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    Boss FAQ by Wasabi X

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                                       Boss FAQ
    Table of Contents
    1.Copywrite Info
         b.Heavy machine gun
         c.Super grenade
         e.Enemy Chaser
         f.Iron Lizard
         g.Rocket Launcher
         h.Flame Shot
         j.Laser Shot
         a.Metal Slug
         d.Camel Slug
         e.Elephant Slug
         f.Ostrich Slug
         g.Slug Flyer
         h.Slug Copter
         i.Rebel Armor
         j.Drill Slug
         k.Space Pod
    6.Boss Strategies
         a.Mission 1
         b.Mission 2
         c.Mission 3
         d.Mission 4
         e.Mission 5/Final Mission
              2.Final Boss
    7.Contact Info
    9.Rate My Work
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    *   .:. 1.Copywrite Info .:.                                                  *
    This FAQ is copywrite (c) 2004 Wasabi X. This may be not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal,private use. It may not be placed on any
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    *   .:. 2.Intro .:.                                                           *
    So your looking for some boss strategies? Well, if you didn't already check my
    other guide than this is the next best thing. Metal Slug 3 is a challenging
    game with hard bosses, so lets get to it.
    *   .:. 3.Controls .:.                                                        *
    [Note: The Metal Slug attack can be done in any vehicle. It acts as a kamizaze
    attack, and does a LOT of damage to the person/thing that it hits.]
    L+A=Metal Slug attack(vehicle only)
    *   .:. 4.Weapons .:.                                                         *
    You start the game with this gun and it has unlimited ammo. Old reliable, but
    the gun is pretty weak, only use it if you run out of any other ammo, because
    unless you are only up against crabs, you will have some trouble with the
    enemies. It takes 3 shots to kill a crab, and it continues upward with better
         b.Heavy machine gun
    One of the first weapons you get when you start the game, you start with 200
    ammo, which isnt much, but lasts a fairly long time. It takes 1 volley of 
    bullets to kill your standard crab.
         c.Super grenade
    One of the best weapons the game has to offer. When you shoot it acts as a
    rocket launcher, and will kill most enemies in 1 or 2 shots. The blast also
    extends upwards upon explosion which means you can take out a flying and ground
    enemy with 1 well placed shot, you start with 20 ammo.
    Dropshot is just like it sounds, it will drop mini bombs upon your opponents.
    Although not very useful on land, the dropshot is immensely helpful under the
    water. You start off with 40 ammo.
         e.Enemy chaser
    A tres useful gun, this is basiclly a homing missle, meaning if you are facing
    the enemies direction, you can fire at random and chances are it will hit 
    something. You start with 30 ammo.
         f.Iron Lizard
    First off, you start with only 30 ammo, conserve, its a good gun. It will shoot
    small bots that will start slow and then rush at your opponent full speed and
    blow the living **** out of them.
         g.Rocket Launcher
    Not much different from the super grenade, except it is weaker. You will get
    the rocket launcher on many more instances though, keep in mind you can take
    out multiple enmies in one shot if you place it correctly. 
         h.Flame Shot
    One of the most useful weapons in the entire game. This weapon will make toast
    out of almost every enemy in the game with just 1 shot. It can also pass 
    through a target and hit targets behind it.
    The shotgun is tres powerful. At close ranges this will make mincemeat of 
    entire armadas of troops. It can pass through targets to hit other ones also.
    The only letdown is the limited range, but what it lacks in range it makes up
    in power.
         j.Laser Shot
    The laser shot can be your best freind or worst enemy. In some situations it
    can be great(like getting rid of some vehicles bothering you), but in other
    instances it can be bad(like when you need to take out multiple sheild enemies)
    either way it can be good if used correctly. It has a constant stream of energy
    and is pretty powerful to boot. but dont try and break any sheild with it, 
    stick to your grenades for that.
    *   .:. 5.Vehicles .:.                                                        *
    There are a wide assortment of vehicles in Metal Slug 3, a lot of them are used
    for tools against bosses, so here is a vreif description of all the vehicles,
    although they are very simple.
