration of the surface world.
    For the first time in hundreds of years, people began
    to discover and explore the lands above Layered,
    developing new areas for civilization to grow.
    Several years later'''
    A huge crater is discovered  on a routine
    survey mission in a unpopulated region.
    Once the population hears of the discovery of a new Layered
    location, the ground development shows rapid growth.
    The success of this project is improved by the new
    sense of cooperation between the surviving Corporations.
    Disputes for land and mineral rights begin to occur,
    however, setting the stage for increasing conflict over
    the possession of the highly sought after resources.
    Of all the vast changes facing humanity at this time,
    there is still one thing that has not changed - the Ravens
    Armored Core pilots that own their own "cores" are known
    as Ravens, the ultimate dispute settlers used by each
    of the Corporations. These mercenaries-for-hire are
    solely interested in the rewards for their services
    and nothing can control them.
    Corporations disputing the rights for new land or 
    resources hire the Ravens to settle the conflict.
    As disinterested third parties to the conflicts, the Ravens
    merely follow their orders to get their pay. The problem is,
    as long as there are Ravens for hire by anyone rich enough
    to pay them, will there ever be a lasting peace?
    The world is moving toward a darker, deeply confusing area.
    So yeah... there you go, the Controller (the big column with the white thing 
    on top) is distroyed by you in Armored Core 3. That allows people in the
    underground city to move freely on the Earth's surfaces. 
    So this whole thing could be summarized in to one sentence. "You are fighting 
    on Earth now, not "IN" it but "On" it.
    If you got problems in regarding to this guide, STATE IT ON THE BOARD.
    Version Updates:
                     Version 1:   First Guide Which You Guys Have Seen Around.
                     Version 2:   Sorta Fixed The Language Problem
    Part 1: Table of Contents
    Part 2   : ------------------------------------------- Copyright Stuff
    Part 3   : --------------------------------------------- Game Controls
    Part 3.1 : ------------------------------------------ Special Commands
    Part 3.2 : --------------------------------------- Map Screen Controls
    Part 3.3 : ---------------------------------------- Main Menu Controls
    Part 4   : -------------------------------- AC Screen and Information
    Part 4.1 : --------------------------------------- Outside and Cockpit
    Part 4.2 : --------------------------------------------- Combat Screen
    Part 4.3 : ---------------------------------------------- Extra Status
    Part 5   : ---------------------------------- Basic Knowledge of an AC
    Part 5.1 : ---------------------------------------- Parts Explanation
    Part 6   : -------------------------------- Energy and Heat management
    Part 6.1 : ------------------ Example of How much Extra Energy You Got
    Part 6.2 : -------------------------------------- Heeeeaaaatttt (Heat)
    Part 7   : ---------------------- Armored Points, Defense and Mobility
    Part 7.1 : -------------------------------------------- AP Calculation
    Part 7.2 : ---------------------------------------- Damage Calculation
    Part 8   : ------------------- Beginners Guide of Constructing Your AC
    Part 8.1 : -------------------------------- Deciding What Parts To Use
    Part 8.2 : --------------------------- General Procedures (Flowchart)
    Part 9   : ---------------------------------------- Movement and Evade
    Part 9.1 : ---------------------------------- Movement 1, Dash Jumping
    Part 9.2 : ---------------- Movement 2, Dash Floating (Dash and Brake)
    Part 9.3 : ------------------------------------------ Movement 3, Tank
    Part 9.4 : --------------------------- Evade 1, Attack, Evade or Both?
    Part 9.5 : -------------------------------------- General Weapon Evade
    Part 9.6 : --------------------------------------------- Missile Evade
    Part 9.7 : -------------------------------------- Special Weapon Evade
    Part 10  : --------------------------------------------- Blade and Leg
    Part 11  : --------------------------------------- Mission Walkthrough
    ZONE1: Japanese <旧都市区> ---\
           English  <The Old City>  ----------------------------  Mission : 01
                                                                  Mission : 02
                                                                  Mission : 03
                                                                  Mission : 04
                                                                  Mission : 07
                                                                  Mission : 20
                                                                  Mission : 34
                                                                  Mission : 27
    ZONE2: Japanses <環境整備地区> ----\
           English  <Enviromental Area>  -----------------------  Mission : 05
                                                                  Mission : 11
                                                                  Mission : 10
                                                                  Mission : 06
                                                                  Mission : 13
                                                                  Mission : 14
                                                                  Mission : 33
    ZONE3: Japanese <研究開発地区> ---------------\
           English  <Research And Development Area> ------------  Mission : 08
                                                                  Mission : 09
                                                                  Mission : 12
                                                                  Mission : 16
                                                                  Mission : 17
    ZONE4: Japanese <資源開発地区> ---------------\ 
           English  <Research And Development Area> ------------  Mission : 15
                                                                  Mission : 18
                                                                  Mission : 21
                                                                  Mission : 22
    ZONE5: Japanese <新中央地区> ----\
           English  <New Central Area> -------------------------  Mission : 19
                                                                  Mission : 23
                                                                  Mission : 24
                                                                  Mission : 28
    ZONE6: Japanese <新興工業地区> ------\
           English  <New Industrial Area> ----------------------  Mission : 25
                                                                  Mission : 26
                                                                  Mission : 29
    ZONE7: Japanese <未踏査地区> ---\
           English  <Unexplored Area> --------------------------  Mission : 30
                                                                  Mission : 31
                                                                  Mission : 32
    Part 12  : --------------------------------------- Silent Line Parts
    Part 13  : ------------------------------------------------- Credits
    Part: 2 Legal Stuff
    Blablabla, not gonna say much but ASK FIRST BEFORE LINKING MY GUIDE
    Acts, such as all reproductions, appropriation, reuse, and re-distribution, 
    are forbidden firmly. 
    Part 3: Game Controls
    Nothing has changed in Silent Line, the controls are the same.
    D-pad up         : Move Forwards
    D-pad down       : Move Backwards
    D-pad left       : Turn Left
    D-pad right      : Turn Right
    Triangle Button  : Cycle through weapons
    Circle Button    : Fire Left Hand Weapon / Activate Object (Doors etc)
    Square Button    : Fire Right Hand Weapon
    Cross Button (X) : Dashing
    R1               : Strafe Right
    R2               : Look Down
    R3               : Activate/Deactivate Exceed Orbits or Over Boost
    L1               : Strafe Left
    L2               : Look Up
    L3               : Activate/Deactivate Extension Parts
    Start            : Mission Option (Quite or Continue)
    Select           : Opens Map
    Part 3.1 Special Commands:
    L2+R2            : Reset your view to default Position, looks straight.
    L1+R1+L2+R2+R3   : Drop extension parts
    L1+R1+L2+R2+Square   : Drop Right Hand Weapon
    L1+R1+L2+R2+Circle   : Drop Left Hand Weapon
    L1+R1+L2+R2+Triangle : Drop Currently Selected Weapon
    Part 3.2 Map Screen Controls
    D-Pad + Direction : Rotate Map with Direction given
    Circle + D-pad    : Hold down + direction to move the map to your desire 
    R1                : Zoom in
    L1                : Zoom Out
    L1+R1             : Moves map to default position
    Select            : Activates/Deactivates Map
    Part 3.3 Main Menu Controls
    D-pad Left or Right : Scroll between options (Mission, Arena, parts etc)
    Circle Button       : Enter selected Options (Equip Parts, Challenge etc)
    Triangle Button     : Keep pressing to see parts info or see skill chart in 
    Square Button       : Sell weapons
    R1                  : Scroll down a page in Arena mode
                          Scroll to next type of Parts (From 1st Rifle to 1st
                          Machine Gun)
    L1                  : Same as R1 but scrolls backwards.
