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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists Of The Roses/Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters 2
    Game Type And Info:
    Console:Playstation 2
    Type: Tactical card battle game
    Players:1 or 2
    Memory Card: PS2 memory card/takes 250 MB
    Copyright/Legal Stuff:
    This FAQ was made by Shane Goll/yugiohduelist3
    This was created on: 3/24/2003
    E-mail: segoll@msn.com & jegoll@msn.com
      This guide is copyrighted to Shane Goll.
    This prohibits any site to use this with the exception of gamefaqs.com. No
    producer or publisher can claim this FAQ this FAQ can only be found on
    gamefaqs.com. Game FAQ members can copy and print this for private use only!
    This FAQ can not be used in any way not stated here. For questions or comments
    contact me at segoll@msn.com or jegoll@msn.com.
    Contents Of This Guide
    1.- Plot and Setting
    2.-Options in game
      2.a-New Game
      2.c-Custom Duel
      3.c-Deck Edit and Construction
      5.a-Making A Deck
      5.b-Summoning Monsters
      5.c-Movement Strategy
      5.d-Battle Strategy
      5.e-Winning And Reincarnation
    6.-Tips and Codes
    8.-Upcoming Things In This Guide
    1.Plot and Setting
      The setting takes place in Medieval England where Yugi & Seto are going head
    to head in what's called The War of the Roses. Seto stands for destruction and
    power all to himself with the white rose while Yugi stands for justice and
    peace with the white rose.
    2.a-New Game
      This is where it all starts once you hit this button it'll walk you through
    the beginning and have you select your deck and choose your side Red or White.
    I prefer you go Red first. Duels are a bit easier and I chose the red side
    first so the walkthrough starts with the red side.
      Once you've done a new game and saved this is where you can pick up your
    saved game from where you last saved.
    3.c-Custom Duel
      If you have a friend over that owns Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of The Roses and has
    his memory card with his saved game, then you can have a custom duel.
      Same thing again, if you have a friend over that has his PS2 memory card and
    has Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of The Roses then you can swap cards wit one another
      To move around on the map ethier use the directional buttons or the
    analog stick. Once you've moved to a castle then click the X button to duel
    that person. Or hit start to save, deck edit, options, or helps.
      Once you've selected the person you're going to duel and you've hit the X
    button then you will be brought into a duel with that person. Here's where my
    strategy guide and you're reading the instruction comes in big use.
    3.c-Deck Edit and Construction
      To deck edit click start and go to the deck edit icon and click X. Now you
    should see two columns with lists of your cards. The right column has the cards
    your deck currently holds. The left has the cards in your chest. At the
    beginning of the game this won't matter much but as you win duels and want to
    customize your deck this will com in handy. Okay once you've one some cards and
    you want to stick them in your deck all you have to do is go to the cards in
    your deck and find one you want take out. Now once you have found a card you
    want to take out click the square button to do so. Now go to the card you want
    to stick in and click the X button and you're done.
      When you start out your game you have the option to select your name. I have
    found a few tricks with this too. If you stick in something like Yami Yugi or
    Yugi you will get a more strategic deck with less summoning power, but if you
    stick in something like Yami Kaiba or Seto Kaiba you will get a power house
    deck with high summoning power. Also choosing your own name is fine too but it
    will randomize what decks come up.
      Now once you have your name you must select your deck. I suggest if you've
    played the card game in real life and like strategy then select the strategic
    deck. This is going to be the one with the lowest summoning power. Or maybe
    you've played the game but like the big killing machine monsters like me. The
    deck with the strongest summoning power is going to be the strongest.
      After you've selected your deck it's time to choose your side. Here's where I
    strongly suggest the Red side even if you have played the card game in real
    life. Reasons being the duels are easier and your going to want to get used the
    battle system. Also the walkthrough starts with you being on the red side
      Important: Your deck level has to be under or equal to the duelist you're
    going to face. To lower your deck level you must switch out good cards for not
    so good cards.
    Insector Haga/Weevil Underwood - Deck level: 845
    Once you've chosen the red side you will have two choices to go to. Weevil or
    Rex go to Weevil to start off or you're going to get crushed.
