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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mythril Wyrm

    Version: 1.22 | Updated: 12/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                                       *
    *   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FAQ    *
    * Compiled by Mythril Wyrm and sylvanir *
    *        Written by Mythril Wyrm        *
    *             Version 1.22              *
    *                                       *
    Table of Contents
    I. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    II. Update History
    III. The Basics
         A. Overview
         B. The Good Guys
         C. The Bad Guys
         D. Obstacles
         E. Items
         F. General Tips
    IV. Stage Walkthrough
         A. Stage 1 - Things Change
              1. Sewer
              2. Streets
              3. Alley
              4. Rooftops
              5. Stockman's Lab
         B. Dojo Stage - The Secrets
         C. Stage 2 - Nano
              1. April's Antique Shop
              2. Subway Station
              3. Subway Train
              4. On the Bridge
              5. Junkyard
              6. Junkyard Rear
         D. Stage 3 - Trap
              1. Art Warehouse
              2. Trailer Roof
              3. Construction Site
              4. 13th Floor
              5. Top Floor
              6. Air
         E. Stage 4 - Tengu
              1. Museum Entrance
              2. Dinosaur Exhibit
              3. Egyptian Exhibit
              4. Courtyard
              5. Japanese Art Exhibit
         F. Dojo Stage - Progress
         G. Stage 5 - Notes from Underground
              1. Mouth of Underground
              2. Underground World
              3. Abandoned Town
              4. Genetics Lab
              5. Cultivation Room
         H. Special Stage - Ordeal
         I. Stage 6 - Justice
              1. Entrance
              2. Japanese Garden
              3. Foot Science Lab
              4. Mouser Arsenal
              5. Demolitioned Arsenal
              6. Trap Corridor
              7. Heliport
              8. Shinto Palace
    V. Challenge Mode
         A. Overview
         B. Enemy Lineup
         C. Strategies
    VI. Secrets
         A. Versus Mode Characters
         B. Passwords
         C. Easter Eggs
    VII. Questions & Answers
    VIII. Special Thanks
    IX. Contacting Us
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    I. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2003-2004 by Devin McCain and Dannan Best. Presently,
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    you're that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    II. Update History
    v1.00 - Completed most sections. More updates will soon follow.
    v1.10 - Added more specific info and a Challenge Mode section, corrected some
    mistakes, and made various changes to several sections.
    v1.11 - Corrected more mistakes and made minor changes to several sections.
    v1.12 - Corrected more mistakes, added more methods for obtaining passwords,
    and made minor changes to several sections. Somewhat disappointed by number of
    errors to date.
    v1.13 - Added a Strategies section for Challenge Mode, and made minor changes
    to several sections.
    v1.20 - Updated list of sites with permission to post this FAQ. Added an
    Overview section, a strategy for Hamato Yoshi, and more passwords and methods
    of obtaining passwords. Made minor changes to several sections.
    v1.21 - Made minor changes to the Special Thanks section.
    v1.22 - Made some formatting changes and minor changes to several sections.
    III. The Basics
    A. Overview
    There are three different gameplay modes in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Story
    Mode, Challenge Mode, and Versus Mode. This FAQ focuses mostly on Story Mode
    and Challenge Mode, since these are the modes in which the game's secrets can
    be unlocked.
    Story Mode is divided into six stages, and each stage contains anywhere from 5
    to 8 areas. You are only allowed to save after clearing a stage, which is ac-
    complished by defeating the stage boss. To continue a saved game, simply
    select Continue from the main menu and choose any of the turtles you've used
    previously. You'll be able to start at the beginning of the stage that follows
    the last one you cleared. The game tracks each turtle's progress through Story
    Mode separately, so you'll have to start from the beginning if you choose a
    turtle you haven't used before. In two-player games, only the first turtle's
    progress is saved and only the first turtle can participate in the Dojo Stages
    and the Special Stage.
    You can replay stages that you've already cleared, which is useful if you're
    trying to hone your skills or collect all of the makimonos.
    B. The Good Guys
    Leonardo - The wise and fearless leader. Wears blue and fights with katanas.
    Pros: Leo is probably the most well-rounded of the four turtles. His power,
    reach, attack speed, and coverage are all good, but not exceptional. He's good
    at either individual or group combat, and has a powerful air attack.
    Cons: He doesn't have any attacks that reach quite as far as those of the other
    Donatello - The scientist and inventor. Wears purple and fights with a bo
    Pros: Don's bo has the best reach of any of the turtles' weapons. He's
    relatively strong, and is great at fighting individual enemies.
    Cons: Many of Don's attacks knock enemies away, which can make it difficult for
    him to combo effectively. His air attack hits in a small area and carries him
    to the ground quickly, so using it well requires careful aim. He's also a
    little slow.
    Tips: Ironically, Don's also the character with whom you can most easily get an
    infinite combo if you know what you're doing. Simply pin an enemy against a
    wall and use weak attacks ad infinitum. The Subway Train's a particularly good
    area in which to try this; I've read about people getting 100+ hit combos by
    pinning enemies up against the walls there. (The combo counter only goes up to
    99, but your actual combo will be displayed once you clear the area.) The
    other turtles can duplicate this feat, but Don's the best at it.
    Michelangelo - The witty prankster. Wears orange and fights with nunchuakus.
    Pros: Mike's the fastest of the turtles, and can combo easily. He has good
    coverage with his attacks, and many of them can score multiple hits on nearby
    enemies. His air attack is great for both racking up combos and bypassing
    environmental hazards safely.
