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    100% Completion Walkthrough by Dunatis2000

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/16/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Welcome to my 100% completion guide for Dragon Quest 8. The purpose of this
    guide is to help those who have already played through the game at least once to
    collect every single item and fill out every chart from alchemy, items and
    monsters including their drops. I highly recommend you use this guide on at
    least your second time through because you will be buying a whole lot of items
    you won't use for half the game in preparation of an alchemy formula as well as
    not buying useful equipment as you'd get it later. Also I will only list the
    alchemy fomulas as you attain enough ingredients to do every single formula in
    which that ingredient is used. Since you will then in theory be low on money
    and have sub-par items unless you do alot of fighting you need to know what to
    do in order to survive.
       I only mention the casino items once the Baccarat casino is unlocked as it is
    way easier to get tokens there and starting at that point if you are low on
    money I suggest buying Prayer Rings en masse and selling them as they give the
    best return and the price never goes down. Also I do not mention any prizes from
    Morries Monstrous Pit until you meet Marta for the first time as around Orkutsk
    you will find Cybot and Roborg whom with Talos can easily take you past the
    dreaded B ranking as opposed to relying on luck beforehand.
       As I go through the game I am being perfectionist in a crazed sort of way in
    which I refuse to have a single defeat, run away or intimidation on my records
    on top of the fact that since the game records your stats for when you beat the
    game the first time, I am also trying for a speed run so as to have a good time
    recorded. This means that I won't be levelling or getting gold, just getting all
    the items and moving on ASAP but that I also will fight every battle and if I
    lose, hit reset and start from where I left off. My strategies (however short
    they may be) are revolved around this and adhere very strictly to this guide so
    that I'm not leading you falsely. If you do a bit of levelling or item buying
    not mentioned by this list, that is a good way to make life easier for you.
       Finally I am basing alot of preparation upon a single set of ultimate
    equipment for everyone which includes their best weapon of all 4 types and any
    equipment which changes their appearance. Yours is likely different than mine
    and it will affect what items you need. At the end when all of the formulas are
    know it will be easy enough to make whatever you want anyways.
    Version 1.0 - Walkthrough completed up to and including beating the Lord of the
       Dragovians. Though there is currently a strategy on how to beat his forms, I
       will eventually remove it in favor of a generalized set of strategies for
       those who had a different setup than I throughout the game. I also plan on
       adding in a skill list since 100% completion would include getting 120 Seeds
       of Skill to get every skill for everyone as well as some ideas on how to use
       those skills to your advantage throughout the game. Also planning on doing
       another playthrough in which I write down where within towns and dungeons you
       find treasures, didn't consider it early enough to implement it this time
       but it allows me more reason to play a game where I use all the skill sets I
       never touched until now.
    Version 1.1 - Fixed up a missed treasure chest and more importantly added in a
       section to give credit where credit is due. I sincerely apologize for having
       missed it before.
    Version 1.2 - Added several treasures I missed in the making of the guide again,
       hopefully the last additions. Also added in how to unlock monster animations
       in the monster drop section, though uncomplete as of yet at least current
       findings are mentioned.
    Section 1: Walkthrough
    Section 2: Remaining Items and Alchemy Formulas
    Section 3: Arena Monsters
    Section 4: Monster Drops
    Section 5: Item Lists and Alchemy Requirements
    Section 1: Walkthrough
              --- FAREBURY ---
       After getting items talk to Kalderasha in the pub to open up the series of
    events to send you out on the quest for his crystal ball, nice and easy.
    |_| 4 Gold Coins
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| Plain Clothes
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| 7 Gold Coins
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| Cypress Stick
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| 3 Gold Coins
    |_| 5 Gold Coins
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| 10 Gold Coins
    |_| Leather Shield
    |_| 8 Gold Coins
    |_| Plain Clothes
    |_| 20 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Pot Lid
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| 2 Gold Coins
    |_| 4 Gold Coins
    |_| Thief's Key recipe (By church bell at night)
    Buy (145 Gold Coins total needed)
    |_| 4 Cypress Sticks
    |_| 1 Bandit's Grass Skirt
    |_| 1 Leather Shield
              --- FAREBURY REGION ---
       Since you are level 1 you may want to stick around town for a day just
    to get a level or two before searching around too far, otherwise soon
    enough you'll be taking down enemies in a single hit and be basically
    invincible once Hero gets Heal so on to the Waterfall Cave East of town.
    |_| Seed of Life (North of West entrance to Farebury)
    |_| Boxer Shorts (West of Farebury, North of the road)
    |_| 82 Gold Coins (Far east side of the Region)
    |_| Tool Bag (By Red Tree East of town)
    |_| Seed of Agility (Waterfall Hut)
    |_| Holy Water (Waterfall Hut)
    |_| Plain Cheese [x8] (Waterfall Hut, Talk to Woodsman)
              --- WATERFALL CAVE ---
       After getting all the items in the Region I was level 6 by the time I
    reached Geyser. Having Yangus use herbs and the Hero cast Heal when needed
    and attacking when not, it was an easy enough battle.
    |_| Map of Waterfall Cave
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Leather Hat
    |_| Copper Sword
    |_| Crystal Ball (Beat Boss)
       Here you will start losing alot of life from enemies making life tricky
    especially if you save your money for the items I tell you to buy which
    unfortunately doesn't happen to be any in Alexandria.
    |_| Slime Earrings (After Checkpoint bridge to the Right on a hill)
    |_| 100 Gold Coins (Just East of town North of the road, past Alexandria)
              --- ALEXANDRIA ---
       Once you're accosted by children and rob the villagers, send Munchie
    into Jessica's room to get her Letter and let Bangerz know so you can
    get into the tower.
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| 11 Gold Coins
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| 5 Gold Coins
    |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| Wayfarer's Clothes
    |_| Moonwort Bulb
    |_| 18 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Magic
    |_| Jessica's Letter
              --- TOWER OF ALEXANDRIA ---
       If you have Yangus using Scythes (maybe even if not) you may want to
    consider heading to Port Prospect first to pick up a Farmer's Scythe to
    make life easy for yourself in the Tower. I personally use scythes for
    no reason other than to steal about 20 items throughout the course of
    the entire game since it helps complete the monster drop list. Other
    than that, Since I went to Port Prospect I was level 9 when I went into
    the Tower and had no real troubles, even had half my magic left by the
    |_| Map of Tower of Alexandria
    |_| Seed of Agility
    |_| Moonwort Bulb
    |_| 22 Gold Coins
    |_| 11 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| 7 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| Scale Shield
              --- ALEXANDRIA TO PORT PROSPECT---
       Careful on the beach as the enemies there can swarm and slaughter
    you with the crappy equipment I am asking you to wear.
    |_| Seed of Strength (Southmost part of the beach)
    |_| Seed of Life (Directly East of Port Prospect, by the cliffs)
    |_| Jessica's Outfit (In Jessica's Room in Alexandria)
              --- PORT PROSPECT ---
       I had plenty for the Farmer's Scythe as I am buying only what is on
    my own lists during my playthrough. Be sure to rest up and save before
    talking to Jess in the Lighthouse and also give Yangus some Medicinal
    |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| 17 Gold Coins
    Buy (910 Gold Coins total needed)
    |_| 1 Farmer's Scythe
              --- FERRY ---
       Despite only having to do one battle on the way, it's a tricky one
    if you are keeping your equipment low to save money as I am but it's
    not too bad if you prepare right. I was on level 10 and had put all
    my skill points into Scythes for Yangus and he was my only attacker.
    Khalamari follows a simple pattern of Fire Breath which did 35 damage
    to the Hero and 30 to Yangus, then a Regular Attack which dealt about
    25 damage to either followed by a group attack which did just under 20
    damage to each. Then he'd attack, then group attack and finally another
    regular attack before repeating the whole process. If you keep the Hero
    on constant healing duty and have Yangus Psyche up to 50 (which had him
    deal over 150 damage each time) he will die in 3 hits and you should be
    both alive if you have Yangus use an Herb if and when needed. Since
    anyone could have their turn at any time it is based a bit on luck so
    if you don't have the patience I do, gain another level or two before
    |_| Gold Bracer (Given after beating Boss)
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| 12 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Pot Lid
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Seed of Agility
    |_| 10 Gold Coins
    |_| Bronze Knife
              --- PEREGUIN QUAY ---
       The second you get here, head into the building and talk to the guy
    who looks like a bandit to get the Iron Nail and then use that and the
    Bronze knife in the Alchemy Pot. This goes against not making stuff
    until you have all the ingredients needed fo each formula which uses
    the item but this is the only instance of doing so as it would be silly
    to wait until an enemy drops the final one you need as you do not find
    enough and the Thief's Key is extremely useful until Trodain. At this
    point run around and take all the valuables and if the Key is not done
    by then keep running until it is. Once it is done, open the chests
    outside to unlock a store and get 200 Gold Coins which gave me just
    enough to buy all the items needed and have a mere 21 Gold Coins left.
    |_| 8 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Leather Kilt
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| Oaken Club
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Seed of Magic
    |_| Iron Nail (Talk to man at Inn)
    Buy (1476 Gold Coins total needed)
    |_| 4 Bronze Knifes
    |_| 1 Thorn Whip
    |_| 6 Bandanas (Must unlock final store by opening chests)
    |_| 2 Holy Waters
    |_| 27 Medicinal Herbs (Whatever herbs you need whenever you need them)
    |_| Bronze Knife + Iron Nail
    |_| Plain Clothes + Plain Clothes
    |_| Bandana + Bandana
    |_| Bandana + Bandit's Grass Skirt
    |_| Chimaera Wing + Leather Hat
    |_| 15x Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
    |_| 2x Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb
    |_| Holy Water + Seed of Magic
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| 6x Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine
    |_| Medicinal Herb + Strong Medicine
    |_| Strong Medicine + Holy Water
    |_| Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote
    Recipes after Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Special Medicine + Special Medicine
              --- TREASURE HUNT (Thief's Key) ---
       These among many other treasures are why you should make the Thief's
    Key immediately, when it is done you can do some treasure hunting and get
    alot more chests later on before Trodain.
    |_| 200 Gold Coins (Pereguin Quay)
    |_| Boomerang (Pereguin Quay)
    |_| Mini Medal (Pereguin Quay)
    |_| Cypress Stick (Farebury, weapon shop)
    |_| Dagger (Farebury, weapon shop)
    |_| Mini Medal (Farebury, church)
    |_| Mini Medal (Southeast of Farebury) 
    |_| Cypress Stick + Dagger
              --- PEREGUIN QUAY TO SIMPLETON---
       When you leave the town, 2 of the chests are to the right of the road
    while 4 are on the left side and the final one is past Maella Abbey.
    Right now there is no reason to stop off at the Abbey so head past it for
    now to Simpleton.
    |_| Magic Water (West of town in ruins)
    |_| Feathered Cap (East of town on a pedastal)
    |_| Seed of Strength (South-East of the Barn, follow the cliff)
    |_| Seed of Wisdom (Past the Strangth Seed turn East)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Far East of ruins North of town by the cliff)
    |_| Stone Axe (West of Abbey in a forest on other side of the hill)
    |_| Bunny Tail (Between Abbey and Simpleton, South of Simpleton)
              --- SIMPLETON ---
       All there is to do here is in the Pub so once there get the 2 items
    and talk to Angelo before returning to the Abbey.
    |_| 6 Gold Coins
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Templar's Ring (Given by Angelo)
              --- MAELLA ABBEY ---
       Just a bit of running around to do here, after heading to the basement
    and seeing Angelo berrated, head out the back entrance and return to the
    Abbey to have him stop you and send you out to the Ruined Abbey which if
    you start to head out of town towards Simpleton is just to your left.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| 26 Gold Coins
              --- RUINED ABBEY ---
       Nothing that tricky in here to worry about and if you're lucky you may
    even pick off a Metal Slime or two before you finish. I was level 14 when
    I got to the boss and all I did was to have everyone psyche up to 20 and
    hit him with everyone. He should die in just a few more hits after that
    and you will be fully healed afterwards. I got very lucky and he summoned
    his 2 guys right before my hero hit which let me kill one and almost kill
    the other before they could act.
    |_| Map of Ruined Abbey
    |_| Cannibox
    |_| Iron Nail
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Bronze Shield
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| 50 Gold Coins
    |_| Bandit's Grass Skirt
              --- MAELLA ABBEY (After Abbots Death) ---
       Ahhh, nice to feel appreciated for saving people eh? Anywho, once you
    leave the barn head back to town for more cutscenes and finally talk to
    Marcello to get your last member and the ever-useful World Map before
    heading East again.
    |_| Mini Medal (Behind tower)
    |_| World Map (Get from Marcello)
              --- FROM SIMPLETON TO ASCANTHA ---
       Not a bad area, most of the treasures are centered around the bridge
    halfway to Ascantha with the last few around Ascantha itself, all mostly
    along the river as well instead of hidden in the middle of nowhere.
    |_| Mini Medal (House by river)
    |_| Silk Robe (House by river)
    |_| 230 Gold Coins (North of path to beach North of house by river)
    |_| Chain Mail (South of river by mountain valley North of house by river)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Riverside Chapel)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Right Beside Riverside Chapel)
    |_| Seed of Life (South of house by river along the river)
    |_| Seed of Agility (North of the Riverside Chapel West around the bend)
    |_| 3 Fresh Milks (Talk to cows by road right by Ascantha)
    |_| 1 Fresh Milk (Talk to cow just South of Ascantha)
    |_| Seed of Defence (North end of beach South of Ascantha)
    |_| 154 Gold Coins (Behind Ascantha)
              --- ASCANTHA ---
       Once in Ascantha wait until night and then talk to the mopey king before
    leaving. On your way out the maid will stop you and ask you to talk to her
    grandma who lives in a house by the Riverside Chapel. The grandma will tell
    you how to get to Wisher's Peak via a path behind her house. You should have
    plenty for the items to buy here.
    |_| Lady's Ring (Ground in Well)
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Plain Clothes
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 42 Gold Coins
    |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| Red Mould
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Wisdom (Show Lady's Ring to man in Farebury)
    Buy (3090 Gold Coins total needed)
    |_| 1 Short Bow
    |_| 1 Edged Boomerang
    |_| 1 Bronze Armour
    |_| 4 Moonwort Bulbs
    |_| Chain Mail + Bronze Shield
    |_| Strong Medicine + Moonwort Bulb
              --- WISHER'S PEAK ---
       Another easy dungeon only this one has no boss even, instead there's
    something worse. An unskippable cutscene. Not too bad the first time through
    but 3 times in you'll start getting annoyed probably. Just be sure to be
    patient at the top of the hill for the door to appear.
    |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| Map of Wisher's Peak
    |_| Templar's Shield
    |_| Wayfarer's Clothes + Templar's Shield
              --- MORRIE'S PLACE (Monster Hunting) ---
       Along the way to Pickham, you will see a fort and when you talk to the guy
    on top who always has a breeze coming from his left side, he'll send you
    monster hunting. One is the suit of armor you saw on the way to the Ruined
    Abbey, another is on the beach south of Red's later on, and the last is in
    front of Trodain castle when you get there.
    |_| Morrie's Memo #1
    |_| Morrie's Memo #2
    |_| Morrie's Memo #3
              --- PICKHAM ---
       Once you learn that brains isn't at home, head to the pub and tell the good
    old king so that Medea is stolen. After talking to Dodgy dave in the other Pub
    you can find the crook in the abandoned house by the watchtower and he'll tell
    ya he sold it to Red wh lives Southwest of town. As for the items, I had plenty
    of money for the stuff that I could use but had to get a few things when I got
    back from the next dungeon.
    |_| 2 Fresh Milk (Talk to cows right in front of town)
    |_| Eros' Bow recipe (By Watchtower, not there yet but return to check)
    |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| 12 Gold Coins
    |_| Chain Mail
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Cowpat
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| 26 Gold Coins
    |_| Boxer Shorts
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 30 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| 35 Gold Coins
    |_| Red Mould
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| 1,000 Gold Coins (Gotten from horse-napper)
    |_| Mini Medal (In Dodgy Dave's)
    Buy (7050 Gold Coins total needed)
    |_| 1 Poison Moth Knife
    |_| 1 Iron Helmet
    |_| 3 Iron Shields
    |_| 2 Dancer's Costumes
    |_| 2 Amor Seco Essences
    |_| Hairband + Bunny Tail
    |_| Plain CHeese + Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder
              --- SWORDSMAN'S LABYRINTH REGION ---
       Nothing really to worry about in this area, you may want to stop off in
    the Labyrinth while item hunting however just so that you can warp directly
    there after going to an inn.
    |_| 450 Gold COins (Dead End between Red's house and Pickham)
    |_| Leather Whip (East of Red's House)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow on a hill West of the Labyrinth)
    |_| Iron Shield (North end of coast West of Labyrinth)
    |_| Farmer's Scythe (East of Labyrinth past the swamp on a hill)
    |_| Farmer's Scythe + Farmer's Scythe
    |_| Iron Shield + Iron Shield
    |_| Leather Whip + Scale Shield
    |_| Leather Whip + Bandana
    |_| Templar's Uniform + Iron Shield
              --- RED'S HOUSE ---
       Just got to say hi to Red here before skedaddling.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Hairband
    |_| Mini Medal
              --- SWORDSMAN'S LABYRINTH ---
       I was level 19 by the time I made it to the boss and while I was 1
    level away from Jessica getting Oomph, Angelo had Kabuff which became my
    new best friend. The enemies in the dungeon itself weren't too bad as long
    as I kept healed but I was rather low on magic by the end. Wasn't a big
    problem however as with Angelo constantly using Kabuff he eventually was
    doing only 1 damage against me. His other attacks which were rarely used
    were to cast Crackle, make an armor piercing desperate attack which did
    about 80 damage and to try to inflict confuse on you. He did this to
    Jessica who was then gone for the rest of the battle due to paralysis.
