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    FAQ by Akai Akuma

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 10/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             | ISS3 FAQ/Walkthrough                             |
             | For GameCube                                     |
             | Written by Vincent Volaju (joanroda@eresmas.com) |
             | Version 2.1                           (62.4KB)   |
           @@@        @@@@@@@@            @@@@@@@@            @@@@@@@@
           @@@      @@@@@@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@@@         @@@@@@@@@@
           @@@    @@@@@      @@@@      @@@@      @@@@      @@@      @@@
           @@@   @@@@@        @@@@    @@@@@        @@@@   @@@        @@@
           @@@   @@@@                 @@@@                          @@@@
           @@@    @@@@                 @@@@                        @@@@
           @@@     @@@@@@@@             @@@@@@@@                 @@@@
           @@@      @@@@@@@@@@@          @@@@@@@@@@@            @@@@@
           @@@          @@@@@@@@             @@@@@@@@            @@@@
           @@@               @@@@                 @@@@             @@@@
           @@@                @@@@                 @@@@             @@@@
           @@@    @@@@       @@@@@     @@@@       @@@@@   @@@        @@@
           @@@     @@@@     @@@@@       @@@@     @@@@@     @@@       @@@
           @@@      @@@@@@@@@@@@         @@@@@@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@
           @@@        @@@@@@@@             @@@@@@@@           @@@@@@@@
    ---Table Of Contents---
    1.  Version History
    2.  Game Information
    3.  Introduction
    4.  Controls
    5.  How to score?
       A. Free Kick
       B. Corner Kick
       C. Long Pass
       D. Hand-to-hand against keeper
       E. Wing L-dribble
    6.  How to avoid CPU scores?
    7.  Mission Mode
    8.  Roster FAQ:
       A. Clubs
       B. Legendary Teams
       C. National Teams
    9.  Edit Teams
       A. Create Players
       B. Edit Badges
    10. Special Teams
    11. Bugs
    12. Legal Stuff
    13. Special Thanks
    * 1. Version History
    Ver. 1.0 (06/30/03) - First version of FAQ. Only Original Teams players
                          and how to complete mission mode.
    Ver. 1.1 (07/03/03) - Some names have been corrected, the mission mode
                          has been completed also and the special teams.
    Ver. 1.2 (07/06/03) - I included the ROSTERS of the legendary teams.
    Ver. 1.3 (07/07/03) - Somebody asked me to include a Controls section,
                          so I did it. But except the Special moves, it's
                          only a transcription of the instructions booklet.
    Ver. 1.4 (07/14/03) - A new Special Team unlocked, a new bug and some ROSTERS.
    Ver. 1.5 (07/28/03) - More ROSTERS.
    Ver. 1.6 (07/29/03) - I finished the ROSTERS. It was hard and time
                          consuming, but I expect it would be worth. This
                          will be the final version unless anybody discovers
                          how to unlock 90's, 94's and 98's legends teams.
    Ver. 1.7 (08/05/03) - Home & away kits of the Club Teams updated to
                          season 03/04.
    Ver. 1.8 (08/09/03) - IRAN squad completed (provided by Behnam
                          Nourparvar) and section 9 has been modified.
    Ver. 1.9 (08/15/03) - A bug has been removed from section 11(by Daniel
                          World Cup Legend Teams unlocked(see Section 10).
    Ver. 2.0 (09/20/03) - A new bug has been added.
    Ver. 2.1 (10/17/04) - WOW!! A year has passed since the last update, I
                          added one name by the cortesy of Niko.
    * 2. Game Information
    Title: ISS3
    Genre: Football/Soccer (Sports)
    Platforms: Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2 and PC
    Players: 1-4 players
    Memory Card Blocks: 59
    Designed By: Konami
    Published By: Konami
    * 3. Introduction
    Welcome everybody to my ISS3 (GC) FAQ! This is my first FAQ, I hope you enjoy
    ISS3 is the second sequel of the famous ISS series for GC after the
    appearance of ISS2. Definitely, the game is much better than ISS2.
    Firstly, it has a new mode called mission mode which objective is to win
    several matches in adverse conditions against well-known European clubs.
    As a result you obtain points, which you can exchange by several items
    (T-shirts,socks,etc.), special movements and so on, in the catalogue.
    It also includes the classical International Cup, Exhibition matches, Training
    and World League.
    Enjoy it!!
    * 4. Controls
    Z button(tap once lightly) + CONTROL STICK(neutral position)
    Press the directional buttons while juggling to run and juggle at the same time
    Z button + R button(tap once lightly)
    Relay a received pass to another player.
