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    Today's Topic Game Script by DragonLord893

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BACKYARD WRESTLING: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME Game Script of "Today's Topic" for 
    the PlayStation 2 game console by John "Dragon Lord" Mercer. Unauthorized 
    copyright of this guide without written consent is prohibited by law and 
    subject to litigation. For questions and comments, or to ask to use this FAQs 
    page for your site, e-mail me at DragonLord1975 (at) Adelphia (dot) Net.
    "Today's Topic" is a parody of daytime talk shows like Jerry Springer and Maury 
    Povich. It's the background for Story Mode in the game. "Today's Topic" talks 
    about Backyard Wrestling and introduces various guests about how Backyard 
    Wrestling has changed their lives. After the interview, the game cuts to the 
    venue corresponding to it. Here is the script for "Today's Topic".
    For morality, this script has been edited to abide by the GameFAQs Terms of 
    service, for an uncensored version of the script, e-mail me at DragonLord1975 
    (at) Adelphia (dot) net.
    I. BACKYARD BEDLAM (Wendell's Backyard)
    (The opener of the show, photo of host cooking and setting table on fire, photo 
    of a girl flashing her top to the host, photo of the host consoling a 
    distraught woman, photo of young students protesting, photo of the host talking 
    with the security guard backstage and photo of the host holding a giant spider. 
    The "Today's Topic" logo is shown as the camera pans across to shoot the crowd 
    cheering. Cut to the host with weapons on the coffee table.)
    HOST: Welcome to the show. Today's Topic is backyard wrestling: the scourge of 
    our nation's youth. No, I'm not talking about whacking your buddy with a 
    pinecone or knocking your sister into the hedges. That's good clean fun. 
    (audience murmurs) These backyard wrestlers are beating each other brain dead 
    with light bulbs and barbed wire. Why? We'll explore this violent phenomenon by 
    talking to people whose lives have been affected by backyard wrestling. Let's 
    meet our first guest: Wendell.
    (audience claps as Wendell walks out on stage. Wendell is a big man with shades 
    on his head, has a crew cut, wears a cooking apron and a black "I Love Meat" T-
    HOST: Welcome to the show, Wendell. So tell us more about...
    WENDELL: WOW! I can't believe I'm here. I wanna say hi to everyone at home. Hi!
    HOST: Wendell. (audience laughs) What do you like to do on the weekends?
    WENDELL: Well, uh, I work hard all week at the pickle factory, and when the 
    weekend comes, I like to fire up the grill and do some kick-*** barbecue. Ribs, 
    chicken, mmm burgers, oooh dogs.
    HOST: Oh yeah. Nothing wrong with that. So what's the problem?
    WENDELL: BACKYARD WRASSLIN'! THAT'S THE PROBLEM! My brother's friends knocked 
    me into the **** barbecue, and I don't even try to wrestle. I WORK FOR A 
    LIVIN', MOTHER****ER! My life's ruined, and, and...(Wendell removes his shades) 
    I'VE GOT GRILL MARKS ON MY FACE! (audience gasps)
    HOST: Oh my God! This is just the tip of the iceberg. We'll be right back. 
    (audience cheers)
    II. TRUCKSTOP TURMOIL (Al's Truck Stop)
    HOST: We're back. Our next guests have gold and platinum albums, a successful 
    record label, and their own wrestling promotion. Not bad for a couple of high 
    school dropouts from Detroit. Please welcome, the most hated band in the world: 
    Insane Clown Posse!
    (audience cheers as Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP walks out to their song 
    "Chicken Huntin'")
    HOST: Gentlemen, tell me a little bit more about your wrestling company, JCW.
    VIOLENT J: JCW is the craziest most ****ed-up insane wrestling promotion on the 
    planet! (audience chants JCW repeatedly, some audience members have ICP Joker's 
    Card shirts) We got the Juggalo Power!
    HOST: Are there any stories you'd like to share from the road?
    VIOLENT J: OK. JCW's on another sold-out tour leaving buckets of blood and body 
    parts on the arena floors. Then, we pulled into a truck stop for some gas.
    SHAGGY 2 DOPE: AND, because J had to take his medicine!
    VIOLENT J: (audience laughs) That's purely speculation!
    SHAGGY 2 DOPE: All of a sudden, a brawl breaks out! 
    VIOLENT J: WHOA! We watched the carnage unfold in its heat! (audience cheers)
    SHAGGY 2 DOPE: Some of these kids, they light up the gas pumps! Our truck, our 
    ring, it's all POOF! (audience laughs) It ain't funny! No ring, no truck, no 
    tour! We owe you a Wicked Clown Beatdown! (audience jeers ICP)
    VIOLENT J: Oh yeah? Well, payback's a *****, mutha****o!
    III. MEATLOCKER MASH (The Slaughterhouse)
    HOST: Wrestling and red meat. They go together like America and apple pie, 
    right? (audience says "Yeah.") Let's find out from our next guest, Oscar.
    (audience claps as Oscar walks out. Oscar is a thin man wearing a full body 
    apron with blood stains on it)
    HOST: Whoa, you didn't have to get all dressed up for us.
    OSCAR: Sorry. I didn't have time to change. I'm the night foreman at the 
    HOST: So, what's your connection to backyard wrestling? 