    If You Have A Insect Based Deck:
      To start off when you're dueling Weevil he uses insects and his field is
    composed of forest. So if you chose a deck full of insects here's your
    strategy. Send out your insects that have their attack at 1500 or higher
    normally. Now they will get a field power bonus from the field. Now just wait
    and don't move until your next turn. Once it's your turn again see if you have
    a magic card that can upgrade you insects on the field, if not then send out
    another monster with attack 1500 or higher normally. Keep doing this until you
    get a magic card that can upgrade you insect(s). If you do get a magic card
    that can immediately upgrade and go on a rampage and take out his monsters! If
    you don't have a magic card that can help you then attack anyway after trying
    for at least 3 turns. If Weevil gets out the Cocoon of Evolution quickly try
    and take him out otherwise you lose.
    If You Don't Have A Insect Based Deck:
      If you don't have an insect-based deck here's what to do for all the rest of
    the deck types. Okay your gonna notice right from the start that the field
    isn't going to help you any in fact it might become a big problem in some
    peoples cases. Anyway try to get out monsters with strong defense and have them
    on the sides of you. Now once that's done make sure his insects don't get too
    close. Now get out 2 or three magic cards if you can otherwise keep discarding
    until you do! If you don't have any magic cards that can power up your monsters
    then get out your strongest monsters. At this point I'd say the ones with 1200
    attack and up are your strongest. Now if you got the upgrades, upgrade your
    monsters and go for his insect's full charge! Also you might want to get out
    your field card and use it so now your monsters have upgrades and field power
    bonuses! If Weevil happens to get out his Cocoon of Evolution then immediately
    attack his other monsters no matter what. Or if the moth comes out of the
    cocoon of evolution get your strongest monsters on the field to your side of
    the field where you should have your field card out and try to lure in the moth
    with weak cards then pull them back and attack it! Why do I say attack it? Well
    once you pull that weak card back the moth's going to come onto your side of
    the field witch will take away its power bonus and decrease its attack power to
    where your stronger monsters with power ups equipped to them can take him out!
    Once you've one you will obtain a rose card and two paths will open up one
    leading to Pegasus and the other to Bandit Kieth. Don't go to them yet as their
    level far surpasses yours. You also get a shot at some cards! Including the
    Cocoon of Evolution and the Larvae Moth to go with it!
    Ryuu Zaki/Rex Raptor - Deck Level: 960
      The second opponent you want to face in none other than Rex Raptor. If you've
    seen him on the cartoon show you're going to know that he likes powerhouse
    monsters! Here's a good time if you got any good cards from Weevil to stick
    them in your deck. Like if you got very luck and got Larvae Moth and Cocoon of
    Evolution. The fact is you probally didn't so just stick any good cards you got
    from him in you deck.
    If You Have A Machine Based Deck or Dinosaur Based Deck:
      Now Rex uses dinosaur monsters, which means he's going to have wasteland as
    his field. If you have a machine based deck or a dragon based deck here's what
    you do. Upgrade them if you can and go attack you'll get the field power bonus
    and if you got an upgrade on one monster with 1500 attack normally it will now
    have 2300 attack or maybe even 2500 attack! Still that might not be good
    enough. Here's where if you have traps they're going to come in handy. Traps
    like Gravity Bind, which spellbinds the attacking monster and decreases its
    attack by 1500 points! Mirror Wall is also great too because it cuts the
    attacking monsters attack points by half! Anything like those two traps are
    going to come in handy because sometimes Rex plays 3000+ attack monsters! If
    you don't have any traps or magic cards there is another way around this yet!
    This one can be used by people with or with out machine or dragon based decks!
    Here's what you do. Get out monsters with good attack that means something like
    1500 attack or above and attack Rex's weaker monsters. Now while your doing
    that get a high attacking monster and a low attacking monster and have them
    move across the very side of the field with the low attacking monster in front.
    Have them keep going closer and closer to Rex's life point monster (Twin Headed
    King Rex). If a monster of Rex's does happen to come sacrifice the weak monster
    and continue with the strong one. Once you get to his life point monster corner
    it with your monster and attack for the win!