    (Note: All vehicles can use the Metal Slug attack, when you press L and A, your
    behicle will eject you and will kamikaze towards your enemey, doing incredible
         a.Metal Slug
    One of the best vehicles in the game, it kicks ass. Like all the other vehicles
    it has infinite ammo, and limited cannon. Its cannon is very powerful, and can
    be used to get out of many situations. Overall, use the tank whenever you find
    one, it is(IMO) the best vehicle in the game and if you can dodge grenades, you
    are invincible.
    The mech is one of the first vehicles you use in the game. It has 2 guns one on
    each side. Its grenade attack lets off small iron lizard type things that will
    blow up upon impact when it hits enemies.The 2 lasers are pretty weak though.
    The submarine can be a tricky vehicle, most enimies are hard to hit with its
    funky controls. Your hull can sustain about 3 or 4 hits before you are forced
    out of it. Its gun is not too powerful either, but most enemies you face under
    water can be taken down with a few shots anyway.
         d.Camel Slug
    The fastest vehicle in the game, but it has many downsides. With a very power-
    ful vulcan, this thing can kick ass. But, when you are riding on it, you are a
    HUGE target to the enemy. This is a very big downfall and makes this vehicle
    very hard to master. Use at your own risk.
         e.Elephant Slug
    The elephant slug is very slow. He is only found once in the game(level 2, ice
    cave) but he is a very cool vehicle. His vulcan is 360 degrees which is a good
    plus. His real advantage though is his trunk, he uses it as its grenade
    attack. Also, you can get the chili pepper power up to make his trunk a flame
         f.Ostrich Slug
    The ostrich slug is tres fast. It also jumps like crazy, this thing can leap
    entire screens. But, the ostrich has a huge disadvantage, it doesnt like to 
    turn. It takes forever to turn the damn thing, you could already be dead by the
    time you eevn have the chance to high tail it out of there. Also, since it is 
    an animal, you only have to be shot once to die, no extra health here.
         g.Slug Flyer
    Due to its limited vulacan axel, the slug flyer can be a good or bad thing. Its
    big plus is the missiles, which do a lot of damage. But, if you are struck from
    behind, you cant do jack **** about it.
         h.Slug Copter
    The slug copter is very venurable to bad controls, although in your air mission
    the only other option is the flyer. The copter has 360 degree vulcans, which
    makes it better than the flyer, but the bombs suck. They can take out infantry
    with ease, but you dont need to waste bombs on infantry. you see, the bombs
    drop, they dont go forward, so if your target isnt right below you, you are out
    of luck.
         i.Rebel Armor
    Rebel armors are not part of the slug family*gasp*! You will find them a number
    of times thoughout your missions. They are pretty darn useful also, however
    you do use your own ammo so be consurvitive. They have a double jump feature
    so put it to good use. Also, it has its own missiles, and they are pretty
    power packing also.
         j.Drill Slug
    This is my favortie vehicle because of its power and vercitility. It has a 360
    vulcan gun, which makes it so you dont get screwed from behind. Its cannon
    attack is very very powerful, the drill will fly out and destory anything in
    its path. Also, you dont really jump, you elevate, and you can stay that way
    for as long as you want, so you can avoid everyone below(although the only
    time you get the vehicle, you have some guys attacking you from the top).
         k.Space Pod
    Found in the final mission, this vehicle is fun to drive. There are many power-
    ups for the vehicle, because it uses the power-ups that you do. It uses your
    guns also. The vehicle is pretty agile, easy to move from eft to right, which
    is almost all that you need in the part you have it. The vehicle has no vulcans
    but they can be found as a power up.
    *   .:. 6.Boss Strategies .:.                                                 *
         a.Mission 1
    This first boss is very easy, and you also have a selection of vehicles to use
    for it.
    Metal Slug strategy:
    This is easily the easiest it will ever get. Here is the basic(and only) strat.
    you will need for the first boss while in the Metal Slug...shoot. For his first
    stage, he will launch fireballs, whe he does this, go foward a tad, then go
    back once the fireball hits behind you. All the time keep a constant stream of
    fire on the boss, and don't forget your cannons, if you use them all, he will
    already be near death. If the boss gets too close to you(when he uses his rush
    attack) just jump away. Once he starts firing his missiles, just stay to the
    far right and keep a constant stream of fire, he will never hit you then.
