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"This is how you keep the magic"

First, let me start by telling you I'm not going to try act "professional" evaluating this game: all you need to know is that A) this is insanely fun, and B) you can bet anything you want you're going to spend the next weeks trying to improve your skills at this, not as an "obligation", or because you're one of these guys who wants to make his hard earning money worth (God knows I am one of those, except for the part that I work for it, my mommy still buy me my games): but because you won't have enough of this, which is what you'll expect from a good game. Every conquered level delivers a huge amount of satisfaction, and from that point, there's no turning back.

Obviously it won't win any award for best nor revolutionary game of the year, so basically, you got to understand Gradius V is just pure fun, beautiful on it's own right, with loads and loads of non stop - over the top action, humongous bosses, and above all, challenging. This is a man's game.

The best part is that Konami managed to make a modern version of an ultra-classic without losing the old touch, the magic, something which is extremely rare, not because it's difficult to make, but because it's hard to find programmers today with the capacity to understand that some games are just not meant to go into 3D.

With this in mind, and considering I'm a nostalgic guy who wants to spend a good time with his PlayStation 2, and that this game greatly delivers, then it deserves a 10, just for what it is.

If you finished this game in any difficulty then you can consider yourself graduated in the non official University of Games. After this, your conception of what a "challenge" means will expand to far wider limits.

Even if Gradius V does a good job scaring people who browse videos of any of it's levels on youtube, fear not: 100.000 bullets (or worse) may come at you at the same time, but it's all about practice and coordination. Nothing here is unfair or "impossible"... that's why there are normal guys, just like you, who can finish this game on normal without losing a single live. Yes, reaching that grade of expertise means you have no social life at all, but hey, did I mention this is incredibly fun??

The learning curve is really small, and the concept is simple. Every destruction sequence of every boss is beyond nuclear, which makes Gradius V even more manly.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this, and have a great time with it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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