    R2                  : No Use
    L2                  : No Use
    R3                  : No Use
    L3                  : No Use
    Part 4: AC Screen and Information
    Everything is the same in Silent Line, except you can use 2 camera mode when 
    piloting your AC. To change it, just go to Garage, Cockpits and Views, then you 
    will be given 2 choices, "Outside" which is the normal camera mode (3rd person
    err "AC" view) or "Cockpit" which is the 1st person View (Imagine piloting a
    Mech from the inside).
    Part 4.1: Outside and Cockpit
    Outside View Pros and Cons
    Pros: We are all use to It
        : Easier to see what's around you.
        : Easier to dodge return fire
        : Easier just to be "everything"
    Cons: I don't see any problems (Not cool enough??)
    Cockpit View Pros and Cons
    Pros: It's a new thing (OOoooo... Ahhhhhhh...)
        : You clearly see how does the weapon fire
        : Nice Arm when blading
    Cons: Really hard to get use to it. (That summarized everything...)
    My Point of view:
    Although the Cockpit view is cool and sort of an eye candy, "Me" being some 
    what a veteran ^^, mastered the techniques of dodging any sorts of missiles 
    found it extremely hard to perform exactly the same in cockpit view. It is a 
    completely different game when you're in the Cockpit. After using once on this 
    view, I stay out of it till now.
    Part 4.2 Combat Screen
    When you are piloting an AC, you screen will display varies of info about the
    status of your AC. They are the followings:
    Note that different Core has a slightly different display screen.
    Radar: Located at the top right hand corner. You are always in the center. The
           2 lines represent the view you're looking at. 
           Red dot(s) indicates an enemy. With Missile Sensor, you can see a lot of
           Red dots coming at you when swarms of missile are fired at you.
           Yellow dot(s) indicates an enemy, however yellow means that they are 
           below you.
           Blue dot(S) indicates an enemy as well, you might guess it, this means
           the enemy is above you.
           Green dot(S) indicates a Friendly.
            Your weapon status is located under your radar. Around the right center
            of your screen.
            Your left hand weapon will always be the first thing under your Radar. 
            Unless you drop your weapon.
            The Weapon you're currently using is enlarged under the left weapon
            indicator. The number below it tells you how much ammo you have left.
            The weapons you're not currently using is listed under the CURRENT 
            weapon indicator. The number below it tells you the ammo and stuff.
            If any weapon indicator is in orange, this means you're out of ammo on
            that particular weapon. If you throw it away, you will be charged on
            extra deduction.
            You can see the ammo of Exceed Orbits and Extension Weapons at the
            left hand side of the radar. Side shields are automatically turned on.
            it cannot be turned off.
            If you see your weapon sparkling, this means your weapon is about to
            break apart. When your weapon breaks, it's indicator on the right will
            disappear. See Weapon Break Section.
    Hit and Damage Display:
            Below the weapons indicator, which is on the lower right corner, is
            the Hit and Damage Display. You might ask, "hey there's nothing there"
            But when you score a hit, a small box saying hit will fade in and out.
            This means you just "Hit" someone. The same thing occurs when you're
            damaged, a box saying damage will fade in and out.
            This is great when you're sniping.
    AP Display:
            AP means Armor Points, in other words, its how much health you got.
            The maximum AP you can carry is 9999, the lowest you can get is around 
            6100. The amount of AP varies depending on what parts you use. Weapon
            does nothing to your AP. Shields will reduce the amount of damage you 
            Once your AP reaches 800, your AC will start to sparkle and your AP
            meter will be in RED reminding you that "You're Almost Dead, Mhahaha"
            Also, a constant "WeEp" will keep "Weaping" once you reach critical
    Heat Display:
            The heat display bar is located below the AP Display. (More on heat in
            part 6.2)
    Energy Meter:
            The energy meter is located at the left hand side of the screen. This
            meter represents the energy you have to perform movement. Almost 
            anything you do will decrease this meter.
            The red bit at the bottom of the meter is known as the Red Zone. Once
            the Energy meter reaches the Red Zone, a warning sound will be given
            telling you "You are out of energy". However the Red Zone is different
            then the Green Zone, the Red Zone energy will decrease a lot slower as
            it contains twice as much in the green zone depending on what
            generator you use. Expect a Red zone to have 5 times of a green zone.
            (More on Energy Management in Part 6)
    Lock Box   :
            The lock box is the huge rectangular box that follows your view. Any
            enemy inside this box will be lock on automatically. Once lock on,
            weapon will automatically fire to it preys. Different weapon has
            different lock box, some can be really large and some can be really
    Part 4.3 Extra Status
            You can add extra display on your Combat screen. To do add one, go to
            garage, select cockpit and Pick any of the followings. 
            - Enemy Weapon Status. It tells you what your enemy got on you as well
              as their ammo and what they are using at the moment. Located at the
              center bottom.
            - Enemy Energy Meter (AC only) Tells you how much energy your enemy
              THIS IS NOT AP. Located below the Enemy Weapon status window.
            - Enemy Heat Meter. Tells you have much heat your enemy has. Located
              right of the Enemy Energy Meter.
            - Remnants of Enemy meter, tells you in the entire mission in Percent,
              how much enemy you can deal with. Located at the bottom right corner.
            - Area Temperature is shown at the left side of the radar. Tells you
              the temperature of your surrounds.
            - Speedometer, located at the bottom left corner tells you your
              current speed.
            - The altimeter will be at both side of your AC or center of the
              cockpits. It displays the height of your AC.
    Note: Everything in the Cockpit mode will be exactly the same place.
    Part 5: Basic Knowledge of an AC
    An AC is constructed by 14 different parts. An AC's ability will act
    accordingly to what sort of parts you use.
    Part 5.1: Parts Explanation
    External Parts:
              Head: The head controls information, Map and other special abilities
                    such as Bio target enemy and Internal Radar. The head is vital
                    to any AC. Different head has different abilities, press
                    triangle in the head section for more detail.
              Core: The core is the part where it connects the head, arms and legs,
                    There are 2 different types of core, they are OB which stands
                    for Overboost and EO which stands for Exceed Orbit. 
                    OB core allows you to perform a Super Boost which enables you 
                    AC to travel really fast.
                    EO core allows you to launch an Orbit which flows near you that
                    fires the cores weapon.
              Arms: Arms do 3 things with your AC, it allows you to equip a weapon
                    both right and left arm. It also allows you to equip an
                    extension and inside parts. More info on these 2 parts in this
                    There are 2 types of arm, a normal arm just like "yours" and a
                    weapon arm where the arm itself is already a weapon itself.
                    A weapon arm cannot hold any more weapons besides from its own.
              Legs: The leg decides the maneuverability of your AC. We have 5
                    types of Legs you can choose from, Humanoid legs, reverse legs
                    Quad Legs, Tank Tracks and Floater.
    Internal Parts:
          Boosters: Hold x and the booster will activate, the higher the boost
                    power the better speed you got.
               FCS: A FCS is your targeting system. It grants you a lock box to
                    lock on people.
         Generator: Any AC needs electricity, and the generator provides it. It
                    will power up anything in and out of your AC as well as giving
                    the extra electricity for boosting and energy type weapon.
                    A generator has a maximum charge. The higher the charge, the
                    more "Juice" you have, with more "Juice" you can boost longer!
          Radiator: It controls the Temperature of your AC. The better the radiator
                    the better it cools down your AC which is a good thing.
    Optional Parts: Upgrades, little parts use to upgrades different aspect of 
                    your AC.
            Inside: Internal weapons, special parts that usually gives support 
                    type weapon for your AC.
         Extension: Another type of support weapons, it can increase your mobility,
                    Attack Power or defense.
         Back Unit: Both your right and left of your back can be equip with a
                    weapon or support type parts.
        Arm Unit R: Your right arm weapon, all the weapon this arm holds are your
                    primary weapon.
        Arm Unit L: Your left arm weapon, the left hand weapon are usually support
                    type. (Shields, laser blade etc). Silent Line features left
                    head GUNS.