    Slugnoid strategy:
    This is a bit harder, all you have to do is remeber to jump. When the boss 
    fires off the fireballs, jump forward, then when it hits behind you, take 2
    jumps back. Keep firing your vulcans! Keep a constant stream, if you do not
    shoot the boss, it will just drag on, and it is harder to keep dodging over and
    over. Also, use your bombs, but make sure the boss isnt backed up when you do
    so, otherwise your bombs will just drop into the water. When the boss rushes
    you, just jump back. When he fires off his missiles, just stay to the far right
    and keep shooting until the boss is dead.
         b.Mission 2
    One of the hardest boss' in the game if you do not use the right strategy here.
    Pay careful attention.
    Okay, first off, I highly suggest you turn zombie for this one, so, get hit by
    the very last zombie(you should see the dome in the backround). there should be
    one last medpac, so kill the zombie and leave the medpac. You will be forced to
    the left and watch the aliens appear. Mash the B button. you should get off 1
    barf attack. Now, this is where it splits, you can either make a run for the
    medpac and finish the rest of the bettle in human form, or take your chances
    with another barf attack. I recommend the next barf if you have more than 1 
    life left, as it will most likely take out the rest of the alines. But, if you
    turn human, just unload all of your grenades, they have a few attacks, all of 
    which have to do with energy balls. DO NOT GO TO THE CORNERS!!! They seem to 
    be safe, but you will not survive if you go into the corners.
    Once the 6 alines are finished they will absorb into the dome and then the 
    second part of the battle will start. A small red laser will appear on you, 
    move away, because a huge pillar will drop from the sky. Just keep oving around
    shooting the orb at the top of the dome. Do not forget to shoot the pillars,
    because then they will go down much faster. Keep running back and forth, 
    alternating between damaging the boss and making sure the pillars are short
    enough to jump over. When it speeds up, just do everything faster, because you
    should have a heavy machine gun by then. Just keep damaging the boss and making
    sure you dont get screwed by the pillars, also, save the hostages as they drop.
    Soon enough, the orb will crack and the second boss will be beaten.
       c.Mission 3
    The boss' room is quite interesting, so look around and keep your surroundings
    in mind, because the boss will use the enviorment to his advantage.
    The boss has a few main attacks, a couple of which have sub-attacks inside of
    them. First off, his lasers, these can kill you soooo easily if you arean't
    careful. When he titls his head to one side, book it to the other, as he will
    sweep the laser across the screen, only excluding the far opposite corner of
    where he titlted his head. Now, when he extends his hand out in front of him,
    watch it, he will do a laser attack, then drop his hand, destroying the ground
    under it, just jump the lava put and get back on him. stay on his tracks 
    throughout the entire fight, do not stray. Also, his only weak spot is his
    orb on his head, so shoot at that. Now, for his final and most annoying attack,
    his mini-missiles. He will open up a part of his side and fire multiple 
    missiles that heat seek. Try to kill them, but if they are at an awkward angle,
    just jump away. Once you do enough damage, the boss will get way harder.
    The boss will now use a different ground breaker attack, so watch out. A huge
    missile will extend from the robots chest, jup up on it for a few shots, but
    soon enough the robot will take the missile and smash it into the ground. This
    also makes a few fireballs jump out, 3 of them, all going in different 
    directions. Just go to the far right of the robots treds and you will be out of
    the line of fire. The only difference for the laser attack will be that is will
    go MUCH faster. Now, his final powered attack is also his most deadly. The mini
    missiles will launch more frequently and in more numbers, so do your best to
    shoot down as many as possible and dodge like a crazy man. Once you destroy
    its orb, the boss will be defeated.
         d.Mission 4
    You will traverse some stairs to get to this boss(no matter what path you take)
    and it seems you are on top of a tall stone building. The boss will make his 
    appearance by coming through the clouds, some people compare him to a giant
    sippy cup...anyways, on with the strategy.
    You have a high chance of having a power-up when you get to the boss, most 
    likely a heavy machine gun or a laser. First off, the only vernerable spot on
    the enemy is his red orb in the middle of him, so only aim for that. Also, the
    enemies health is easily readable by the color he is, the more red you see, the
    less health he has.
