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Reviewed: 05/29/03 | Updated: 05/29/03

Great game to add to collection!

This is the second Yu-Gi-Oh game released on the Playstation consoles. This one is on the Playstation 2 though. It is kind of like the first one in that you have to battle your way through a storyline with cards.

Storyline 10/10
The storyline is good since it plays in the 1400’s with an ancient card game. You have to battle you way person by person to get to the end and to find out what happens. You get to choose to be on 2 sides and you have to collect the Rose cards. I think that’s the best kind of storyline that they can make for a card game.

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay is just awesome. It takes the card game to new limits and tests your thinking and maneuvering abilities. The game puts you into tight spots at times and you will have to find your way out of just get lucky and pull out a strong monster. This time though you have to move the person playing the game (the deck leader) around so you don’t lose. If a monster attacks your deck leader then it will take direct lifepoints away. You have to move it around to save yourself. You also have to move your monster cards around and to attack an opposing monster than you just have to “walk” onto it with one of your monster cards. If it is a magic card then it will disappear and that effect might even still work. Doesn’t that just sound good for the gameplay?

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are the greatest ones I have seen for a card game. When your monster comes up it looks sleek and smooth. Most of the monsters don’t even have that blocky look. In the battle scenes they look even better. The monster comes and the attacks look great and it is really fun to see the winning pose of the monster after it wins.

Sound/Music 10/10
The sound was also really good because it was never too low in one area and too high in another. The sound stayed the same at all places. The music is great and it is perfect for dueling an opponent. There’s no better music than that to be able to duel a person with.

Replay Value 9/10
The replay value is awesome because you will want to play the game a lot to be able to get all of the cards. There are many cards and it is a very hard task to get them all so it will take a lot of time and dueling to master the game. Even the way to get some of the cards is hard so it will take a lot of time. Some of the cards have not been found yet though so you might want to duel a lot to try to figure out how to get them.

Overall 10/10
Overall the game is a great addition to your collection of games, if you like that type of game that is. I think that it is worth all of the money that you would use for it. I found it for $50 and I am not disappointed in spending that much for it. All of the stuff above is also a good reason to give this overall rating so good.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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