    Part 6: Energy and Heat management
    Everything except for Optional Parts in your AC needs energy from your 
    generator. The energy for boosting and firing weapons is from what's left from
    your generator after powering all your AC parts (more on extra energy in this
    section). Once you used up all your extra energy, your generator will be in
    charging stage, while in charging mode, you will not be able to fire energy 
    type weapons such as Laser Rifle and Laser Blades etc, also, you will not be
    able to perform dashing and overboost while your charging.
    Your Extra Energy meter is Indicated at the left side of your screen.
    Once you fire an energy weapon or dash, you will lose some extra energy. To 
    recover the extra energy in battle (NOT CHARGING) simply don't dash or fire
    your energy type weapons, your extra energy will recharge after a period of 
    time. The rate of your recovery rate will varies by subtracting the total 
    energy drain by all your part by the Generators Maximum Output value. If your
    energy drain is greater then your Generator Maximum Output, then you'll be in 
    Power Shortage mode, while in this mode, your extra energy will recover in an
    incredible slow rate.
    Part 6.1: Example of How much Extra Energy You Got.
    Let say you are equipped with the Generator CGP-ROV6
    CGO-ROV6's Maximum Output is "6000"
    Now with the basic AC you got from the beginning of AC3, its total energy 
    drain is "4892"
    Extra Energy = Energy Recovery Rate
    Energy Recovery Rate = Generator Maximum Output - Total Energy Drain
    Generator Maximum Output - Total Energy Drain = 6000 - 4892
    6000 - 4892 = 1108
    1108 = Extra Energy = Energy Recovery Rate.
    Now 1108 is NOT a good Energy Recovery Rate. To have a better Recovery Rate,
    equip a Generator that has a higher Maximum Output Value which is the ROZ
    This summaries into one point, the more Extra Energy you have, the better your
    AC will perform. If you're using Energy Type Weapons, pay a close attention to
    your extra energy meter because you will notice it will use up very quickly.
         - There's no "God" AC in Silent Line, every part has a fair stat.
         - Light parts temps to have a High energy drain.
         - Medium parts have an overall so so stats.
         - Heavy parts are slow but it has low energy drain and high defense.
         - Quad Legs has High energy drain.
         - Heads with build in Radar has high energy drain.
         - Missiles parts have high energy drain.
         When picking your AC, press Triangle to see its detailed stat including 
         its Energy recovery rate.
    Part 6.2: Heeeeaaaatttt (Heat)
            Heat plays a big roll in your AC, if you go too hot, you'll loose AP,
            and damage creates EXTRA heats. When you reach the critical heat, (the 
            moment where any more heat will do damage), a constant "beep" will 
            sound off telling you to be careful. Once you past the critical heat 
            value, your AP will decrease. It will stop once it reaches to its 
            starting temperature, depending on what Core you use the starting 
            temperature should usually be around 5-20. During this time, as you 
            take heat damage "ClIcKs.." will sound off when the AP's decreasing. 
            Cooling rate will be much faster as your radiator switches to 
            emergency cooling.        
            There are several ways to gain heat. They are the followings:
            - Using Exceed Orbits
            - Constantly Over Boosting
            - Area Condition, the Mission you selected can bring you to some 
              extraordinary places. Expect 700 degrees.
            - Constantly Boosting (You will not reach Critical Heat from Boosting)
            - Receiving Solid Type Weapon (Anything not energy based EXCEPT FIRE
              and the Samurai Arms)
    Note: Although Energy weapon does generates heat to your AC, they are too 
          little to be relevant of.
            If you can gain heat, this means you can loose heat as well. To "chill"
            out they are the followings
            - Not Receiving Damage. Your Radiator will cool you down.
            - Use an Energy Cooler Extension.
            - While you're overheating, emergency cooling will be faster when you 
              are standing still.
            - Depending on which Core you use, the critical heat limit varies.
            - Once you're around 400 degrees, you radiator will cool down a lot 
            - Cooling will be more efficient if you're standing still.
            - Equip a better Radiator
    Part 7: Armored Points, Defense and Mobility
    Generally, an AC falls into 2 category, an AC that concentrates on Defense or
    and AC that majors in speed. There is no AC that can be High in both ways.
    An AC's AP (health) is calculated by adding all the parts Armor Points.
    Generally, light parts has low Armor points and where heavy parts has high
    Armor points.
    Part 7.1: AP Calculation
    Your total AP will be depending on 4 parts of your AC. They are the head, Core,
    Arms and Legs. Light parts has low Armor Points and vice versa although Light
    part does have more Mobility. To see the Armor Point of a certain parts, just
    take a look at its stats in the lower left corner of your screen in the garage.
    Example of AP Calculation
    Taking that you are currently using the starting AC in Armored Core 3:
    Head: CHD-01-ATE has "780" Armor Points
    Core: CCM-00-STO has "2820" Armor Points
    Arms: CAM-10-XB has "1670" Armor Points
    Legs: CLM-01-EDF has "3050" Armor Points
    Total Armor Points (AP) = Head + Core + Arms + Legs
                            = 780  + 2820 + 1670 + 3050
                            = 8320
    Therefore you'll have 8320 as your Armor Points.
    Part 7.2: Damage Calculation
    Defense falls into 2 sections, solid type ammo defense and energy type ammo
    defense. As for the damage you take from it, the higher AP you got, the lower
    the damage you'll take.
    The Damage calculation is still a bit unclear, its here to give you an idea,
    not as a fact. It's something like this
    Solid Type Damage REDUCTION:
                       (AC Defense x 1.15 -  1017) / 50
    Energy Type Damage REDUCTION:
                       (AC Defense x 1.15 - 997) / 50
    Damage REDUCTION With Any Shield:
                       [(AC Defense + Shield Defense)] x 1.15] / 50
    Energy Shield With Optional Parts Upgrade:
                       [AC Defense + (Energy Shield Defense x 1.08) x 1.15] / 50
    Note that these figures came from lots of trial and error, so there you go, 
    it should be something like this.... or shouldn't be.. -_-"
    Part 8: Beginners Guide of Constructing Your AC
    An AC consists of 14 different parts. 8 out of 14 parts are required to 
    construct a functional AC. They are, the head, core, arm, leg, booster, FCS,
    generator and radiator. There are many different heads, arm, core and such
    that there are a million combination of AC in the game. So yeah, you might ask
    "There has to be some good parts". The answer to that is yes or no, for
    example, you got a really good Radiator that can cool you down really fast but
    its draw back it's that it's really heavy. So if you're constructing a Heavy
    AC, then yes, your Radiator is good, however, if you're constructing a fast
    AC, then no, your Radiator is too heavy and you need it for the weaponry
    So generally, test around with the parts, you might need a tune down in 
    radiator for extra weights in weapons.
    The first thing you want to do when Constructing You AC is the impression.
    Although money plays a big factor but I'm assuming you have the money from
    So yea impression, what about it??? Well just have a mind of what you're gonna
    make. A simple way of starting is to decide whether it's suitable for your
    mission. Do you need a fast AC that can just about to dodge anything or a
    walking tank that could bring in a lots of fire power.
    So before thinking anything, have a thought about the mission you're gonna
    play. This will greatly help you when you're picking your parts.
    Part 8.1 Deciding What Parts To Use
    After you have decided what sort of AC you want, the rest will be selecting the
    parts for it. The most important part that will affect your AC's ability are
    the Legs and Cores. The core will affect the maneuverability and attacks of 
    your AC. Lets say you want a Fast and maneuverable AC, if your want speed, 
    using a Core with the Overboost ability will definite help you out when your 
    enemy has a lock on. If you want fire power and defense, then a Core with an 
    Exceed Orbit ability will be more suited.
    Now the legs. There are many types of legs in any Armored Core series. They
    are light, medium, heavy, reverse (chicken legs), Quad Legs (4 legged), Tank
    tracks and Floater. They have different pros and cons and it is hard to tell
    you which exactly legs you want. The only tip I can give you is, fast AC goes
    to light legs, Reverse or Floater. Medium AC goes to Quad, Reverse or Medium 
    legs. Heavy AC goes to Quad, heavy or Tanks. Try to test around with different
    legs and take a look of their stats and compare them.
