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    Game Script by SaiyanPureheart

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/26/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   |
    |Platform: PC/PS2/GC/XBOX             |
    |Release: November 25, 2003.          | 
    |Document: Game Script                | 
    |Author: SaiyanPureheart/Rasheed Islam|
          A) STAGE 1 - THINGS CHANGE
          B) STAGE 2 - NANO
          C) STAGE 3 - TRAP 
          D) STAGE 4 - TENGU
          F) STAGE 6 - JUSTICE
    |I. VERSION|
    2.0 (03/26/10) - Last stage with Michelangelo completed, 
                     plus extra script bits with Raphael and
                     Donatello completed; Gamescript is complete.
    1.5 (03/25/10) - 2 more stages completed with Michelangelo.
    1.0 (03/24/10) - Gamescript started; completed 3 stages with 
    Hello. Welcome to the gamescript of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 
    Despite what some people say otherwise, this is actually a very fun 
    game. Whether you are ninja turtles fan or not, I recommend this game 
    to anyone who enjoys beat em' ups. The cel-shading graphics are perfect, 
    as they do a good job of giving it a comic book feel. And the FMVs are 
    outstanding as they are shown exactly from the TV series, and gives you 
    a sense of what it's like. 
    What you're about to see below is the entire in-game script of 
    the game. I have excluded the FMV scenes. It is HIGHLY recommended 
    that you first play this game. The reason is because you won't enjoy 
    reading what's below without hearing the actual voices. This guide 
    should be used for reference only. I can tell you, though, without 
    a doubt that the voice acting in this game is awesome. You'll especially 
    enjoy all of Michelangelo's wisecracks!  
    AREA 1 - SEWER
    Michelangelo: What the shell are those things?
    Raphael: Whatever they were, they're junk now.
    Leonardo: Guys! We've got to find Master Splinter.
              Master Splinter? Can you hear me?
              Donatello...anyway to...what are you doing?
    Donatello: Shell Cell. I'm calling Master Splinter... I hope...
    Splinter: Uhh...
    Leonardo: Master Splinter, are you all right?
    Splinter: Leonardo,
              Whatever those mechanical menaces are, they have managed to
              eat through the support structure of our home.
              We must leave right away. Meet me at the old drainage junction
              near south point.
    Donatello: If we take the south conduit tunnel, it'll intersect with the old
               drainage tunnel.
    Leonardo: We'll meet you there, Sensei.
    Leonardo: Hey! Take a look at that!
    Casey: Look at this trash. I'm putting you punks out of business.
    Raphael: He's going too far! That guy's out of control!
    Leonardo: Hey, Raph! Don't forget what Master... ah, geez!
    Donatello: Uh-oh. Raph's always been quick to act.
    Michelangelo: So what do we do now? If we don't do something, things 
                  could get pretty bad.
    Leonardo: What choice do we have? Let's go!
    Raphael: Whoa! Easy there, cowboy!
    Casey: Huh? Where'd you freaks come from? What's with the outfits?
           Hey! How dare you interfere! Wait... I'll bet you're Purple 
           Dragons, too.
    Michelangelo: Purple Dragons? Who are they?
    Leonardo: I guess he means those guys we just tangled with.
    Donatello: Just looking at those ugly mugs of theirs, it's obvious they're 
               someone's goons.
    Raphael: Look, your intentions may be good, but you're going too far. 
             Chill out!
    Casey: Look freak-boy, if you're protecting these Purple Dragon scum, then 
           you're going down, too!
    Raphael: Look, I'm no fan of the Purple Dragons either.
             I'll help you take them down, but we gotta exercise just a little 
    Casey: Save it. You don't know what you're talking about.
    Raphael: Try me.
    Casey: Well... a long time ago, when I was a kid...
    AREA 3 - ALLEY
    Casey: So don't tell me how to deal with the Purple Dragons!
    Raphael: Just be careful. Your anger could take you down...make you act 
             just like them.
             My... father...once told me a true warrior finds balance 
             in all things.
    Casey: Balance, huh.
    Raphael: Well, you know, as much balance as a couple of hot-headed 
             whackbags like us can manage.
    Casey: Me? You're the only whackbag around here, dog-boy.