    If you Don't Have A Machine Or Dragon Based Deck:
      If you don't have a machine or dragon based deck use this strategy. Get out
    your defensive cards and move them two paces to the front of you. Now stick
    them in defense. Now wait until you have your strongest monsters and some
    upgrades/traps. Move your guardian one pace forward so the defensive cards are
    right in front of you. Now play the upgrades to the sides of you once you get
    them. Now on your next turn get out one trap to the right upper side of you. By
    this time Rex's monsters should be on top of you! Don't worry your defense and
    traps will hold them off! Now on the next two turns try and get your strongest
    monsters out and upgrade them! Now wait don't show your power house card! Now
    try and get your field card out. Use it and Rex's monster will loose their
    bonus and you will gain! Now go attack for the win! Two paths will open up once
    you have defeated Rex. Now you want to go to Bones then the Eliminator.
    Necromancer/Bones - Deck Level: 795
    For Bones your going to have to take out your stronger cards for weaker ones
    and also put in any power ups you can to help your weak monsters!
    If you have a Zombie, Machine, Or Dragon Based Deck:
      Okay so Bones has a low low deck level right? Wrong! Really he doesn't at all
    his monsters that start off might be weak but he has upgrade magic cards galore
    in his deck! Also his monsters get the field power bonus! Now you're going to
    have to take out your very strong cards and stick in some weak ones. So stick
    your machine, zombie, or dragon cards with low attack first like say 1100 then
    they'll get a field power bonus to make them around 1600. Now stick in some
    power up cards for your monsters and duel! Okay when you start off the duel
    check your hand carefully if you have a high defense zombie, dragon, or machine
    monster play it! The will be something that has 1700-2000 defense with the
    power bonus! Now move it out one space and on the next turn stick it in front
    you. Here's where your going to see Bone's power of his upgrades! So luckily
    stuffed your deck full of upgrades! Now get out a good attacking monster that
    least has 1600 with the field power bonus and stick him in defense. Now here's
    good time to think about upgrades, if you don't have any in your hand keep
    discarding until you do. Once you do pile up upgrades on that one monster wait.
    Now if you have any traps that might be useful play. At this time Bone's
    monsters are going to be closing in for the kill! So move your monster out of
    defense and go attack. If you have another upgrade use it on your monster. Then
    victory is almost certain.
    If You Don't Have a Machine, Zombie, Dragon Based Deck:
      Okay again you're going to have to take out your stronger monsters for weaker
    ones but keep on very strong one in like say your strongest! Also pack up on
    high defense cards, upgrades, and traps. Okay starting the duel play a trap
    right away if you can otherwise play a weaker card. Now on your next turn
    upgrade that weaker monster and see if you get a trap on your draw if you do
    play it instead of the upgrade. Okay now upgrade that weaker monster with all
    you got! Next turn discard until you get your powerhouse monster or your field
    card! The field card is mainly the key to winning this duel. Now once you have
    both those down try to upgrade your powerhouse once. Then Bone's is going to
    move in on you so that he's right next to your monsters. Now play your field
    card and attack! His zombies will lose there field power bonus and maybe even
    drop a few attack and defense points! Now you have this duel won. You get a
    card and a chance at some zombie monsters, but no path opens up. It's time to
    duel the Eliminator!
    Darkness Ruler/Eliminator - Deck Level: 982
    This fight isn't too hard compared to Bones. Add back in your powerhouses and
    you should be fine.
    If You Have A Fiend, Or Dark Based Deck:
      This fight is actually really easy whether you have a dark based deck or not.
    All you have to do is summon monsters with 1800 attack or higher normally then
    they'll get he field power bonus and you can go kill some monsters! You can
    also put out some traps they might come in handy.
    If You Don't Have A Fiend, Or Darkness Based Deck:
      Okay all you have to do is send out some heavy hitters like say some monster
    with 1800 attack or higher. Now upgrade it with a 500+ attack upgrade card and
    attack. Send out some traps just in case his monsters sneak by you. Also try
    and get your field card so victory is sealed. Now you'll get a rose card, have
    a shot a few good cards, and you're off to whoop Bandit Kieth!
    Kieth/Bandit Kieth - Deck Level: 1027
    If you've seen the show then you know Bandit Kieth is tough and ruthless!
    You're gonna have to stock up on your strongest cards as well as power ups to
    beat him! Also you might want to add any machines or Dinosaurs you have won on
    your way!