    Different Legs Pros and Cons
         Humanoid Legs: All round abilities, good maneuverability and defense.
                        Easy to control
         Reverse Legs : Good Jumping ability, low energy drain.
         Quad Legs    : Good in maneuverability and turning. Enable back cannon
                        without kneeing on ground.
         Tank Tracks  : Lots of weights to play with, High Armor and defense.
                        Enable back cannon without kneeing on ground.
         Floater      : Highly maneuverable on ground. Can move on water.
         Humanoid Legs: No outstanding abilities.
         Reverse Legs : Low AP and defense
         Quad Legs    : High energy drain
         Tank Tracks  : Low maneuverability, can't use forward dash blade spike.
         Floater      : Bad defense, low weight to play with, bad air
                        maneuverability and high energy drain.
         Heads give many abilities such as missile sensor, build in Radar, memory
         map etc. To see their abilities, high light the head and press triangle.
         This will bring out a detail table on the right side of your screen.
         So what head should I use? It depends, play close attention to their
         stats. Some heads concentrates on defense, some heads concentrates on
         abilities and there are heads that gives low energy drain. If you're
         building a heavy AC, you'll probably want to use a defensive head,
         however, if your heavy AC already has a good defense from the other parts
         you might want to use a head that gives special abilities. It's hard to
         give you a correct answer but understand the situation you'll be in your
         mission and the general performance of your AC.
         Arms primary purpose is weapon handling, there many other factors for the
         performance of an arm but what you really need to concentrate is the 
         Accuracy, Recoil Control, Energy Supply and Energy drain.
         Accuracy, forget about accurate does it fires the weapon, its all about
         blading. A simple way of explaining its is, the more Accuracy it has, the
         more successful your blade will score a hit. That's it.
         Recoil Control, every time you fire a weapon, your arm will be pushed
         backward a bit during this time, it's called the recoil. Exactly like when
         you are firing a gun, your arms get push back by the return force of the
         gun, during this time, you loose an amount of accuracy, if you fire your
         weapon again during the recoil time, the accuracy will decrease. So watch
         out when you're using a machine because you will be constantly firing
         your weapon. The higher the recoil control, the better accuracy you will
         Energy supply, now this is what really matters for bladers. For example,
         the arm CAM-10-XB supplies 85 energy, this means if you equip a blade
         with this arm, it can only damage 85 percent of its original damage. The
         same goes to the high energy supply arms, MAM-MX/REE supplies 130 energy,
         this means your blade will do 30% additional damage from its original
         Energy Drain, same as any other parts, the higher it goes, the less extra
         energy you have. In Part 6.1 remember??? Extra Energy = Energy Recovery
         If you're a blader, use an arm with good energy supply, if you're a 
         machine gunner, get an arm with good recoil control, light AC = low
         energy drain or light weight, heavy AC = DEFENCE. 
         Generator, power up your AC, different generator gives different power as
         explained in part 5.1 and 6.1 if you're asking for the ultimate generator
         I'll have to say the CGP-ROZ with Output value of 10500, highest amonts
         the generator. Consider the ROZ the basic building blocks of an AC, pick
         him and you're 1 step closer to be an AC veteran.
         Radiator "Chills" you and delay the time for over heating. When
         building an AC, it's not the cooling power that matters, it's the weight.
         Depending on what kinds of AC you want. For a light AC with weight against
         you, go for the RMR-SA44, RIX-CR14 or RMR-ICICLE. They will provide you 
         with decent cooling with its low weight. For a Heavy AC, you don't have 
         the speed to evade attacks and your heat will rise very quickly because
         of that. What you need is a high performance radiator. Since weight is on
         your side, you can forget the weight, the RMR-SA77, RFI-KD99 and RGI-KDA01
         will do well with a heavy AC.
    FCS    :
         Your main targeting system, FCS provides you with a lock box. To choose 
         a FCS, it will be depending on its Sight distance, largest lock and Lock 
         Sight Distance, even when an enemy is inside of the lock box, it can be
         far enough that your FCS can't get a lock on. For example, you're using a
         sniper rifle with range 1000+ while using a FCS with sight distance, 287.
         This means your sniper rifle can cover this distance around 287 or a bit
         more. (Hidden calculation that Fromsoftware doesn't want us to know). If 
         you want your weapon to perform properly, make sure the Range matches.
         Largest Lock, if you're a missile "Dude". You might want to fire a lot of
         missiles to multiple enemies. The more lock ons you want the better.
         Lock Type, refer as the shape of your lock box. Different FCS gives
         different lock box, to find out, press triangle in the garage section.
         There are several version of a lock box that a FCS offers, they are the
         - Narrow and Deep: The lock box will be small, but it will cover a long 
         - Wide and Sallow: A Large lock box, easy to lock on, in close range.
                            However it covers a little range.
         - Lengthways     : A lock box that concentrates in locking enemies above
                            and below as the shape it's tall and skinny.
         - Sideways       : Exactly the opposite of lengthways, it's "Fat" and 
                            "short" ideal for machine guns or Rifle.
    Inside, Back Unit, Weapons and Extension:
         The above, also refer as the "Weapons Department" is where you equip your
         weapon.  Extension and Inside often supplies support weapons such as
         missile decoys and Emergency Boosters and while Back Unit and Weapons are
         you're primary weapon. It is impossible to tell you what weapons you need,
         the only tips I can tell you is, TESTING TESTING AND MORE TESTING. Find
         out what weapons you like.
    Part 8.2: General Procedures (Flowchart)
                                Core and Leg     
              FCS, Generator, Radiator, booster, Arms and Head
                           Weapons and Back Units
                            Inside and Extension
       Testing: Use Apple Boy Rank E-9 (I think), Make Changes If necessary
    Part 9: Movement and Evade
    Introduction to Movement
    In Armor Core Series, your movement will change according to what legs you use,
    this can led to a big change in movement. In this section, I will explain, the
    basics of movement. 
    Movement does not mean dashing. Dashing is only part of it, movement as a
    general thing is the way of moving which makes evade action easier thus at the
    same time making your enemies harder to lock on you. Also all the missions in
    Silent Line gives you the disadvantage of being surrounded, you must learn and
    master the way of "Movement" in order to survive and to develop your tactics.
    Part 9.1: Movement 1, Dash Jumping
    Dash jumping can be preformed by Humanoid, Reverse and Quad Legs. It can be 
    easily perform and therefore new players are encourage to master this
    technique first. To perform Dash Jumping, start off by Dashing (Press X) and
    while you're Dashing, press deeply on X button to Fly while Dashing. Now
    here's the trick, by the moment you leave the ground, release X to cancel your
    "Flight", once you touch down repeat the process again. If you follow it right
    this means you'll be performing little jumps and while keeping a steady speed.
    About your Speed, it will not be as fast as Dashing but its definite faster
    then walking. Then people would ask, what's the point of "Dash Jumping" if 
    normal dashing is faster and easier to perform. Well, this movement allows you
    to move fast without draining a lot of Extra Energy like you would do in 
    standard Dashing. PLUS your AC will constantly changing speed as you "Fly and 
    Land" and therefore making your Enemies FCS (Lock On System) harder to predict
    your next position thus making any return fire harder to hit you. New players
    must master this low energy drain technique. Dash Jumping can be perform in
    any direction.
    To maximize the effects of Dash Jumping, you can equip a high power booster. I
    recommend, CBT-Fleet and the CBT-01-UN8 basically anything with high boost 
    power will do.
    Part 9.2: Movement 2, Dash Floating (Dash and Brake)
    "Floating" is obviously preformed by a Floating Legs. A floater's
    characteristic is the legs, it didn't have any "legs" therefore making a
    floater unable to perform standard jumps. However because it doesn't process
    a leg, the player can stop worrying the landing stability when landing from a
    high ground. 