    Raphael: I'm not half as crazy as you.
    Casey: Sorry, but for a little green dude, you are totally nuts.
    Raphael: Yeah, well I'm not the one running around in a hockey mask.
    Casey: Hey, I gotta protect my good looks. I'm saving this face for 
    Dragon Face: Well, isn't this romantic?
                 Look who we have here. So you're the freaks who've been 
                 interfering with us lately.
    Michelangelo: So, friend, who is this guy? Would you mind introducing us?
    Casey: This punk is Dragon Face, the ring leader of all those Purple 
           Dragon punks.
           It goes without saying, he's a real creep.
    Dragon Face: Any and all who interfere with the Purple Dragons will be 
                 Take them all down!
    Raphael: I know I'm gonna regret saying this, but I'm glad I met 
             you, crazy man.
    Casey: Me too, green dome. And you know something? I'm starting to  
           see what you're all about.
    Raphael: You mean about balance? Self-control?
    Casey: Nah, I mean...you're a green mutant freak.
    Michelangelo: As long as you've figured out that we're turtles, it's fine. 
                  For now at least.
    Casey: If you run into any troubles, let me know. We're brothers now.
    Donatello: I'm just glad you changed your mind so quickly.
    Casey: Yeah... Hey, be careful now. I've heard there is a pretty dangerous 
           group backing those Purple Dragons.
    Raphael: Don't worry about it. See you around.
    Casey: Later! 
    Donatello: Man, I worry about him. But he's not a bad guy.
    Michelangelo: What is it that's got you worried?
    Raphael: I'm sure these guys can tell you. 
    Leonardo: They might be a bit harder.
              Are those guys...ninjas?
    Michelangelo: Well... They're certainly ninja-esque...
    Donatello: I thought we were the only ninjas in this town.
    Leonardo: Be ready for anything...
    Raphael: I am soooo gonna enjoy this...
    Leonardo: That was almost too easy.
    Donatello: I guess the punks in this town are no match for us.
    Raphael: Well, we didn't go through all of that ninja training just 
             for the fun of it.
    Michelangelo: Yeah, Raph? What do you say to THESE guys?
    Leonardo: They might be a bit harder.
              Are those guys...ninjas?
    Michelangelo: Well... They're certainly ninja-esque...
    Donatello: I thought we were the only ninjas in this town.
    Leonardo: Be ready for anything...
    Raphael: I am soooo gonna enjoy this...
    Dr. Stockman: It's really too bad, April. If only you hadn't snooped around 
                  So much.
    April: Help me! Please!
    Dr. Stockman: Unfortunately, I can't do that, April. You see I have my 
                  obligations, too.
                  Ah... You truly were a gifted assistant.
                  Take care, April. I'm a bit busy, so I'll be leaving you now.
                  My cute little mousers will take good care of you.
    Michelangelo: Whoa. I don't like the looks of this. It's even bigger than the 
                  last time we saw it.
    Donatello: Such incredible technology... but...
    Raphael: ...We can't let anyone get away with frightening a cutie like her.
    Leonardo: Focus, guys. Let's go!
    B) STAGE 2 - NANO
    Leonardo: Whoa. What is that?
    Donatello: Insufficient data, boss! 
    Harry: AHHH! AHH!
           This can't be happenin'! Martians! Just when things are finally 
           going my way... we get invaded!
           Don't let em' take me Kid!
    Harry: This way, Shrimp, quick! We're out of here!
    April: What was that thing?
    Raphael: Oh no!
    Casey: S-so...did I win?
    Leonardo: If everything is all right here, we'd better get on to...
    Raphael: Paying back the guys who did this to our brother.
    April: Be careful, guys.
    Donatello: First, make sure you aim high.
    Michelangelo: C'mon, Don... Remember how big that thing was? We'll never 
                  reach it.
    Donatello: Take a look at that.
               I'll climb to the top of that scaffolding.
    Raphael: I get it. Then you serve that bucket of bolts a few blows to 
             the head.
    Donatello: You guys corner it, and I'll handle the rest.
    Leonardo: Roger! Let's go, guys!
    C) STAGE 3 - TRAP
    Leonardo: Are you sure this is the place, Donnie?