    Now, his attacks. First, the one that seems to get everyone but is also the
    easiest to dodge. When a purple glow appears under him, he will drift to one
    side. When he does this run to the FAR EDGE(i.e as far as you think is safe)
    of the platform and wait, the boss should stop right in front of you, and then
    he will drift back to the middle. His second attack, the wolves. Some ghost
    type wolves will appear out of his torches on either side of him, they will 
    take a few loops before kamikazeing you. Just make sure to jump left or right
    when you see that the wolves are rushing down on you. 
    His last 2 attacks are very similar, but not exactly the same. First, yellow
    diamonds will circle around his gem. These will fire at random so watch out
    and try not to get yourself stuck. I find that crouching increases your chances
    of surviving greatly. His last attack is his red diamonds, these may seem to be
    the same as the yellow but they are not. The boss will lock on to you, then he
    will fire about 5 at a time, with more waves depending on how damaged he is.
    Once you destroy the gem, he will fall onto the building. He is now beaten.
         e.Mission 5
    Allen makes his apperance! But it's not in the same fashion as he has appeared
    in the other Metal Slug games. He appears in a plane, but only if you can 
    survive the first half of the fight will you be able to take down Allen.
    First off, no matter the circumstances you will have a vehicle at the beggining
    of the fight. So use it! First off, fire off and bombs/missiles you have on the
    enemy(if you are in the helicopter, get on top of the plane and then drop the
    bombs). The planes most common and first attack is the mans missile launcher.
    A cammando will pop out of a side-hatch sitting in a stationary rocket launcher
    thing. He will fire about 3 missiles total, these are really weak, and can be
    shot down easily. Just position your gun so that you destroy eevry rocket that
    is launched AND do damage to the plane itself in-between the missiles. If one
    does manage to get past you, the missiles are semi-heat seeking, but I don't 
    think many will get through, and if they do they can still be shot down easily.
    Next, he will drop random bombs. The plane will position itself at the very top
    right of the screen, then it will open a hatch and 5-10 bombs will fly down.
    These bombs are hard to dodge, they bounce around randomly, so just focus on
    dodging the bombs and not doing damage to the plane. His last attack will 
    consist of missile launching. A latch will come down with a missile attached,
    then it will launch in one of 2 different directions. 1 will go straight
    forward, you can just simply elevate or go down to dodge this. The other one
    will go forward a bit, then take a jump upwards, and start zig-zagging like
    crazy. both are easy to dodge.
    Once Allen appears, its a whole different story. The plane will still use the
    big missile and bomb drop attacks, but the commando will not show anymore, 
    instead, allen will pop out. Now, you probobly don't have your vehicle anymore,
    or, you are very down on health. Start by doing the most with your vehicle. 
    Then, when you are shot down, get out and fire off every grenade you have(the
    amount of grenades you have is not equal to the amount of bombs/missiles you 
    had in your vehicle). Allen will show his damage exactly like the Mission 4 
    boss does, he will change red. His only attacks are as follows. First, his
    grenades, this is the only attack he will use if you are under him, he will
    chuck grenades at your position. The way to dodge this is to constantly move
    back and forth if you are under him, shooting all the while. His next attack is
    for when you are the same height as him, he will periodically fire his machine
    gun at you, the way to dodge this is to move up and down constantly. His final
    attack is for when you are close, he will whip you with his ammo, just don't
    get close to him. Once Allen is defeated he will say "See you in hell.." and
    fall off the plane, he will also drop his machine gun, you can pick that up and
    it will act as a heavy machine gun.
    Sub-boss- HI-DO
    After a very short brea from the last boss you will jump right into the next
    fight. Notice your enviorment, there are 3 levels you can be on, and a 
    stationary machine gun on the ground. Remeber the machine gun! You will need 
    it. Morden will come riding in on his helicopter and the battle will commence.
    First off, you should still have a heavy machine gun, so when the battle starts
    run under the helicopter and unload every round of ammo you have. The key to
    this battle is this, don't let Morden shoot his rocket launcher. The way to 
    make this happen is to hit both Morden and his helicopter at the same time. My
    strategy is to go right into the stationary gun and position it so it hits 
    Morden and the helicopter. Now, to the enemies attacks.
    First off, the tricky one, his rockets. A mini-rocet launcher will open up and
    fire multiple(3-5) missiles at a time. You can shoot these down, but don't be
    afraid to turn and run or dismount the gun so you wan't get killed bu these.