    Another interesting ability is that unlike a humanoid legs where when it stop 
    dashing it needs the time to brake before you can dash again, the floater can 
    cancel the braking time. This means when you're braking from a dash when using
    a floater, the lag time for braking can be canceled to another dash. Using this 
    unique ability, if you constantly "Dash and Brake" and repeat the process 
    again and again, you will be moving at high speed without draining energy.
    This is floater's unique ability but be careful on the X button, if you press
    it too fast then you'll be flying instead of dashing. And flying with a
    floater will dramatically decrease your speed which is not good. If you master
    this technique, you'll probably be dashing (on ground) around 470km/h without
    any energy lost.
    Part 9.3: Movement 3, Tank
    Tank movements are the worst out of the 3. Tank has no legs "duh" therefore no
    jump. A tank also has no booster which makes dashing impossible. Without the
    ability of jumping and dashing makes evading action extremely difficult. 
    There are 2 ways to survive one is to constantly perform overboost which mean 
    equip an OB core, I personally like the MCM-MO/008 given that it has the lowest 
    Overboost drain therefore making your tank overboost longer and more. The
    second way is to forget evade and concentrate on defense and fire power,  
    hoping you can destroy the enemy before it can strike back.
    Part 9.4: Evade 1, Attack, Evade or Both?
    In combat, when you evade, it will be better if you decide what to do at the
    beginning of your evade and the movement you'll make after the evade.
    Basically, there are 2 versions of evade, the "Attacking Evade" and the
    "Escaping Evade".
    "Attacking Evade" is to either go around your enemies, either right, left or 
    above and bottom escaping your enemies sight while attacking from its sides 
    but not at the front. However it is amazingly difficult to make yourself 
    "disappear" when facing a human opponent. The other way of attack evade is
    to do a CIRCLE FLIGHT. To perform a circle flight, lock on your enemy first.
    With your enemy on the center, imagine a circle around him/her with the size 
    that it will touch all 4 sides of your screen and have your AC follow that 
    circle. This means your AC will be doing a vertical circling action in front of
    the enemy. If your enemy is closing in, then perform a "WIRLWIND version" of 
    circle flying, simply go dash backwards when circle flying. This way you will 
    keep your distance. Remember to Attack while you're "Circling".
    The good points of Circle Flying is that almost nothing can touch you as your
    AC is constantly changing position and direction. The enemies FCS lock on will
    get confuse and unable to predict your action making its lock on not accurate.
    Circle Flying is also energy efficient, the only energy you'll waste is flying
    up but all that will be recovered in your journey down.
    The bad points of Circle Flying is the speed, your AC must be at least medium
    or light in order to maximize its effects. If you're too slow then the enemy
    will probably close up on you and start blading you as you're too slow to keep
    the distance apart.
    "Escaping Evade", not as complex as the Attacking Evade. Just fly out of the
    range so your enemy cannot lock on you. However if your enemy is a sniper
    (which can probably score a hit with 1200+ range) just fly around as long 
    range temps to have a tiny lock box. Snipers that can hit a far range
    flying opponent is extremely rare or you're stupid enough to chase the bullet.
    Part 9.5: General Weapon Evade
    General weapon means pretty much everything but missiles. These weapons will
    have 2 lock ons, the first lock on will make the weapon fire to your initial
    position, the second lock on will make the weapon fire to your predicted
    future location. This means if you're moving in one direction, you will not be
    able to evade any weapons firing at you. In order to evade these weapons, you
    have to perform reverse movement like Circle Flying or Dash Jumping as your AC
    constantly changes course making the second lock hard to predict your future
    location. If you're in a tank, weapon evading is extremely hard.
    Part 9.6: Missile Evade
    Unlike general weapons that will fire at one location and firing again to your
    future location, missiles will "chase" you like what you do when you kill a 
    bee in front of a bee nest.... Circle Flying and Jump Dashing will not escape
    you from missile. Then what should you do??? Simply Change direction of your
    movement when the missile is close at you. For example, using a humanoid legs
    and you're walking to the right. You see a missile heading to your way, when
    the missile is closing it, quickly change direction to your left by jumping
    while walking to the right. The other way is to fly back when the missile is
    close and quickly fly to either left or right and do a forward landing. If
    you're a floater, you can float to your left and while dashing to the right 
    when the missile close by. If you're a tank, you can only fly up or down which
    will not help at all. Use a missile decoy to redirect the missiles or overboost
    and get out of harms way.
    Part 9.7: Special Weapon Evade
    Rockets and orbital pod is categorized as a special weapon. Remember, Rocket is
    not missile, it is 2 different thing and rocket definitely won't chase you.
    Rockets doesn't have a lock on, this means it will fly straight when fired, it
    won't chase course, just straight and that's it. (Just think Gundam DX GM's 
    Beam Spray gun). To evade it, simply walk away from its "Straight Course". If 
    facing a triple rocket weaponry, fly up, player that will target the y-Axis 
    is rare or really lucky. (Except for CPU)
    As for Orbital pod, the little pod will fly around your head and start firing
    there, so do not fly up when evading orbital pod, Jump dashing will do fine.
    Part 10: Blade and Leg
    Under Construction.... (I got the Info, just need to get it all typed out...)
    Part 11: Mission Walkthrough
    Err, there is no order in what mission you play. I won't exactly point out
    everything or give you tips on where you hide in this particular. However I
    will tell you the detail of the important parts.
    Before you enter any mission, please SAVE YOUR DATA. Silent Line is a LOT
    harder then Armor Core 3, expect the worst. (There are MTs that could kill you
    in a one on one battle). Save Save Save.....
    If you did fail a mission, you will unable to go back to the mission until you
    beat the game. However you can replay it by reloading your earlier save file.
    So again, PLEASE make a habit and SAVE...
    ZONE1: Japanese <旧都市区> 
           English  <The Old City>
    MISSION 01:  
      ___                                     ___
     /  / Japanese <侵入者?破>              /  /
    /__/  English  <Elminate The Intruder>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    Easy Easy mission, this also means easy way of wasting money. Besides from
    killing enemies please make sure each ammo counts, you don't want to fall into
    the negative gain in your first mission do you?
    Just follow the transmission and go where it tells you to. Your route will be
    initial point -> Room B -> Room A -> Room B -> Room C.
    MISSION 02:  
      ___                                      ___
     /  / Japanese <資源輸送艇護衛>           /  /
    /__/  English  <Eliminate The Intruder>  /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Protect the electricity capacitor
    Primary Objective: Defeat All enemy
    This mission brings you inside a ship. The enemies will be scattered in all
    three rooms in the mission. Before entering, use your radar and plan your
    strategy. If 20 capacitor are destroyed then its mission fail.
    MISSION 03:  
      ___                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <不審集團排除>           /  /
    /__/  English  <Destroy The Enemy MTS> /__/  
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    Another easy mission, save your ammo. Watch the map, its easy to get lost
    however. Just make sure you equip a head with map memory.
    MISSION 04:  
      ___                                             ___
     /  / Japanese <警備部隊陽動>                    /  /
    /__/  English  <Eliminate The Patrolling Units> /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    At the first part, its free time and blowing those cars and trucks will give
    you extra profit. Don't shoot them, "step" it and save some money on ammo. 
    After a while a bunch on MT or an AC will come crashing your party. Defeat the
    MT with long range weapons as they temps to blade you when close.
    MISSION 07:  
      ___                                           ___
     /  / Japanese <味方部隊援護>                  /  /
    /__/  English  <Safeguard The Friendly Units> /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Protect Friendly Units (8 Tanks)
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    This is a weird mission, you start off with a FCS error making your FCS lock
    on to every unit including friendly. To prevent the FCS error, you can equip
    a radar with ECM-Counter. If you didn't, then make sure you're firing at the
    brown tanks and reverse legs MT. Friendly tanks are in Green color. Each
    friendly unit that survive gives you 1000 credit.
