How do I beat Metal Slimes?

  1. Hi. :) My characters are around level 20-ish. I'm training by the river on the bottom of the house near where Emma's grandmother lives (in Ascantha) and I run into Metal Slimes frequently. As frequent as I run into them is as frequent as they run away, however. If I am lucky and they decide to stay for a visit, I usually have Hero use Metal Slash (which does either 1 or 2 dmg - more frequently, it is 1); Yangus attacks as normal; Angelo attacks as normal (he does not know Metal Slash yet); and Jessica either attacks as normal or uses Twin Dragon Lash. The problem is that with Yangus, Angelo, or Jessica, the attacks do no damage and the Metal Slime flees. I'm getting frustrated because I have been here for hours and nothing seems to work (out of over 20 Metal Slimes I've run into, I've only defeated 3). Can someone help me please? Thank you. =)

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Accepted Answer

  1. Late in the game when you start encountering Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal King Slimes more frequently, here's the best strat I found for me. This can be twerked and changed in alot of ways by a creative person ending in a good Metal Slime killing result most of the time, so have at it. Here we go:
    Round 1.) Hero/Lighting Thrust, Yangus/Executioner, Angelo/Phyche up, Jessica/Timbrel of Tension (Sun Crown+Tough Guy Tatoo+Magic Beast Hide. It's possible to make two of these in the game. They are arguably the best items in the game. Worth giving up the Sun Crowns for sure. Jessica will always have her awesome Golden Tiara in hopes you made one for her).
    Now, if you get a kill from Yangus or Hero, great, and if more stick around for round two.. Well, even better!
    Round 2.) Hero/Lighting Thrust, Yangus/Executioner, Angelo/Metal Slash (with Falcon or Uber Falcon Blade (VERY IMPORTANT!!)), Jessica/Timbrel of Tension.
    Now, what's going to happen is Hero and Yangus will have two more chances later in the round to kill anything that is left with the critical strike skills. Jessica will likely act first and use the ToT getting Angelo to a 50 tension boost (Hero's/Yangus tension does not matter as tension does not affect Executioner/Lighting Thrust). With the Falcon or Uber Falcon Blade and Metal Slash at 50 tension, Angelo will hit twice for anywhere between 5 and 12 on each strike. This will ALWAYS bring down a Liquid Metal Slime in ONE SHOT. It will also bring down a Metal King Slime, FROM FULL HP, 80% of the time!!! If you get to the third round, use Hero's and Yangus's critical skills again, normal metal slash with Angelo and his Falcon Blade, and try for a 20 tension smack from Jessica (you may get lucky.. I have). If you get to round 4 ever... Start over!
    As for the regular metal slimes which can be fun to fight in groups. I use Hero/Yangus's critical skills starting from the right and have Angelo Metal Slash with the Falcon (once again: or *Uber Falcon) with Jessica attacking with a Falcon Knife (GREAT ******* WEAPON, EASY TO MAKE, SELLS FOR GOOD GOLD TOO!) from the left side of the Metal Slimes. They only have 4 HP so it's not worth Tension Boosting and such. Anyway, by the time you can obliterate groups of Metal Slimes, you'll probably want to concentrate on Liquid Metal and Metal King Slimes.
    Lastly, another safe thing to do when battling Metal King/Liquid Metal Slimes, if you don't have the Spear Skill Set Lighting Thrust move, equip Hero with a Falcon or Uber Falcon Blade as well as Angelo. Tense up Hero as well as Angelo in the First round. Two ToT's from Jessica while Yangus tries his luck with Executioner (Executioner is just a DANG MUST!). If you make it to the second round with the LMS or MKS, then Hero and Angelo will mop the floor with Metal Slash at 50 Tension (Falcon/Uber Falcon Blades hit twice. ONCE AGAIN IMPORTANT!!). Once again, I've seen this attack do 24 pts of damage on a Metal King Slime, and seen it do over 18 pts of damage consistently enough to satisfy any Metal Slashing/Killing Needs.

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Other Answers

  1. If you don't have the ship yet you really should move on, your levels are high enough. Metal Slash is one way to damage a Metal Slime. Another is a critical hit ability such as Thunder Thrust (Spears) or if Yangus has some axe abilities he gets an early ability called Hatchet Man. The critical hit abilities have a low percentage of hitting but they will defeat the Metal Slime if it hits. If your characters do not have these abilities you can tension the first round and hope the Metal Slime stays around so you can try to defeat them with tensioned hits. If Jessica has Oomph you can use that to possibly increase the damage of a hit. Those are your main options. You should also make sure you have the best weapon available. Metal Slimes will be easier later in the game.

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