    Lob Pass
    X button
    Use the directional buttons or the CONTROL STICK to adjust the direction of
    the pass. Hold the X button down longer to make the pass travel further.
    Short Lob Pass
    X button(x2)
    X button
    Passes made within the centring area are automatically directed towards
    the front of the goal. Hold the X button down longer to make the centering
    pass travel further. Press the X button twice to execute a low centring pass.
    Search Pass
    A button
    Pass the ball to the player indicated by the search cursor
    Non-Search Pass(grounder)
    L button + Y button
    Non-Search Pass(lob)
    L button + Y button(x2)
    Pass the ball without searching for a target. Use the CONTROL STICK to
    control the direction of the pass. Hold the button down longer to make
    the pass travel further.
    Through Pass
    Y button
    Lob Through Pass
    Y button(x2 quickly)
    Charge-up Through Pass
    Y button(press and hold)
    The player indicated by the pass cursor will continue to run as
    long as the Y button is held down. Release the button to pass.
    Cancel Through Pass
    C STICK or Z button while holding Y button
    Change Pass Cursor While Charge-up Through Pass
    L button while holding Y button
    One-Two Pass(ground)
    L button + A button
    One-Two Pass(lob)
    L button + X button
    One-Two Pass(lob+ground)
    L button + X button + A button
    One-Two Pass(ground+lob)
    L button + A button + X button
    Execute a ground or lob pass to the player indicated by the
    cursor, who then returns it automatically. The ball is kept as
    long as L button is pressed.
    Cancel One-Two Pass
    C STICK before releasing L button
    Immediately after kicking the ball, pressing the C STICK to the left
    or to the right of the ball's direction of travel will cause the ball
    to curve in that direction. Pressing the C STICK in the direction of
    travel will put topspin on the ball, while pressing in the opposite
    direction will put backspin on it.
    B button
    The type of shot used depends on the timing of the shot, the ball's
    position, the player's shooting ability, and how long the button is
    pressed. Depending on which side of the centre line the ball is on,
    the player will either make a shot on goal(if on the opponent's side)
    or clear the ball(if on the player's own side).
    Loop Shoot
    CONTROL STICK(opposite direction)
    Press the CONTROL STICK in the opposite direction that of the ball to
    execute this type of shoot
    Short Kick
    Control Stick + R button
    Kick the ball a short distance away from the player, allowing him to
    run faster than a normal sprint for a short period of time.
    Control Feint
    Z button + A button
    While receiving the ball, combined with the CONTROL STICK to perform
    one of a variety of feint manoeuvres in the corresponding direction.
    360 Feint
    Z button + X button
    Kick Feint
    Z button + B button
    X button
    Use the CONTROL STICK to control the direction of the slide. Hold
    down the R button and press X button to execute a longer slide.
    Move Goalkeeper out of Goal
    Y button
    Hold down the Z button when pressing the Y button to cause the
    goalkeeper to hurry back into position.
    Foot Charge
    A button
    Make a grab for a ball held by an opponent using the player's
    feet. Hold down the A button while pressing the Y button to
    execute a full-body charge.
    B button
    Depending on the situation, the player will attempt to block a
    regular pass a centring pass, or a shot. Hold down the Z button
    while pressing the B button to block a centring pass or a shot.
    Change Cursor
    L button
    R button + CONTROL STICK
    Lock Cursor
    L button(hold down)
    Execute Set Piece/Strategy
    CONTROL PAD(hold down and press in assigned direction)
    Only if "Manual" mode has been set.
    To cancel a set piece in progress, press the CONTROL PAD again.
    Lob Pass
    X button
    A button
    B button
    Change Formations
    R button
    Short Corner
    L button
    Applies only to corner kicks.
    Switch Camera Angle
    Y button
    Overhand Throw
    X button
    Underhand Throw
    A button
    The ball is thrown to the player indicated by the pass cursor.
    Move Out
    Y button
    B button
    Drop Ball
    R button
    The goalie will drop the ball to his feet automatically after 6 seconds.
    **Keeper: During Goal Kicks**
    Lob Pass
    X button
    Hold the button down longer to make the pass travel further.
    A button
    The ball is passed to the player indicated by the pass cursor.
    Long Kick
    B button
    Move Players on Receiving Side
    Lob Throw-in
    X button
    Grounder Throw-in
    A button
    Long Throw-in
    B button
    Change Cursor
    L button
    F) CLOSE-UP SCREEN CONTROLS(1-on-1 challenge)
    Switch to Close-Up Screen
    L button
    When conditions are right fora 1 1-on-1 challenge, "L" will flash
    on the screen. When this happens, press the L button to switch to
    the Close-Up Screen. Press the button again to return to normal view.