    Cons: He's the weakest of the four turtles, and his attacks can be a little
    hard to control.
    Tips: There's an easy way for Mike to do an infinite combo against an airborne
    enemy. Use three weak attacks followed by a strong attack, and do it again
    before the enemy touches the ground. Use an uppercut to start the combo if
    you're have trouble knocking the enemy into the air.
    Raphael - The sarcastic hothead. Wears red and fights with sais.
    Pros: Raph is strong, and has good coverage with his attacks. He has a lot of
    spinning attacks, and can cover a fair amount of ground with his strong attack
    when moving. His air attack hits in a wide radius and can score several hits
    at a time against an airborne target.
    Cons: He's slow, and his sais have the worst reach of any of the turtles'
    C. The Bad Guys
    Mousers - Knee-high robots with oversized mouths. They pose little threat
    individually, but they usually appear in packs. They sometimes self-destruct
    if they can't reach you. The green Prototype Mousers are stronger than the
    white ones, and have a springing attack.
    Thugs - A common annoyance to superheroes everywhere, these members of the
    Purple Dragon gang use lead pipes, sticks, and aluminum baseball bats to make
    your life shorter and more painful. The ones in purple-sleeved shirts have a
    charging attack; dash away from them or use a shuriken to break their charge.
    Foot Ninjas - Black-clothed warriors who fight with katanas and bo sticks. The
    bo wielders sometimes throw shuriken from a distance. Close in on them and
    show them how a real ninja fights.
    Nanobots - These metallic menaces fight with rocket limbs and overhead slams.
    The orange ones are larger and tougher than their blue counterparts, and sport
    an extendible arm. Both types of Nanobots explode when defeated, damaging any-
    thing nearby. Jump or dash away from them when they collapse.
    Foot Tech Ninjas - These grey-clothed assassins use cloaking devices to hide
    themselves from sight and attack with kick combos and deadly leaps. They don't
    show up on the radar, so look for their shadows or distortions in the air to
    track them.
    Foot-Bees - Flying vehicles piloted by Foot Ninjas. They attack with twin
    machine guns, and occasionally float overhead and fire a three-way laser. Stay
    directly under them to avoid the laser, and use air attacks or elevated terrain
    to attack them if they float out of reach. They explode when critically
    damaged, so back away from them once they start smoking.
    Mutants - In order of increasing size and nastiness, they come in blue, brown,
    green, and purple varieties. They're very agile, and attack with their claws,
    mandibles, and venomous spittle. The green ones spit in a V-shaped pattern,
    and the purple ones spit in three directions. The brown and purple Mutants can
    maul and throw you, and the purple ones also have a rolling attack.
    Bosses - They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Look for their
    descriptions and strategies for defeating them in the areas in which they
    D. Obstacles
    Falling objects - Rocks, girders, and stalactites have a nasty tendency to fall
    on the heads of unsuspecting turtles. Unless you want a splitting headache,
    dash away when you see dust and debris.
    Barrels - A few hits or a flying body will set off the volatile substances
    within the barrels, causing an explosion that will damage and knock down
    anything in the blast radius. Certain attacks will send them flying, which can
    be rather useful if there's a group of enemies nearby.
    Security lasers - Beams of red light that damage and knock away any turtles who
    touch them. The ones in the later stages move. Jump over the stationary ones
    and jump or dash to avoid the moving ones.
    E. Items
    Grey boxes that are scattered throughout the stages hide the following items:
    Soda               - Gives you 100 points and restores 1/5 of your life.
    Sushi              - Gives you 100 points and restores 1/3 of your life.
    Hamburger          - Gives you 100 points and restores 1/2 of your life.
    Pizza              - Gives you 100 points and fully restores your life.
    Shuriken           - Gives you 10 regular shuriken, up to a maximum of 30.
    Electric Shuriken  - Gives you 10 electric shuriken, up to a maximum of 20.
    Explosive Shuriken - Gives you 10 explosive shuriken, up to a maximum of 10.
    Red Crystal        - Gives you 500 points and boosts your attack power for
                         about 15 seconds.
    Yellow Crystal     - Gives you 500 points and boosts your defense for about 15
    Blue Crystal       - Gives you 500 points and boosts your running speed for
                         about 15 seconds.
    Purple Crystal     - Grants you an additional use of your Gembu attack. Does
                         not appear until Gembu attack has been unlocked.
    Makimono           - A scroll that unlocks sketches in the Data Base. The
                         white ones unlock three miscellaneous sketches each, and
                         the blue, purple, orange, and red ones unlock one sketch
                         each of the appropriately colored turtle.
    F. General Tips
    Get good at dashing. It's invaluable for dodging attacks and working your way
    into more advantageous positions.
    Uppercuts can be used to hit enemies who are lying on the ground.
    Shuriken are highly effective against many of the bosses, so save as many as
    Most enemies will stagger when hit with a shuriken. This disrupts their attacks
    and leaves them vulnerable to a quick combo.
    Electric shuriken stun anything they hit.
    Explosive shuriken damage and knock down all enemies in their blast radius.
    When you use a credit, you come back to life with 10 regular shuriken. Remember
    this if you die during a boss fight; the extra shuriken can be quite helpful.
    White makimonos can be obtained regardless of which character you're using,
    but colored makimonos can only be obtained when you're playing as the turtle of
    the corresponding color.
    Unless you have a lot of life or know that there's food nearby, avoid fighting
    enemies around barrels. Either knock the barrels into them from a distance or
    lure the enemies away from them.