    If You Have A Machine or Dragon Based Deck:
      Okay this fight shouldn't be too hard all you have to do is get some strong
    monsters out on the field and smash. Although you might get hammered anyway so
    here's the strategy. Okay start off by working out monsters with 2000 defense
    or higher. Now stick them on the sides and wait. Once his turn passes move your
    defense off to the sides and summon out stronger cards. Use the corners for any
    traps or magic cards available. Now upgrade your monsters and kill. Bandit
    Kieth can be tricky so watch out for any face down cards! Let him attack first
    and you should be fine.
    If You Don't Have A Machine or Dragon Based Deck:
      Okay this fight might be a little tougher for you then if you had a machine
    or dragon deck. Here's what you're going to have to do. This might take a few
    turns because you got to get the certain cards in a matter of turns or you're
    going to get crushed! Okay here's what you have to do. First start by getting
    any useful destroy monster traps and any equip magic cards onto the field. Now
    all you have you're going to have to get out strong monsters and upgrade.
    Bandit Kieth is going to be doing the same! So now you have an upgraded monster
    or two. Select the one with highest attack and keep upgrading it! Now get out
    traps that will help you by curing spellbind or by negating effects (stopping
    effects) now try and get your field card out and have your powerhouse monster
    get on it to increase his attack even further making his attack around 2800 or
    above. Now wait for his monsters to attack you and repeat this strategy and
    you've won unless he gets a real good card out fast.
    Labyrinth Ruler/?????? - Deck Level: 1016
    This one is also gonna prove hard he's the same as Para and Doxs from the show!
    Most of the field is labyrinth and the rest is a mix between Wasteland, Sogen,
    Crush, and a few others! You'll need strong cards and traps to win this!
    For All Kinds Of Decks:
      This fight can be complicated if you don't know what to do right from the
    start. First off summon all traps/magic cards to the left and monsters to the
    right. If you have a labyrinth monster then this duel will be easy unless Ruler
    gets out Labyrinth Tank (2400 2000def). Start off by making your deck full of
    stronger cards like say 1800 attack and above. Have power ups and your field
    card. (for your field card summon to the right.) Also traps that spellbind and
    weaken is a good idea if you have Earthshaker it's a must put in for your deck!
    Now starting off the duel look at your hand, if you have a monster with 1800
    attack and above and you can not play it wait and skip your turn. Play a magic
    card instead if you have one that you think will help you in some way and
    summon to the left unless equip magic card. Now next turn summon that monster
    that has 1800 attack or higher to the right and if you can equip that magic
    card or use the magic card you put down (if you did) in some way use it. If you
    don't have a strong monster keep discarding until you get one. Next turn move
    your strong card and try to get out another one if you have one otherwise play
    a trap if you have one. Now next turn get out another strong card and move it
    one space up and upgrade it if you want and move your first card a space and in
    your turn. Now you need to get your field card and summon it right behind your
    strong monster you put one space up. If you don't have your field card keep
    discarding until you get it and laying down traps. Now once you have your field
    card move it and your monster in front of it until you get close to Ruler's
    deck leader or one of his monsters and play it! Now you should be able to even
    beat his strongest card the Labyrinth Tank and win this duel easy.
    Pegasus Crawford/Maximillon Pegasus - Deck Level 1254
    Pegasus is going to be hard! He does not use his millennium Eye though. But
    still the field is Half toon and half Sogen! Plus when your monsters come on to
    toon they get a major power decrease! Pegasus usually always has traps on the
    field! You're going to need all you might to win this one!
    For All Decks:
      Start off by composing your deck of dark monsters and monsters that have the
    effect of when attacked, the field turns to there specialty field. Make sure
    you have spellbinding and power decreasing traps also equip magic cards, your
    strongest monster and your field card! Okay start off by summoning a monster
    that's attack is at least 1800 (if you don't have strong monsters you're in
    trouble.) now end your turn. Next turn summon any power ups you have to the
    field, if you can increase the 1800 attack monster or higher then do so. Now
    lay down any spellbinding or power decreasing traps you have unless there are
    not any in your hand. If you couldn't get a trap last turn keep discarding
    until you do get one. Be careful not to discard your power house monster or
    monster(s) that have the power to change the field their standing on. Also make
    sure not to many equip magic cards go to the grave yard by you discarding,
    instead summon them to the field. Once you have the trap card(s) set down, lay
    down your field and start to move it to the toon side of the field. Now summon
    your power house monster and use all equip magic cards that you have that can
    be equiped to him/her to power him/her up. Now once you get close to the toon
    field use the magic card and stick your  power house monster on it, you should
    at least have that monsters attack up to 2500 by now maybe more. Here's the
    tricky part Pegasus has a lot of traps so if you have Royal Decree hopefully
    you laid it down otherwise be careful! Now all you have to do is attack his
    monsters and you got the win.