    Feint Left
    C STICK Left
    Feint Right
    C STICK Right
    Cut in the direction indicated by the CONTROL STICK.
    G) SPECIAL MOVEMENTS(unlockable in the catalogue)
    Long Throw-In
    Z button + B button
    The player do a spin and then executes a long throw-in
    Super Free Kick
    Z button + B button
    A powerful free kick.(VERY useful)
    Rabona(Changed Foot Shoot)
    Z button + L button + B button or Z button + L button + X button
    Kick the ball with a foot behind the other.
    Over Head
    Elevates the ball with your foot over your opponent's head
    Sombrero(heel lift)
    Elevates the ball with your heel over your opponent's head.(VERY useful)
    Frog Jump
    Z button + Y button
    Jump with the ball trapped on your feet.
    Scorpion Kick
    Z button + L button + B button or Z button + L button + X button
    Who does not remember René Higuita in Wembley?
    The player jumps horizontally to the floor and hits the ball with his heels.
    * 5. How to score?
    The objective in any football game is to score. So in order to complete
    Mission Mode, win International Cups or whatever, you should score more
    goals than your rival.
    A) First tip: Free Kick
    *The first thing you should buy in the catalogue is the Super Free Kick(Z+B).
    If you don't have it, keep playing until you obtain it.
    If you play with 2 players, there is an easy way to score goals. Anytime
    you have a free kick, the player who don't kick it should go through the
    wall, then you would notice that you can move the players in the wall
    creating a hole. Now the free-kicker could shoot with MAXIMUM POWER
    through this hole and score an easy goal with the Super Free Kick, try
    to adjust your shoot to the post. Depending on the distance you should
    raise the arrow shoot more or less, practicing you will learn it quickly.
    *If you play alone, it is a bit more difficult. First of all, the
    free-kicker should be very good(Power Shoot 9 or more). Shoot with MAXIMUM
    POWER with the Super Free Kick but the arrow shoot should never impact
    under the waist of the wall's players and if it's possible not under
    the chest. If the free-kicker is VERY GOOD the ball will pass through
    the wall 'magically' and you will score. The effectiveness is very high,
    but not as high as the 2-players method.
    B) Second tip: Corner Kick
    The problem of this tip is that it is different with every corner kicker,
    because it depends on the power shoot of the player. Anyway, the method
    is always the same:
    1. Try to direct the arrow to the front the keeper zone.
    2. The end of the arrow should be should be at the same height of the
    crossbar or lower.
    3. Curve the shoot with C-stick a bit, but do not overcurl the shoot
    because then you will lose power.
    4. You should press button X to the maximum.
    5. Head the ball pressing B and direct it to the most separated post from
    the corner.
    The effectiveness of this tip depends a lot on your ability, but once
    you master it, it is very good.
    C) Third tip: Long Pass
    This is my favourite trick.
    When you had been playing for a long time, you would get used to watch
    the radar constantly. It's very important to do this trick. The base of
    this trick is the counter-attack. When you steal a ball in your defence
    zone or in the middle of the pitch, then watch the radar and locate your
    forwards. If one of them is highlighted, then press Y two times very
    quickly. The result will be a high pass through, then run with your
    forward to catch the ball. Sometimes a defender will catch the ball
    before you, but if you're cunny enough you could steal it and go to the
    goal. Then you will depend on your hand-to-hand ability against the keeper.
    D) Fourth tip: Hand-to-hand against keeper
    There're several ways to score against the keeper, it depends on the situation:
    1. If you arrive alone to the area, try to be centred and when you are on the
    penalty spot then shot pressing B slightly. It's quite effective.
    2. Dribble the goalie requires ability and experience. When the keeper comes
    to intercept you, then try to avoid him runnning in diagonal. If you
    dribble them, then you angle of shoot would be very reduced and if you
    shoot you will miss it. The KEY is: once you dribble the keeper, do not
    direct the stick to the goal, direct it horizontally like if you want to
    do a shoot parallel to the goal and then shoot it. It should be goal.
    E) Fifth tip: Wing L-dribble
    This is another of my favourite tricks.
    The base of this method is the L-dribble. Look at the map and
    follow the instructions:
    1) When your player has the ball, run near the line until
       you meet a defender, dribble him with the L-dribble in (1).
    2) After doing this dribble you will have enough time to arrive
       to (2) where any defender will intercept you, dribble him
       with the L-dribble another time. When using the L-dribble
       in (2), ignore the defender and go to (3) like if you were
       following a line.
