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"Not Bad...but not good either"

After all this time playing. It kinda got me hooked..but not the kind of hooked as Forbidden Memories did to me. and not even close to the actual card game.

Gameplay: First off. i find the new set up and rules quite unsettleing. Even though it reminds me of chess, it also reminds me that i dont like chess at all. When i first gotten it. i thought it would be like Forbidden Memories. I was way waaaaay off. Even though i am quite used to the new set up and rules of this game. Im much more comfortable on how you originally play Dual Monsters. thats why i also avoid Dungeon Dice Monsters. I did find it tough since they dont usually start you with very good cards. But of course theres the stradegy part of it.

Graphics & Sound: Oh yeah. the 5 rating mostly goes to this cause i do love the sweet battle animations. The monsters even hover over your card when its face it. Its really awesome. and the sounds are really good. i noticed that some of the sound effects are recycled from Forbidden Memories, but thats quite alright. the some of the BGM is quite soothing to listen to.

Story: This one really warps me out. What gave them the though to actually think up such a story. although this displeases me, i liked some parts of it as well. Despite that they warped the history from 1480 Europe from the REAL history of it. I do like it on how they retouched some of the characters with a European twist. They just used some faces from Forbidden memories and splashed some elegant european clothing on them. and the names that are changed to some of them are a real laugh. Cept for Mai's though. I really like how they Britished Mai. I wonder what she sound like if she had a british accent. *drool*

Funfactor: Lets get back to Forbidden Memories just on more time. Ever since i played it months ago. i never stopped. When i had the chance. i dual and dual til i get more cool cards. I ignored a few other games cause i love to play FM. but with DOTR. I cannot say the same for this one. I may have beaten it only once so far. But ill play it a few more times and thats about it. Cause i really dont have anymore good reasons to play it continuously. in FM, i loved it that you can use the numbers from the actual cards to obtain them. In this game, you cant do that! the passwords for cards are completely different. The only way so far is to achieve em in a slot machine or by useing codes after beating it. and to me, its not really worth it. And not only that. DOTR is a real time killer. it really is like a game of chess. taking time to position them at the right places. I can handle that if i DO have time to kill. Maybe you have to be a good dualist to make each match end faster. But for me, its a real time waster.

What you wanna do is: Rent it. thats what i did and i was lucky to not buy it cause 50 bucks aint worth it. If you're average gamers like me and agree with me at some of what i said, take my advice. Rent it. But if you're a little 10-14 year old thats obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh. Then buy it. You won't care about my opinion. I maybe into Yu-Gi-Oh, but im not really that obsessed. but despite of that. i still recommend Forbidden Memories. The graphics are dull but its really fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/22/03, Updated 02/22/03

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