    Just use Tension and keep your health up and Kabuff on and you will be
    |_| Cowpat
    |_| Map of Swordsman's Labyrinth
    |_| Cannibox
    |_| 11 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Magic
    |_| 62 Gold Coins
    |_| Red Mould
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Kitty Shield
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Venus' Tear (From Boss)
              --- HILLTOP HUT ---
       After saying hello to Red and Brains it's time to head back to Perequin
    Quay where the rockslide is gone and over to the Hilltop Hut. If you spend
    a night or two here, you will see King Trode fix up the Alchemy Pot and
    wink at you meaning it can now hold 3 ingredients. YAY!!! Unfortunately
    there's nothing good to make yet, but it's something to tide you over if
    you're running low on recipes to make.
    |_| Slime Crown
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Iron Lance
    |_| Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
    |_| Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb
    |_| Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
    |_| Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb
    |_| Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
    |_| Rose Root + Rose-Wort + Lesser Panacea
    |_| Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special Medicine
              --- KINGDOM OF TRODAIN ---
       From the Hut there's a simple foray across the valley where you'll get
    to learn that you're right by Trodain and that it would be best to go there
    unless you plan on dragging the ship by your teeth. The enemies here aren't
    really dangerous at all but if you need to, once you head through the short
    tunnel, there is a chapel to rest and save midway there. Once you reach the
    castle you can also finally start hunting for recruitable monsters as you'll
    find the last of Morries monsters here right in front of the castle. The
    other two are along the path to the Ruined Abbey by Maella Abbey and on the
    beach south of Red's Place. If you wish to start collecting a few, head to
    the section at the end on monster locations to find out which ones you can
    get but I will act as though you do not have any until later on.
    |_| Sledgehammer (Top of hill just Southeast of the Ship)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Southwest corner of region at the end of the peninsula)
    |_| Fresh Milk (There is a cow right in front of the tunnel)
    |_| 2 Fresh Milk (There are 2 cows by the Chapel)
    |_| 630 Gold Coins (West of Trodain North of the road, West side of gully)
    |_| Cannibox (West of Trodain North of the road, East side of gully)
              --- TRODAIN CASTLE ---
       Finally back home, and while you may wish the bridge hadn't been busted,
    you'll see that at level 1 you don't want to be here. The enemies aren't
    deadly just yet though the Dragonthorns breath attack will be very annoying.
    If you're lucky you may even kill a Liquid Metal Slime ^_^. I recommend
    however heading up the stairs first and when you enter the doors to turn
    left and clear out that area first. That way you'll have the map and Magic
    Key before heading deeper into the castle. There's no boss here again so at
    level 21 I had no difficulty.
    |_| Imp Knife recipe (By Fountain, may not be there yet)
    |_| Map of Castle Trodain
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 29 Gold Coins
    |_| Garter
    |_| 46 Gold Coins
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| Magic Key
    |_| Templar's Sword
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| 150 Gold Coins
    |_| Mini Medal
              --- TREASURE HUNT (Magic Key) ---
       With the Magic Key we can now go From Maella to Trodain again except
    we can now open a bunch more treasures.
    |_| Mini Medal (West of Maella Abbey North of the river)
    |_| Steel Broadsword (Northwest of Riverside Chapel south of the valley)
    |_| Mini Medal (North of Riverside Chapel near the bend)
    |_| Agility Ring (Northeast of Riverside Chapel at bend by the cliff)
    |_| Mini Medal (Behind Monster Arena)
    |_| Seed of Defence (North of Monster Arena in a crevasse)
    |_| Gold Ring (West of Swordsman's Labyrinth at North end of mountains)
    |_| Seed of Skill (Southwest of Red's house at South end of mountains)
    |_| Seed of Defence (West of Hilltop Hut in the Southeast corner of valley)
    |_| Lesser Panacea (East of Trodain Castle by broken bridge)
              --- LAND OF THE MOLES ---
       With some new yet nearly useless treasures in hand we can now go to
    Ascantha and get our reward for pointing out that the king was a whiny baby
    for 2 years. But oh Noes, it has been stolened!!! Nothing but an
    inconvenience however, it's just a short jaunt through a cave and a very
    small area to get through to the next dungeon. With all the Mischevious
    Moles, there is very little danger.
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow in the middle of the area)
    |_| Seed of Life (Right in the middle of the area, in a field)
    |_| Mini Medal (Right above the entrance to the Mole Hole)
              --- MOLE HOLE ---
       Since the enemies are essentialy the same as they are outside of the cave
    and there are only 4 treasures to get (with 2 right beside each other) and
    all of them being on the way, you'll get through relatively unscathed leaving
    you near full magic with the boss. I was level 22 and Jessica finally had
    Oomph. The First round Don Mole always plays music which rarely works on you
    but almost always works on the Soul Moles. I personally kill them off but
    when confused they often attack each other, run away or are paralysed. After
    this Don Moles regular attacks deal about 40 damage or he shakes the ground
    which does 40 damage to all or he summons another mole. He may also sing again
    after awhile but that's not a big threat. Just Oomph, use a few Kabuffs and
    tensions mixed with attacks and he will not ba a problem at all unles like
    myself you are insane and insist on having a certain number of Soul Mole kills
    in your beastiary (I like to have an even number).
    |_| Map of Mole Hole
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Stone Hardhat
    |_| Moonshadow Harp (From Boss)
              --- Princess Minnie's Castle ---
       Return to Trodain at night and give the Magic Harp to the Bard (who I think
    is holding out on you in terms of magic equipment) and get yourself the ship
    which just happens to start pointed right at Minnie's Island which is populated
    by some scary monsters. The Scorpions are best dealt with with magic and Tap
    Devils can do a death dance which has killed me outright before on a few
    occasions (being left with one person tends to get me killed as well). Since
    you will find these guys on Neos island as well as other islands you'll want to
    start saving VERY often. Here there's not much to do other than create a warp
    point and move onto Neos which is to the Southwest in between the continents.
    |_| Mini Medal (Behind Princess Minnie's Castle)
    |_| Mini Medal (Princess Minnie's Castle)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow behind castle by treasure chest)
    |_| Fishnet Stockings (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (175 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Red Mould
    |_| 4 Waterweed Mould
    |_| Plain Cheese + Red Mould
    |_| Plain Cheese + Waterweed Mould
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Cool Cheese + Waterweed Mould
              --- NEOS ISLAND ---
       Not only do you have to fear Tap Dancers here but the Red-Tailed demon
    man-whores who have an attack which can deal 50 damage to all, very deadly
    when used repeatedly at such a low health as I was. You can however finally
    make some nice money if you are lucky as there are Gold Golems on Neos island
    if you are willing to risk other fights with your crappy equipment (assuming
    you listened to me of course and saved your money) but if you make it to town
    you'll be treated with your new warp base of operations and a nice couple of
    shops to buy stuff. However I had not enough money even as cheap as I had
    been throughout the game even with a few Gold Golem encounters. Since there
    will be a few more towns soon after Neos you can pretty much prepare to be
    poor forever. Just around getting the Ship I had completed all of the Medicinal
    Herb recipes so I assume others who aren't making a beeline for the next area
    will also be complete and so you also have to choose between what you need to
    survive and what you need for recipes. This promises to be a long portion of
    the game unless you level and build up some money or had done so earlier.
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Agility Ring
              --- NEOS (All Items lost if not found prior to Black Citadel) ---
       Just shopping and an optional scene at the entrance to the cathedral.
    There's no save point here despite being a religious town so prepare to use
    alot of warping, I also recommend using the Hilltop Hut instead of paying 200
    Gold Pieces to sleep on the floor here.
    |_| Seed of Magic
    |_| Holy Water
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| 16 Gold Coins
    |_| Scholar's Specs
    |_| Moonwort Bulb
    |_| Spicy Cheese
    |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| 80 Gold Coins
    |_| Gold Rosary
    Buy (22350 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 2 Steel Scythes
    |_| 1 Chain Whip
    |_| 1 Dream Blade
    |_| 1 Full Plate Armour
    |_| 1 Light Shield
    |_| 1 Steel Shield
    |_| 2 Gold Rosarys
    |_| Short Bow + Chain Whip
    |_| Long Spear + Gold Rosary
    |_| Spicy Cheese + Red Mould + Red Mould
              --- TREASURE HUNT (Ship) ---
       The places you'll want to visit by ship assuming you are waiting before
    recruiting monsters are the Pirate's Cove which is most easily reached by
    warping to Alexandria and heading via boat into the river. There is also an
    area West of Pickham which was blocked off by mountains and an island just
    West of that. West of Neos there is a large isolated beach and finally in
    the Southwest corner of the world there is an unnamed island that isn't on
    the World Map. The actual trip to these places isn't too dangerous if you
    realize that Tentaculars are EXTREMELY weak against instant death attacks
    and status effects spells such as sleep, Whack is the best way to kill them
    as it works about 80% of the time. The Pirate's Cove and the cape West of
    Pickham however have some deadly enemies on them if you aren't prepared so
    take care in your item hunting before moving onto the populated and larger
    continents. The hidden island is home to Canniboxes and Mimics and I myself
    got 4 Iron Nails just from getting the 2 chests on the island so if you do
    as well, this opens up some recipes I have listed after the walkthrough.
    |_| Mini Medal (Pirate's Cove) 
    |_| Seed of Magic (Pirate's Cove)
    |_| 790 Gold Coins (Pirate's Cove)
    |_| Iron Armour (Island West of Maella Abbey)
    |_| Bronze Knife (Island West of Maella Abbey)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Middle of island South of Neos)
    |_| 950 Gold Coins (South end of island South of Neos)
    |_| Seed of Life (Hill in the middle of the cape West of Pickham)
    |_| Iron Mask (East side of the cape West of Pickham)
    |_| Yggdrasil Leaf (East end of beach Southeast of Argonia)
    |_| Seed of Strength (West end of beach Southeast of Argonia)
    |_| Platinum Sword (Island not on map, far Southwest corner of the World)
    |_| Posh Waistcoat (Princess Minnie)
    |_| Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife
    |_| Leather Shield + Bronze Knife
              --- SEAVIEW CHAPEL TO BACCARAT ---
       On your way from Neos to the Seaview Chapel it might be a good idea to
    stop off at the 2 points of land right before on each of these points are
    treasure chests from the Baccarat region and this is in fact the easiest
    way to get them. I also recommend getting off at the Northeasterly most
    point of the island in order to pick up the 1200 Gold Pieces there before
    running around. The enemies here aren't dangerous at all, you'd almost think
    that you were supposed to go here as opposed to running around a bunch of
    random islands or something... Either way, follow the road to Baccarat.
    |_| Tough Guy Tattoo (Behind Seaview Chapel)
    |_| Mini Medal (Seaview Chapel)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow in front of the Seaview Chapel)
    |_| 1,200 Gold Coins (Northeast point of the region)
              --- BACCARAT (Mansion Locked) ---
       By the time I made it to Baccarat, I ran out of recipes to make and
    while I simply stopped, you could make more strong medicines for money but
    I want to keep the rarity up for no good reason as I can be a bit of a
    crazed perfectionist, also I want to come up with strategies that work for
    this guide if followed word for word. I still of course lack money but that
    problem will only get far worse before it gets better. Head into the Inn
    to witness the scene between the bartender and the innkeep before talking
    to the bartender downstairs to learn about what's up here before heading on
    to get one of the most useful items in the game.
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Strong Medicine
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Cool Cheese
    |_| 72 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Ruby of Protection
    |_| Dancer's Costume
    |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| Garter
    Buy (8550 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 4 Poison Needles
    |_| 1 Coral Hairpin
       Soon, another one of the games greatest items will be in your possession
    (The World Map being the first). Just South of Baccarat you'll find a small
    area with one guy guarding a house. Answer Tom's questions (the answers are
    painfully obvious) and accept the mission from his master. Now all you really
    need to do is to follow the road South of his Chateau all the way around until
    it disappears and keep going. You'll see a bowl valley with a rock formation
    in it and this is where the Tree will appear. I got here when night started so
    I had a nice long wait but once you use the Sand and return to Felix, you get
    Baumren's Bell which in all but the Isolated Plateau will allow you to move
    around the world map about 3x as fast which is awesome. My first time through
    I didn't want to run around all day and knew about the Bell but happened to
    search every single inch of the world before heading to Baccarat and then
    Chateau Felix. I mean every island was explored fully...
    |_| Sand of Serenity (Chateau Felix)
    |_| Mini Medal (End of inlet South of Chateau Felix here mountain meets cliff)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow just along the road South of Chateau Felix)
    |_| Seed of Agility (North side of elevated plateau East of Chateau Felix) 
    |_| Seed of Defence (North end of Eastern mountain range)
    |_| 800 Gold Coins (North end of middle island that has the Tree of Styx)
    |_| Yggdrasil Leaf (By base of Spirit Tree at dawn if you have none)
    |_| Baumren's Bell (Chateau Felix after using the sand of Serenity)
              --- NORTHWEST ISLE ---
       With Baumren's Bell, life becomes so easy. There are 4 paths on the island
    with the one leading to the DarkRuins being the second from the right. Head
    on in and get lost and when you get out talk to the henchmen to find out that
    you need to head to Argonia to get in, therefore off to Savella we go.
    |_| Zombie Mail
    |_| Mini Medal 
    |_| Mini Medal
              --- SAVELLA CATHEDRAL ISLAND ---
       On this island there are 2 bird which when talked to give you seeds but
    otherwise there's nothing out of the ordinary, nor any truly dangerous
    |_| Seed of Life (Talk to a bird at the end of the Northern path)
    |_| Magic Water (Northwest corner of the island)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow at Northwest corner of the island)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Talk to a bird midway along the Southern path)
    |_| Seed of Defence (Head North around Savella Cathedral, behind it)
              --- SAVELLA CATHEDRAL ---
       Unless you want to see an optional cutscene involving Angelo all there
    really is to do here is to pick up the 2 treasures and to wish you had more
    Gold kicking around. You are also adding the town to your warp list of
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| Dragon Slayer recipe (Behind lift, may not be there yet)
    |_| Staff of Divine Wrath (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (26000 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 2 Partisans
    |_| 4 Silver Mail
    |_| Dancer's Costume + Silver Mail
              --- KINGDOM OF ARGONIA ---
       Argonia presents the last truly massive landmass to search and is the
    biggest one indeed. Some of the enemies here were able to dish out 60 damage
    in a single hit which led to Jessica dying almost a dozen times as I went
    around collecting all the treasures despite my being level 26 (though she
    and Angelo were only level 24) by then end. I recommend starting the search
    at the mouth of the river accessed by boat West of Neos, heading to the
    Royal Hunting Grounds, over to Argonia, across to the Mystical Spring, back
    down around the lake to pick up the last few treasures and into the Desert
    to get the few in there before finally searching Argonia itself. Even with
    Baumren's Bell it will likely take over an hour to complete but this will
    help you gain a few needed levels before having to face Dhoulmagus.
    Unfortunately however the battles here tend to give you as much Gold as
    the battles around Alexandria so you will not become rich by any respects.
    |_| Iron Helmet (Mouth of river Southeast of Argonia)
    |_| Light Shield (Directly West of Royal Hunting Grounds past bend in road)
    |_| 41 Gold Coins (Hut outside of the Royal Hunting Grounds)
    |_| Mini Medal (Hut outside of the Royal Hunting Grounds)
    |_| Seed of Wisdom (East side of waterfall Northwest of Argonia)
    |_| Mini Medal (Along West side of Argonia)
    |_| Eagle Dagger (Southwest of Argonia, East of plateau East of lake)
    |_| Prayer Ring (Northeast of Peddler's tent, on plateau by lake)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow right beside the hut near Mystic Spring)
    |_| Seed of Skill (Hut near Mystic Spring)
    |_| Mini Medal (Hut near Mystic Spring)
    |_| 1,500 Gold Coins (Directly South of the hut near Mystic Spring)
    |_| Seed of Agility (Northwest of Lake Argonia along plateau)
    |_| Steel Shield (Along the South edge of Lake Argonia)
    |_| 2 Fresh Milk (Cows along the South edge of Lake Argonia)
    |_| Prayer Ring (Far West of Lake Argonia)
    |_| Lightning Staff (Southwest tip of continent West of desert)
    Buy (Campsite Merchant, 2300 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Turtle Shell
    |_| Eagle Dagger + Poison Needle
    |_| Light Shield + Fresh Milk + Fresh Milk
              --- DESERT ---
       Only 2 chests to collect here for now, the enemies are weaker than in
    Argonia but use Crackle alot as it's very useful here. The best way to
    hunt them down is to head into the well just East of the Chapel warping
    to the center, then head to the South wall and head West to the other
    well with one chest and warp to the other well with the second chest. Now
    it's off to Argonia.
    |_| Dragon Scale (By the well in the middle of South edge of desert)
    |_| Dragon Dung (By the well in the Northeast corner of the desert)
              --- ARGONIA ---
       Such a big region is deserving of a senselessly big castle is it not?