    MISSION 20:  
      ___                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <機密データ先取>         /  /
    /__/  English  <Obtain Secret Data>    /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    You'll be facing 3 AC (1 by 1) at the end. However if you take too long to
    defeat the second AC then the third one will appear making a 2 on 1 battle.
    The stage is narrow making battle difficult, bring a tank for armor and fire
    MISSION 34:  
      ___                                       ___
     /  / Japanese <アーカーイブ強襲>          /  /
    /__/  English  <Assault The Enemy Force>  /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    A hard mission, you'll be inside a sand storm that makes a FCS error where you 
    cannot lock on to enemy. However your enemy will still be able to make lock
    on, to cancel the FCS error, equip a radar with ECM Counter. You'll be
    fighting quite a lot of enemies, equip heavy weapons or high ammo.
    To begin with, there's about 10 MTs to be deal with, some of the MT's are high
    speed floater and it is suggest to do close range combat with them. When the
    sand storm quiets down an AC will come in for back up. Make sure you save some
    ammo for this guy.
    About the AC, he's one of the B rank ravens. However in mission mode he gets
    quite a lot of upgrades. He's main weapon is its linear gun weapon arm which
    can easily blow off your weapon. He occasionally fire missile at you so equip
    decoy if possible. Watch out his laser cannon at the back, it's a new weapon
    in silent line, my comment on this weapon is "high speed killer". Extremely
    accurate and deadly to armor. Generally, he's fast, his armor is tough, he got
    deadly weapon and most of all, HE IS EQUIP WITH OP-INTENSIFY 0_0!!! He is 2
    different guy in arena and mission. 
    You get some help from a bomber after a while with AC.
    MISSION 27:  
      ___                                            ___
     /  / Japanese <無人要塞鎮壓>                   /  /
    /__/  English  <Infiltrate The Enemy Fortress> /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Destroy the Central Computer
    Extremely hard mission, almost all doors will need you to destroy a little 
    panel on its right in order to open it. This stage also features the new
    deadly room of Infinity MT spawning room. Basically you're in a room with
    little door ways that will produce MT. While you are inside these rooms, doors
    are usually locked and the only way out is to wait for a while for your
    consort to unlock it somewhere else. To deal these rooms, you can camp around
    a corner with a sniper to pick off the MT while they are coming out. "Pray"
    Now the mission, at the beginning, run to the very end and disable a computer
    lock. Keep going and you'll get to a laser guarded room, your objective here
    is to blow up six locks around the walls (3 at the left, 3 at the right), your
    speed of blowing these locks will affect the AP of your Consort. Don't even
    think of passing the laser, they will deal a lot of damage even with the
    slightness time. After this room, you'll be in a Infinite MT room, hide in a
    corner and pick them off quickly before they can fight.
    Once you survive the second MT rooms, then you will have a visual on the main
    computer. Its label as "Target" and your objective is to blow it up. However,
    this task won't be easy as an AC will be in front of it defending. You get a
    secret part if you manage to defeat the AC or you can blow up the computer
    quickly. Your consort will help you after while in the last room.
    ZONE2: Japanese <環境整備地区>
           English  <Environmental Area>
    MISSION 05:  
      ___                                      ___
     /  / Japanese <密林部隊?破>             /  /
    /__/  English  <Destroy Jungle Unit AC>  /__/
    Primary Objective" Defeat All Enemy
    Due to poor sight range, it's at best if you equip a long range radar to spot
    the enemies and kill them off with a long range weapon. 
    MISSION 11:  
      ___                                          ___
     /  / Japanese <新設基地防衛>                 /  /
    /__/  English  <Test The New Base Defenses>  /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Protect The Base
    Secondary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    This stage offers lots of enemies so equip energy type EO cores and laser
    blade to prevent ammo shortage. Don't let anything live for so long to prevent
    the base from destruction. Flying enemies can be easily dispatch by fast
    locking missiles.
    MISSION 10:  
      ___                                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <電力施設崩壞阻止>                       /  /
    /__/  English  <Stop Electrical Facility Destruction>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Enable Fire extinguish System
    This mission will take you to some high temperature areas so equip a high
    power radiator, the RMR-ICICLE and above will do fine. You might want to 
    equip a map memory head because this mission is not so linear. If you stumble
    upon a broken door, ignore it, you can open it. The room at the other end can
    be accessed by a secret area, refer to my Secret Guide.
    Once you enable the Fire Extinguish System, you are allowed to back track to
    your initial area for dust off, however a special opponent will be waiting for
    you, watch your AP at the first part.
    This opponent is new from Silent Line, it's a MT but do not be fool by it.
    This "thing" is equivalent to an AC. It's equip with a missile launcher and
    grenade launcher at its back. Both of its arms are holding a Pulse Cannon. The 
    MT's armor is tough, expect 250+ rounds of chain gun to finish it. Deal its 
    missile and grenade launcher like you would in arena opponents. The pulse
    rifle is what makes its deadly, it fires 5 huge laser "balls", expect to hit
    all of them if the first one touches you. However its weak point of the pulse
    rifle is it has to stand in order to fire it, take advantage of that.
    MISSION 06:  
      ___                                       ___
     /  / Japanese <無人部隊迎?>              /  /
    /__/  English  <Intercept Unmanned Unit>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Defend Electricity Capacitor
    The enemies will plan a bomb on the capacitor in order to destroy it. It will
    be a good idea if you kill them off before they have a chance. If they
    actually manage to plan one, you can disarm it like the way you open a door.
    Note that the enemy will not come out of the door that you're looking at.
    Laser Blade will do fine on the MTs.
    MISSION 13:  
      ___                                           ___
     /  / Japanese <最終防衛ライン阻止>            /  /
    /__/  English  <Defend Last Line of Defence>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Prevent Enemies From Passing The Line of Defense
    I suggest using KARASAWA and a long range radar due to low visibility. From
    the beginning, rush to the other side of the map, using your radar and find
    your enemy. Once you require a lock on and fire your KARASAWA, one short will
    destroy the MT (I think -_-"). Easy Mission.
    MISSION 14:  
      ___                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <新設基地侵入>        /  /
    /__/  English  <New Base Invasion>  /__/ 
    Both Areas But Not Going INSIDE The Base (Extra Mission)
    Primary Objective (First Part): Reach escape point
    Primary Objective (Second Part): Destroy All Enemies.
    Reach the escape point by not alerting the scout chopper. You can destroy the
    chopper before they alert the others.
    The second part is where all the fun is ^^, let it all loose and wreck havoc
    amounts the MTs. You enemy will be primary "Mammoth" type MT (new in Silent,
    line), it got tough armor but a ridicules speed, actually I never seen them 
    move. So Don't waste your precious ammo on them, "blade" the Mammoth. If you
    manage to defeat all enemies within 1:30sec then you will be award with a 
    extra mission. (See Below For Info)
    MISSION 33:  
      ___                                          ___
     /  / Japanese <新設基地制壓>                 /  /
    /__/  English  <Test New Base Line Defence>  /__/ (Extra Mission)
    Primary Objective: Defeat Enemy AC x2
    You enter this mission with a consort making this is 2 on 2 battle. There are
    2 tactics available here. One being the common way, sneak attack the AC while
    your consort keeps it busy. And the other way, only if you equip a high power
    radiator, blow up the glass column in the center of the six column around the
    area. Each one you destroy will add about 200 degrees to the entire area. Now
    fry that AC!
    ZONE3: Japanese <研究開発地区>
           English  <Research And DeveLopment Area>
    MISSION 08:  
      ___                                            ___
     /  / Japanese <特別輸送機護衛>                 /  /
    /__/  English  <Guard Special Transport Plane> /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Defend Transport Aircraft
    The aircraft will land 50 sec after the mission start. Within this 50 sec,
    Fighter Aircraft will be your opponent, after the aircraft lands, high speed
    floating MT will be your next type of enemy. The floater is harder to deal
    with due to its high speed. However you can easily pick of them when they are
    far far away still floating straight. All enemies will come in a pack of 3.