    Donatello: I'm sure it was somewhere around here. Bingo! It's 
              them again!
    Michelangelo: But it looks like they're just about to make their 
    Raphael: You punks won't get away with dishonoring us turtles. 
    Donatello: You have any idea why he's always like this, Leo? 
               Couldn't he be a little more... delicate?
    Leonardo: True, he's about as hot-headed as they come... But I don't 
              like being dishonored anymore than he does.
    Hun: Who are these fools? I see... So you're those lizard-men 
         freaks I've been hearing about.
    Michelangelo: Who are we? More like who are you?
                  And get it right: we're turtles! Have you ever seen a 
                  lizard this good-looking?
    Hun: Either way, you're still freaks.
    Raphael: From where I stand, you look pretty freakish yourself.
             Tell me. Just what did you eat to get that big?
    Hun: I've heard enough from you, lizard-man.
         I can't let anyone who interferes with Master Shredder - lizard or 
         otherwise - escape here alive!
         Men, give them a warm welcome.
    Michelangelo: I told you, we're turtles!
    Raphael: What a joke. That was hardly even a warm-up.
    Leonardo: They're trying to make a getaway.
    Donatello: Whoa! That's an oversized transport helicopter. Awesome!
    Leonardo: This isn't the time, motorhead. Follow that semi!
    AREA 3 - Construction Site
    Leonardo: This place sure does look suspicious.
    Donatello: You think all of these trucks belong to them?
               If so, I wonder where all the containers loaded with 
               artwork are.
    Michelangelo: Hey, guys, isn't that a pretty moon? There's a turtle in the 
                  moon, you know.
    Raphael: Can it, Mikey. Don't you realize where we are? Hey, what's that?
    Raphael: That's the turtle we saw on TV.
    Leonardo: There's no mistaking it.
    Michelangelo: That's for sure. It doesn't have even a shred of our 
                  class, though.
    Donatello: What incredible technology! Who could have built this robot!?
    Leonardo: It looks like it wants to stop us. We'll take it on. 
              Let's go, guys!
    AREA 6 - Air
    Donatello: They're going to get away with the artwork by taking that 
    Michelangelo: It's that turtle again. I didn't know turtles could be 
                  that stubborn.
                  Aren't they supposed to be more gentlemanly, more 
    Donatello: That's true in general, but some, like Raph here, are far 
               from gentlemanly.
    Leonardo: Isn't it strange that a turtle would fly through the sky 
              and fire off missiles? 
    Raphael: You think you can get away? No chance!
    Michelangelo: You can always count on him to jump to action in times 
                  like this.
    Leonardo: All right. Let's go!
    D) STAGE 4 - Tengu
    AREA 1- Museum Entrance
    Hun: Listen up! The goblin blade we're after is somewhere in this museum.
         We must deliver the goblin blade to Master Shredder as soon as possible!
    Leonardo: Gift shop's on the first floor, boys...
    Hun: Not you again!
    Michelangelo: Not you again! Oh, I'm so scared.
    Leonardo: ...But they don't take kindly to shoplifters... and neither do we.
    Hun: I don't have time for the likes of you. Master Shredder is waiting.
    Donatello: Shredder? Who's that?
    Hun: Humph. There's no need for you to know. After all, I'm going to have 
         you stuffed right here on the spot.
    Michelangelo: So we can be displayed here? What an honor.
    Raphael: Now before you try to make off with the goods, you might want 
             to consider a few things:
             One, you're outnumbered. Two, don't let the pretty faces fool you. 
             We're tougher than we look.
    Hun: Ha. 
    Michelangelo: And three, we're about to get our butts seriously hammered.
    Raphael: Just put the sword back, Sparky, and we'll call it a draw.
    Hun: You stubborn turtles! I told you! I don't have time for you!
         This thing will take over from here! Hahahaha!
    Michelangelo: Whoa! We'd better put an early call in to the fire department. 
    Raphael: What is this thing? Does it know the ninja art of the fire shield?
    Donatello: It's a flamethrower. But that's troublesome enough. 
    Leonardo: Isn't this the mark of the foot clan?
    Raphael: What could that mean? 
    Donatello: I'm not sure, but they may somehow be connected with those 
               monsters that keep attacking us.