    This is in fact the only place where I will seperate the items in terms
    of if they are found in the town or in the castle since searching both
    for a missed item is enough to drive one mad. Or at least myself after
    running through the castle as many times as I have. Anyways, assuming
    that you've talked to the mercenaries hired to avenge Golding, it turns
    out that they managed to find Charmles and you can now enter the castle.
    all that is necessary to do here is to talk to the king, find Charmles
    and then head out of town to the Royal Hunting Grounds. There's only one
    new item to buy this time, but just wait until you come back, there will
    be enough to make you cry...
    In the Town section
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| 38 Gold Coins
    |_| Strong Medicine
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Wayfarer's Clothes
    |_| Feathered Cap
    |_| 80 Gold Coins
    |_| Iron Axe
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Cool Cheese
    |_| Turban
    |_| Strong Antidote
    |_| Hairband
    |_| Leather Cape
    In the Castle section
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 30 Gold Coins
    |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| Cloak of Evasion
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| 50 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Lizard Humour (Get from Charmles on way to Hunting Grounds)
    |_| Gold Nugget (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (4300 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Battle Axe
    |_| Battle Axe + Thief's Key
    |_| Magic Water + Plain Cheese
              --- ROYAL HUNTING GROUNDS ---
       Only 2 treasures you say? Well that makes life easy, especially since
    both are immediately to your right down the only 2 paths that way. What
    else could make this easier? How about a full heal before the boss, well
    consider it done. It's a short enough area that you can also be somewhat
    liberal with your spells and abilities. I was level 27 here and when
    taking down the Argon Lizards, a simple strategy of building tension as
    Jessica uses Sap twice before unloading a can of kick-ass worked very
    well, even for the big one. Otherwise you can take this time to develop
    a good and proper loathing for the prince and wish this was a game like
    Fable or D&D where you could kill him good yourself.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Dragon Scale
              --- TREASURE HUNT (After Hunting Grounds) ---
       Not really a treasure hunt per se, moreso a quick break for preparing
    to fight Dhoulmagus which is not easy at all without any monster team as
    I lack. I highly recommend having one that you can summon which contains
    Dumbking and Talos if you are having real troubles, they can help weaken
    both forms or you could alway head to Neos and build up some gold to get
    items you are too poor to buy from the Bazaar. Otherwise you need only
    rob the treasury, talk to the old man by the Mystic Springs, fight a Sea
    Dragon and head out to the Dark Ruins. Don't forget to make a trip out to
    the Woodsman for some cheese and if you haven't already, the Eros' Bow 
    Recipe should have appeared in Pickham by now.
    |_| Magic Mirror (Argonia vault)
    |_| Mini Medal (Argonia vault)
    |_| Devil's Tail (Argonia vault)
    |_| Battle Fork (Argonia vault)
    |_| Magical Hat (Argonia vault)
    |_| Sun Mirror (Recharge Magic Mirror at channel beneath Arcadia)
    |_| Cured Cheese [x2] (Waterfall Hut, talk to Woodsman)
    |_| Angel Cheese [x2] (Waterfall Hut, talk to Woodsman)
    |_| Mild Cheese [x4] (Waterfall Hut, talk to Woodsman)
    Buy (From Bazaar SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS ON A POGO STICK, 69350 Gold Pieces
                     Total, and that's not including 1000 per Yggdrasil Leaf)
    |_| 2 Zombiesbanes
    |_| 1 War Hammer
    |_| 1 Heavy Armour
    |_| 1 Silk Bustier
    |_| 2 Magical Hats
    |_| 1 Yggdrasil Leaf whenever needed
    |_| 2 Gold Bracers
    |_| 5 Gold Rings
    |_| 3 Tough Guy Tattoos
    |_| 2 Rubys of Protection
    |_| 2 Magic Shields
    |_| Zombiesbane + Silver Mail
    |_| Silk Bustier + Bunny Tail
    |_| Heavy Armour + Bandit Axe + Bandit's Grass Skirt
    |_| Red Mould + Waterweed Mould + Yggdrasil Leaf
    |_| 2x Holy Water + Gold Rosary + Tough Guy Tattoo
    |_| Magic Water + Yggdrasil Leaf
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Holy Talisman + Templar's Sword
    |_| Holy Talisman + Zombiesbane
              --- DARK RUINS ---
       The battles in here I must say are shockingly easy, and once more
    you need not worry about conserving magic for one of two reasons. Once
    you get through the Ruins and get all the treasures as well as open up
    the path to Dhoulmagus, I recommend heading out of the Ruins and saving
    in case of death. Of course if you don't mind being defeated then there
    is no real problem, in fact apparently if you die on his second form and
    return, he begins in the second form. I however insist on having 0
    wipe outs so it must all be done in one go for me. Right before the boss
    there is a crack in the wall and a pool of spring water which just
    happens to heal you fully so make sure to take advantage of this. I was
    able to defeat both forms one after the other with my hero at level 28,
    Yangus at level 27 and Angelo and Jessica at level 26. I did however
    use several Magic Waters/Prayer Rings and bought 2 Silver Mails and 2
    Magic Shields beforehand. They were on the list, but I had to fight a
    bit to get the gold. This was all completed in 24:41 game time including
    getting every single item up to this point.
       Form 1: First thing Dhoulmagus does is to split into 3 like a jerk
    which gives him the ability to attack up to 4x a round. Your first goal
    is to take them out since once gone they cannot return. The way that I
    did this was to start off by having everyone but Angelo psyche up to 50
    while Angelo was the dedicated healer as he is the entire fight. If he's
    not healing, he's probably filling up his magic or reviving. Anywho, I
    Had my Hero use Super Throw, Jessica used Booma nd Yangus was put to
    sleep before he could attack. This did about 500 damage to all and so
    after but a few more attacks by a slightly charged Yangus and Hero they
    were both gone. From there on out whenever Dhoulmagus used Ice Wave, I
    would psyche up and attack with Hero and Angelo healing and Jessica
    using Acceleratle (3 points into Stave) and Oomph or Frizzle. I made it
    out with most of my magic points intact and almost full health.
       Form 2: You mean we don't get time to heal? That's nice... At least
    he's only one this time, however he's got some very nasty attacks and
    enjoys his hit everyone spells and breath. My first try I died when he
    had 1500 damage dealt against him because I ran completely out of magic
    but this time I had a better plan and Magic Waters to save me. My
    strategy was almost the same as with the lone Dhoulmagus before where
    Hero and Angelo would both keep everyone at full or near full health
    with whatever spell was most efficient, Yangus would psyche up to 50
    after the Ice Wave and Jess would Acceleratle, Oomph and then cast Sap
    as this form would actually lose defense unlike the first form. The
    one thing which caused me some trouble was when he didn't use Wave of
    Ice for about 10 rounds and I refused to put up any barriers, psyche
    up or cast Oomph for fear he was going to use it the next round. On
    top of that, Sap didn't work during that whole time so it was a battle
    of attrition that he was winning until he finally got rid of my extra
    Agility and I could heal up and go back to phase 1 which did him in
    pretty quickly after that. Of course everyone gains a level afterwards,
    Hero gets Zing finally and Yangus gets 15 more attack with scythes...
    That would have been nice beforehand but we all lived regardless and I
    have maintained my 0 loss, flee and intimidate record as well as have
    never finished a battle without both Hero and Yangus being alive so
    they still have the same exp tally.
    |_| Map of Dark Ruins
    |_| Dragon Scale
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mimic
    |_| Saint's Ashes
              --- ARCADIA ---
       Remember that checkpoint in the North part of Argonia? No? Then
    you've probably been paying attention to me and I didn't tell you
    to go there but that's where we're heading now. Gasp, someone has
    destroyed it!!! Conveniently that's where enemies get slightly
    stronger than the last area and equipment in stores upgrades one
    level. Who would have guessed? Anywho, you have no choice at first
    but to head to the mansion only to learn that Jess has been possessed
    and it trying to kill people a la Dhoulmagus. It was very kind of her
    to open the doorway to let you in as opposed to flying across or
    teleporting but that's the foresight of RPG villains for you. After
    the scene talk to Master High and Mighty to get your quest and begin
    your item search. The only person you have to talk to is the guy
    sitting at the table in the building left of the first intersection
    in town to your right, beside the pub. Once again you likely have no
    money yet, but soon...
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| 350 Gold Coins
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Leather Dress
    |_| 230 Gold Coins
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Dragon Scale
    |_| Giant Mallet
    |_| 27 Gold Coins
    |_| Strength Ring
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Cowpat
    |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Poison Moth Knife
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Lesser Panacea
    |_| Mini Medal 
    |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| Mystifying Mixture
    |_| 26 Gold Coins
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Cloak of Evasion
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Stone Sword (Given by Rydon's son)
    |_| Seed of Skill (Mystery Shop at night, costs 2000 Gold Pieces) 
    |_| Meteorite Bracer (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (34900 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Sword Breaker
    |_| 1 Swallowtail
    |_| 1 Bastard Sword
    |_| 1 Magic Bikini
    |_| Cloak of Evasion + Boxer Shorts
    |_| Rock Salt + Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Rock Salt + Plain Cheese
    |_| Rock Salt + Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder
    |_| Giant Mallet + Iron Helmet + Iron Helmet
              --- ARCADIA REGION ---
       Another small region with non-threatening monsters, but you won't
    hear me complain, especially since we lack Jessica anyways. All there
    is to do here anyways is to get the treasures before moving onto
    Rydon's Tower.
    |_| Titan Belt (Just North of Arcadia on a bluff)
    |_| Silver Tiara (Along a mountain when the road heads into a valley)
    |_| Elfin Elixir (East of the road when the road heads into a valley)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow right next to the Chapel)
    |_| Assassin's Dagger (North of the road West of the Chapel in bowl)
              --- RYDON'S TOWER ---
       It seems that the encounter rate is low here but considering that
    the enemies are all physical heavy hitters with lots of health, I don't
    mind so much. The treasures are in the front door, at the top and right
    before the end so you can focus on getting to the top without worry.
    All you need to do is beat your enemies down and keep well healed and
    you'll have no trouble. Once done it turns out that you wasted your
    time since the Spinels are actually in the Tower of Alexandria, at the
    top of course but it takes very little time anyways.
    |_| Map of Rydon's Tower
    |_| Recovery Ring
    |_| Cheiron's Bow
    |_| Kran Spinels (Tower of Alexandria after Rydon's Tower, top floor)
              --- ARCADIA (Secret chamber) ---
       Back to Arcadia and so we give the Great Magician his prize and he
    sends us to get a book for him since he's a lazy bastard, but it lets
    us rob him some more. When you return Jessica conveniently attacks and
    you get healed before fighting her. Jess has very few abilities and she
    is no trouble at all. She can't remove your defenses so keep your
    defense up with Kabuff and use tension as you feel. Her only damaging
    attacks will be her magic and her summoning since the shadows can use
    a weak breath attack. The only way you should ever lose here is if she
    pulls off a good Kasnooze and you refuse to wake up, I know it worked
    on all my guys including 2 100 tension people then kabuff ran out, Hero
    died and refused to revive 3 rounds in a row... If you use boomerangs,
    a psyched up Super Throw will take them all out every time. Otherwise
    use whatever attacks you've been working on. Once done head West from
    Rydon's Tower and head into the tunnel towards Orkutsk.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Magic Vestment
    |_| 650 Gold Coins
    |_| Big Book of Barriers
              --- MARTA'S COTTAGE (Items which aren't given are lost if not found
                                           before you finish the Herb Grotto) ---
       Oh Noes! An avalanche!!! Game Over... Or not, anyways, when you wake up
    what better way to show your appreciation than by robbing her blind? When
    done with her cellar, head up and talk to everyone (even the dog) to open
    up the next cutscene. Next day it's time to head out again, nice and easy.
    |_| Special Medicine
    |_| Special Antidote
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Marta's Bag (Given by Marta)
    |_| Mini Medal (Head back in and search the barn)
              --- BLIZZARD PEAKS ---
       3 of the treasures are found in the ravine West of Marta's Cottage as
    well as Roborg who will be the first of 5 monsters I tell you to recruit. The
    other treasure is right above the Herb Grotto entrance so once acquired head
    into town.
    |_| Holy Silver Rapier (West of Marta's Cottage at the base of a tree)
    |_| Yggdrasil Leaf (West of Marta's Cottage in a crevasee on the South side)
    |_| Agility Ring (Far West of Marta's Cottage at the base of a tree)
    |_| Mini Medal (Right outside and above Herb Grotto entrance)
              --- ORKUTSK ---
       Only thing to do here since Marek isn't here is to rob all the townsfolk,
    then head out to the Monster Arena.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Chilly Cheese
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Ruby of Protection
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Edged Boomerang
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Wing of Bat
    |_| Rockbomb Shard
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Miracle Sword (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (25900 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Dragonsbane
    |_| 1 Velvet Cape
    |_| 1 Iron Headgear
    |_| Wizard's Staff + Rockbomb Shard
    |_| 2x Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mould + Waterweed Mould
              --- MORRIE'S PLACE (Once Monsters Caught): MONSTER ARENA ---
       Roborg by himself can wipe the floor with all 4 of the first ranks which
    unlocks the next 2 monsters to get. Back at Orkutsk head West and you'll see
    Cybot on a hill waiting for you and then South of Neos you'll see Talos. For
    all 3 of these monsters it's a simple Sap and attack strategy with Angelo as
    a healer. With these 3 monsters on your team you can now handle the most
    difficult ranking which suprisingly is not the final one, but Rank B. Once
    you take them out, which shouldn't be too difficult with these 3 monsters and
    minimal luck, you can head out to create one of the best monster teams out
    there. Remember that massive beach South of Argonia? Head back there and on
    the Eastern side you'll find Octurion and finally head to the Dark Ruins once
    more. Here on the West side of the island you'll find Skeledoid who can
    attack twice and put enemies to sleep with his attacks. These two along with
    Talos can take out the rest of the ranks easily thus rendering you the 
    Champione of Morrie's Monstrous Pit!!!! Enough of that, off to Baccarat.
    |_| Strength Ring
    |_| Bunny Suit
    |_| Ring of Clarity
    |_| Mighty Armlet
    |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| Bardiche of Binding
    |_| Hero Spear
    |_| Dragon Robe
              --- BACCARAT (Mansion Unlocked) ---
       The mansion is finally unlocked here now that Dhoulmagus is dead but the
    casino is not open quite yet. To get it open you must first talk to the whiny
    brats and pick any one (makes no difference) to guard on the way through the
    trial. In the morning head on out to the Desert Chapel and if you take the
    warp point in the well just to the East you'll end up in front of the entrance
    to the Dragon Graveyard.
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Spangled Dress
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| Gold Ring
    |_| 600 Tokens (Reward after beating the Dragon Graveyard)
    |_| Gold Ring + Seed of Magic
    |_| 2x Gold Ring + Poison Needle
    |_| Gold Ring + Poison Moth Knife
    |_| Gold Ring + Dream Blade
              --- DRAGON GRAVEYARD ---
       This ought to be the last dungeon you'll ever have to face where the
    monsters kick your ass since you have crap for equipment. There are 2 dragon
    types that have deadly fire breath attacks but that isn't your biggest threat.
    The Smackers in this area like to cast Kasnooze sometimes and lick your face,
    combine this weak enemy with a dragon or 2 and worse yet, a few Beelzebuzz who
    can cast Kerplunk and revive averything with full health and you could be in
    trouble. If you get in too much trouble however you now have a killer monster
    team to help you out. When you reach the end you are faced with a boss who
    become regular monsters later on. The best part is however that they use almost
    exclusively physical attacks and cannot do a wave of ice attack, so Kabuff and
    heal with Angelo, psyche up to the max with Hero and Yangus and have Jess use
    Acceleratle, Oomph and Sap and see how much damage you can pull off in one
    attack. If Red Fang psyches up too much for your liking, just summon your
    monsters to absorb the damage and laugh in his face. Once done watch the
    touching scene and return to Baccarat for some gambling.
    |_| Map of Dragon Graveyard
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| Dragon Shield
       Now the Baccarat casino is finally open. First things first, spend every
    penny you have on Tokens. DO IT!!! When you get enough Tokens you can just buy
    Prayer Rings by the dozen and sell them for mad stacks of coinage. But first
    we need a fair bit of money. What you want to eventually do is cover the entire
    first third of the roulette table from 0-9 with as many chips as you can. This
    will cost you 22000 Tokens so first we need to make some Tokens since you likely
    have 1000 or less. First I recommend just 100 tokens on 0-7 or something like
    that, a win will get you 2800 and from there you can start by filling up 5 which
    will get you 14000 or by centering more on one specific number. I specified and
    got lucky making 44400 Tokens on a 2800 Token bet. As you can already guess,
    there will be alot of resetting as you go for the gold and you'll make anywhere
    from about 50000-68500 on a bet depending on the number it lands on (2 gets the
    most) so it is up to you if you reset after every loss or try your luck several
    times in a row and hope to end up ahead before saving. It will take alot of
    patience but it takes only about 2 hours depending on your luck and it beats
    trying to amass 10040000 Gold in order to buy them that way. You can also buy
    extra Prayer rings at the end and sell them for cash, you can easily make a
    fortune in minimal time this way and afford all those items from the Bazaar and
    any other store you might want so you will never be poor again. Once you're
    happy with your gains head off to Trodain if you haven't gotten the Imp Knife
    Recipe yet and then off to the Herb Grotto.