    Use your uppercut to knock barrels into the air. It invariably sends them
    flying, and gives you good control over the direction in which they fly.
    The closer something is to ground zero of an explosion, the more damage it'll
    IV. Stage Walkthrough
    A. Stage 1 - Things Change
    1. Sewers
    Enemies: Mousers
    This is little more than a practice area. Mousers are the greatest threats you
    face here, and food is plentiful. Practice your combos and get a feel for your
    chosen turtle's fighting style. Watch for falling rocks, and you should escape
    2. Streets
    Enemies: Mousers, thugs
    This area will teach you how to use your environment to your advantage.  In
    addition to explosive barrels, there are cars and fire hydrants to be found
    here. The cars explode in a wide radius when seriously damaged, and the fire
    hydrants spray a stream of water in the direction you're facing if you strike
    them with a weak attack. (Strong attacks make them spray water straight up.)
    The water will knock down and damage anything it touches, including careless
    turtles. If you get seriously hurt early on, a pizza can be found in the box
    on the pizza shop's awning.
    If you're playing as Raphael, be ready to fight a boss at the end of this area.
    BOSS: Casey Jones
    He's a pushover. If you have a decent amount of life, close in and beat the
    crap out of him. He can counter your combos with a swing from his golf club,
    but he'll go down before you do. Unlike most of the other bosses in the game,
    he can be stunned and knocked into the air, so you can juggle him to death if
    you prefer a more conservative approach.
    3. Alley
    Enemies: Mousers, thugs
    You have a bit less room to maneuver here than you did on the streets, so be
    careful when blowing up cars or sending barrels flying. Other than that, it's
    more or less the same as the previous area.
    BOSS: Dragon Face
    Take out his bodyguards first to minimize distractions. Hit him with two weak
    attacks and a strong attack to send him flying and prevent him from using his
    counterattack. He has a three-hit punch combo and a dash punch that he uses
    from a distance, but if you're quick and skillful enough, you'll never see
    4. Rooftops
    Enemies: Mousers, Foot Ninjas
    You'll be introduced to Foot Ninjas here. They're hardier than thugs, but not
    much smarter. Just watch for flying shuriken.
    5. Stockman's Lab
    Enemies: Mousers
    Avoid the buzzsaw while destroying the Mousers. The best way to avoid being
    hit by it is to stand against the far right wall and attack the Mousers as the
    buzzsaw moves away from you. You can also stand on the arm safely and simply
    wait for the Mousers to self-destruct.
    Once you've reduced enough Mousers to scrap metal, the right wall will rise to
    reveal the stage boss.
    STAGE BOSS: Giant Mouser Robot
    Dash towards it while avoiding the missiles it shoots. Once you're on the
    platform with it, stand by its legs and use your strongest combos on it. Back
    off when its arms start spinning, or you'll lose a large amount of life. When
    the spinning slows, close in and wail on it some more. When it's down to less
    than half life, it'll start shooting missiles as it spins it arms. Stay behind
    it to avoid getting hit. Four of the boxes on its platform contain sodas, so
    back off and take a drink if you get injured.
    B. Dojo Stage - The Secrets
    Use your air attack to smash the floating boxes. Some are empty, some contain
    Mousers, some explode, and some hide makimonos. Find three of them in three
    minutes to unlock your turtle's air attack. Save time by using a double jump
    to reach the boxes that float higher than the others.
    C. Stage 2 - Nano
    1. April's Antique Shop
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, thugs, blue Nanobots
    Demolish the Nanobots in April's shop, then head outside. There are cars,
    barrels, and a fire hydrant in the street.  Make good use of them.
    BOSS: Nano Monster Ver. 2.0
    A cute little virtual pet he's not. He has a three-hit punch combo, a body
    slam, and a 360-degree junk spray attack. Get close to him, dodge his attacks,
    and whack him in the back or sides as he recovers. He's particularly vulnerable
    after a body slam. When he's down to 1/3 life, he'll go berserk and start
    attacking randomly. If you're low on life, finish him off with shuriken; other-
    wise, just melee with him.
    2. Subway Station
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, thugs, blue Nanobots
    The enemies here appear on both the platform and the tracks. The thugs will
    leap after you, but the Mousers and Nanobots will stay on their starting level.
    Take them on in small groups to conserve life.
    3. Subway Train
    Enemies: Thugs, blue Nanobots
    Short and sweet. The limited space makes this a great place to practice combos.
    4. On the Bridge
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, thugs, blue Nanobots, orange Nanobots
    There are a lot of crates and barrels here. When you reach the line of
    barrels, either lure the enemies away from them or throw shuriken to detonate
    them from a safe distance.
    5. Junkyard
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, thugs, blue Nanobots, orange Nanobots
    The first part of this area is very straightforward. Cut or smash your way
    through your foes until you meet Nano again.
    BOSS: Nano Monster Ver. 2.1
    Same as the previous fight, only he's a little faster and is aided by three
    blue Nanobots. Take them down, then fight Nano the same way you did the first
    After Nano flees, fight your way through more enemies until you reach the pools
    of molten metal. They'll sap your life if you step in them, so resist the urge
    to take a hot bath. Take the rightmost path if you want to avoid them easily.
    Next, you'll have to overcome some pistons that will try to push you into the
    slag. Start moving when the first piston begins retracting, and use your double
    jump to stay on the platform as the pistons push you away. The crushing pistons
    that appear next are almost impossible to get past unharmed. Dash repeatedly
    and hope for the best. There's sushi in the two boxes beyond the third pair of
    pistons. Eat hardy; there's another boss fight coming up.