    Richard Slysheen of York/Heishin - Deck Level: 1039
    Yugi wants to meet you but Heishin stands in your way! This duel can be very
    hard! Heishin has only a few good monsters but a lot of them! The rest are weak
    so you're going to have to steer clear of them and take out his weak ones!
    If You Have A Warrior, or Warrior-Beast Deck:
      To start off make sure you're your deck consists of stronger warriors, as
    they will get a power up from the field. Next throw in about 7 equip magic
    cards and a few traps that spellbind or power decrease. Okay starting off the
    duel summon a monster that's attack is 1500 or higher normally. You will now
    get the field power boost and increase your monsters attack by 500 points. If
    you don't have a monster in your hand, or you do but it's not that strong just
    discard until you get one, being careful not to discard power decrease, or
    spellbinding traps. Also make sure you don't discard equip magic cards that can
    help your warrior monsters. Okay after you have that part done, mainly increase
    that monsters attack and defense. If you get another monster that strong or
    stronger lay it down also. Next throw out a few traps if you got them and go
    attack. This duel's pretty straight forward. If he does manage to get out his
    panther warrior, 3300 attack (I think), then try to stear clear of it and let
    your traps do the work.
    If You Don't Have A Warrior, or Warrior Beast Deck:
      Use the same strategy as above but make sure you have your field card.
    Seto/Seto Kaiba - Deck Level: 1184
    The one and only Seto Kaiba is ready for a duel and is coming for you! He's
    going to be tough and his blue eyes are going to be hard to take down without
    traps! He also just likes to make Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon just to finish you
    For All Decks:
      Start off by making your deck consist of monsters that get a field power
    bonus on sogen. All stick your powerhouse monster in and power ups galore.
    Traps are not necessary for this strategy. Start off by summoning a monster
    that gets a field power bonus on sogen. Make sure this monster's attack is now
    at least over 2000. On your next turn try to get your field card and your power
    house monster. Be sure not to discard any monster with over 200 attack, instead
    play them. Also play power ups that are useful and can help you, do not discard
    them. Okay once you have your field card and your powerhouse monster, summon
    your power house monster. Next turn play your field card. Now use any power ups
    that can help your powerhouse monster and then wait for his monsters to get
    close. Don't let this duel last to long. If it does get long, attack with your
    powerhouse monster. If you let the duel last to long he will bring out Blue
    Eyes Ultimate Dragon 4000 attack!!!!!
    Hana Wyddan Fab Llyr/???? - Deck Level: 1985
    Oh great the guardian of the rose cards is here! His deck level doesn't lie!
    He's a handful! I've only found one possible way to beat him and that strategy
    is coming soon so you can beat him too!
    For All Decks:
      This is my master strategy. This strategy works for both sides of the game.
    Start off by making your deck consist of 5 monsters with over 2000 attack
    normally. Next get 15 monsters with attack lower then 1200. Okay now get power
    ups, and traps that spellbind and power decrease. If you have mirror force or
    royal decree there a must. If you don't have ethier be prepared for the duel of
    your life! Also any direct damage cards be sure to put them into your deck.
    Start off this game by moving your deck leader on to crush. Okay next play out
    any monsters that you have in your hand that have their attack 2000 or more.
    Play them to the bottom left, or right sides and move them up the parameter of
    the field. Now play any traps behind you, or on the top right or left crush
    zones. Summon any monster with 1200 attack or less to the crush spaces. Move
    your 2000 attack monsters up the parameter until you get to where he stops you
    with one of his monsters. Now move your weak monster tward his life points and
    summon out more strong ones out to the sides. Now attack his monster, that's
    blocking one of your 2000 attack or more monsters, if a trap is activated, it
    wont matter. Now once you've done that use your weak monster and attack his
    life points! Keep doing this, if you do this right, it should only take five
    turns. Unless he play mirror force. Be sure to keep one weak and one strong
    card in your hand just incase he does.