    Buy (502000 Tokens Total, not as bad as it sounds)
    |_| 4 Silver Platters
    |_| 6 Agility Rings
    |_| 3 Rune Staffs
    |_| 1 Platinum Headgear
    |_| 9 Prayer Rings
    |_| 2 Spangled Dresses
    |_| 17 Saint's Ashes
    |_| 3 Falcon Blades
    |_| 3 Liquid Metal Armours
    |_| 1 Gringham Whip
    |_| Rune Staff + Wizard's Staff
    |_| Iron Shield + Silver Platter
    |_| Coral Hairpin + Silver Platter
    |_| 3x Seed of Strength + Prayer Ring
    |_| 5x Seed of Life + Prayer Ring
    |_| Seed of Defense + Prayer Ring
    |_| Seed of Agility + Prayer Ring
    |_| Saint's Ashes + Zombie Mail
    |_| 2x Saint's Ashes + Partisan
    |_| Strength Ring + Leather Kilt
    |_| Strength Ring + Magic Shield + Cured Cheese
    |_| Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Strength Ring
    |_| Seed of Wisdom + Ring of Clarity + Ring of Awakening
    |_| Full Plate Armour + Ruby of Protection + Prayer Ring
    |_| 3x Spangled Dress + Ruby of Protection + Gold Bracer
    |_| Steel Shield + Ruby of Protection + Prayer Ring
    |_| Iron Cuirass + Silver Platter + Silver Platter
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| 3x Agility Ring + Bandana
    |_| 2x Recovery Ring + Gold Bracer
    |_| Gold Ring + Sandstorm Spear
    |_| Magic Armour + Edged Boomerang
    |_| 2x Strength Ring + Titan Belt
    |_| 2x Magical Hat + Scholar's Specs
    |_| 2x Hunter's Bow + Garter
    |_| Rune Staff + Light Shield + Shimmering Dress
    |_| Slime Earring + Tough Guy Tattoo + Agility Ring
    Recipes after Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Feathered Cap + Mercury's Bandana
    |_| Miracle Sword + Life Bracer
    |_| Eros' Bow + Power Shield
    |_| Scholar's Cap + Magic Vestment
    |_| Rune Staff + Life Bracer + Yggdrasil Leaf
    |_| Full Moon RIng + Ring of Immunity + Ring of Truth
              --- HERB GROTTO ---
       You'll be amazed just how easy life is when you are rich, at least
    that is if you aren't used to it... Enough of my minimum wage bitterness,
    all you need to do in this dungeon is to get to the bottom and save Marek
    and the only 2 things you should watch for are drips of water which when
    passed under cause massive icicles to fall behind you and pots in the
    campsites containing items, once you're done the closest thing they have
    to a boss is 8 puny wolves and it's off to drop Marek off at home and
    then to visit his momma.
    |_| Map of Herb Grotto
    |_| Rose Wort
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 100 Gold Coins
    |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| Devil's Tail
    |_| 2,100 Gold Coins
    |_| Rose-Root
    |_| Mini Medal 
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Icicle Dirk
    |_| Sacred Armour (Princess Minnie)
              --- MARTA'S COTTAGE ---
       You need only go into the cave to find Marta, anywhere else and you get
    more wolves and after the scene with Marta you get to fight 8 more anyways.
    But you also get the Ultimate Key, and you know what that means...
    |_| Ultimate Key (Given by Marta)
              --- TREASURE HUNT (Ultimate Key) ---
       This time the key opens doors so all the chests are in a single room
    so the only thing that you may need to look for is the Puff-Puff Club
    which is Nortwest of Argonia on the West side of the waterfall through a
    door on the mountainside. Then there's the Pirate's cove which is actually
    a dungeon.
    |_| Rune Staff (Pickham, set of houses in the back)
    |_| Power Shield (Pickham, set of houses in the back)
    |_| Mini Medal (Pickham, set of houses in the back)
    |_| Mimic (Pickham, set of houses in the back)
    |_| Seed of Agility (Red's house, in the basement)
    |_| Garter (Red's house, in the basement)
    |_| Mini Medal (Red's house, in the basement)
    |_| Spiked Steel Whip (Red's house, in the basement)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Trodain Castle, 2nd floor of building on the right)
    |_| Yggdrasil Dew (Trodain Castle, 2nd floor of building on the right)
    |_| Rusty Old Sword (Trodain Castle, 2nd floor of building on the right)
    |_| Mini Medal (Trodain Castle, 2nd floor of building on the right)
    |_| Skull Ring (Argonia, Treasury accessed from outside on 3rd floor)
    |_| Mini Medal (Argonia, Treasury accessed from outside on 3rd floor)
    |_| Moon Axe (Argonia, Treasury accessed from outside on 3rd floor)
    |_| Mini Medal (Le Puff-Puff Club, changing room)
    |_| Silver Platter (Le Puff-Puff Club, changing room)
    |_| Mini Medal (Arcadia, in the back of the item shop)
    |_| Titan Belt (Arcadia, in the back of the item shop)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Arcadia, in the back of the item shop)
    |_| Double-Edged Sword (Princess Minnie's Castle, front lobby)
    |_| Seed of Strength (Princess Minnie's Castle, front lobby)
    |_| Mini Medal (Princess Minnie's Castle, front lobby) 
    |_| Seed of Life (Princess Minnie's Castle, front lobby)
    |_| Orichalcum (Princess Minnie)
    |_| Skull Ring + Saint's Ashes + Saint's Ashes
    |_| Double-Edged Sword + Saint's Ashes + Saint's Ashes
              --- PIRATE'S COVE ---
       Seriously now, you open up 3 pathways for Red and still she's an
    unappreciative wench. Another quick and easy dungeon crawl (don't believe
    her when she says there's nothing behind her) and a surprisingly easy boss.
    Crows favorite attack is to psyche up and he will often psyche up to at
    least 50 if not 100, sometimes even then he'll psyche up. You should
    probably do the same and if he get's up to 100, I call that a good time to
    call up some monster team to absorb the damage. He can use the wave of ice
    attack so be careful about that, otherwise he's very easy to take down.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Magic Water
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Map of Pirate's Cove
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Hades' Helm
    |_| Bone Shield
    |_| Illuminated Sea Chart (Recieve after beating Boss)
              --- ISOLATED PLATEAU ---
       Use the chart, head to the X and follow the glowing path, sound easy?
    Well it is, and now you can get onto an entirely new island and
    unfortunately for you it's the only land which is without Great Sabercats
    so you get to hoof it around sucker. Though they have few Sabercats, they
    do however have alot of cows for some reason but the only necessary action
    is to head to the next town.
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow on way up from the beach where you landed)
    |_| Magical Mace (Middle of poisonous swamp on the West end of the island)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow Southwest of the swamp)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow on the West side of the small lake)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow on the North side of the small lake)
    |_| Lesser Panacea (West side of the river coming out of the small lake)
    |_| Mighty Armlet (South side of pillar of land East of the small lake)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow South of Empycchu)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow Southeast of Empycchu on a hill)
    |_| Mini Medal (Southeast of Empycchu on a hill)
    |_| Elfin Elixir (Northeast corner of the island South of the plateau)
    |_| Dragonsbane + Mighty Armlet
    |_| War Hammer + Mighty Armlet
    |_| Bandit Mail + Mighty Armlet + Mighty Armlet 
              --- EMPYCCHU ---
       Do you like robbing innocent little native tribes? I do, it's in my
    blood. Well not really, the French in me tried to co-exist and the
    German was busy plotting against the French. Anyways, money is no longer
    an issue but there's no longer much to buy anyways. Head to the Elder's,
    chat with him if you like but more importantly stay at the inn to make
    sure it's early before heading out to the stone pillars which look just
    like the ones in the middle of town, they are in the middle of the island.
    From here look for that shadow and chase it until it open up a portal far
    West of the town and head on in.
    |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| Red Mould
    |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Special Medicine
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Fur Poncho
    |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| Mini Medal 
    |_| Metal King Helm (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (31300 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 2 Magical Maces
    |_| 1 Mithril Helm
    |_| Feathered Cap + Fur Poncho
    |_| Magical Mace + Magical Hat + Bandit's Grass Skirt
              --- WORLD OF DARKNESS ---
       Haha, more fun running around except this time it's in monotone
    shades of grey. No cows here but the chests are more annoying to get
    but once done you need only head to Dark Empycchu.
    |_| Mini Medal (Behind a log just East of the portal you came from)
    |_| Devil's Tail (East side of beach where your ship should be)
    |_| Iron Headgear (West side of beach where your ship should be)
    |_| Seed of Agility (Along South side of plateau surrounding Empycchu)
    |_| Scholar's Cap + Iron Headgear
              --- DARK EMPYCCHU ---
       For people supposedly living in tones of grey, they know alot
    about color, except how to extract it from water or fire... You
    should know the drill by now, rob people and talk to the only important
    person in town who is *gasp* the chieftan. Then heal and save and get
    ready for battles which become more grueling again. Once more head to
    the stone formation but this time you get to fight the Godbird.
    Empyrea is scary, sap doesn't work on her, she gets 2 attacks and deals
    massive damage, easily killing anyone if she hits them twice. She can
    also use Wave of Ice so make sure she has reason to to prevent her from
    attacking you normally and hope she wastes the other turn using Midheal.
    Otherwise, it's a battle of attrition. Luckily she doesn't have too many
    hitpoints but you won't do much damage either, be sure to send out the
    teams however since they will be of great help. If you can make sure you
    have high spell resistance so as to weaken her Zap spell. Once defeated,
    head back to town and heal up once more before returning to save her
    |_| Seed of Magic
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Cowpat
    |_| Cold Cheese
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| 180 Gold Coins
    |_| Special Antidote
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Premium Mould
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Dragon Scale
    |_| Mini Medal
              --- GODBIRD'S EYRIE (DARK) ---
       If you're very unlucky (Like I was) every other attack will be a
    desperate attack from the Dark Dullahans or a party crushing attack from
    the Darkodiles and you'll be low on magic by the time you reach Gemon.
    Make sure you have some magic and then prepare to face a boss far easier
    than Empyrea. He too hits hard but cannot use a Wave of ice so sup up
    your defense a little and use Insulatle to soak up his flame breath. His
    minions (which can be resummoned) are no problem except that the Dark
    Turkey can use an intimidating scream and mess up your psyching up or he
    can cast Kasap. What you want to do here is use Acceleratle and follow
    the good old psyche up Hero and Yangus while Angelo heals and Jessica
    casts Oomph and Sap routine which we all know and love and Gemon will
    likewise be easy. Don't forget to send out the monster teams to inflict
    a bit of harm whenever you feel like it, it's not really necessary though.
    Once finished you get the best item in the game, being the Godbird's Soul
    which lets you fly around the world real quickly, at least I think it's
    |_| Map of the Godbird's Eyrie
    |_| Ring of Truth
    |_| Gold Nugget 
    |_| Demon Whip
    |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| Godbird's Soulstone (Given after beating Boss)
    |_| Demon Whip + Saint's Ashes
              --- GODBIRD'S EYRIE (LIGHT) ---
       This is the exact same dungeon except different treasures and no boss.
    You may notice it somehow doesn't have a map despite being a mirror world.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Gold Nugget
    |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| Orichalcum
       Now that you can fly around like a birdie, it's time to wonder how and
    why people put treasure chests on the top of massive plateaus around the
    world as we take them. There's some really nice items up here so go for it.
    |_| Nook Grass [x4] (Talk to Marek at Orkutsk)
    |_| Flametang Boomerang (Top level of plateau West of Peddler's tent)
    |_| Ruinous Shield (Plateau on Southwest part of Northwest Isle)
    |_| Yggdrasil Dew (Island in lake Northwest of Pickham)
    |_| Skull Helm (South end of plateau South of Empycchu)
    |_| Mini Medal (Bottom level of plateau South of Dragon Graveyard)
    |_| Ogre Shield (Top level of plateau South of Dragon Graveyard)
    |_| Conqueror's Axe (Bottom level of plateau North of Rydon's Tower)
    |_| Yggdrasil Leaf (By ruins of a shack on hill East of Farebury)
    |_| Mini Medal (By ruins of a shack on hill East of Farebury) 
    |_| Mini Medal (Beach with pier on hill east of Farebury, search sand)
    |_| Dangerous Bustier (Princess Minnie)
    |_| Spicy Cheese + Nook Grass
    |_| Magic Shield + Flametang Boomerang
    |_| Magic Water + Yggdrasil Dew
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Swallowtail + Flame Shield
    |_| Super Spicy Cheese + Cold Cheese + Rock Salt
              --- TRYAN GULLY ISLAND ---
       Just North of the Swordsman's Labyrinth is the next target and that's
    Tryan Gully. Not much to get here and it's pretty easy to find, also we
    get our trusty sabercats back for a speedy search. Once done head to town.
    |_| Super Spicy Cheese (West of Tryan Gully on cliff Northeast of bridge)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow West of Tryan Gully)
    |_| Fresh Milk (Cow just Southeast of the bridge)
    |_| Mini Medal (East of Tryan Gully, go all the way around)
              --- TRYAN GULLY ---
       You will always be Trode in town after the first scene, and what you
    want to do is turn right immediately and head to the end where you talk
    to the head elf and cyclops to learn about what's what and so that you
    can get into the treasury where all but the 3 items found in the pub are.
    The store here is incredibly expensive but it's also the last costly items
    you'll ever need to buy. You need only use the Darktree Leaf and hunt it
    down in Godbird form, turns out Sir Leopold is heading to the only other
    major place which is only accessible by air and that I have not told you
    to go to yet.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| Slime Crown
    |_| Darktree Leaf
    |_| Staff of Anti-Magic
    |_| Premium Mould
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Yggdrasil Dew
    Buy (A Whopping 147800 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 1 Great Bow
    |_| 1 Heavy Hatchet
    |_| 4 Mirror Shields
    |_| 1 Great Helm
    |_| 1 Flowing Dress
    |_| Flowing Dress + Magical Skirt
    |_| Great Bow + Eros' Bow + Cherion's Bow
    |_| Silver Mail + Mirror Shield + Mirror Shield
    |_| Mirror Shield + White Whield + Holy Water
    |_| Mirror Shield + Amor Seco Essence + Magic Water
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Angel Robe + Gold Rosary + Shimmering Dress
              --- LORD HIGH PRIEST'S RESIDENCE ---
       One again, nice and quick, all the treasures are inside the house and
    all the action is upstairs. Sir Leopold (they say evil but I don't quite
    remember him being good before) is another easy boss. His major attack is
    to simply attack you, possibly a desperate attack, otherwise he might use
    a powerful frost breath or an intimidating scream. He can't use wave of
    ice so just powerup with Kabuff and Oomph, tension to 50 and beat him down. 
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Sage's Robe
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Sage's Robe + Magic Water + Nook Grass
              --- Prison ---
       You know, I think this is the game where the hero goes the most
    unappreciated ever, and you haven't even gotten to the end yet... Anyways,
    you have to talk to everyone for any new scene to occur and after 2
    changes in scene, talk to Rolo once the guards are chatting and he'll
    help you guys escape. From here you go onto Neos to finally beat down that
    annoying half-brother of poor Angelo who only ever wanted to be loved :(.
    Marcello is very similar to Sir Leopold except that instead of an
    intimidating scream he does get the wave of ice, plus he gets 2 new weak
    single person attacks (Wind Sickles and Kafrizzle) and can cast the
    dreaded Midheal. Use essentially the same tactic you used against Sir
    Leopold except I recommend only psyching up to 20 instead, and remember
    that you have monster teams to wear him down a fair bit.
    |_| Templar Captain's Ring (Given by Marcello in Neos)
              --- TREASURE HUNT (After Black Citadel Appears) ---
       Though you didn't get any new item, there's a few treasures and a
    sidequest to complete, so head to Savella to get the last recipe if you
    haven't already, grab a few items and then head to the Chancellors house
    in Argonia at night (the one on the hill). From there head upstairs and
    touch the glowing mirror to be taken away.
    |_| Flail of Fury (Talk to Red)	
    |_| Highly-Strung Cheese [x3] (Waterfall Hut, talk to woodsman)
    |_| Nook Grass [x4] (Talk to Marek at Marta's Grave)
    |_| 400 Casino Tokens (Baccarat at night, Beat King Squid and refuse 200)
    |_| Seed of Magic (Argonia, indoor bazaar)
    |_| Mini Medal (Argonia, indoor bazaar)
              --- TROLLS' MAZE ---
       Hardly a maze, but the Troll part I get. I've yet to fin a single Great
    Troll in here but you can expect to find many many Trolls and Boss Trolls,
    in fact, I often fight nothing but those as I go through the Maze. I just
    send out my monster team every fight to make my life easy since there's no
    need to conserve magic. The chests are easy to find and the chefs have only
    alot more hit points than normal, but with their low agility they are no
    real threat so it should be a cakewalk to complete before saving and heading
    off to that floating castle in the sky.
    |_| Hell Sabre
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Seed of Strength [x2] (From Chancellor when you save him)
    |_| Seed of Life [x3] (From Chancellor when you save him)
              --- BLACK CITADEL (All but map found in Neos afterwards
                                                    if missed) ---
       The final dungeon, well if we ignore the secret one it is, but like most
    final dungeons there are some pretty nice treasures, such as 3 Orichalcums
    and a Sage's Stone. Left of the entrance you can find the Map and then the
    rest is off to your right. The enemies here give you some pretty good exp
    but are also somewhat tough, but nothing that you shouldn't be able to handle
    considering that you can use magic however you feel like it to heal or harm.
