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Graphics: 7

The overall graphics aren't too bad but can be improved. It's got this unique 3D model figure of a monster displayed on the screen. Further you can turn on or off the 3D polygon which allows the feature of seeing 2 monsters in battle.

Sound: 6

The music in this game is splendid. Since the game takes place in the Medieval Europe it also has music and such related to it. Although as good as it may sound, it appears somewhat tiresome after a while from hearing it too long.

Gameplay: 6

The knowledge on knowing how to duel won't take long. There is a tutorial to explain details on how to battle. This is pretty similar to Forbidden Memories. Though there are new features added to it such as the slots and leader ability.
The slot appears to be a more easier way to obtain a certain card since you the player can get up to a max of 3 cards when a duel is won. The leader ability are simply for support of your other cards for improvement. This game itself may appear easy since it's only a card game but certainly a lot of things need to be unfold. This includes what monster learns what ability, etc.

Replay: 4

Not so much to say except that the 2nd time you play it it gets a little boring. The fact that you'll have to spend so much time to get the cards you need all over again. Of course you can always use your old file to transfer some cards to the new one. Then again what fun will then be, wouldn't it be the same as cheating?

Story: 8

As mentioned before. This takes place in Medieval Europe. The story line itself isn't important though. It is about Yugi and Seto's descendants having a war. You the player can choose which side you wish to be join. You goal is to obtain the rose cards and defeat all who stands in your way.

Price: 6

Although this may not seem too important but it is. This game includes 3 cards which is about $10 per say. Now is it worth buying a card game which can be beaten in 3 days and cost nearly $50 with cards?

Overall: 6

This game has made some improvement compare to forbidden memories. I would only suggest people to get this game if they enjoy playing card games or watch the Yu Gi Oh show.
Overall I would suggest people to rent it before actually buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/22/03, Updated 03/22/03

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