    Michelangelo: You think those monsters are foot clan members?
    Donatello: That's one possibility. We'll have to investigate. 
    Leonardo: Let's go to that big building way in the back.
    Michelangelo: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
    Michelangelo: Just what is going on here?
    Donatello: This must have been a laboratory for experimenting on live 
    Leonardo: Some of the monsters must have somehow escaped to the outside.
    Raphael: But there isn't a single person here, not even one researcher. 
    Donatello: Judging from the state of things here, I'd guess something forced 
               the foot clan to abandon these facilities. 
               I wonder what it was. 
    Michelangelo: Anyway... You think these things are still alive?
    Donatello: Hmm. I'm not sure. It looks like the life-support systems are 
               partially functional...
    Raphael: I guess they're alive.
    Michelangelo: Well that's good news.
    Donatello: Yep, still working. Let me take a little peek.
    Leonardo: What could the foot clan have been doing here?
    Raphael: We can be sure they weren't working for the benefit of the world.
    Michelangelo: But look at all the damage here. It's like a fight broke out 
                  between April and Casey.
    Donatello: Look at this, guys. Some video data was preserved. 
    AREA 5 - Cultivation Room
    Michelangelo: Wait... Are you telling me that those things we've 
                  been fighting all this time are not monsters,
    Quarry: Who are you anyway?
    Michelangelo: You can talk?
    Leonardo: We're not with the foot clan. I am Leonardo. And these are 
              my brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.
    Quarry: Then what are you doing with those crystals? 
    Leonardo: Whoa, wait a minute. We found those crystals in a cavern we're 
              staying in. That's all.
    Quarry: Those crystals are the embodiment of evil! Why have you come here?
    Donatello: We wanted to solve the mystery of these crystals. We had no 
               intention of fighting you.
    Quarry: You're... really not with the Foot Clan?
    Michelangelo: Of course not! Don't even compare us to that jerk Shredder.
    Quarry: I see. Then I must apologize. I'm Quarry. We had ourselves convinced 
            that the foot clan was back.
    Raphael: No, it was our fault. When we saw your friends, we...
    Quarry: No, those ones have already lost their minds. We can no longer do 
            anything to stop them.
    Leonardo: So, Quarry, is there any way out of here?
    Quarry: There is an elevator to the aboveground world from the supercomputer 
            room right next to us. 
    Donatello: But?
    Quarry: Some of the most dreadful of those mindless monsters wait just 
            beyond this wall.
    Leonardo: And of course they too were originally humans... right?
    Raphael: That jerk Shredder! He's inhuman!
    Leonardo: But we have to go on. It's the only way. 
    Quarry: They were once good people... But in this state, you need no longer 
            think of them as human.
            And so... if it comes down to it...
    F) STAGE 6 - Justice
    AREA 1 - Entrance
    Casey: It's him! He's the one I'm after! He's the one who burned my 
           father's shop! I'm sure of it!
    Hun: How many times do you fools intend to oppose Shredder?
    Michelangelo: What's this? Don't we know that pathetic blob?
    Raphael: It's frankenstein!
    Donatello: Wrong, you idiot. He's the sumo grand champion, isn't he?
    Leonardo: Either way, he doesn't seem to be very good at handling his temper.
    Hun: Ha! You won't be even the least little bother to Master Shredder.
    Michelangelo: Aw. Now he's angry. It's all your fault, Raph.
    Raphael: What? You're the one who called him bigfoot, remember?
    Casey: Either way, I won't let him get away with what he's done.
    Leonardo: Right. And after all, he'll get us if we don't get him first.
    AREA 4 - Mouser Arsenal
    Leonardo: Who'd have thought that this many mouser robots were 
              still hidden away?
    Michelangelo: This many of them could make quick work of our new 
                  home too.
    Leonardo: Let's blow this thing up, Donatello! Can you do it?
    Donatello: Blow it up? But... Oh fine. Let's... This here is... So 
               this must be... Yeah.
               That machine is a tremendous source of energy, so if we 
               could just trigger it to...
    Raphael: All right! Take this!
    Donatello: Not yet, Raphael!
    Raphael: Whoa!