    MISSION 09:  
      ___                                         ___
     /  / Japanese <オルキス集光施設防衛>        /  /
    /__/  English  <Defend Condencing Facility> /__/
    Primary Objective: Defend Solar Panels
    At the beginning of the mission, you might want to use a heavy energy weapon
    to blow up the MT as fast a possible, don't give any chance for them to
    destroy any of the solar panels.  If you defeat all the MT within 130sec, then
    you will be allowed to enter the facility.
    The map inside the facility is a bit complicated so you better equip a head
    with a map memory ability. The facility is also filled with a swarm of enemies,
    weapons with lots of ammo will help (I suggest the 800 Round Machine Gun).
    Your last objective inside the facility is to defeat a new Type of MT featured
    in Silent Line. I call it the "Shell MT", its equipped with a triple bazooka
    and it will hurt a lot when you hit all three. Once you shoot it enough it will
    explode, however only the shell gets to blow up, the actual MT is inside it. 
    it jumps out of the shell it will fire triple pulse beams. Its mobility will
    greatly increase but not too fast for you to handle. Don't expect too much
    from this MT, "Fry Him".
    MISSION 12:  
      ___                                        ___
     /  / Japanese <特殊輸送車両追撃>           /  /
    /__/  English  <Captire Transport Vehicle> /__/
    Primary Objective: Destroy The Train
    I suggest you use the Op-Intensify, Hueso, anything low energy drain plus a
    moonlight. Once you start, Overboost to the front of the train and let it push
    you, now start slashing it with you moonlight. The KAW-SAMURAI2 weapon arm
    works well too. Watch out at the back of the train as you shoot it enough will
    review a huge Cannon, try to attack else where but the back. For a even faster
    kill, attack the side of the train instead of going ALL the way to the front.
    Easy S rank. 
    MISSION 16:  
      ___                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <バルガス空港警備>    /  /
    /__/  English  <Airport Patrol>     /__/
    Primary Objective: Destroy all Missile Attacks
    Use a Sniper Rifle, long range FCS and long range Radar. Once anything is
    spotted in your radar, the missile will usually be far enough for it to fly
    straight, here's the perfect chance to shoot them. A good location to start is
    on top of the control tower.
    MISSION 17:  
      ___                                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <集光装置破壊阻止>                    /  /
    /__/  English  <Stop Condencing Device Destruction> /__/
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemy
    Your enemies in this will mission will be an AC and a few coppers, once the
    counter down timer reaches zero, you friendly artillery cannon will cover you.
    Concentrate on the AC first but watch out for the solar panels, you don't want
    it to blow up when you're all busy.
    ZONE4: Japanese <資源開発地区>
           English  <Resource And Development Area>
    MISSION 15:  
      ___                                                         ___
     /  / Japanese <ローダス兵器開発向上救援>                    /  /
    /__/  English  <Rescue Secret Weapon Development Facility>  /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    The flying type MT you'll face at the beginning will have a bit of mobility,
    close range combat is suggested although I like missiles. Afterwards the
    nightmare will begin, the Orbital Cannon will start firing at "You". Before it
    fires, the impact zone will be laser marked so get away from there. The speed
    of the Cannon will increase after a while (Think Ion Cannon With 2 Second
    Charge). Don't think you'll get away from hiding beneath anything as the
    cannon will destroy anything on its path.
    After a minute or so, the cannon will stop firing however the special MT I've
    talked about in MISSION 10:  電力施設崩壞阻止, he is exactly the same thing
    but this time you got the advantage of range because this is an out door battle.
    Use "height" as your advantage. One more thing to point out, there's a few
    resource truck waiting for you at the edge of the map, if you're lacking in
    AP or ammo, make good use of them. You'll be in invincible mode while 
    MISSION 18:  
      ___                                     ___
     /  / Japanese <武装集団排除>            /  /
    /__/  English  <Remove Enemt Armament>  /__/     
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    This mission takes you to a Sky Scraper as you will shooting enemies per floor.
    If you're in a hurry, you can switch on the elevator and fly straight up and
    open the door earlier. The enemy that gives you a tough time will probably
    be the double grenade launcher tank, tough armor plus heavy weapon. Their weak
    a point is slow turning rate, fly to their side and "FLY ME TO THE MOON(LIGHT)".
    A floater AC will be waiting for you at the top floor, he should be no problem.
    Be sure to pick up the secret part the AC drops once it explode
    MISSION 21:  
      ___                                        ___
     /  / Japanese <ウィリアス植物研究所探索>   /  /
    /__/  English  <Search Laboratory Plant>   /__/   
    Primary Objective: Reach Target Destination
    Your objective is the RUN, not shoot. If you're not planning for the secret
    parts then don't brother about the enemies but bring weapon though... If you
    reach the target at 4:15 sec then an extra mission become available.
    MISSION 22:  
      ___                                             ___
     /  / Japanese <生物兵器破壞>                    /  /
    /__/  English  <Destroy The Biological Weapon>  /__/  
    Primary Objective: Defeat Bio Weapon
    The Bio Weapon offers impressive fire power and armor. However it can only 
    shoot at the front. It also has a temperature changing weapon which fries the
    area to 500 degrees (I think), be sure to use high power Radiator. To defeat
    it, use a fast leg and run to its back and start slashing it will the
    Moonlight, the Orbit Weapon arm works well too. If you manage to defeat the
    Bio Weapon within 2:50 Sec with above 35% AP then you will need to defeat a
    second Bio Weapon. Same rules apply to the second one.
    ZONE5: Japanese <新中央地区>
           English  <New Central Area> 
    MISSION 19:  
      ___                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <選定試驗>            /  /
    /__/  English  <Selection Test>     /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Best Result
    Your objective is to shoot the target on the walls as much as possible.
    However, another 2 AC will be competing with you making this a battle Rumble.
    To be superior then the other 2 ravens, you can defeat them first, be sure to
    attack the AC that is not shooting you as you'll get some easy shots. Once
    you defeat the 2 ravens, the rest will be shooting the targets on the walls.
    Be sure to get the best result out of the three.
    MISSION 23:  
      ___                                        ___
     /  / Japanese <新型兵器破壞>               /  /
    /__/  English  <Destroy Prototype Weapon>  /__/  
    Primary Objective: Destroy The New Weapon
    A long mission with lots of enemies not to mention 3 AC at the end. The area
    doesn't offer lots of space for dodging as you are fighting inside a building.
    Expect a heavy loss in AP. The good point is you get 2 chances of re-supplying
    your AC. Each re-supply will fully charged up your AC to "Mint" condition. To
    save money, be sure to bring a laser blade. 
    Before you meet the ACs, you'll be in a tunnel leading downwards, be sure to
    run all the way back to re-supply yourself first before engaging the ACs. In the
    last room where the ACs comes outs, the doors will be locked and you'll have 
    to wait around for it to unlock itself. Judging on your status and decide 
    whether you want to combat or not. Note that the first second and third AC 
    will offer a secret part once you defeat them. The AC will come in one by one
    making the battle easier. When the door unlocks, it will bring you to a model
    of an AC, destroy it and you're done. 
    MISSION 24:  
      ___                                           ___
     /  / Japanese <空挺部隊護衛>                  /  /
    /__/  English  <Guard Against The Air Strike> /__/  
    Primary Objective: Defend The Transport Aircrafts
    I suggest you equip a light or floater AC as this mission offers little Solid
    ground to land, most of the battles will be air born. Energy weapon = NO no as
    you need those extra energy for flying.
    Initially you'll start of in a Aircraft, wait for a while for a transmission
    saying enemies are approaching. However the hatch door jams only revealing
    a narrow space not enough for you to go out but enough to shoot. Shoot what
    you can with the limited space, you can't help much while in this condition.