    When you get to the point where both of the stairs are raised, or maybe one
    at a time if you're hurting, I recommend heading back to town and healing
    and saving before going onto the boss just in case. By this time you should
    also have all of the treasures in the Citadel, if not you missed one. The
    inside of the Citadel has some tougher monsters but you can still be liberal
    with your magic because once you get to the bottom where there is the town
    area that spirals you can search the image in front of you to be healed.
    From here you run around until your statues are all destroyed and instead of
    the healing symbol, there's stairs heading down to good old Rhapthorne.
       Rhapthorne looks like some sort of firefly to me, but if you aren't careful
    he will beat you mercilessly. He uses Kaboom, Kafrizzle, Icy Breath, Wave of
    Ice, put someone to sleep, which is my least favorite, and both regular and
    desperate attacks. His desperate attack can deal 300 damage to you and his
    multiperson attacks can deal up to and over 100 to each of you but unlike the
    desperate attacks you can defend yourself here. If my hit points are full or
    almost full, Angelo would use Kabuff but otherwise was a healer as per usual.
    If Yangus has Helm Splitter I recommend having him use it repeatedly to lower
    Rhapthornes defense and give the Sage's Stone to Jessice for if you're in
    trouble. Otherwise you want her to use Acceleratle, then Magic barrier and
    Insulatle or some sort of substitute to help protect you and also Oomph on
    Hero before he attacks. I tend to Use Multithrust since I power up the spear
    enough to get Thunder Thrust for Metal Slimes but any powerful single enemy
    attack works nicely. If you have no tension due to a Wave of Ice or having
    attacked and Rhapthornes defense is 0, that's a great time to send out your
    monster teams who can then do over 1500 damage each if you're lucky. Doing
    this Rhapthorne should be easy enough with the right equipment and spells to
    weaken his attacks. Once he's finished, you mysteriously get healed and get
    to escape. I was at level 38 for Hero and Yangus, level 37 for Angelo and
    level 36 for Jessica when I beat him.
       The first of 4 mini-bosses/bosses you fight is a Servant of Darkness and 2
    Dancing Flames which is a really pathetic fight after having beat Rhapthorne.
    You can treat it like any normal enemy fight and this also applies for the
    next 2 battle against the Statues and the Megalodons. The final battle against
    the Ruins is more boss-like but since he can only attack once per round and
    he can only do a regular attack, Kabuff and Acceleratle will keep you safe
    while you can hit him with anything you feel like. 
    |_| Map of Black Citadel
    |_| Orichalcum
    |_| 500 Gold Coins
    |_| Prayer Ring
    |_| Seed of Defence
    |_| 1,200 Gold Coins
    |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| Yggdrasil Leaf
    |_| Hard Cheese
    |_| Orichalcum
    |_| Icicle Dirk
    |_| Cured Cheese
    |_| Seed of Life
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Dark Robe
    |_| Premium Mould
    |_| Silver Shield
    |_| Sage's Stone
    |_| Yggdrasil Dew (From Boss 4)
    |_| Orichalcum (From Boss 5)
    |_| Magic Shield + Icicle Dirk
    |_| Iron Headgear + Dark Robe
    |_| Bastard Sword + Icicle Dirk + Cold Cheese
    |_| Premium Mould + Dragon Dung + Super Spicy Cheese
    |_| Premium Mould + Dragon Dung + Cold Cheese
    |_| Premium Mould + Fresh Milk + Amor Seco Essence
    |_| Premium Mould + Fresh Milk + Yggdrasil Dew
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Scorching Cheese + C-C-Cold Cheese
              --- ORB HUNTING ---
       Unlike Dragon Warrior 3 where when you got the boat you had absolutaly
    no indication as to what to do and you might have even found 3 of the orbs
    before ever even hearing about the Echo Flute all of which you have no clue
    where they are without searching the world around (one of the reasons why I
    love it so), once you find the first orb you kinda realize that they are all
    exactly where Rhapthorne had someone killed, which means yet another journey
    to the top of the Tower of Alexandria for you. Once you get them all, make
    sure that you save and have one spot in everyones inventory open. You can
    however fill up the rest with all of those one use items you've been saving
    the whole game since you won't lose any anyways. Head back to Empyrea and
    she'll heal you and you can start the final battle.
       The first form of Rhapthorne with the shield is invincible as they tell
    you so you must all use the Godbird Staff in the same round 7 times. So use,
    make sure you have enough life, if not heal and put up barriers and then
    rinse and repeat. You should have little problem survivng since everyone can
    either heal or simply defend and once finished all 7 times, you are healed
    and can hurt Rhapthorne now.
       You have to replace any barriers you have lost but Rhapthornes attacks
    are basically exactly the same now which is very similar to when you fought
    him in the Black Citadel. In fact, you should use the exact same tactic you
    used the first time to take him down. I was the exact same level and did
    eveything the same and had as little trouble from this form as I did the
    first. The only real differences are that instead of a desperate attack he
    can hit you with 2 100 damage orbs and that he has a few more attacks that
    hit the whole party so you may need to focus a bit more on healing but he
    should still go down easily letting you beat the game and open up the secret
    dungeon. So don't forget to wait through everything and save after it all.
       Using my own strategies here for the entire game while going as fast as
    possible and even sticking to my terrible equipment instead of getting
    anything new as well as refusing to run away form a battle, be eliminated or
    even intimidate an enemy, I have completed the game with these stats for the
    completion file.
    Completion Time             42:40
    Distance Travelled          180.4 Miles
    Battles                     849
    Monsters Deafeated          2815
    Monsters Intimidated        0
    Victories                   845 (Stupid Metal monsters running away) 
    Times Fled                  0
    Times Wiped Out             0
    Total Gold Obtained         100255
    Maximum Damage in a Turn    4087 points combined damage on Ruin
       Although I have been going quickly up until here, it will not save your
    stats at any other completion time and so I will power up a little bit, fill
    up my monster list and complete my recipes before moving onto the Dragovian
    Path, then even more powering before taking on the Dragovian Lord and his
    many forms.
    |_| Echo Flute (Empyrea's perch West of Empycchu)
    |_| Purple Orb (Farebury, Rylus' house)
    |_| Blue Orb (Tower of Alexandria, top floor)
    |_| Gold Orb (Maella Abbey, Abbot's residence, 2nd floor)
    |_| Yellow Orb (Baccarat, Golding's Mansion, 2nd floor)
    |_| Green Orb (Arcadia, outside Sir Leopold's cage)
    |_| Red Orb (Outside the cave behind Marta's cottage)
    |_| Silver Orb (Lord High Priest's Residence, 2nd floor)
    |_| Godbird Sceptre [x4] (Empyrea's perch West of Empycchu)
              --- DRAGOVIAN PATH ---
       After spending some time hunting down monsters I made it to level 42 which
    is a good idea before entering the Dragovian Path because the monsters are
    quite tough. Not only do most regular attacks deal over 100 damage, there are
    desperate attacks, psyching up, calling for help, brutal cold breath attacks,
    those annoying turn wasting intimidating screams and sweet breath attacks
    putting you to sleep and while none of those aren't easily survivable, some
    of the enemies even get multiple turns and the Silhouettes can do the Death
    Dance while the Pandora's Boxes use Thwack, in a singele round you could lose
    more than half your party which is essentially instant death if only Yangus
    is left or too many enemies can still go that round. On top of this, the
    caves are quite long, luckily though it's not a maze. To get to the treasures
    you want to go left at the first crossroads right after the large cavern,
    another left at the cavern with water and crisscrossing paths on different
    levels, a right at the next crossroads and the final 3 are visible from the
    main path and are right near one another. Once finished it's a quick dash to
    the final town.
    |_| Liquid Metal Armour
    |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| Thanatos' Shield
    |_| Pandora's Box
    |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| Metal King Spear
    |_| Thanatos' Shield + Saint's Ashes
              --- DRAGOVIAN SANCTUARY ---
       I know what you're thinking, why isn't there just one more place to Zoom
    to to complete the list? Anyways, despite being the last town, there isn't
    any crazy new equipment to buy really, just good access to a few of the more
    rare items used in mixing, I mean, who doesn't want to put more curses onto
    their equipment only to have to remove them? Crazy people who don't want 100%
    completion and if you're reading this you aren't one of them, or you simply
    want a very point form and general walkthrough. After meeting Chen Mui all you
    need to do is to head down to the elders sitting room (I don't see enough
    houses for them I might add) to learn some background of the town. Of course
    they need your help since every is always needing your help in one way or
    another, that is when you aren't being arrested or spat upon by nobles...
    Stupid Charmles... From here you go to Chen Muis place and when you ask him
    abut the questions the team has he tells you that he'll reveal the truth after
    you beat the Lord of Dragovians. Of course I kinda knew half of it thanks to
    talking to people in Argonia and it's not that people are dropping hints here
    so much as beating you upside the head with them if you ask around.
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| Premium Mould
    |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Rock Salt
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Nook Grass
    |_| Yggdrasil Dew
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Chunky Cheese
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Angel Cheese
    |_| Highly-Strung Cheese
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Flail of Destruction (Princess Minnie)
    Buy (Just 2200 Gold Pieces Total)
    |_| 11 Devil's Tails
    |_| Goddess Shield + Devil's Tail
    |_| Mithril Helm + Devil's Tail
    |_| Hades' Helm + Saint's Ashes
    |_| Sorcerer's Ring + Devil's Tail
    |_| Uber-Double Edge + Devil's Tail
    |_| Assassin's Dagger + Devil's Tail
    |_| Devil's Tail + Saint's Ashes
    |_| Scourge Whip + Devil's Tail
    |_| Platinum Mail + Devil's Tail
    |_| Poison Needle + Devil's Tail + Battle Fork
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Steel Scythe + Poison Moth Knife + Hades' Helm
    |_| Mithril Helm + Cowpat + Fresh Milk
              --- HEAVENLY DAIS ---
       Hopefully you didn't have too much of a problem with the Dragovian Path
    because the Heavenly Dias is far more dangerous as enemies no longer have to
    rely on instant death attacks to take you down in the blink of an eye. While
    it is shorter than the Path, it is also more winding. In the first area,
    there's only 2 chests while in the second are you find the other 3 with the
    Lord of the Dragovians at the end. The Lord of the Dragovians however isn't
    that tough. All he can do are a few moderately powered regular attacks and
    desperate attacks, nothing the enemies in the area can't do, as well as a
    breath attack and sometimes an intimidating scream. In the end, he's not
    a great concern or challenge at this point in the game with all of the other
    similar enemies you've fought. The simple lower defense with Yangus, charge
    with Hero and keep alive with Jessica and Angelo will work nicely on him
    thus moving you on to being told directly about Heros backstory and more
    importantly opening up the alternate ending which sadly isn't too different
    from the first and also takes a long time to get through. The final test in
    the game, other than 100% completion, is now the Dragovian Trials and they
    make up for this relatively easy boss but the rewards are worth it.
    |_| Dangerous Bustier
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Mini Medal
    |_| Orichalcum
    |_| Skull Helmet
    |_| Argon Ring (Dragovian Sanctuary after beating the Dragovian Lord)
    |_| Dangerous Bustier + Shimmering Dress
    |_| 2x Skull Helmet + Saint's Ashes
    Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Sun Crown + Devil's Tail
    Recipes after Recipes after Recipes
    |_| Skull Helmet + Saint's Ashes
              --- DRAGOVIAN TRIALS (Each from beating Dragovian Lord) ---
       Trial one I completed at level 45 mostly out of a lack of desire to run
    around all day to get all my recipes completed and after this I got the Alchemy
    Pot upgrade so that I didn't have to listen for the ding and could have music
    on as I ran around the world in an attempt to get some monster drops completed
    as well as gain levels before the next trial which I completed at level 46 with
    some better equipment and chose Hev so that I could turn my second monster team
    from Metabble, Curer and Healslime to Hev, Curer and Healslime. Both those teams
    revive all of your guys to full health but with Hev is also lowers the enemies'
    defense for fun. Trial 3 I went right into again and completed at level 46 this
    time getting the Dragovian Armour since Hero didn't have much of an issue with
    Curse damage making the Liquid Metal Armour obsolete. Because I forgot to save
    after beating the Silver Dragon, I got annoyed and levelled to 48 before taking
    him on again and so I was also level 48 for the Golden Dragon where I got the
    Helmet in order to change my appearance and look far cooler than before. I then
    returned again to beat the Darksteel form immediately after at level 48 and got
    myself a fancy new shield.
       Standard attacking method: If you have Staffs upgraded you may want to have
    one equipped on both Angelo and Jessica in order to have some more magic for
    reviving people and healing yourself and possibly regenerating some each turn
    since if you are at a low level the Desperate attacks will most likely mean
    instant death for one of your guys. Angelo is of course a dedicated healer who
    should be casting Oomph or defending in hopes of blocking a desperate attack
    and conserving magic, Jessica should hopefully have maxed out Staff skills so
    that she has Kazing and can revive and maintain Acceleratle on everyone as well
    as Insulatle if possible and that form uses breaths. She can also use Oomph when
    needed and if she has nothing else to do, she can either switch over to Whips
    and use Double Dragon tail or use her Sage's Stone to heal as well. Yangus can
    use Helm Splitter to lower the Dragons defense and then start using whatever
    attack is strongest or if nothing else, try to steal a Seed of Skill. Your Hero
    will probably alternate between Full-Heal and trying to pull off an attack if
    possible after psyching up once or twice. Of course he also has the monster
    teams and should use them when best; realizing that the reviving team can save
    your ass in the amazingly common situation where he is the only one left
       Pre-Trials - Lord of the Dragovians: Not the same Lord as last time, instead
    he's a human form dragovian who begins by cursing Dunatis preventing him from
    being able to do anything for a good while so summon your monster team to
    prevent this from happening. Otherwise he tends to psyche up before attacking
    or after attacking each round and he can do a Thin Air attack, a regular
    attack, our best friend the Wave of Ice, call forth bolts from the blue and
    heal himself 500 hp, since he builds tension every other turn however almost
    all the time, it is as though he were attacking only once per round at high
    strength. If he's a problem then you are introuble since he's the easiest of
    all 8 forms. No need to deviate from standard attacking methodology for his
       Trial 1 - Vermillion Dragon: You could consider this form a rather advanced
    version of many regular dragons. All he really does is attack and use desperate
    attacks, use the standard fire breath and roar and finally use Gigaflash and
    blind everyone annoyingly. The big problem is that his desperate attack that he
    really enjoys using deals over 500 damage and tends to kill you outright every
    time. The standard tactics will work and after him you can upgrade everyones
    equipment with the Ultimate Alchemy Pot if you haven't already.
       Trial 2 - Emerald Dragon: I don't know if it was my new equipment or the
    fact that this guy likes his status ailments more but I found him far easier
    than the Vermillion Dragon. He lacks an elemental breath but instead has a
    damaging shout which can knock you down though it is rare that that happens. He
    also has a sleep breath, a paralysing breath and a poison breath. Needless to
    say you will use tingle alot but won't need to heal as much. He still has the
    very strong regular and Desperate attacks but you won't see them as often this
    time. His one real advantage is that he has far more health than the others but
    even this is not an issue.
       Trial 3 - Silver Dragon: This form is far more similar to the Vermillion
    Dragon except that instead of Gigaflash it will put only one character to sleep
    and has a far higher defense. Waking up a single person is easy since Hero and
    Angelo get Tingle easily which wastes one of his attacks and either Sap, Helm
    Splitter or Maximaster from your Heal-all monster team will help to lower his
    defense. I found this form so far to be the easiest of the three and didn't
    even need to summon either monster team. Since he does have an ice breath
    attack it's basically the standard attack method here once again.
       Trial 4 - Golden Dragon: This form is the first one which can both attack 3
    times each round and even build tension automatically to 100, so why was he
    easier than the last guy? This form likes to use Kaboom and Kafrizzle though
    only at the beginning or when his tension os 0 for me it seems as he NEVER used
    it with even 5 tension which I wanted him to do so desperately. Because he had
    no Desperate attack, tension building then attacking was his main form of
    damage. 5 tension was weaker than a desperate attack and 20 tension meant he
    wasted 2 turns anyways while 50 tension meant there was at least one free round
    for you. He had no breath attack but he did once again have Gigaflash which
    once again was welcome. This form you see had incredibly high defense again
    except not against magic, though he was immune to any wind based magic. So I
    used Caduceus and the Sage's Stone to heal while having Jessica, Yangus and
    Hero build tension in order to get to 50 and cast Gigathrow, Big Banga or
    Kafrizzle each of which did about 500-900 damage and couldn't miss so being
    dazzled was no issue. As for his magic, at 0 tension he did around 50 damage
    with Kaboom and 30 with Kafrizzle, also with Bounce on both Jessica and Angelo
    he took 100 or 200 damage himself and could even blind himself with Gigaflash.
    He was very simple to beat.