    Nightmare/???? - Deck Level: 1891
    ????? I know none about him all I do know is he's hard hard hard! Also he's
    in the Japanese version of the game so us Americans are very lucky we don't
    to take this guy out to see the ending.
    Guide Might Not Be Coming So Soon For Nightmare.
    White Rose Side:
      Now that Yugi's side is done it's time for Kaiba to rule supreme!
    Tea/Tea - Deck Level: 933
    Yup that's right Tea's in the game! This battle can be drug out very long, but
    is fairly easy.
    If You Have A Winged-Beast Based Deck:
      Coming Very Soon!
    T. Tristan Grey/Tristan - Deck Level: 1149
    His deck level lies it should be 600. This fight is very easy and Tristan has
    no skill it strategy what so ever.
    For All Decks:
     Coming Very Soon!
    Margeret Mai Bewford/Mai - Deck Level: 1003
    Don't let Tristan fool you, the Red Rose duelists aren't all a cakewalk and Mai
    proves it! Mai uses the deck she used on Yugi in duelist kingdom castle, making
    this duel extremely difficult.
    If You Have A Winged-Beast Deck:
      Coming Very Soon!
    Mako/Mako - Deck Level: 1001
    This king of the seas is next and his monsters can be big trouble if you don't
    be careful... Watch out for the Aqua Dragon! 2250atk/2000def
    If You have A Sea Monster Or Sea Based Deck:
     Coming Very Soon!
    Joey/Joey Wheeler - Deck Level: 970
    Don't let Joey's DL fool you he can be very hard. Joey's deck contains many
    warrior monsters, and the Red Eyes! I'm not sure if he has Baby Dragon and Time
    Wizard because I haven't played him enough. Don't worry he makes some stupid
    For All Decks:
     Coming Very Soon!
    J. Shadi Morton/???? - Deck Level: 982
    I forgot his name from the show, sorry. He's not too tough, but the real
    problem is the field.
    For All Decks:
     Coming Very Soon!
    Jasper Dice Tudor/Mr. Moto - Deck Level: 1078
    WARNING: Contains Unstoppable Exodia!
    That's right folks, he's got Exodia. This duel is over if you drag it out to
    For All Decks:
     Coming Very Soon!
    Bakura/Yami Bakura - Deck Level: 757
    His deck level is only that low because his field is almost entirely crush!
    Watch out this duel is tough!
    Yugi/Yugi Moto/Yami/ - Deck Level: 1206
    This duel is harder than Kaiba as Yugi's deck contains the Dark Magican, Dark
    Magican Girl, Black Luster Ritual, And More! Also when in trouble he acually
    Destiny Draws!
    For All Decks:
     Coming Very Soon!
    For The Rose Guardian see first half or strategy.
    End Game
    5.a-Making A Deck
      I'm gonna talk about making a successful deck. Okay to start strong monsters
    aren't always the winning ingredients in fact you can win with out even
    attacking once! Magic and Traps are very important and when making a deck you
    want both so here's a good combination for a deck. 2-3 2000+ attack monsters
    5-10 1500+ attack monsters 4-6 Equip Magic Cards 2-3 Direct/Other Magic Cards
    4-5 Traps and the rest lower level monsters!
    5.b-Summoning Monsters
      Coming Soon!
      Coming Soon!
      Coming Soon!
    5.c-Movement Strategy
      Coming Soon!
    5.d-Battle Strategy
      Coming Soon!
    5.e-Winning & Reincarnation
      Coming Soon!
    6.Tips And Codes:
      Here are some tips to help you along the way to victory as well as some
    codes! When constructing a deck think about what kind of opponent your against,
    what cards he's going to use as well as traps so you can construct the perfect
    deck. Here are the codes I know.
      To use these go to the deck screen and go to the chest column and push down
    the right analog stick (R3 Button) and enter the code.
    Barrel Dragon: GTJXSBJ7
    Aqua Dragon: JXCB6FU7
    Change Of Heart: SBYDQM8B
    I'd like to give to Game FAQS for making this site so I could make this guide.
    Also Konami for producing this amazing game.
     Finally To Kids WB for showing Yu-Gi-Oh! in America.
     That's it for the moment.
    8. Upcoming Things in This Guide
    1.Complete the red rose side of the guide and start on the white.
    2.Find more codes.
    3.Finsih the Tutorial.

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