    OSCAR: Well, I know a lotta people that do it. And cleaning up afterwards is 
    always a problem...but not where I work. (Oscar evilly chuckles) We just hose 
    everything down normally. (audience is disgusted)
    OSCAR: Hey, I'm not gonna lie to you. Sometimes, guys fall into the grinder. 
    (audience gets more disgusted)
    HOST: (shocked) Into the GRINDER?
    OSCAR: It's not so bad. (evil grin) They kinda taste like CHICKEN. (one 
    audience member eating dogs shocked, whole audience is silent)
    IV. CLUB BEATDOWN (Peppermint Rooster Gentlemen's Club)
    HOST: Backyard wrestling has affected many people's lives.  But when I heard 
    that these backyard brawlers have taken their violent antics inside the 
    Peppermint Rooster, I was shocked. Please give a warm welcome to Nikki and 
    (audience cheers, guys in the audience whistle and cat-call at the two girls 
    going on stage. Techno music is played like the kind at all strip clubs. Nikki 
    is dressed like a nurse and Elektra is dressed in a bikini and chaps in 
    American design)
    NIKKI & ELEKTRA: (giggles to the crowd) Hi.
    HOST: What happened that fateful day when backyard wrestling violently entered 
    your life?
    ELEKTRA: Well, we were workin' the VIP Room and were gettin' hella cash.
    NIKKI: Then, like, some backyard wrestlers started fighting at the club. They 
    totally wrecked it.
    ELEKTRA: Those wrestlers were hardcore and stuff. They were amazing. Our 
    bouncer, Big Vito, was so hella aver at them. It totally harshes mellow, 
    HOST: (left speechless) Wha?
    V. SHOPPING SPREE (Downtown Shopping Mall)
    HOST: We're talking about the phenomenon of backyard wrestling today, and I'm 
    shocked at how many people's lives it's had an impact on. This is a wildfire 
    burning through our youth's moral fiber. Our next guest knows when you're 
    sleeping and he knows when you're awake. So it's either a stalker, or the one 
    and only Santa Claus!
    (sounds of jingling bells heard in the background with the familiar "Ho Ho Ho!" 
    Santa uses, audience shocked to see a mall Santa drunkenly say "Ho Ho Ho!", 
    staggering like a bum and tripping over the cameraman falling flat on the 
    HOST: (disappointed) Oh, Santa!
    MALL SANTA: (drunken slur) OH, **** YOU!
    HOST: Mr. Claus! Please! Think of the children!
    MALL SANTA: (stammering and farting) Merry Christmas, kids! (the Mall Santa 
    starts to mumble Christmas carols in his drunken state)
    HOST: Argh! This is a disgrace!
    (Mall Santa turns around, farts, drops his pants and moons the camera, the 
    audience is disgusted and outraged)
    HOST: I just can't do this. (drops the microphone in disgust)
    VI. MANSION MAYHEM (The Fleming Estates)
    HOST: I'll bet a lot of you are assuming things about these backyard wrestlers, 
    that they're poor or underprivileged. You know what happens when you assume, 
    right? Right? Please welcome to the show, Dr. Mike Fleming. (in the guest chair 
    is Dr. Mike Fleming, a well-dressed man with a haughty rich accent)
    HOST: Doctor, how has backyard wrestling affected your life?
    FLEMING: I'd like to say boys will be boys.
    HOST: You let your son and his friends wrestle in your yard?!
    FLEMING: Yes. If that's how he chooses to express himself, he has my blessing. 
    And more importantly, the blessing of his therapist.
    HOST: Therapist?
    FLEMING: He has a short attention span. He's very energetic.
    HOST: Isn't that called "being a kid"?
    FLEMING: Mike Junior doesn't apply himself to anything, and why should he have 
    to? We're rich! This is the first thing he's ever committed himself to. He 
    swings a mean light bulb, you know.
    HOST: Do you think your son is out of control?
    FLEMING: (enraged, he leaves his seat pointing at the host) How DARE you judge 
    my son?! (audience begins to boo him) If my son wants to have some friends over 
    and hire a band, that's fine. If he wants to burn down our Tiki Bar and throw 
    his friends through the windows, THAT'S NONE OF YOUR **** BUSINESS! (security 
    guard comes to escort Fleming offstage) DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME! THAT'S IT! 
    (Fleming angrily walks off the set)
    HOST: Well, I guess it's true what they say. Money can't buy happiness, but I 
    bet it buys one hell of a backyard.
    VII. TALKSHOW TERROR (On the Set of "Today's Topic")
    HOST: Thanks to the wrestlers who were supposed to join us on the show today, 
    but we gotta wrap it up. Now, for some final thoughts. I learned that backyard 
    wrestling is a dangerous sport that you shouldn't try at home. I'm shocked and 
    horrified, not by the violence we saw, but by irresponsible people who look to 
    blame television, music, movies and video games when something goes wrong in 
    their lives.
    (a steel chair from out of nowhere hits the host knocking him down bleeding, 
    holding the chair is Mad Man Pondo, one of the veterans of Backyard Wrestling)
    HOST: (bleeding from his head) Hey! This is my show! Who the hell do you think 
    you... (Pondo knocks him unconscious with the steel chair again, causing the 
    audience to scream in panic and run from the studio)
    "Today's Topic" and "Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home" are 
    copyrighted by Eidos Interactive and Paradox Entertainment.
    Insane Clown Posse appears courtesy of Psychopathic Records.

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