    BOSS: Nano Monster Ver. 2.1
    Same as the previous fight, only this time he can hurl exploding cars at you
    and create blue and orange Nanobots to help him. Use the same strategy you
    used in the previous fights, dodging the thrown cars and beating up Nano's
    little helpers as necessary.
    6. Junkyard Rear
    STAGE BOSS: Nano Monster Ver. 3
    My, how quickly he's grown! If you've been practicing your barrel-hurling
    skills, they'll serve you well here. Knock the barrels into Nano from a dis-
    tance, and avoid his extendible arm and energy waves. He attacks after every
    second step he takes and is invulnerable while attacking, so time your attacks
    carefully. If you run out of barrels, you'll have to finish him off with air
    attacks. Watch out for his stomps and junk spray if you have to touch the
    D. Stage 3 - Trap
    1. Museum Entrance
    Enemies: Thugs, Foot Ninjas
    There are lots of goons here, but not much else. Beat 'em all up.
    2. Trailer Roof
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas
    The wind will blow you towards the back of the trailer as Foot Ninjas leap
    from the transport helicopter overhead. You can't fall off the trailer, but
    the wind can make it more difficult to hit your foes. To maximize your
    accuracy, trap them against the sides or edges of the trailer.
    3. Construction Site
    Enemies: Thugs, Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas
    In addition to the new enemies, you'll have to watch for falling girders. The
    signs on the ground will tell you when to proceed with caution. Be wary of
    shuriken-throwing Foot Ninjas here; dash towards them to minimize your chances
    of being hit.
    BOSS: Evil Turtlebot Ver. 1.0
    This guy's a pain. He can mimic the fighting style of any of the turtles, and
    can also fly into the air and fire laser beams at you. His combos can tear you
    apart in seconds, so avoid them at all costs. Avoid him while taking out the
    Foot Tech Ninjas who appear to support him. Once they're gone, dodge his combos
    and counterattack as he recovers. He can be knocked into the air, so juggle him
    if you can.
    4. 13th Floor
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas
    Pretty straightforward. There are lots of explosive barrels here, and a pizza
    in one of the boxes by the beginning of the area. Get rid of the barrels to
    clear the battlefield, then pummel the ninjas until you're free to go.
    5. Top Floor
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas
    The only noteworthy features of this area are the swinging cranes. Dash by them
    when they're at the far ends of their arcs to avoid taking damage. For a laugh,
    lure your enemies into the cranes and watch them go flying.
    6. Air
    STAGE BOSS: Evil Turtlebot Ver. 1.5
    Same as the previous fight, but the wind constantly blows you to the right.
    Use the same strategy as last time, adjusting your aim or trapping him in a
    corner to compensate for the wind.
    E. Stage 4 - Tengu
    1. Museum Entrance
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    Another straightforward area. Tear through your foes until you're allowed to
    2. Dinosaur Exhibit
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    Aside from the security lasers, it's pretty much the same as the previous area.
    Look for hidden crates hidden amidst the plants and dinosaur skeletons.
    3. Egyptian Exhibit
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    At last, things start to get interesting! After clearing two rooms of enemies,
    you'll face five bosses in a row.
    BOSS: Mystic Wind Ninja
    He whacks you with his staff, fires homing tornados, and creates a wind wall
    around himself in response to a combo. The wind wall will score several hits
    on you if you're standing too close to him, so back off after comboing him.
    The homing tornados are difficult to dodge, but they don't do too much damage.
    Focus on comboing the ninja to stop them from coming.
    BOSS: Mystic Earth Ninja
    He whacks you with his staff, hurls boulders at you, and jumps to produce two
    magical fault lines when struck with a combo. If you get hit by a fault line,
    your movement speed will be greatly reduced and you won't be able to dash,
    jump, or attack for several seconds. Dodge the boulders, hit him a few times,
    and jump over the fault lines or on the sarcophagus display case to avoid being
    BOSS: Mystic Water Ninja
    He whacks you with his staff, shoots bubbles at you, and floods the room in
    response to combos. Jump onto a box or display case to avoid being damaged by
    the rising water, then jump down and attack him when it drains. Lather, rinse,
    BOSS: Mystic Metal Ninja
    He whacks you with his staff, conjures bouncing metal balls, and occasionally
    drops a huge metal ball that slowly rolls around. When hit with a combo, he
    retaliates by shooting five small balls. Leave the vases intact to deflect
    some of the balls, and jump over or strike any that get too close to you. Combo
    him, dash or jump behind him to avoid the balls, and combo him again as he
    starts to roll away.
    BOSS: Mystic Fire Ninja
    He whacks you with his staff, shoots fireballs, and conjures a wall of flaming
    pillars when hit with a combo. Dash in a wide triangle or diamond pattern to
    avoid the fire wall, and let the last dash take you within easy reach of him.
    Once you dispatch the Mystic Fire Ninja, you're home free.
    4. Courtyard
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    Compared to the last area, this one is restful. It's short, and there are no
    bosses or environmental hazards to speak of. Stand on the fountains if you
    have trouble reaching the Foot-Bees.