    Around 45 sec, the hatch door will finally open itself completely, "FLY" out
    and start attacking. If you're having trouble actually hitting the Fighters
    and MT, forget targeting and use missile to chase them down. If you manage to
    defeat all enemies the extra mission アーカイフ強襲 (zone 1) will be 
    MISSION 28: 
      ___                                          ___
     /  / Japanese <新機能運用テスト>             /  /
    /__/  English  <Functional Operational Test> /__/
    Primary Objective (First Part): Evade Missile
    Primary Objective (Second Part): Destroy Missile shooting Friendly
    Primary Objective (Third Part): Defeat All Enemies and Defend All Friendly
    Missile dodging can be easily done by the use of Decoys and ECM Maker. If you
    manage to defeat the Friendly in the second part quickly then a Hugh flying
    MT will come out attacking your party. Now you can stand of the Aircraft
    closest to the MT to attack. I'm not sure whether you can stand on the MT or
    not, try it and if it works, have fun!
    ZONE6: Japanese <新興工業地区>
           English  <New Industrial Area> 
    MISSION 25:  
      ___                                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <衛星兵器?探?活動>                     /  /
    /__/  English  <Investigate Activity Inside Sattelite> /__/ 
    Primary Objective: Explore ALL Areas (Complete Map)
    A new type of mission in Silent Line, as it take place to the interior of the
    Orbital Cannon that you encounter earlier on. Your objective will be explore
    all rooms of the Orbital Cannon so bringing a Map Memory head will definitely
    help a lot however not using one and completing the mission will give you a
    secret part.
    The mission offers 2 round rooms. The first round room contains a computer
    lock, before you open it, make sure you explore the tunnel of the other side
    of the room. Once you deactivate the lock, a count down timer will start and
    when it reach zero then its mission fail. Come back from the tunnel to the 
    round room and deactivate the lock, explore the previous locked area and
    escape to the "escape point". If you're aiming for 100% of the map, be sure
    to reach the hidden part room and fly up in a room with high ceiling.
    MISSION 26:  
      ___                                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <ミラージュ本社ビル防衛>              /  /
    /__/  English  <Defend Mirage Head Office Building> /__/  
    Primary Objective: Defend ビル (Mirage)
    Primary Objective: Avoid Copper To Plant Bomb
    Bring AMMO as you'll be facing 2 AC at once at the end of the mission. You
    will start off on the center of a roof with four helipads at the corner. The
    coppers will only land on the 4 helipad in order to plant the bomb, don't let
    they land. Once the coppers are cleared to the entire roof will collapse
    revealing 2 AC at the bottom waiting for you.
    The AC battle is not as hard as you think, one of the AC is stupid enough to
    equip 2 flamethrowers in both hands and will start charging at you will the
    flamethrower firing. Just fly back in circles and he will charge to your
    bullets instead. The second AC will fire Orbits while the other one distract
    you, use evade action an concentrate on the flamer, once he's deal with and
    the orbit shooting "IDIOT" should be easy.
    MISSION 29:  
      ___                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <衛星兵器破壞>           /  /
    /__/  English  <Destroy The Sattelite> /__/  
    Primary Objective: Destroy The Energy "Thing"
    Although this mission name saids, destroy the Orbital Cannon, actually it only
    needs you to defeat a few MT (Less Then Ten) and an AC. The stage is linear
    and the MT should be easily destroy, just wait for them to open up the armor
    plating for a faster kill. In the last room, it offers about 8 targets to 
    destroy. You can either concentrates on the targets and while your consort
    keeps the AC busy (he's probably lose) or defeat the AC but save some ammo for
    the targets. 
    ZONE7: Japanese <未踏査地区>
           English  <Unexplored Area>
    MISSION 30:  
      ___                                                 ___
     /  / Japanese <未踏?地區探索>                      /  /
    /__/  English  <Explore Unsearch Area (Silent Line> /__/
    Well well, if you're reading this section than you'll probably know this stage
    is the climax of the story line. The stage's name is Silent Line and according
    to the story, no one has ever crossed it. People exploring the area either
    gets killed or simply disappeared. So are you about to find out why with your
    AC?? or you want to keep the Silent Line quiet???
    Primary Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Silent Line offers a huge stage, I suggest you to use long range radar to
    have a better idea of your position when you're in combat. You start off with
    nothing in your area but while you wait, you'll find out you're surrounded by
    a huge number of MTs. Unload everything you got, this battle should be easy.
    If you manage to defeat 8 or more MT within 1:40 sec counting from the
    beginning, the mission will offer 2 enemy AC for back up.
    MISSION 31: 
      ___                                        ___
     /  / Japanese <舊基幹要塞制壓>             /  /
    /__/  English  <Investigate Old Fortress>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Destroy The Core
    This mission is not as hard as it looks, the hardest part will be one of the
    2 infinite MT rooms you'll encounter. If you're inside one of those rooms, the
    best way to defend yourself is to camp around the corner of the room as the
    enemies will craw out of the four corners. Use a non splash damage weapon and
    blow away the MT closest to you and use anything else for the other three. (I
    recommend the 50 shot Howitzer). Repeat the process until the door unlocks.
    Generally, the mission offers plenty of enemies to shoot but they are usually
    weak. You probably want to use a tank for defense and firepower as you
    probably won't have enough space for evading all the projectiles. At the end
    of the mission, the AC equivalent MT will get guarding the Core, the core
    itself offers lots of armor and it's better to deal with the MT first before
    you destroy the Core. However if you don't have enough time or ammo then yes,
    go blow up the core. It's your choice.....
    MISSION 32: 
      ___                                                    ___
     /  / Japanese <未踏査地区最奥部侵入>                   /  /
    /__/  English  <Investigate The Unexplored Deep Area>  /__/
    Primary Objective: Defeat The Target At The Very End
    Ah here we are, your last mission located inside one of the layered world that
    no one has ever been before. This stage offers no much then "3" enemies, 2 of
    they are the AC equivalent MT. Your last enemy will be a special AC that you
    have never seen before, I'll explain it later.
    The stage linear, if you reach to one of those long hallways, just ignore the
    turrets that pop up and use the Overboost to reach to very end. Once you're
    at the door, your FCS will lock on something behind it which moves, that means
    one of the MTs is behind it. You can defeat it if you want to, both of them
    offers a secret part for mission bonus. (Note that you fight them separately.
    Don't worry how damaged you are after the previous battle, the mission will
    take you to part 2 with your AC refresh for your final battle. Cross the 
    hallway will lots of doors and prepare for "XBIS".
    That's right, your final enemy will be XBIS, a dark AC with floating humanoid
    legs and a wing on its back which looks like a SPECINEFF for "VOOT" Virtual On
    2. It's fast but not to the extreme factor, its armor is not tough, just
    expect 350 rounds of chain gun to defeat it. XBIS attacks are all energy based
    and one of its special attacks is the wing laser which fires 6 tiny lines of
    laser which will hold in place for 3 sec. That never hit me so don't ask me
    about the damage it does but it's suggested not to try... It also has a laser
    blade but it's not deadly at all. After quite a bit off damage, its wings will
    blow up giving it a faster movement. When fighting XBIS, just imagine he's the
    rank 1 guy in the Arena, the battle should be easy if you master to evade
    movements and stuff. I'm still waiting for a confirm that XBIS will self 
    destruct after a long period of combat, anyone know if this is true or not
    please tell me on the board.
    When XBIS is over, Congratulation you just beat Silent Line. Now go and get
    all the secret parts and S rank for all Mission!
    Part 12: Silent Line Parts
    Under Construction....
    Part 13: Credits
    Fromsoftware for producing this wonderful game! Excellent work on the intro and
    the game. (I want the info on the FCS' air blading Tracking!!!)
    CjayC for producing the www.gamefaqs.com, a lot of work has been putten to it
    great work and thanks for giving my guide a place to live ^_^.
    Hong Kong Armored Core Fan club members, Hi-L.E.D, Rabe, Zero, Danny for 
    providing the info I needed for to create this guide.
    All the Raven's in the World!!!

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