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    Free Kick Guide by Ryo8192

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    FREE KICK Guide
    Game Title:   Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution
    Platform:     Playstation2
    Language:     Japanese
    Genre:        Sport (Soccer)
    FAQ:          In Depth Guide - Free Kick
    Author:       Ryo (Ryo8192)
    Contact:      Ryo8192@yahoo.com
    This FAQ/Guide is created for private use only. You should not use it for 
    anything that gains profits or commercial advantages. You are prohibited to 
    post this FAQ/Guide without permission on anywhere like Magazines or Web 
    WE6FE is the ultimate football game developed by KCET, that is, Konami 
    Computer Entertainment Tokyo. All rights reserved to Konami. And all credits 
    go to them as they yet again, created a great football game for us. ;-)
    This FAQ/Guide is solely focus on how to master your Free Kick (FK) skill for 
    the game. For other guides or translation, please look for them at 
    This is my first ever FAQ/Guide. Hopefully it will help you to enjoy more in 
    the game. I'm looking forward to other future games that will impress me and 
    lure me to another FAQ/Guide. However, if you have any question regarding to 
    this guide, simply send a mail to me at Ryo8192@yahoo.com! Keep them coming!
    (23 April 2003)
    This is the full version, 1.0. Updates may come to add some more 
    miscellaneous stuff. Or may not.
    (5 May 2003)
    Corrected some spelling mistakes. Changed my email address.
    (19 June 2003)
    Version 1.1 is here. Added the "Feedback" section. Several updates on certain 
    1.  Basic
           What is Free Kick?
           How do we get Free Kick awarded?
           What to do with Free Kick?
           How to pass from Free Kick?
           How to shoot Free Kick?
           How to practice Free Kick?
    2.  Shooting Free Kick
    3.  Defending Free Kick
    4.  Best Free Kick Takers
    1. BASIC
    What is Free Kick?
    FK is like Free Throw in basketball, as no one can interrupt you. In football 
    game, this is a good time to show your creative passing skill and also, your 
    superb dead ball shooting! Simply to say, FK is the kick that you can do 
    whatever you like. (Except kicks the ball to referee! ;-)
    How do we get Free Kick awarded?
    When a foul is committed, a free kick is given. Depends on the area, a FK can 
    be mean as Penalty Kick if the foul was committed inside the penalty box. 
    Also, FK can be awarded on either play field. So, plan carefully when you 
    have a good chance of scoring from a FK spot.
    What to do with Free Kick?
    Kick it. You can pass it to your players to score, or lob it to the penalty 
    box, or even score from FK spot. Depends on the distance and direction, you 
    can execute a good FK.
    How to pass from Free Kick?
    As usual, press the X button to pass or Triangle button to throw-pass. A 
    cross or lobbing is also possible from a suitable distance. But beware, 
    because you are in set piece situation, your players may not be at the exact 
    place as you expected/saw from your FK view. So plan it carefully.
    (Update: Somehow, you cannot do a one-two pass during Free Kick. Hopefully 
    Konami will improve this in Winning Eleven 7)
    How to shoot Free Kick?
    Thanks to Konami, we are able to execute a good FK shoot as close as the real 
    Free Kick. With good execution, you can shoot a FK like Beckham. Lets bend it 
    like Beckham, shall we? For more on this, please refer to "Shooting Free 
    How to practice Free Kick?
    You can do this in Training mode. Choose it from the menu and pick a spot to 
    practice. You can only pick a spot on the other half of the field. Also, if 
    you pick the spot inside the penalty box, it will be a PK. (Note: If you need 
    a better view on your practice, simply change the camera angle to vertical 
    2. Shooting Free Kick
    Here's the basic button for shooting a golden FK.
    Square button:  Shoot (power bar)
    R1 button:      Engage some more power (fast)
    R2 button:      Engage some power (light)
    Up:             Lower the vertical curve (lower and faster)
    Down:           Higher the vertical curve (higher and slower)
    Left:           Bend/Curve the ball to the left
    Right:          Bend/Curve the ball to the right
    (Notes: The directions can be executed by D-pads or Analogue Stick. Somehow, 
    Analogue Stick will be more powerful on curling shoot.)
    First of all, no matter how far are you, mostly you will face a human wall. 
    Depends on the distance, you will have 1 to 5 players as wall. And Shooting 
    FK is all about how to shoot the ball through this human wall and the 
    If you are a football fan, you should know how the great FK takers like 
    Beckham and Zidane score from a FK spot. Usually they shoot the ball by curve 
    it over the wall and score. But with super curving technique, some of them 
    can curve the ball to pass the side of the wall and score. However, there is 
    always a not-too-bad way to score from FK, such as shoot the ball as low as 
    possible to pass-through the legs and score in surprise. Also, a powerful 
    direct FK (something like R. Carlos always does) plus some curling can be 
    your favourite replay of all time.
    If your shot can pass the wall, mostly you have a great chance to score. But 
    direction is also important here, as it indicates where shall the ball goes. 
    With a bit of bending/curving, you can be another Beckham in WE6FE. ;-)
    Please notice that FK Shooting is affected by various attributes of your 
    player. Shooting Accuracy, Shooting Power, Curving and Free Kick Accuracy are 
    the main points behind a good FK taker. Also, player's form and stamina can 
    somehow affect the accuracy of the FK. It's like real life, you cannot 
    guarantee a goal from FK, not even Penalty Kick. (But I did manage to score 
    some FK in loss time with exhausted players)
    Oh, left-footed players are quite the same as right-footed players. You just 
    need to adjust the direction from left to right if curling shot is planned.
    So here's a brief explanation on judging your power bar on shooting a FK. 