       Trial 5 - Darksteel Dragon: This guy was harder than the Golden form, but
    not by much. Although he technically can blind you, put one person to sleep,
    cause meteors to fall from the sky and use Kasizzle, 95% of the time all he
    will do is a regular attack which is actually quite powerful. He has very few
    hitpoints which is good, but he also has an insane defense and you may as well
    consider him immune to magic. What then you ask? Well if you are lucky like me,
    you developed your Axe and Spear skills in order to get the instant critical
    attacks Lightning Thrust and Executioner in order to kill Metal Slimes since
    both those attacks are what you want to do against this guy. Each did just
    under 300 damage every hit for me and with Angelo and Jessica on healer duty
    since Oomph is useless, I made short work of this guy.
    |_| Ultimate Alchemy Pot (Instant completion of formulas)
    |_| Unlock Hev (Metal King Slime Monster)
    |_| Dragovian Sword
    |_| Dragovian Armour
    |_| Dragovian Shield
    |_| Dragovian Helm
    |_| Gospel Ring (Given by Trode assuming you beat all 295 Monsters)
    Section 2: Remaining Items and Alchemy Formulas
       You have just beaten the game and gotten every item there is to get without
    including drops and only using alchemy when all ingredients are at hand for all
    formulas. At this point in order to complete the alchemy list and fill out the
    top equipment (and all appearance modifying equipment) table I have made (your
    top equipment may differ) You will need the following items from the following
    enemy drops. Though some of the recipes can easily be done earlier I went
    through without them assuming poor luck as opposed to telling you which items
    to make. At the end, especially for the Dragovian Trials, you will most likely
    want that Timbrel of Tension or some Metal King Gear or even a second Sage's
    Stone. Go right ahead, I won't stop you, but I will make sure to have a strat
    to pull it all off without any of that as well as one for with all the best
    equipment and abilities for when we begin farming Skill Seeds to get all the
    Abilities for everyone.
     _  _  _
    |_||_||_|       3 Dragon Scales Dropped by many Dragon Types
    |_|             1 Fishnet Stockings Dropped by Ice Queens
    |_|             1 Gold Nugget Dropped by Democrobot
    |_| _  _  _  _  1 Iron Nail Dropped by many Iron and Material Enemies
    |_| _  _  _  _  6 Magic Beast Hides Dropped by many Monsters
    |_||_||_||_||_| 15 Orichalcums Dropped by Metal King Slimes and Pandora's Boxes
    |_||_||_|       3 Ruinous Shields Dropped by Hell's Gatekeepers
    |_||_| _  _  _  2 Rusty Old Swords Dropped by Invisible Swordsmen
    |_| _  _  _  _  6 Slime Crowns Dropped by King Slimes and Metal King Slimes
    |_|             6 Wings of Bat Dropped by many Monsters
       These will open up the new alchemical chains below
              --- DRAGON SCALE RECIPES ---
    |_| Leather Shield + Dragon Scale
    |_| Snakeskin Whip + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale
    |_| Silver Mail + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale
    |_| Steel Shield + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale
              --- GOLD NUGGET RECIPES ---
    |_| 2x Iron Axe + Gold Nugget
    |_| Thinking Cap + Siver Tiara + Gold Nugget
    Recipes after Gold Nugget Recipes
    |_| Golden Axe + Moon's Mercy
              --- IRON NAIL RECIPES ---
    |_| Boomerang + Iron Nail
    |_| Leather Hat + Iron Nail
    Now you can complete Dodgy Dave in Pickham
              --- DODGY DAVE ---
    |_| 400 Gold Coins (reward for Special Medicine)
    |_| 1,200 Gold Coins (reward for Reinforced Boomerang)
    |_| Bandit Axe (reward for Ring of Immunity)
    |_| 6,000 Gold Coins (reward for Robe of Serenity)
    |_| Happy Hat (reward for Sandstorm Spear)
    |_| Big Boss Shield (reward for Crimson RObe)
    Recipes after Iron Nail Recipes
    |_| Stone Axe + Pointy Hat
    Recipes after Recipes after Iron Nail Recipes
    |_| Cypress Stick + Stone Hard Hat
    |_| Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife + Stone Hardhat
    |_| Fishnet Stockings + Happy Hat
    Recipes after Recipes after Fishnet Stockings and Iron Nail Recipes
    |_| Feathered Cap + Elevating Shoes
              --- MAGIC BEAST HIDE RECIPES ---
    |_| Magic Beast Hide + Wayfarer's Clothes
    |_| Boxer Shorts + Magic Beast Hide
    |_| Magic Beast Hide + Dancer's Costume
    |_| Magic Beast Hide + Magic Beast Hide
    |_| Pot Lid + Magic Beast Hide
    |_| Sun Crown + Magic Beast Hide + Tough Guy Tattoo
    |_| Leather Armour + Dragon Scale
              --- WING OF BAT RECIPES ---
    |_| Wing of Bat + Wing of Bat
    |_| Holy Water + Cowpat + Wing of Bat
    |_| 2x Holy Silver Rapier + Devil's Tail + Wing of Bat
    |_| Edged Boomerang + Wing of Bat + Steel Scythe
    |_| Cloak of Evasion + Wing of Bat + Devil's Tail
    Recipes after Wing of Bat Recipes
    |_| Fallen Angel Rapier + Gold Ring
    |_| Razor Wing Boomerang + Metal King Spear
    |_| Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury's Bandana + Mercury's Bandana
    |_| Golden Axe + Slime Crown
              --- ORICHALCUM RECIPES ---
    |_| 4x Recovery Ring + Golden Tiara + Orichalcum
    |_| 2x Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum
    |_| Uber War Hammer + Conquerer's Axe + Orichalcum
    Recipes after Orichalcum Recipes
    |_| 3x Meteorite Bracer + Falcon Blade
    |_| Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew
              --- RECIPES AFTER ORICHALCUM AND Slime Crown ---
    |_| 4x Liquid Metal Armour + Slime Crown + Orichalcum
    |_| 4x Ruinous Shield + Saint's Ashes + Orichalcum
    Recipes after Recipes after Orichalcum and Ruinous Shield
    |_| Metal King Shield + Devil's Tail
    Recipes after Recipes after Recipes after Orichalcum and Ruinous Shield
    |_| Ruinous Shield + Saint's Ashes + Orichalcum
    |_| 2x Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown
    Recipes after Recipes after Rusty Old Sword, Orichalcum and Slime Crown
    |_| Dragovian Sword + Liquid Metal Sword
    |_| Liquid Metal Sword + Mystifying Mixture + Cowpat
    Recipes after Recipes after Recipes after Rusty Old Sword, Orichalcum and
              Slime Crown
    |_| Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown
    Section 3: Arena Monsters
       The first name refers to what the monster is called in the arena and battles
    while the second name is what they are called when you fight them. By the end
    you should have collected 42 Copper Monster Coins, 17 Silver Monster Coins and
    18 Gold Monster Coins. You need to wait to be able to capture them but they will
    drop their coins whenever you first beat them.
    DO: Found only during the day
    NO: Found only during the night
    ML: Multiple locations, you may not find the monster here, try another
    Initial Monsters needed to unlock the ability to recruit more
    |_| Smiles (Slimy Smiley): Entrance to Trodain Castle
    |_| Lonely Joe (Hollow Knight): Path to Ruined Abbey
    |_| Squiggles (Squiggly Squiggler): Beach Southeast from Red's House
              --- FAREBURY REGION ---
    |_| FLETCH (Shortshooter): Follow the road west of Farebury, by broken bridge
    |_| HACKZILLA (Axoraptor): North of Farebury's Western entrance
    |_| MECHABUBO (Automaton Aviator): Southeast of Farebury northeast of the bridge
    |_| SIPPY (Pain in the Neck): NO - Woods Southeast of Waterfall Cavern
    |_| SLIMEHOPPER (One Knight Stand): Northwest of the Waterfall Cavern in woods
              --- ALEXANDRIA TO PORT PROSPECT ---
    |_| COWBOY (Buffalo Bill): North side of road between Alexandria and Tower
    |_| HEALER (Family Doctor): South end of beach between Tower and Perequin Quay
    After Rank F
    |_| METALY (Quick Silver): ML - South of Bridge at first Checkpoint
        METALY (Quick Silver): ML - South of the Tower of Alexandria
        METALY (Quick Silver): ML - Northeast of Alexandria up on hill
        METALY (Quick Silver): ML - Northeast of Port Prospect
              --- PEREQUIN QUAY TO MAELLA ABBEY ---
    |_| BRICKMAN (Bricklayer): Southeast of Perequin Quay in the far ruins
    |_| MCHAMMER (Mullet Mallet): Southeast of Perequin Quay in center of valley
              --- MAELLA ABBEY TO ASCANTHA ---
    |_| ARCHER (Sharpshooter): North of Riverside Chapel West around the bend
    |_| TWIGGY (Root of Evil): Forest Southeast of Simpleton on way to the bridge
    After Rank F
    |_| CAPERS (Fantom of Chopera): NO - On the path to Wisher's Peak
              --- PICKHAM REGION ---
    |_| HORK (Old-school Drooler): In the Swamp between Red's house and Labyrinth
    |_| ROBSTER (Little Nipper): Beach North of Pickham
    |_| SALSA (Pelvic Thruster): Southwest of Pickham in small dead end
    |_| SCORPIUS (Sand Slayer): DO - West of Red's House in a small desert
    After Rank F
    |_| HAZEL (Femme Fatale): Northwest of Red's House
              --- TRODAIN REGION ---
    |_| MOPPET (Punchin' Judy): Southeast of Trodain Castle
    |_| POTBELLY (Potty Dragon): Peninsula Southwest of Trodain, South of cavern
    |_| SNAP CASE (Man-eater Chest): West of Trodain Castle, North of the road
              --- BEHIND ASCANTHA ---
    |_| DOUG (Mole Major): Before the Mole Hole
              --- PRINCESS MINNIE'S ISLAND ---
    After Rank B
    |_| STEROPES (Gigantes Gangster): West side of Island on the beach
    |_| BIG AL (Al Gee): Center of beach area South of Argonia
    |_| CLIO (Colossal Clione): South part of small island west of Empycchu
    |_| FAT CAT (Death Tabby): Southwest corner of Eastern Continent on east side
    |_| JEWELBAG (Jewel Juggler): Small island West of Maella Abbey
    |_| NIGHTWING (Nightstalker): NO - Small island East of Empycchu
    After Rank F
    |_| SEASAW (Terror Talons): Small Island North of Eastern Continent
    |_| SPIKE (Muscly Mohawk): Southwest corner of Eastern Continent in the center
    After Rank D
    |_| BLADEWOLF (Loopy Lupus): Hidden Island in the Southwest corner of the map
    After Rank B
    |_| METABBLE (Metal Babble): ML - Small Island West of Maella Abbey
        METABBLE (Metal Babble): ML - Small Island East of Empycchu
     _  METABBLE (Metal Babble): ML - Hidden Island in the Southwest corner of map
    |_| OCTURION (Octavius Maximus): East end of beach area South of Argonia
              --- NEOS ISLAND ---
    |_| GOLDMAN (Goldbricker): DO - South of the entrance to Neos
    After Rank D
    |_| TALOS (Crazed Colossus): South of Neos, right beside the path
              --- NORTHWEST ISLAND ---
    |_| BONES (Old Soldier): Narrow path out west in the center path
    After Rank D
    |_| DEADNOBLE (Occult Rider): East side of Island
    After Rank B
    |_| SKELEDOID (Man-at-arms): West side of Island
              --- BACCARAT REGION ---
    |_| FAUNUS (Fertiliser): West of the Seaview Chapel
    |_| FOWL FOWL (Raging Rooster): DO - Northeast of Baccarat by the bridge
    |_| KLUB KONG (Abominable Ape): Southwest corner of region by curve in the road
    |_| ORCUS (Wild Spearman): South of Seaview Chapel across river, North of Tree
              --- ARGONIA REGION ---
    |_| DUMBKING (King of Dumbira): Southeast along valley with river
    |_| HOODWINK (Hooded Hacker): NO - West of Argonia at the T intersection
    |_| HORI (Slime Creator): ML - East side of the Lake
     _  HORI (Slime Creator): ML - Along the road North to Arcadia
    |_| SLURPY (All Day Sucker): NO - North of the Mystical Spring
    |_| TRICK BAG (Bundle of Joy): Southwest corner of the continent West of Desert
              --- DESERT ---
    |_| FLAMEMAN (Living Flame): By the Dragon Graveyard
    After Rank D
    |_| JOCKEY (Bone Racer): Southeast of Dragon Graveyard
    |_| TORCHMAN (Living Torch): ML - East of Desert Chapel
        TORCHMAN (Living Torch): ML - South of Desert Chapel
              --- ARCADIA REGION ---
    |_| SAGITTARI (Poisonous Sniper): North of Arcadia right on the road
    |_| SLIME SHADY (Gloopy Groupie): North of Arcadia, follow the West Mountains
    |_| CURER (Angel of Curing): ML - Forest North of Arcadia
        CURER (Angel of Curing): ML - West of Chapel in the woods
              --- ORKUTSK REGION ---
    |_| BLIZAG JR. (Cold Fire): Northeast of Orkutsk
    |_| ROBORG (Roboster Mk I): Ravine South of Orkutsk
    After Rank D
    |_| CYBOT (Attack Bot Mk II): DO - West of Orkutsk
    |_| JACK FROST (Big Blizzard): ML - In front of the Herb Grotto
        JACK FROST (Big Blizzard): ML - Northeast of Orkutsk
              --- EMPYCCHU ---
    |_| BRONTES (Gigantes Guardsman): DO - West of Empycchu but east of poison marsh
    |_| DOLLDRUMS (Puppet Pugilist): East of Empycchu
    After Rank F
    |_| ORRID (Ochre Ogre): Southeast of Empycchu by the cliff
    After Rank D
    |_| TORI (Slime Designer): ML - North of Empycchu
        TORI (Slime Designer): ML - Southwest of Empycchu
              --- TRYAN GULLY REGION ---
    |_| ARCHFIEND (Arch-archdemon): On bridge
    |_| ARGES (Big Blue Bully): Across bridge and at end furthest from Tryan Gully
              --- UNNAMED AERIAL ISLANDS ---
    |_| BUSH-W. (Bushwhacker): Small island in middle of lake by Ascantha
    |_| PA TROLL (Troll Patroller): High plateau Southwest of Dark Ruins on hill
    After Rank B
    |_| METABBLE (Metal Babble): ML - Area East of Godbird's Eyrie
    |_| NOHI (Killer Director): ML NO - High Cliffs South of the Desert
     _  NOHI (Killer Director): ML NO - Small island in middle of lake by Ascantha
    |_| STONEMAN (Stonemason): High plateau Southwest of Dark Ruins on far side
    |_| SUGI (Shadow Conductor): ML NO - High plateau Southwest of Dark Ruins
        SUGI (Shadow Conductor): ML NO - Area East of Godbird's Eyrie
              --- AFTER BEATING THE GAME ---
    |_| BISHOP (Wight Highpriest): North of road East of Simpleton by fork in road.
    |_| FRILLSAUR (Jumbo Dilophosaur): DO - West of Tryan Gully North of the bridge
    |_| GRYPHUS (Gryphon General): DO - High plateau West of Argonian Peddler's Tent
    |_| MORNSTAR (Headless Flailsman): NO - In front of the cave leading to Orkutsk
    |_| SPOT (Greater Sabrecat) DO - Follow the road to the South of Felix's Chateau
    After unlocking Hev in Dragovian Trials
    |_| HEV (Heavy Metal): South of Trodain by the small lake
    Section 4: Monster Drops
       Trying to get all the monster drops, or even just the ones for Alchemy, is
    extremely grueling and arduous. If you are a completion fanatic like myself, I
    recommend starting with enemies that only appear in one location before worrying
    abut getting that rare drop from a slime since you will be able to find the less
    rare monsters later on and might get lucky then, no need to waste your time.
    Also, when Yangus steals from a monster it is counted as a drop so steal every
    attack, even when he does steal they can drop again, I've had more drops than
    enemies defeated of a certain type and so can you.
       Beyond that there is one thing I've found which has yet to be mentioned in
    any other FAQ I've found so maybe I can take credit for now, but that is how to
    unlock other monster animations. when in your bestiary, if you hit X it will
    play an animation but by hitting O it will select a new animation for that
    monster and play it. However not all monsters have the same amount of battle
    animations and they do not all appear at once unless it is a boss monster. All
    boss monsters begin with every animation unlocked however regular enemies follow
    a pattern of unlocking I noticed but don't have completely done yet.
       1 Animation - Kill 1
       2 Animations - Kill 1
       3 Animations - Kill 5
       4 Animations - Kill 10
       5 Animations - Kill 20
       6 Animations - Kill 20-63?
       7 Animations - Kill 20-63?
       8 Animations - Kill 20-63?
       9 Animations - ?
       I have proven the first 5 by testing but haven't tested the others quite yet
    and so far the most animations I've seen is 8 for the Magic Dumbbell at 63 kills
    so somewhere between 20 and 63 are the other 3 animations. I have yet to see any
    creature with 9. Next playthrough I will test it all out on Magic Dumbbells
    which may be hard if they decide to summon 7 buddies on me and throw off my
    numbers... I will also try to find the max number of unlockable animations for
    each monster once I find out the numbers for unlocking and if 8 is the max
    number to unlock. Sure most people don't care, but perfectionists like myself
    will. Besides, most of the work will be done by the time you get everythings
    drops into the encyclopedia.