    5. Japanese Art Exhibit
    STAGE BOSS: Foot Gunner Ninja
    Real ninjas don't use guns, but this fellow doesn't seem to care. He's got a
    flamethrower, a rifle, a missile launcher, and a shield that blocks all frontal
    attacks. Shuriken are almost worthless against him, so it's best to rely on
    regular attacks. The flamethrower is his most dangerous weapon, but he mostly
    uses it at a distance. Dash to avoid the flames as you close in on him, hit
    him once to make him whip out his rifle, and dash behind him and hit him in the
    back. He has high defense and often recovers in time to block long combos, so
    don't get impatient if you can only get in one or two hits at a time. If he
    gets a chance to use his missile launcher, you can attack the missiles to make
    them explode harmlessly.
    F. Dojo Stage - Progress
    Each turtle faces a unique challenge in this stage. Successfully completing it
    will permanently raise your attack power.
    Leonardo - Defeat 30 opponents without getting hit.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Method: This takes a little patience. The key is to fight the Foot Ninjas
    individually or in small groups. Don't take on more than three at once unless
    you're extremely confident in your abilities. Try to lure them into the pool
    and attack them when they jump out, or run circles around the dojo and attack
    the ones that get separated from their allies.
    Donatello - Defeat 10 opponents in 1 minute.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Method: Use your best combos, and it'll be over before you know it.
    Michelangelo - Get a 10-hit combo on 10 opponents.
    Difficulty: Laughable
    Method: Let a group of five Foot Ninjas approach you. Press the weak attack
    button repeatedly.
    Raphael - Defeat 50 opponents.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Method: The only way to fail this challenge is by dying, and if you've been
    honing your combat skills, that shouldn't be a problem. Try not to take on too
    many Foot Ninjas at once, or they may defeat you through attrition.
    G. Notes from Underground
    1. Stage 5 - Mouth of Underground
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, blue Mutants, brown Mutants
    Watch for the falling stalactites and pools of poison here. The pools will
    quickly sap your health if you step in them. If you're using Michelangelo,
    you can simply fly over them with your air attack; if not, use boxes as
    stepping stones or jump through the poison to reduce the damage you'll take.
    If you get badly wounded late in the area, there's a pizza box hidden behind a
    the large stalagmite in the water-filled cavern.
    BOSS: Quarry
    He teleports around and attacks with a deadly leap, kick combo, or poison spray
    when he fully materializes. Three sets of energy rings appear when he tele-
    ports, and he'll appear in the center of one of them. Hit him a couple of times
    as soon as he comes into view, and he'll teleport away from you. Keep hitting
    him as soon as he appears, and you'll beat him before he ever gets a chance to
    2. Underground World
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, blue Mutants, brown Mutants, green Mutants
    The Prototype Mousers can be hard to spot in tall grass. Watch closely for
    moving patches of light green to avoid being bitten unexpectedly.
    BOSS: Razorfist
    Quite possibly the most annoying boss in the game, and potentially the most
    time-consuming to beat. He blocks all frontal attacks when his arms are
    raised, but he lowers them when he's about to pounce or charge. His back is his
    most vulnerable spot, but his lashing tail protects it when his arms are
    raised. The quickest and safest way to beat him is to get close to him, dash
    circles around him, and combo him in the back when he drops his guard. You can
    hit him from the front if you prefer, but he's easier to combo from behind. He
    has high defense, so it may take some time to whittle him down.
    3. Abandoned Town
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, blue Mutants, brown Mutants, green Mutants
    The downed towers here shoot deadly electricity at anything that steps in front
    of them. Jump over the electricity to avoid losing vast amounts of life. There
    are also a number of opportunities to detonate barrels from a distance with
    shuriken. Take advantage of them when there are Mutants by the barrels.
    4. Genetics Lab
    Enemies: Prototype Mousers, blue Mutants, brown Mutants, green Mutants
    The consoles on the causeway at the beginning of this area explode several
    seconds after being struck. If you see one of them sparking, back off and hope
    that a Mutant gets caught in the blast.
    BOSS: Quarry
    If you didn't fight him in the first area, he'll appear here instead. Use the
    strategy detailed above, but be aware that you have less room to maneuver.
    5. Cultivation Room
    STAGE BOSS: King Nail
    He flies around the room and attacks with poisonous spittle, a diving attack,
    and a ground slam. Soften him up with shuriken and air attacks, and jump out
    of the way when he spits at you.  When he's lost about half his life, he'll
    stop doing his regular diving attack and either fly quickly around the room
    in a tightening spiral or fly slowly around and try to ram you. Stand on the
    remains of the specimen tank to avoid the spiral swoop, and jump over him to
    avoid being hit by the slow swoop. If your timing's good, you can hit him with
    an air attack as you jump over him. He'll also start doing a follow-up to his
    ground slam at this point; he'll crawl forward and then slash with both claws.
    It does a lot of damage, but it's easy to avoid if you attack him from the side
    or the rear. If you want to play it safe, attack him only when he does his
    ground slam and the follow-up.
    H. Special Stage - Ordeal
    This stage consists of a one-on-one battle between you and one of your com-
    patriots. Successfully completing it will permanently raise your attack power.
    Leonardo vs. Splinter
    Difficulty: Hard
    Method: Going toe-to-toe with your sensei is suicide, so make good use of your
    environment. Stand in the middle of the bridge to lure him into the water,
    then dash or jump to the edge of the pool and combo him when he jumps out.
    Repeat until he calls it quits.
    Donatello/Michelangelo/Raphael vs. Leonardo
    Difficulty: Medium
    Method: Leo's not as fast or as strong as Splinter, but he can take you down
    almost as quickly if you're not careful. Use either the above strategy or hit-
    and-run attacks to defeat him.