    Donatello: I told you I didn't have the security system down yet.
               They've got a very sophisticated lock on it.
    Raphael: You could have told me sooner.
    Casey: So what do we do? Any of you guys bring a bomb along?
    Michelangelo: You know we wouldn't carry anything that dangerous around.
                  Nothing but these environmentally-friendly nunchucks for me.
    April: Hey, guys!
    All: April!
    Leonardo: What are you doing here? It's too dangerous.
    Michelangelo: He's right. You won't find any gentlemen down here.
    April: I'm sorry, but I wanted to help you all out. Let me handle this.
    Donatello: No way! That security code was so complex...!
    April: There. I think that should do it. Now, guys!
    April: Aaah!
    Casey: Whoa! What is that thing?
    Donatello: Whoa!
    Dr. Stockman: You'll pay for what you did to my dear little mouser robots.
    Donatello: His...? Then that means...
    April: No. He can't be... Stockman?
    Leonardo: Are you Dr. Baxter Stockman?
    Dr. Stockman: None other! With the power I now possess, I will easily make 
                  the foot clan mine.
    Casey: Get back, April!
    April: Be careful, guys!
    April: What a poor, miserable man.
    Donatello: A genius who misuses that genius is just another madman.
    Leonardo: April, go find yourself a safe place and don't move from it.
    Raphael: That's right. If anything should happen to us... someone has to 
             stick around to build heroic statues in our honor.
    Michelangelo: And to take care of Master Splinter when he goes senile... 
                  But he's pretty much there already.
    Casey: We shouldn't leave April alone, and it's not safe to bring her 
           with us. I'll stay with you! That is, if you guys don't mind?
    Donatello: Cool!
    Raphael: No problem!
    Leonardo: Roger!
    Michelangelo: Ya!
    April: Thank you, Casey.
    Casey: It's nothing.
    Raphael: Ahem. I hate to interrupt you two love birds, but...
    Michelangelo: We've got to be going, so you two enjoy yourselves.
    April: Be careful!
    AREA 7- Heliport
    Shredder: It truly has been a long time. I thought perhaps you'd gone 
              into hibernation.
    Michelangelo: You've got no sense of humor, but the armor's cool.
    Shredder: So, you made it this far... To be honest, I'm surprised you 
              had the ability to get here.
    Donatello: We're not the same turtles you fought before.
    Shredder: Listen to me. I have a proposal for you. Work for me.
              I can certainly make it worth your while.
    Raphael: No way.
    Michelangelo: We're elite turtles, the best in our field. We'd never 
                  work for the likes of you.
    Shredder: Fine. You're just freaks, after all. Here's where we go our 
              separate ways.
              But you will not be leaving this place... ever!
    Leonardo: We're not the turtles you remember. And we came here this 
              time to defeat you.
              See what you think of our turtle power now!
    AREA 8 - Shinto Palace
    Oroku Saki: HA HA HA. It's been a long time since I fought without my armor.
    Raphael: What is this? Some kind of armor strip show?
    Oroku Saki: Do you understand the significance of me removing this armor, 
                the only set like it in the world?
    Michelangelo: What? You've gotten over crome fetish?
    Oroku Saki: By not relying on this great armor, I hone my mind like a 
                sword, and draw even greater power from it.
                From ancient times, all Japanese Samurai have done so when battling.
                By doing this, I am showing you honor.
    Donatello: In other words...
    Leonardo: The real fight's just about to start.
    Oroku Saki: That is correct. Here I come, freaks!  
    If you have any questions or concerns about the script in this game, or 
    have any other questions related to this game, you can contact me. 
    My email address is rasheed_islam@hotmail.com - If you're going to send
    me an email, please make sure the subject is something like 
    "Ninja Turtle Question". I'll still check my mails, but please be so kind 
    and make my reading more convenient. 
    - KONAMI Computer Entertainment Studio for creating the game
    - Myself for compiling the script
    - You for reading it
    - Gamefaqs for hosting it
    I am NOT professionally affiliated with the creators of this game. 
    This document was built and compiled by Rasheed Islam/SaiyanPureheart. 
    All Rights Reserved. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    -Copyright © 2010 Rasheed Islam-
    End of document.

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