     _				 _			 _
    |_| -001- Slime                 |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| -002- Candy Cat             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Bandit's Grass Skirt
    |_| -003- Lips                  |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Moonwort Bulb
    |_| -004- Dracky                |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| -005- Satyr                 |_| Plain Clothes       |_| Wayfarer's Clothes
    |_| -006- Capsichum             |_| Cypress Stick       |_| Copper Sword
    |_| -007- Bunicorn              |_| Leather Hat         |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| -008- She-Slime             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Slime Earrings
    |_| -009- Firespirit            |_| Holy Water          |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| -010- Mischievous Mole      |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Oaken Club
    |_| -011- Mecha-Mynah           |_| Pot Lid             |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| -012- Bubble Slime          |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Moonwort Bulb
    |_| -013- Dancing Devil         |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Boxer Shorts
    |_| -014- Bodkin Archer         |_| Bandana             |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -015- Skipper               |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| -016- Drackmage             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Chimaera Wing
    |_| -017- Beetleboy             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Leather Hat
    |_| -018- Imp                   |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Cool Cheese
    |_| -019- Funghoul              |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -020- Fencing Fox           |_| Wayfarer's Clothes  |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| -021- Healslime             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| -022- Hammerhood            |_| Oaken Club          |_| Giant Mallet
    |_| -023- Jailcat               |_| Bandana             |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -024- Frogface              |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Amor Seco Essence
    |_| -025- Lump Mage             |_| Cypress Stick       |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| -026- Winky                 |_| Holy Water          |_| Magic Water
    |_| -027- Spiked Hare           |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| -028- Chainine              |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| -029- Giant Moth            |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Red Mould
    |_| -030- Dingaling             |_| Hairband            |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| -031- Jargon                |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| -032- Drackyma              |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Wing of Bat
    |_| -033- Bullfinch             |_| Cowpat              |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -034- Bag o' Laughs         |_| Plain Clothes       |_| Hairband
    |_| -035- Skeleton              |_| Soldier's Sword     |_| Templar's Uniform
    |_| -036- Metal Slime           |_| Seed of Defence     |_| Seed of Agility
    |_| -037- Scorpion              |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Iron Lance
    |_| -038- Morphean Mushroom     |_| Red Mould           |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -039- Brownie               |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Giant Mallet
    |_| -040- Flyguy                |_| Cowpat              |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -041- Puppeteer             |_| Silk Robe           |_| Slime Earrings
    |_| -042- Bodkin Bowyer         |_| Silk Robe           |_| Short Bow
    |_| -043- Night Sneaker         |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| -044- Mummy Boy             |_| Bandana             |_| Turban
    |_| -045- Hell Hornet           |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Poison Moth Knife
    |_| -046- Pan Piper             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Leather Kilt
    |_| -047- Slime Knight          |_| Slime Earrings      |_| Templar's Shield
    |_| -048- Clockwork Cuckoo      |_| Iron Nail           |_| Dagger
    |_| -049- Treeface              |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Strong Medicine
    |_| -050- Kisser                |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Red Mould
    |_| -051- Diemon                |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -052- Walking Corpse        |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Chain Mail
    |_| -053- Fat Bat               |_| Wing of Bat         |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -054- Night Fox             |_| Rapier              |_| Feathered Cap
    |_| -055- Paprikan              |_| Red Mould           |_| Rapier
    |_| -056- Chimaera              |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Hairband
    |_| -057- Hood                  |_| Stone Axe           |_| Leather Cape
    |_| -058- Headhunter            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Scale Shield
    |_| -059- Minidemon             |_| Wing of Bat         |_| Rockbomb Shard
    |_| -060- Gorerilla             |_| Magic Beast Hide    |_| Giant Mallet
    |_| -061- Mud Mannequin         |_| Rock Salt           |_| Cypress Stick
    |_| -062- Cannibox              |_| Iron Nail           |_| Pot Lid
    |_| -063- Goodybag              |_| Gold Bracer         |_| Prayer Ring
    |_| -064- Witch                 |_| Wizard's Staff      |_| Garter
    |_| -065- Mummy                 |_| Turban              |_| Scholar's Specs
    |_| -066- Cureslime             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Moon's Mercy
    |_| -067- Restless Armour       |_| Iron Shield         |_| Iron Armour
    |_| -068- Lost Soul             |_| Holy Water          |_| Magic Water
    |_| -069- Phantom Fencer        |_| Leather Cape        |_| Templar's Sword
    |_| -070- Hipster               |_| Red Mould           |_| Wing of Bat
    |_| -071- Rockbomb              |_| Rock Salt           |_| Rockbomb Shard
    |_| -072- Dieablo               |_| Gold Bracer         |_| Gold Ring
    |_| -073- Muddy Hand            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Strength Ring
    |_| -074- Terror Tabby          |_| Leather Whip        |_| Turban
    |_| -075- Devilmoth             |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Rennet Powder
    |_| -076- Buffalo Wing          |_| Cowpat              |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| -077- Mumboh-Jumboe         |_| Plain Cheese        |_| Seed of Life
    |_| -078- Mum                   |_| Plain Cheese        |_| Leather Armour
    |_| -079- Boh                   |_| Plain Cheese        |_| Turtle Shell
    |_| -080- Jum                   |_| Plain Cheese        |_| Copper Sword
    |_| -081- Boe                   |_| Plain Cheese        |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -082- Hunter Mech           |_| Hunter's Bow        |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -083- Pink Pongo            |_| Giant Mallet        |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -084- Liquid Metal Slime    |_| Seed of Agility     |_| Elevating Shoes
    |_| -085- Mad Mole              |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Stone Hardhat
    |_| -086- Wailin' Weed          |_| Red Mould           |_| Coral Hairpin
    |_| -087- Garuda                |_| Hairband            |_| Poison Moth Knife
    |_| -088- Infernal Armour       |_| Iron Armour         |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -089- Dragonthorn           |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Thorn Whip
    |_| -090- Mars Rover            |_| Iron Cuirass        |_| Chain Whip
    |_| -091- Peeper                |_| Holy Water          |_| Magic Water
    |_| -092- Cockateer             |_| Stone Hardhat       |_| Titan Belt
    |_| -093- Great Sabercat        |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -094- Metal Slime Knight    |_| Slime Earrings      |_| Kitty Shield
    |_| -095- Puppet Player         |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Scholar's Specs
    |_| -096- Spitnik               |_| Boomerang           |_| Moon's Mercy
    |_| -097- Bodkin Fletcher       |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Hunter's Bow
    |_| -098- Venom Wasp            |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Poison Needle
    |_| -099- Orc                   |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Iron Lance
    |_| -100- Night Emperor         |_| Wing of Bat         |_| Gold Ring
    |_| -101- Treevil               |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Yggdrasil Leaf
    |_| -102- Battle Beetle         |_| Templar's Shield    |_| Iron Helmet
    |_| -103- Lump Shaman           |_| Red Mould           |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| -104- Skeleton Soldier      |_| Titan Belt          |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -105- Hawk Man              |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Copper Sword
    |_| -106- Tap Devil             |_| Leather Cape        |_| Devil's Tail
    |_| -107- Mushroom Mage         |_| Red Mould           |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| -108- Redtail Hipster       |_| Wing of Bat         |_| Thorn Whip
    |_| -109- Jumping Jackal        |_| Magic Beast Hide    |_| Assassin's Dagger
    |_| -110- Gold Golem            |_| Gold Bracer         |_| Gold Ring
    |_| -111- King Slime            |_| Slime Earrings      |_| Slime Crown
    |_| -112- Iron Scorpion         |_| Iron Nail           |_| Farmer's Scythe
    |_| -113- Toxic Zombie          |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Wayfarer's Clothes
    |_| -114- Lesser Demon          |_| Red Mould           |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| -115- Volpone               |_| Leather Cape        |_| Templar's Sword
    |_| -116- Bomboulder            |_| Stone Hardhat       |_| Rockbomb Shard
    |_| -117- Skullrider            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Bandana
    |_| -118- Hades Condor          |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Eagle Dagger
    |_| -119- Frogman               |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Cool Cheese
    |_| -120- Mimic                 |_| Iron Nail           |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| -121- Magic Dumbbell        |_| Red Mould           |_| Rapier
    |_| -122- Gargoyle              |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -123- Magic Marionette      |_| Iron Nail           |_| Slime Earrings
    |_| -124- Notso Macho           |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Gold Bracer
    |_| -125- Lump Wizard           |_| Holy Water          |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| -126- Berserker             |_| Kitty Shield        |_| Iron Axe
    |_| -127- Bulldozer             |_| Cowpat              |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -128- Ghoul                 |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Gold Ring
    |_| -129- Shade                 |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Wing of Bat
    |_| -130- Lethal Armour         |_| Soldier's Sword     |_| Heavy Armour
    |_| -131- King Cureslime        |_| Amor Seco Essence   |_| Yggdrasil Dew
    |_| -132- Hoodlum               |_| Tough Guy Tattoo    |_| Iron Axe
    |_| -133- Hocus Chimaera        |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Magic Water
    |_| -134- Demonrider            |_| Copper Sword        |_| Cool Cheese
    |_| -135- Killer Moth           |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Antidotal Herb
    |_| -136- Jabberwockee          |_| Special Medicine    |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -137- Jab                   |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Iron Helmet
    |_| -138- Ber                   |_| Rock Salt           |_| Iron Armour
    |_| -139- Kee                   |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -140- Woc                   |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Iron Shield
    |_| -141- Silenus               |_| Magic Beast Hide    |_| Fur Hood
    |_| -142- Robo-Robin            |_| Iron Nail           |_| Iron Cuirass
    |_| -143- Puppet Master         |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Dancer's Costume
    |_| -144- Death Scorpion        |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Poison Needle
    |_| -145- Jackal Ripper         |_| Titan Belt          |_| Assassin's Dagger
    |_| -146- Iron Rhino            |_| Farmer's Scythe     |_| Iron Helmet
    |_| -147- Dancing Flame         |_| Bandit's Grass Skirt|_| Spicy Cheese
    |_| -148- Blood Mummy           |_| Bandana             |_| Red Mould
    |_| -149- Phantom Swordsman     |_| Amor Seco Essence   |_| Magic Water
    |_| -150- Hackasaurus           |_| Dragon Scale        |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| -151- Bone Baron            |_| Iron Shield         |_| Holy Lance
    |_| -152- Swingin' Hipster      |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Spangled Dress
    |_| -153- Orc King              |_| Magic Beast Hide    |_| Long Spear
    |_| -154- Soulspawn             |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| -155- Gryphon               |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Razor Wing Boomerang
    |_| -156- Golem                 |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Titan Belt
    |_| -157- Fallen Priest         |_| Magic Vestment      |_| Steel Scythe
    |_| -158- Dead Ringer           |_| Chilly Cheese       |_| Scholar's Specs
    |_| -159- Living Statue         |_| Stone Hardhat       |_| Ruby of Protection
    |_| -160- Freeze Fly            |_| Cowpat              |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| -161- Dark Slime            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Magical Hat
    |_| -162- Frostburn             |_| Magic Water         |_| Chilly Cheese
    |_| -163- Hellhound             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Magic Beast Hide
    |_| -164- Troll                 |_| Tough Guy Tattoo    |_| Sledgehammer
    |_| -165- Ice Queen             |_| Fishnet Stockings   |_|Staff of DivineWrath 
    |_| -166- Abominape             |_| Giant Mallet        |_| Chilly Cheese
    |_| -167- Beelzebuzz            |_| Cowpat              |_| Dragon Dung
    |_| -168- Killing Machine       |_| Iron Cuirass        |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -169- Icikiller             |_| Titan Belt          |_| Poison Moth Knife
    |_| -170- Shadow                |_| Bronze Knife        |_| Iron Mask
    |_| -171- Metal King Slime      |_| Slime Crown         |_| Orichalcum
    |_| -172- Frost Wyvine          |_| Dragon Scale        |_| Chain Whip
    |_| -173- Elysium Bird          |_| Eagle Dagger        |_| Ruby of Protection
    |_| -174- Dragurn               |_| Dragon Dung         |_| Dragon Scale
    |_| -175- Smacker               |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| -176- Zombie Gladiator      |_| Battle Axe          |_| Steel Broadsword
    |_| -177- Stone Golem           |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Rockbomb Shard
    |_| -178- Dark Condor           |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Wing of Bat
    |_| -179- Mucho Macho           |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Magical Hat
    |_| -180- Dark Skeleton         |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Bronze Shield
    |_| -181- Dark Marcarbour       |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Yggdrasil Leaf
    |_| -182- Tyrantosaurus         |_| Dragon Scale        |_| Iron Axe
    |_| -183- Demon Thunderer       |_| Devil's Tail        |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| -184- Dark Star             |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Edged Boomerang
    |_| -185- Dark Minister         |_| Leather Cape        |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| -186- Grim Rider            |_| Holy Lance          |_| Magical Hat
    |_| -187- Dark Sea-Diva         |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Leather Cape
    |_| -188- War Gryphon           |_| Chimaera Wing       |_| Spicy Cheese
    |_| -189- Dark Turkey           |_| Garter              |_| Dream Blade
    |_| -190- Heligator             |_| Hairband            |_| Scale Armour
    |_| -191- Dark Dullahan         |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Zombie Mail
    |_| -192- Killer Croaker        |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Bandana
    |_| -193- High Roller           |_| Leather Hat         |_| Prayer Ring
    |_| -194- Darkodile             |_| Hairband            |_| Scale Armour
    |_| -195- Cyclops               |_| Amor Seco Essence   |_| Giant Mallet
    |_| -196- Bloody Hand           |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Gold Ring
    |_| -197- Snapdragon            |_| Thorn Whip          |_| Spiked Steel Whip
    |_| -198- Buffalogre            |_| Red Mould           |_| Iron Cuirass
    |_| -199- Mohawker              |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Iron Shield
    |_| -200- Archdemon             |_| Rockbomb Shard      |_| Battle Fork
    |_| -201- Bobonga               |_| Dragon Dung         |_| Fresh Milk
    |_| -202- Caped Caperer         |_| Boxer Shorts        |_| Devil's Tail
    |_| -203- Claws                 |_| Iron Helmet         |_| Assassin's Dagger
    |_| -204- Boss Troll            |_| Special Medicine    |_| Premium Mould
    |_| -205- Mimic King            |_| Iron Nail           |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| -206- Fowlfighter           |_| Garter              |_| Bastard Sword
    |_| -207- Dullahan              |_| Leather Cape        |_| Steel Shield
    |_| -208- Gigantes              |_| Amor Seco Essence   |_| Elfin Elixir
    |_| -209- Frou-Frou             |_| Magic Beast Hide    |_| Dragon Scale
    |_| -210- Stone Guardian        |_| Rock Salt           |_| Mighty Armlet
    |_| -211- Wight Priest          |_| Magic Vestment      |_| Rune Staff
    |_| -212- Hell Gladiator        |_| Hades' Helm         |_| Platinum Sword
    |_| -213- Dark Moth             |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| -214- Dark Gryphon          |_| Bunny Tail          |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| -215- Dark Sabercat         |_| Leather Hat         |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| -216- Hell Hopper           |_| Moon's Mercy        |_| Elevating Shoes
    |_| -217- Dark Devildog         |_| Iron Headgear       |_| Life Bracer
    |_| -218- Heavy Hood            |_| Velvet Cape         |_| Pirate's Hat
    |_| -219- Hellstalker           |_| Magic Water         |_| Demon Whip
    |_| -220- Silhouette            |_| Rennet Powder       |_| Saint's Ashes
    |_| -221- Democrobot            |_| Seed of Magic       |_| Gold Nugget
    |_| -222- Head of State         |_| Soft Cheese         |_| Thinking Cap
    |_| -223- Body Politic          |_| Hard Cheese         |_| Magic Armour
    |_| -224- Right Wing            |_| Chunky Cheese       |_| Bastard Sword
    |_| -225- Left Wing             |_| Highly-Strung Cheese|_| Power Shield
    |_| -226- Pandora's Box         |_| Recovery Ring       |_| Orichalcum
    |_| -227- Wight King            |_| Saint's Ashes       |_| Skull Ring
    |_| -228- Invisible Swordsman   |_| Dark Robe           |_| Rusty Old Sword
    |_| -229- Hellspawn             |_| Nook Grass          |_| Cloak of Evasion
    |_| -230- Belial                |_| Tough Guy Tattoo    |_| Battle Fork
    |_| -231- Solaris               |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| -232- Great Troll           |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| -233- Unholy Bishop         |_| Spangled Dress      |_| Velvet Cape
    |_| -234- Hell's Gatekeeper     |_| Platinum Mail       |_| Ruinous Shield
    |_| -235- Crocodog              |_| Leather Shield      |_| Seed of Skill
    |_| -236- Khalamari Kid         |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Oaken Club
    |_| -237- See Urchin            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Bandit's Grass Skirt
    |_| -238- Man o' War            |_| Moonwort Bulb       |_| Plain Cheese
    |_| -239- Yabby                 |_| Boomerang           |_| Scale Shield
    |_| -240- King Kelp             |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Coral Hairpin
    |_| -241- Wild Boarfish         |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Scale Shield
    |_| -242- Anchorman             |_| Tough Guy Tattoo    |_| Assassin's Dagger
    |_| -243- See Angel             |_| Amor Seco Essence   |_| Bunny Tail
    |_| -244- Squid Kid             |_| Pointy Hat          |_| Dancer's Costume
    |_| -245- Crayzee               |_| Edged Boomerang     |_| Turtle Shell
    |_| -246- Eveel                 |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Snakeskin Whip
    |_| -247- Merman                |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Scale Armour
    |_| -248- King Squid            |_| Leather Whip        |_| Strong Medicine
    |_| -249- Octavian Sentry       |_| Iron Helmet         |_| Long Spear
    |_| -250- Pigmalion             |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Waterweed Mould
    |_| -251- Sea Dragon            |_| Dragon Scale        |_| Scholar's Specs
    |_| -252- Foul Anchor           |_| Iron Lance          |_| Farmer's Scythe
    |_| -253- Poison Eveel          |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Snakeskin Whip
    |_| -254- Siren                 |_| Coral Hairpin       |_| Wizard's Staff
    |_| -255- Merking               |_| Antidotal Herb      |_| Medicinal Herb
    |_| -256- Seasaur               |_| Dragon Scale        |_| Mercury's Bandana
    |_| -257- Octavian Pirate       |_| Iron Shield         |_| Iron Lance
    |_| -258- Riptide               |_| Dagger              |_| Scale Armour
    |_| -259- Tentacular            |_| Medicinal Herb      |_| Full Moon Ring
    |_| -260- Abyss Diver           |_| Waterweed Mould     |_| Spicy Cheese
    |_| -261- Geyzer                |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| -262- Khalamari              _
    |_| -263- Tortured Soul         |_| Gold Rosary
    |_| -264- Trap Box              |_| Venus' Tear
    |_| -265- Don Mole
    |_| -266- Soul Mole              _
    |_| -267- Argon Lizard          |_| Argon Heart
    |_| -268- Great Argon Lizard    |_| Great Big Argon Heart
    |_| -269- Dhoulmagus
    |_| -270- Dhoulmagus
    |_| -271- Evil Jessica           _
    |_| -272- Captain Crow          |_| Pirate's Hat         _
    |_| -273- Red Horn              |_| Strong Medicine     |_| Seed of Strength
    |_| -274- Blue Fang		|_| Strong Antidote     |_| Seed of Wisdom
    |_| -275- Empyrea		|_| Seed of Magic
    |_| -276- Gemon			|_| Seed of Skill
    |_| -277- Evil Sir Leopold
    |_| -278- Marcello               _                       _
    |_| -279- Servant of Darkness   |_| Hades' Helm         |_| Mirror Armour
    |_| -280- Statue of (Hero)
    |_| -281- Statue of Yangus
    |_| -282- Statue of Jessica
    |_| -283- Statue of Angelo       _
    |_| -284- Megalodon             |_| Yggdrasil Dew
    |_| -285- Ruin                  |_| Orichalcum
    |_| -286- Rhapthorne
    |_| -287- Rhapthorne
    |_| -288- Lord of the Dragovians _
    |_| -289- Vermillion Dragon     |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -290- Emerald Dragon        |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -291- Silver Dragon         |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -292- Golden Dragon         |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -293- Darksteel Dragon      |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -294- Divine Dragon         |_| Seed of skill
    |_| -295- Ultimate Dragon       |_| Seed of skill
    Section 5: Item Lists and Alchemy Requirements
       In here you will find a listing of all the items in the game as well as how
    you will be able to get them, this list is moreso for planning your own changes
    to my list more easily and so that you know which items can be sold without
    worry of having gotten rid of a unique item you may want or a hard to come by
    item for an alchemy formula. Story related items are not mentioned here as this
    is a 100% completion guide and it's pretty hard to get to the end of the game
    without the story items :P. I keep Falcon Blades as they offer higher potential
    damage at the very end of the gamefor those confused.