    Mostly a half-charged power bar will do the job for you, the rest are left to 
    direction and curving. In a close range FK, something from 17m to 24m, a 
    high-curved (Down + Square) ball is good enough. Aim for a better direction, 
    engage some power or not (R1/R2), and charge a half power bar. (Bend/Curve it 
    or not is really depends on you. Curling shot is more fancy, but requires 
    sharp judgement) For medium range, something from 25m to 30m, only charges 
    the power bar to half or more and shoot. (Square) No need for vertical 
    curving. However, you can engage some power for it, or bend/curve to pass the 
    wall from side. For a further range, something from 31m to 40m, you should 
    forget about vertical curve and go for lower shot. (Up + Square) It is faster 
    and travels with more power, which means it is possible for 40m superb FK. 
    Plus the R1 command will add more power to your kick. Also, direction and 
    curving are necessary depends on situation. For power bar, you should at 
    least charge 3/5 for 31m.
    You should practice FK from different distance, in order to know a better 
    judgement on charging power and curving. Also, pick your favourite FK taker 
    and practice him first. Because every player is different in attributes and 
    FK style, some of them may not execute the exact FK you wanted. But be 
    patient, when you mastered your FK skill, I can be sure that you will be able 
    to score with every top FK taker. (Except R. Carlos! ;-)
    (Update: Here's the way to score the FK between the legs of defender. No 
    bending/curling is required. Just hold down the direction UP (preferably 
    Analogue stick) and charge the power as low as possible. The ball will travel 
    low and pass the legs when they are jumping off the ground. A special way to 
    score, but not quite effective. Give it a try!)
    3. Defending Free Kick
    Here's the basic button for defending FK. You should execute these commands 
    when the kicker is running toward the ball.
    Square button:  Jump (all wall members)
    X button:       Standing (all wall members)
    R1 button:      One or two players run toward the ball, the rest jump
    R1 button
    + X button:     One or two players run toward the ball, the rest stand
    (No button):    Some players jump, some players stand
    Please note that depends on the distance between goal post and the ball, you 
    will have certain number of players as the wall. Control them wisely.
    4. Best Free Kick Takers
    In my view, it's really depends on your skill. If you are fancy about curling 
    FK, then maybe Beckham will be your first choice since he has high Free Kick 
    Accuracy (97) and Curving (98). I used him to bend a shot from side and score 
    to the top right corner, from 37m. But I also managed to score a lots of 
    close range FK with Nakata from Japan squad, whose FK Accuracy is something 
    around 80. So, it is really depends on your execution.
    The other point to judge a good FK Taker is his style of shooting. Curling 
    shot, ordinary shot or powerful shot. Curling shot is good for replay and 
    also the most versatile if you know how to use it well. Ordinary shot maybe 
    simple, but the most effective one. I used Zidane to score 1 out of 3 FK 
    without bending/curving. The missed shots? Mostly hit the bar. And for 
    powerful shot, it is something from 35m and shot with lots of power. R. 
    Carlos is famous with this kind of shot, plus some banana curling. However, I 
    only managed to score ONCE (36m Banana FK) in my whole life! ;-) Not believe? 
    Perhaps I shall post my precious replay online...
    Anyway, here are some big names which might help you find a better shooter: 
    Beckham (England), Zidane (France), Veron (Argentina), Figo (Portugal), 
    Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia), Rivaldo (Brazil). Try for yourself!
    So, who is the Best FK Taker of them? Look for the stats, or try it yourself. 
    Perhaps you will find your own very best dead ball taker!
    Since I posted my FAQ/Guide to GameFAQs.com, I'd received some mails from the 
    readers. Here I like to thank for your comments and feedbacks. Thus, I set up 
    this section to review some of the comments I received.
    - <Chanwai> wrote:
    Hi.. I have discovered that Zidane can shoot free kicks that go pass directly
    between the heads of the defender. He can do that below 24m and the keeper 
    cannot catch it at all. I think I had master it cause I can score it almost 
    90%. So I would like you to try it out. Just aim the ball in between the 
    heads of the defenders and shoot about or half the power. I think curling is 
    unnecessary cause it's too near. So try it and sometimes the keeper didn't 
    even dive to make a save and walk towards it.
    (Ryo) Yeah I totally agree with you. Zidane is one my favourite FK taker 
    since he can score them in the simplest way with high success rates. With 96 
    of Free Kick Accuracy, you can score them without any bending/curling. 
    Simple, yet effective.
    - <David Delaney> wrote:
    i found ur guide on game faqs for FK taking in we6fe
    managed to score a 44m roberto carlos FK against my friend
    (Ryo) Wow! That's impressive! Nice job! Did you save the replay? I have my 
    own Carlos FK replay here, but unable to capture it in the moment. If 
    possible, I will post mine online and let you guys view it. ;-)
    - <Anthony Fung> wrote:
    Hi, Ryo
    First, thanks for the info that u posted. here is my questions: how to do 1-2 
    pass and lob??
    (Ryo) Do you mean 1-2 pass during FK or ordinary 1-2 pass? You can do it by 
    holding the L1 button when passing the ball. The passer will run forward and 
    you can return the ball in anyway you like, such as direct pass, lob, through 
    ball. Too bad to say that, you cannot do a 1-2 pass during FK. ;-]
    This is my first ever FAQ/Guide, so please forgive me for all the careless 
    mistakes and spelling/grammar problem. I'll try my best to complete this 
    without many mistakes. After that, I shall look for other games to write 
    another FAQ/Guide. See you then!
    Thanks Konami for producing such fantastic game for us. Thanks GameFAQs.com 
    for posting this FAQ/Guide. Thanks for my pals who practiced a lot with me 
    for this guide. And thanks for all people who helped me. Of course, THANK YOU 
    for reading my little guide! Thank you! ;-)

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