How can I reincarnate cards?

  1. I need help learning how to reincarnate cards, and how to change deck leaders if its possible I have been trying to reincarnate Fake trap for Exodia pieces but I don't know how could anyone help?

    User Info: MemyselfandIren

    MemyselfandIren - 8 years ago

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  1. Like i said on your topic on the board, press the L3 button, which is pressing in the left analog stick until it clicks, to reincarnate a card in your chest. You change deck leaders by pressing start when you have a card in your chest highlighted that has a rank of at least 2LT. To get exodia pieces, i reincarnated Hourglass of Life (DC 18), it works once in a while....but there's only 2 Exodia pieces you can get from reincarnation, the right arm and the left get the left arm and the head by the passwords found in the cheat code section (the Cheats tab here at Game FAQ's), and you get the right leg through slot "jackpots"....that is, lining up 3 of the same card in a row where you have a slot arrow....the more slot arrows your deck leader has, the better chance you have of getting jackpots.

    User Info: nps_pon2182

    nps_pon2182 (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0

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