    After clearing this stage with all four turtles, you will unlock the Gembu
    attack. This almighty attack does vast amounts of damage to all enemies on the
    screen, including bosses, but can only be used three times in each area. Use
    it well in the final boss fights.
    I. Stage 6 - Justice
    1. Entrance
    Enemies: Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    If you're playing as Michelangelo, this area will open with a boss fight.
    BOSS: Hun
    The most important thing to remember when fighting this brute is to stay out in
    the open. If Hun pins you against a wall or in a corner, he'll smash you to a
    pulp in no time flat. As soon as the battle begins, dash away from the doors
    and start dispatching the Foot Tech Ninjas. Once they're gone, use hit-and-run
    tactics against the big man. He won't flinch when you hit him, so don't try to
    get in too many hits at a time. After losing a large amount of life, he'll get
    angry and start doing air attacks, spinning punches, and even longer punch
    combos. His air attack leaves him wide open, so seize the opportunities to
    wail on him until he goes down for the count.
    Aside from the possibility of fighting Hun, this is a rather straightforward
    area. Stand on the seats to reach the Foot-Bees more easily.
    BOSS: Mystic Earth Ninja
    Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him, and take advantage
    of the extra maneuvering room.
    After defeating a few more Foot Tech Ninjas and Foot-Bees, you'll fight another
    BOSS: Mystic Metal Ninja
    Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him, and take advantage
    of the extra maneuvering room.
    ...and if you didn't fight Hun at the beginning of the area, you'll fight one
    BOSS: Elite Foot Ninja
    His speed, defense, and tendency to dash behind you and hit you in the back
    repeatedly make him a dangerous foe. He dodges shuriken well, so it's better
    to stick with melee attacks. Hit him two or three times, then dash away to
    avoid being hit from behind. Try to dash behind him so that you can hit him
    while he's swinging at empty air. When he's lost about 1/3 of his life, he'll
    split and create a shadow image of himself. The image fights like he does and
    has its own life meter, but its defense is much worse. Unless the real Elite
    Foot Ninja is lying on the ground, try to ignore the image. He'll create two
    more images when he loses another 1/3 of his life. Finish him off as quickly as
    possible to be rid of them, but be wary of his spinning attack if he's using
    swords or an axe. Avoid it or hit him with a shuriken to interrupt it.
    2. Japanese Garden
    Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    Food can be found in boxes by the walls around the pond.
    BOSS: Mystic Fire Ninja
    Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him. Keep in mind that
    his fire wall can still reach you if you're standing on top of the hut.
    3. Foot Science Lab
    Enemies: Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees, purple Mutants
    Watch out for the moving security lasers at the beginning of the area. When you
    enter the area with the Mutant-filled specimen tanks, a yellow gas will flood
    the laboratory as they break free. It'll slowly drain your life until you clear
    the area, so make haste.
    BOSS: Mystic Wind Ninja
    Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him, and take advantage
    of the extra maneuvering room.
    4. Mouser Arsenal
    Enemies: Mousers, Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees
    If you think the appearance of the regular Mousers is a danger sign, you're
    right. Think of them as a warm-up for the bosses.
    BOSS: Giant Mouser Robot x 2
    Concentrate on one of them at a time, dodging any missiles the other shoots at
    you. When the one you're fighting starts spinning its arms, switch targets
    until it stops. Aside from the extra missiles, it's not that much harder than
    fighting one of them.
    After dispatching the final wave of Mousers, destroy the generator to clear the
    5. Demolitioned Arsenal
    There's a pizza in one of the boxes on the left side of the room. Save it for
    an emergency.
    BOSS: Elite Foot Ninja
    He has a different weapon than the last one you fought, but the same strategy
    can be used to defeat him.
    If playing as Donatello, you will instead face...
    BOSS: Dr. Stockman
    The mad doctor confronts you in a mechanized combat suit.  It has a fireball
    launcher, a Gatling gun, and a laser cannon, and can grab you and throw you.
    The throw does very little (if any) damage, but puts you within range of the
    fireball launcher. Dash to avoid the fireballs as you approach the doctor, and
    use air attacks to hit him in the cockpit. Stay close to him to avoid his
    spinning attack with the Gatling gun, and move away from him when he covers the
    cockpit with one hand - he's about to send down a rain of explosive lasers.
    Once the cockpit shatters completely, Stockman becomes vulnerable to regular
    attacks. Close in and finish breaking his toy with combos.
    6. Trap Corridor
    Enemies: Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees, purple Mutants
    Bamboo spears, slamming doors, falling weights, razor-sharp pendulums, and
    flying arrows threaten you for the first half of the area. Jump over the
    spears, watch for shadows to avoid the falling weights, and use well-timed
    dashes to avoid the doors, pendulums, and arrows. The room with falling
    weights and Foot Tech Ninjas can be a doozey if you don't pay attention to the
    shadows. If it doesn't move, it's a trap.
    The boss appears after a wave of purple Mutants.
    BOSS: Elite Foot Ninja
    He has a different weapon than the last one you fought, but the same strategy
    can be used to defeat him.
    7. Heliport
    STAGE BOSS: Shredder
    At last, you get to face your nemesis in a fight to the finish! He's strong,
    has good reach, is reasonably fast, and has a wide variety of combos at his
    disposal, but he's not especially difficult to beat. Start by throwing any
    shuriken you have at him, then get close to him and dash away when he attacks.
    Retaliate by hitting him in the side or the back. He can't counter your
    combos, so hit him as many times as you can before backing off. Leonardo and
    Donatello, with their extra reach, can afford to be a bit more aggressive than
    Michelangelo or Raphael. Shredder's defense gives him quite a bit of lasting
    power, but he'll eventually fall if you keep up the pressure.
