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"Backyard Wrestling : Play THIS at Home."

Let me start off by saying I am heaviley invloved in the indipendent wrestling scene , as well as the Backyard Wrestling scene. As someone who has been anticipating a 3D extreme grappler ( Fire Pro Wrestling doesn't count ! ) Backyard Wrestling was ''1st'' on my ''want list'' , since it's been anounced and to throw a diffrent opinion then the genreal consensus of ''This game Sucks.'' , I will say '' This is the most fun i've had in a long time ... '' . Let's start the review.

Apperance : 7/10
The videos are great , the boxart fits the game perfectley ( which shows MDogg20 doing a splash off a roof to Josh Phrobotion ) (duh) , but the intro , and menu fit real niceley . However they are reletavley dull and sometimes lack the ''WOW!'' feeling that some wrestling games have. Overall very solid for a first - of - it's - kind.

Graphics : 9/10
I don't see why people dislike the graphics on DTTAH. This game has incredible player models and the enviroments are very very lifelike. From the fire , to the electricity and the good ol' fashon bricks ... this game gets the job done with flying colors.

Gameplay : 7.5/10
Ok , let's start by saying this is the first of it's kind and I will say the gameplay is flawed and maybe TOO flawed for some non addicted fans to consume. Ok , the players move very fast , and there aren't many ''Wrestling Moves'' , this isn't a grappler ( ie : No Mercy , Def Jam Vendetta , or the Smackdown series. ) , it's more of a ''fighter with a wrestling twist'' , but I wouldn't classify it as a ''Fighter'' , as so many people do. Backyard Wrestling is in a nutshell ''fighting with weapons'' , and this game is pretty much ''fighting with weapons'' . It's arcadey , fun , and addictive. However there are prety annoying flaws such as the ''heat seeking bricks'' , basically that means that you throw a weapon and you can run , but you can't hide hehe. There is also the annoying ''Get thrown off a roof , and get back up.'' , and also the pretty unrealistic factor. But again , this is ''backyard wrestling'' and it's an arcade game and in the sequels ... besides a few of the flaws I wouldn't change this at all. It's fun , and that was the idea by the creators. If you don't like fast paced action , with a blood bath ... then this really isn't for you. But hey , if you like those ''story modes'' this one's is very cool and puts you in a ''byw tv show''.
Sound : 10/10
Authentic sounds , 40+ songs from many cool bands ... can't get better then that. Oh , well I guess you can because nothing beats the butcher yelling at you and smacking you with a meat clever.

Interactivity : 10/10
The best part of this game is without a doubt the enviroments. There are tons of levels ranging from a Slaughter House to a Strip Club ( And of course the good ol' fashioned backyard ). Now theese levels arent ''normal'' ... Let's say your at the ''Truck Stop'' , wow ... Gas Pumps ! Well , try throwing your opponent into them and watching them blow 50 feet in the air or let them ignite the ''hey stacks'' , creating an inferno. Ok , your in a backyard match and there is a matress ! How girley , well maybe if you pick up the lighter fluid and match and toast ( literally ) your opponent ... it adds spice. And not mentioning the countless weapons : fire , glass , lighttubes , flaming tables , light tube tables , fans , meat clevers , knives , swords ... that's about half of them.

Closing Comments
Well , this game is awesome but for the sequels I would like to see ''Create a Federation'' , a better ''CAW'' , and maybe a more in depth story mode , and maybe a level with a Ring , and Trampoline , this would be prefect. Can't wait for DTTAH2.

Buy / Rent : Depends
If your a hardcore wrestling fan and don't mind a great arcadey fighter twisted with wrestling then def. buy , but if your skeptitial then rent but I would overall recommend a buy because I love this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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