    R = Recipe
    D = Dropped by some enemy
    B = Bought
    F = Found in the game as a treasure as well as how many, this includes constant
            boss drops
       Possible Best Equipment
    Dragovian King Sword    R
    Hero Spear              F1
    Metal Wing Boomerang    R
    Uber Falcon Blade       R
     Dragovian Helm         F1
     Metal King Armour      R
     Metal King Shield	R
     Goddess Ring           R
     Dragovian Armour       F1
    Flail of Destruction    F1
    Heavy Hatchet           B
    King Axe                R
    Megaton Hammer          R
     Metal King Armour      R
     Metal King Helm        F1
     Metal King Shield      R
     Goddess Ring           R
    Gringham Whip           B
    Liquid Metal Sword      R
    Magical Mace            BF1
    Uber Falcon Blade       R
     Metal King Armour      R
     Sun Crown              R
     Metal King Shield      R
     Goddess Ring           R
     Bunny Ears             R
     Bunny Suit             RF1
     Dangerous Bustier      F2
     Dancer' Costume        BDF1
     Divine Bustier         R
     Fishnet Stockings      F1
     Magic Bikini           B
     Jessicas Outfit        F1
    Liquid Metal Sword      R
    Magical Mace            BF1
    Odin's Bow              R
    Uber Falcon Blade       R
     Metal King Armour      R
     Phantom Mask           R
     Metal King Shield      R
     Goddess Ring           R
    Items used in Alchemy, Top Equipment or Dodgy Dave
       In here I will also mention how many of each item is required for completion
    of all alchemical formulae so that you end up with the equipment listed above.
    Agility Ring x8         RBF3
    Amor Seco Essence x4    RBDF1
    Angel's Robe            R
    Antidotal Herb x4       BDF6
    Assassin's Dagger       RDF1
    Bandana x7              BDF1
    Bandit Axe              RF1
    Bandit Mail             RB
    Bandit's Grass Skirt x3 BDF2
    Bastard Sword           BD
    Battle Axe              BD
    Battle Fork             DF1
    Boomerang               BDF1
    Boxer Shorts x2         RDF2
    Bronze Knife x6         BDF2
    Bronze Shield           RBDF1
    Bunny Tail x2           BDF4
    C-C-Cold Cheese         R
    Chain Mail              RBDF2
    Chain Whip              BD
    Cheiron's Bow           RF1
    Chilly Cheese x2        RDF1
    Chimaera Wing           RBDF7
    Cloak of Evasion x2     BDF2
    Cold Cheese x3          RF1 (Make 2)
    Conqueror's Axe         F1
    Cool Cheese             RDF2
    Coral Hairpin           BD
    Cowpat x3               DF4
    Crimson Robe            R
    Cured Cheese            RF3
    Cypress Stick x6        BDF3
    Dagger                  BDF1
    Dancer's Costume x3     BDF1
    Dangerous Bustier x2    F2
    Dark Robe               RDF1
    Demon Whip              RDF1
    Devil's Tail x14        BDF3
    Dragon Dung x2          BDF4
    Dragon Scale x8         DF5 (Dropped by Many Dragon-types)
    Dragonsbane             B
    Dragovian Sword         F1
    Dream Blade             BD
    Double-Edged Sword      RF1
    Eagle Dagger            BDF1
    Edged Boomerang x2      BDF1
    Elevating Shoes         RD
    Eros' Bow x2            R (Make 2)
    Falcon Blade x3         B
    Fallen Angel Rapier x2  R (Make 2)
    Farmer's Scythe x2      BDF1
    Feathered Cap x3        RDF2
    Fishnet Stockings x2    DF1 (Dropped by Ice Queens)
    Flame Shield            RB
    Flametang Boomerang     RF1
    Flowing Dress           B
    Fresh Milk x7           BDF36
    Full Moon Ring          RD
    Full Plate Armour       B
    Fur Poncho              RF1
    Garter x2               DF3
    Giant Mallet            BDF1
    Goddess Shield          R
    Gold Bracer x5          BDF3
    Gold Nugget x4          DF3 (Dropped by Democrobot)
    Gold Ring x7            BDF2
    Gold Rosary x4          BF2
    Golden Axe x2           R (Make 2)
    Golden Tiara            R
    Great Bow               B
    Hades' Helm x2          RDF1
    Hairband                BDF3
    Happy Hat               RF1
    Heavy Armour            BD
    Holy Silver Rapier x2   RBF1
    Holy Talisman x2        R (Make 2)
    Holy Water x6           RBDF7
    Hunter's Bow x2         2RBD
    Icicle Dirk x2          F2
    Iron Axe x2             RBDF1
    Iron Cuirass            RBD
    Iron Headgear x2        BDF1
    Iron Helmet x2          BDF1
    Iron Lance              RBD
    Iron Nail x3            DF2 (Dropped by several Iron or Material Monsters)
    Iron Shield x4          BDF1
    Leather Armour          RBD
    Leather Hat x2          BDF2
    Leather Kilt            2RBDF1
    Leather Shield x2       RBDF1
    Leather Whip x2         RDF2
    Lesser Panacea          RF3
    Life Bracer x2          RD (Make 2)
    Light Shield x2         BF1
    Liquid Metal Armour x4  BF1
    Liquid Metal Sword x4   R (Make 4)
    Long Spear              RBD
    Magic Armour            RBD
    Magic Beast Hide x7     DF1 (Dropped by Many Monsters)
    Magic Shield x3         RB
    Magic Vestment		BF1
    Magic Water x5          RBDF10
    Magical Hat x3          BDF1
    Magical Mace x3         BF1
    Magical Skirt           R
    Medicinal Herb x27      BDF14
    Mercury's Bandana x3    RD (Make 3)
    Metal King Shield x4    R
    Metal King Spear        F1
    Meteorite Bracer x3     RF1 (Make 2)
    Mighty Armlet x4        RDF2 (Make 2)
    Miracle Sword           F1
    Mirror Shield x4        B
    Mithril Helm x2         RB
    Moon's Mercy            RD
    Moonwort Bulb x6        BDF3
    Mystifying Mixture      2RF1
    Nook Grass x2           DF9
    Orichalcum x21          DF6 (Dropped by Metal King Slime and Pandora's Box)
    Partisan x2             B
    Plain Cheese x5         2RDF10
    Plain Clothes x2        BDF4
    Platinum Mail           RD
    Pointy Hat              RBD
    Poison Moth Knife x2    BDF1
    Poison Needle x4        BD
    Pot Lid                 BDF1
    Power Shield            RBDF1
    Prayer Ring x12         RBDF3
    Premium Mould x4        RBDF4
    Razor Wing Boomerang    RBD
    Recovery Ring x6        RDF1 (Make 5) 
    Red Mould x4            BDF4
    Reinforced Boomerang    R
    Rennet Powder x2        BDF8
    Ring of Awakening       R
    Ring of Clarity         RF1
    Ring of Immunity x2     R (Make 2)
    Ring of Truth           RF1
    Robe of Serenity        R
    Rock Salt x4            DF9
    Rockbomb Shard          BDF1
    Rose-Root               2RF1
    Rose Wort               2RF1
    Ruby of Protection x5   RBDF2
    Ruinous Shield x5       RDF1 (Dropped by Hell's Gatekeeper)
    Rune Staff x3           BDF1
    Rusty Old Sword x4      RDF1 (Dropped by Invisible Swordsman)
    Sage's Robe             RF1
    Saint's Ashes x18       BDF5
    Sandstorm Spear x2      R (Make 2)
    Scale Shield            RBDF1
    Scholar's Cap x2        R (Make 2)
    Scholar's Specs x2      RBDF1
    Scorching Cheese        R
    Scourge Whip            R
    Seed of Agility         DF8
    Seed of Defence         DF12
    Seed of Life x5         DF16
    Seed of Magic x2        DF14
    Seed of Strength x3     DF13
    Seed of Wisdom          DF7
    Shimmering Dress x3     R (Make 3)
    Short Bow               BD
    Silk Bustier            B
    Silver Mail x4          B
    Silver Platter x4       BF1
    Silver Tiara            RBF1
    Slime Crown x8          DF2 (Dropped by King Slime and Metal King Slime)
    Slime Earrings          BDF1
    Skull Helmet x3         RF2
    Skull Ring              RDF1
    Snakeskin Whip          RD
    Sorcerer's Ring         R
    Spangled Dress x3       BDF1
    Special Medicine x6     RDF2 (Make 4-6)
    Spicy Cheese x2         RDF1
    Steel Scythe x2         BD
    Steel Shield x2         BDF1
    Stone Axe               RBDF1
    Stone Hardhat x2        RDF1
    Strength Ring x5        RDF2 (Make 3)
    Strong Antidote x2      RDF1
    Strong Medicine x11     RDF2 (Make 9-11)
    Sun Crown x3            R (Make 3)
    Super Spicy Cheese x2   2RF1
    Swallowtail             B
    Templar's Shield        RDF1
    Templar's Sword         DF1
    Templar's Uniform       RDF1
    Thanatos' Shield        RF1
    Thief's Key             R
    Thinking Cap            RBD
    Titan Belt x2           RBDF2
    Tough Guy Tattoo x4     BDF1
    Uber Double-Edge        R
    Uber War Hammer         R
    War Hammer              B
    Waterweed Mould x7      BDF4
    Wayfarer's Clothes x2   RBDF3
    White Shield            2R
    Wing of Bat x7          DF1 (Dropped by Many Monsters)
    Wizard's Staff x2       BDF2
    Yggdrasil Dew x3        RDF5
    Yggdrasil Leaf x3       BDF5
    Zombie Mail             2RDF1
    Zombiesbane x2          B
    Items not used in Alchemy, Top Equipment or Dodgy Dave
    Angel Cheese            RF3
    Bardiche of Binding     F1
    Big Boss Shield         F1
    Blizzard Blade          RB
    Bone Shield             F1
    Bronze Armour           RB
    Bronze Helmet           R
    Catholicon Ring         R
    Chunky Cheese           RDF1
    Copper Sword            BDF1
    Dancer's Mail           R
    Demon Spear             R
    Dragon Mail             RB
    Dragon Robe             F1
    Dragon Shield           RBF1
    Dragon Slayer           R
    Dragontail Whip         R
    Dragovian Shield        F1
    Elfin Elixer            RDF6
    Falcon Knife            RB
    Flail of Fury           F1
    Fur Hood                RBD
    Gigant Armour           RB
    Gospel Ring             F1
    Great Helm              B
    Greater Panacea         2R
    Hard Cheese             RDF1
    Hell Saber              F1
    Hell Scythe             RB
    Hermes' Hat             R
    Highly Strung Cheese    RDF4
    Holy Lance              RBD
    Ice Shield              RB
    Imp Knife               R
    Iron Armour             BDF1
    Iron Mask               BDF1
    Kitty Shield            DF1
    King Axe                RB
    Lady's Ring             F1
    Leather Cape            BDF1
    Leather Dress           RB
    Lightning Staff         F1
    Magma Staff             R
    Mercury's Rapier        RB
    Mild Cheese             RF4
    Mirror Armour           RD
    Moon Axe                RF1
    Oaken Club              DF2
    Ogre Shield             F1
    Pirate's Hat            DF1
    Platinum Headgear       B
    Platinum Sword          DF1
    Posh Waistcoat          F1
    Princess's Robe         R
    Raging Bull Helm        R
    Rapier                  BDF1
    Sacred Armour           F1
    Sage's Stone            RF1
    Saintess Shield         R
    Scale Armour            RBD
    Seed of Skill           DF7
    Shamshir of Light       R
    Silk Robe               BDF1
    Silver Cuirass          RB
    Silver Shield           RF1
    Sledgehammer            DF1
    Soft Cheese             RD
    Soldier's Sword         DF1
    Special Antidote        2RF2
    Spike Armour            R
    Spiked Steel Whip       BD
    Staff of Antimagic      RF1
    Staff of Divine Wrath   DF1
    Staff of Resurrection   RB
    Steel Broadsword        BDF1
    Sword Breaker           B
    Thorn Whip              BD
    Timbrel of Tension      R
    Turban                  RBDF1
    Turtle Shell            BD
    Uber Miracle Sword      R
    Velvet Cape             BD
    Zombie Slayer           R
    Accreditations and Apologies
       In creation of this guide to make sure I missed as little as possible, I
    built the item locations lists using the Side Quest FAQ/Item Checklist by
    HugDaddy (Adam G.) as a template correcting any discrepencies between what I
    found and what was listed as well as using Red Scarlets FAQ/Walkthrough if I
    was unable to find the location of an item listed as well as for the monster
    drop list which I am still attempting to complete and confirm on my own file.
       I was told by Adam that my first posted FAQ lacked accreditation and I
    sincerely apologize for having lost it in earlier versions. It took 6 seperate
    submissions to GameFAQs before I was accepted. Initially all I had was section
    5 and eventually had to play through the game once more and turn it into a
    complete (albeit non-detailed) walkthrough before it was accepted and in these
    many version changes I may have deleted the accreditations when I pasted in the
    final section. I do believe in credit where credit is due, both good and bad
    and so I admit that I made a mistake and missed out on crediting them when I
    was finally accepted and that they had done the work, and done it well, long
    before I followed in their footsteps.
       Thanks to an unknown person who e-mailed me telling me that I had missed a
    chest between Alexandria and Port Prospect. I would name you however like the
    lazy bum that I am, I did not move your e-mail from the junk folder (heavy
    filter, 95% junk mail and too lazy to delete 30 a day manually) before it was
    automatically deleted. Should you care to be named e-mail me again and I will
    do it properly next time. Thank you also for sending me sites featuring both
    a monster location list and a treasure map, I only have the image locations so
    I cannot accredit those who made them unless they name themselves or are named
    by others, but here are the links.
       Thanks to Leah Devulder for telling me about a Holy Water I somehow missed in
    the Woodsmans Hut as well as Fresh Milk from cows by the Riverside Chapel, Red's
    house, the Chapel of Autumn, on the hill leading up to Empycchu and behind
    Minnie's Castle. I somehow missed those 2 items and one of those milks but
    completely neglected the other milks. Luckily cows are still there to confirm
    that I am a tard.
       I was also told about some of the aforementioned items by Jenny L, Nate
    Railsback and Phil Watkins. Mostly the treasure by Red's but also a few of the
    cows. That'll teach me for not updating for nearly a year. Hopefully that covers
    all the treasure however and that section will not need updating beyond
    locations of treasures within towns which is reserved for my next playthrough.
       This Walkthrough is Copyright Dustin Friesenhan (Dunatis2000) who can be
    contacted at dunatis@hotmail.com for permissions to post this guide or reporting
    of errors in the guide.

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