    Once you complete this area with the fourth turtle, Shredder will flee and you
    will follow him to the last area for the final battle.
    8. Shinto Palace
    FINAL BOSS: Oroku Saki
    If you thought that Shredder would be an easier foe without his armor, think
    again. He's very fast and very powerful, has superior defense, and makes
    liberal use of stun attacks and air combos. You'll also notice that the flames
    around him change from blue to red if you start to gain the upper hand; when
    they turn red, he becomes faster, stronger, and even more aggressive. Thank-
    fully, your credits are fully replenished when the fight begins, so you can
    afford to be a little reckless. Start by using all of your Gembu attacks and
    shuriken on him, which should deplete about half his life. Then go combo crazy
    on him. You'll die a few times, but he should run out of life before you run
    out of credits. If you get off to a particularly bad start, switch to hit-and-
    run tactics, dashing away after every third hit or so to avoid his punch and
    kick combos. Try to hit him when he jumps; if you're fast and your timing is
    good, you'll be able to juggle him for a little while. Be ready to run when he
    hits the ground, though.
    V. Challenge Mode
    A. Overview
    Challenge Mode is a special game mode that is unlocked once you clear Story
    Mode with all four turtles. It consists of a series of one-on-one battles
    against various bosses with occasional regular enemies thrown in during bonus
    You have no credits in Challenge Mode, and you can only recover life by finding
    and eating food after each round. The Gembu attack is also disabled to prevent
    easy victories. There's no time limit on the fights, however, so pace yourself
    and fight intelligently.
    You can carry up to 99 of each different kind of shuriken in Challenge Mode,
    and the ones that you don't use carry over into the next round. If you collect
    a lot of shuriken early on, save them for future opponents. I most strongly
    recommend using shuriken against the enemies whose names are marked with an
    asterisk (*).
    At the end of each round, six boxes with random contents will appear near the
    edges of the arena. You have only a few seconds to break as many of them as
    you can and claim the contents before the next round starts, so decide which
    ones you want to go after and smash them quickly. Go for adjacent boxes to
    save time.
    B. Enemy Lineup
    Round 1: Dragon Face
    Round 2: Casey Jones
    Round 3: Giant Mouser Robot
    Round 4: Nano Monster Ver. 2.1
    Round 5: Mouser
    Round 6: Mystic Wind Ninja
    Round 7: Mystic Earth Ninja
    Round 8: Mystic Water Ninja
    Round 9: Mystic Metal Ninja
    Round 10: Mystic Fire Ninja
    Round 11: Prototype Mouser
    Round 12: Evil Turtlebot Ver. 1.5*
    Round 13: Foot Gunner Ninja
    Round 14: Quarry
    Round 15: Razorfist
    Round 16: Foot Ninja
    Round 17: Elite Foot Ninja* (sword wielder)
    Round 18: Elite Foot Ninja* (axe wielder)
    Round 19: Elite Foot Ninja* (trident wielder)
    Round 20: Elite Foot Ninja* (spear wielder)
    Round 21: Hun*
    Round 22: Foot Ninja
    Round 23: Dr. Stockman
    Round 24: Shredder*
    Round 25: Oroku Saki*
    Round 26: Hamato Yoshi*
    C. Strategies
    Mystic Water Ninja - Unless you're using Michelangelo, don't break the box! If
    you do, you'll be unable to avoid taking damage when he floods the arena.
    Evil Turtlebot Ver. 1.5 - A single mistake can cost you dearly in this fight.
    Unless you know that you're going to find a pizza after the battle or are very
    confident in your ability to pull off hit-and-run attacks, throw a few shuriken
    at him before moving in to melee with him.
    Hun - Use the same strategy you used to beat him in Story Mode, but remember
    that not even explosive shuriken can knock him down.
    Dr. Stockman - Explosive shuriken will damage him even if the cockpit is intact
    and he's covering it. Hurl a few at him if you want to speed the fight up.
    Shredder - His air attack can carry him all the way across the arena, and
    there's a good chance he'll use it if you try to hide in a corner and pick him
    off with shuriken. It's wiser to throw shuriken at him from medium range, then
    dash up and combo him while he's staggering.
    Oroku Saki - Use your shuriken at medium range to stun him, then dash up to him
    and combo him. Avoid his combos and attack him whenever you see an opening.
    Make liberal use of electric shuriken if you have any to spare.
    Hamato Yoshi - If you have 15 or more explosive shuriken, this fight will be
    shortened considerably. Splinter's mentor is invincible for the first few
    seconds of the fight, so dash out of his way when he gets close to you. When
    he turns to follow you, throw a shuriken at him or use hit-and-run tactics.
    Aside from the lack of body flames, he's almost identical to Oroku Saki, so the
    same basic strategy can be used to defeat him. He likes to take his time re-
    covering when he gets knocked down, so wait until he finishes standing up if
    you have any shuriken to use on him.
    VI. Secrets
    A. Versus Mode Characters
    Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are available by default. In
    addition, there are six characters who can be unlocked by playing through
    Story Mode and one who can be unlocked by playing through Challenge Mode.
    Casey Jones    - Defeat him in Stage 1, Area 2 of Raphael's Story Mode.
    Evil Turtlebot - Defeat him in Stage 3, Area 6 with any character.
    Splinter       - Defeat him in Special Stage - Ordeal of Leonardo's Story Mode.