    Next, his machine gun, he will usually do this if you are screwing him with the
    stationary gun. He will fire a machine gun, which will slowly move from right
    to left, you can just keep shooting until you find that the bullets are 
    getting to close, then dismount and climb to level 2 and go back down. His 
    last main attack is dropping bombs. When he does this, just hop into the gun
    and aim straight up, once the bomb is destroyed go back to shooting the heli.
    Once Morden is defeated he will reveal his true identity, then you will 
    commence with the next part of the level which will lead to another sub-boss.
    Sub-boss- AE-SHI NARO
    When you defeat one of the alien pheres, it will attach to the mother-ship and
    create your next sub-boss. You really kinda need the Space Pod if you want a
    chance to survive.
    The boss only has 2 attacks, and is a really simple boss. You should have 
    heavy machine guns and rocket launchers flying around, and I am sure that you
    will have a bevy of missiles. To make this REALLY easy, just fire off every
    missile you have, if he doesn't die, then he will be very near death.
    His 2 attacks are as follows. One, he will fire off a huge stream of 
    electricity at you. The only way I have found to dodge this is to go to one of
    the far corners and be up top. His only other attack is to release 3 smaller
    ships, which will all release power-ups when destroyed. Once you destroy the
    boss a huge hole will appear in the ship, you will make your final assualt on
    the mothership.
    Sub-boss- ROOTMARKS [Battle 1]
    This thing is the final sub-boss! It looks alot like a HUGE alien head. This
    boss is meant to weaken you before the toughest part of the level. But a very
    simple strategy can assure you that you will be at full lives at the last part
    of the level. 
    First, his attacks. It will shoot of large balls of energy at you, to dodge 
    these, just run back in forth. Do not stop no matter what. Just shoot up and 
    run back and forth.
    Once he is damaged a bunch, his energy will grow hugely. When this happens, DO
    NOT GO INTO THE CORNERS!!! Make sure to stay in the middle, use the same
    strategy though, aim up and shoot and collect and guns that fall from nowhere.
    Once it is defeated, you will start on the last segment of the level which will
    lead to the final boss of the game.
         2.Final Boss
    Boss- ROOTMARKS [Battle 2]
    This can be one tough mother...literally! You will be dropped down into the sky
    in a Metal Slug, you will then be grabbed by the mother and the battle will
    Start by firing off every single cannon shell you have, also, keep a constant
    stream of fire on her. Just keep doing this until your Metal Slug is destroyed.
    Once this happens hop out and get on the brain, this is where is gets 
    challenging. She only has 2 attacks, 1 of them is a result of the first. She
    will make some sort of a wave that circles outward. If you are on her brain,
    jump and you will not be hurt, if you arean't on her brain....you're screwed.
    Anyways, when the wave is gone, apples will fly up, these are randomly random,
    so just jump around and hope to god one doesn't hurt you. [NOTE: If you shoot
    the red apple that flies up, a rose will appear, this is the only place in the
    game you can aquire the rose, so get it]. When you are on her brain, use all
    the grenades you have, then keep pressing X repeadtedly and dodging all of her
    attacks. The boss should not be hard unless you have really bad luck and keep
    getting hit by the apples. Once you do enough damage to the boss, your partner
    will apear in an alien pod and help you out. Just keep dodging and eventually
    the boss will go down.
    Congrats on beating Metal Slug, its one tough game, enjoy the ending.
    *   .:. 7.Contact Info .:.                                                    *
    If you need to contact me, you can find me on AIM under the name RedAlertZero.
    Or, you can email me at Wasabi.X@gmail.com.
    *   .:. 8.Thanks .:.                                                          *
    -SNK, for porting Metal Slug 3 to Xbox.
    -Microsoft, for allowing it.
    -Sony, for turning down the games...dumbasses.
    -CJayC, for making this great site!
    -The readers....for...uh......READING!
    -Thanks to Game2002 for the official names of all the bosses!
    And remember...
    ****************************Winners don't do drugs!****************************
    *   .:. 9.Rate My Work .:.                                                    *
    Please, rate my work:
    Register there and then use the new system of rating FAQs on a scale of 1-10,
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