    Hun            - Defeat him in Stage 6, Area 1 of Michelangelo's Story Mode.
    Shredder       - Defeat him in Stage 6, Area 7 with any character.
    Oroku Saki     - Defeat him in Stage 6, Area 8 with any character.
    Hamato Yoshi   - Defeat him in Challenge Mode with any character.
    B. Passwords
    Fulfilling certain conditions in the game will reveal passwords that can be
    entered to unlock special features.
    LDMSD - Alternate costume for Leonardo
    Obtained by: Clearing Story Mode with Leonardo
    DDSMS - Alternate costume for Donatello
    Obtained by: Clearing Story Mode with Donatello
    RRLMD - Alternate costume for Michelangelo
    Obtained by: Clearing Story Mode with Michelangelo
    DMDML - Alternate costume for Raphael
    Obtained by: Clearing Story Mode with Raphael
    LMLSD - Increased attack power for Leonardo
    Obtained by: Clearing Special Stage - Ordeal with Leonardo in under 30 seconds
    without being damaged?
    DRLDS - Increased attack power for Donatello
    Obtained by: Clearing Special Stage - Ordeal with Donatello in under 30 seconds
    without being damaged?
    MSRMM - Increased attack power for Michelangelo
    Obtained by: Clearing Special Stage - Ordeal with Michelangelo in under 30
    seconds without being damaged
    RDSRL - Increased attack power for Raphael
    Obtained by: Clearing Special Stage - Ordeal with Raphael in under 30 seconds
    without being damaged?
    SMRDM - Unlimited shuriken for Leonardo (Story Mode only)
    Obtained by: Clearing Story Mode with Splinter
    MSRLS - Play as Splinter in Story Mode
    Obtained by: Defeating Oroku Saki in Story Mode
    SRLMD - Play as Casey Jones in Story Mode
    Obtained by: Clearing Challenge Mode in under 15 minutes?
    MSSLD - Infinite exploding shuriken for Michelangelo (Story Mode only)
    Obtained by: Unknown
    LSDRM - Opens Playmates toy database
    Obtained by: Unknown
    If you know of any passwords that I didn't list or how to obtain any of the
    passwords for which no method has been verified, please e-mail me.
    C. Easter Eggs
    Set the system clock to October 31st, and your turtle will wear a pumpkin on
    his head.
    Set the system clock to December 24th or 25th, and your turtle will wear a
    Santa hat.
    At the title screen press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A,
    and you should hear the turtles say "YEAH!" Press Start and begin Story Mode.
    When the turtles walk, you will hear bouncing noises. (The Konami code appears
    again...for the GameCube version, at least.)
    VII. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I've had a soft spot for the Teenage Mutant
    Ninja Turtles since the days of the original cartoon. Plus, sylvanir and I
    really enjoyed the game.
    Q: What do you think of the cel shading in the game?
    A: I like it. It gives the game an appropriately cartoony feel, and the shading
    is so well-done that it doesn't look 2-D.
    Q: What's the highest combo you've ever gotten?
    A: My personal best is 54 hits with Splinter. I achieved it by doing an
    infinite combo on a Mutant. By using Michelangelo's air attack against Nano,
    sylvanir and my brother have respectively gotten 34-hit and 72-hit combos.
    Q: What do you think of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon?
    A: To be perfectly honest, I've never watched it. My knowledge of the plot is
    limited to the cutscenes in the game and snippets of conversation with people
    I know who have watched it. Based on what I know about it, it sounds pretty
    Q: You shift between singular and plural pronouns from section to section. What
    are you, a schizophrenic?
    A: No; I'm a writer with a partner. I had help compiling this FAQ, and I gave
    my partner credit in the sections where it was most appropriate. This section,
    however, is my own, so all of the questions are written and answered from my
    point of view. If sylvanir wants to answer questions, he'll write his own
    Questions & Answers section for the FAQ.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and every gamer on the planet thinks it's better than
    yours! Your FAQ really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills!  Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: Yeah; I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with the FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    VIII. Special Thanks
    We would like to thank...
    ...Konami, for making this game.
    ...twitchx and my brother, for helping us discover the game's secrets.
    ...Alaric Bartlett (mr_clyde_barb@hotmail.com), for being the first to point
    out an easy way to get infinite combos.
    ...roboknux (nuklearpower13@hotmail.com), for a list of passwords and the
    effects of the Konami code.
    ...Terry Ho (blackheart981@hotmail.com), for information about enemies, enemy
    names, and some tips for fighting Hun and Oroku Saki and doing combos with
    ...Peter Wieland (icecreamtonight@hotmail.com), for a list of passwords, some
    methods for obtaining passwords, and moral support.
    ...Janice Broyles (spongebobsquareconan@msn.com), for the tip about using
    explosive shuriken against Dr. Stockman.
    ...CJayC, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Leo Chan, for posting this FAQ.
    ...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    IX. Contacting Us
    If you have any feedback to offer, send it to either mythrilwyrm@hotmail.com or
    sylvanir@yahoo.com. Be sure to put the word "FAQ" in the subject line of your
    e-mail, or it's likely to be mistaken for spam and deleted. We both check our
    e-mail on a daily basis, so you should receive a reply quickly in most cases.
    We accept praise, additions, corrections, and constructive criticism; our only
    requests are that you write clearly and intelligently. Rude, crass, or in-
    comprehensible e-mails will be ignored. If you provide us with information that
    we decide to add to the FAQ, you will be given credit for it.
    Happy gaming!

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