    3) When you enter in the area, then pass the ball pressing A.
       The ball should arrive to a forward at (4), and then shoot
       diagonally to post the at your left as you can see in the
    |                                  |
    |                                  |
    |                                  |
    |                        __________|
    |                       |          |
    |                       |          |
    |                       |      ____|
    |                       |     | _  |
    |                       |     | /| |
    |                      /|     |/   |
    |                      || .(4)/    |
    |                      \|     |    |
    |                       |     |____|
    |                       |          |
    |                       |     (3)  |
    |                       |______^___|
    |                              |   |
    |                              |   |
    |        (1)---------------->(2)   |
    |                                  |
    Unless a defender cut the pass, it will be goal.
    This trick could be executed on the other side also.
    *6. How to avoid CPU scores?
    The effectivity of CPU on hand-to-hand duels against keepers is 99%. So
    avoid this situation if it's possible making a fault.
    If you tackle him with X or A, you should stop him and probably receive a
    yellow card.
    Or you can steal the ball making a fault without receiving a yellow card
    How? With Z+A, this is the way CP always steals you the ball without
    getting a fault. I admit that it's very difficult to do it while you are
    running pressing R, but it's very useful. DO NOT change the configuration
    of the buttons(DEF.), because the special movements only work with the initial
    configuration. If you use the FREE configuration or the EASY one, these
    movements will be disabled.
    * 7. Mission Mode
    There are 16 missions to complete. In order to unlock these 16 teams you
    should clear these missions ONLY on hard mode. This is how I cleared them.
    If you followed my tips to score goals, it wouldn't be so hard. Furthermore,
    you could use Pennine when you unlock it or use an original team. If you
    choose the second option(like I did), you could transfer to your team some
    players you create(See section 8).
    Mission 1-1       Rival: Pennine
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: You have to win with 9 players.
    Tip: Use an offensive tactic like 4-3-3 and play with 4 defenders,
     2 midfielders and 2 forwards.
    Mission 1-2       Rival: Lombardia
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: You have to win with 8 players.
    Tip: Use an offensive tactic like 4-3-3 and play with 3 defenders,
     2 midfielders and 2 forwards.
    Mission 1-3       Rival: San Anton
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: You have to win with 7 players.
    Tip: Use an offensive tactic like 4-3-3 and play with 2 defenders(both
     centrals), 2 midfielders and 2 forwards. I recommend to concentrate
     midfielders and forwards on the same side.
              |           |
      D       |           |
    G        M|        F  |
      D       |           |
              | M     F   |
    Mission 1-4       Rival: West Falen
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: You have to win with 7 players.
    Tip: The same that in Mission 1-3.
    Mission 1-4       Rival: West Falen
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: You have to win with 7 players.
    Tip: The same that in Mission 1-3.
    Mission 2-1       Rival: Isar
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Very easy, just follow my tips to score. I recommend an offensive
    tactic like in Missions 1-X.
    Mission 2-2       Rival: Midport
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Very easy, just follow my tips to score. I recommend an offensive
    tactic like in Missions 1-X.
    Mission 2-3       Rival: Vatican
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Very easy, just follow my tips to score. I recommend an offensive
    tactic like in Missions 1-X.
    Mission 2-4       Rival: London
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Very easy, just follow my tips to score. I recommend an offensive
    tactic like in Missions 1-X.
    Mission 3-1       Rival: Seine
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win scoring a goal with a heading, volley or overhead kick
    after a corner kick.
    Tip: The difficulty here is to create a corner kick. I only have one suggestion:
    If you have a VERY GOOD player(9 Power Shoot or more), you can create a corner
    (and sometimes score) shooting from the front of the area but you should be
    centred. Shoot pressing B-button until you reach the middle of the bar and if
    a defender didn't block it, the goalie would send it out making a corner kick.
    Mission 3-2       Rival: Rhein
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win scoring a goal from the outside of the CPU's area.
    Tip: The easiest way to score a goal from the outside of the area, is using
    the Super Free Kick(see Section 5). But in order to use it, you have to provoke
    a foul. How? When you were near the CPU's area, try to dribble the defenders
    running, in many cases they make a foul tackling you. Do NOT try to dribble
    them without pressing R, because then they will steal the ball with Z+A and as
    you know the referee won't whistle.
    Mission 3-3       Rival: Beaujolais
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win scoring a free kick.
    Tip: Read Mission 3-2.
    Mission 3-4       Rival: Piemonte
    Your Psychical condition: Normal
    Your Physical condition: Normal
    CPU Psychical condition: Normal
    CPU Physical condition: Normal
    Objective: Win with 80% of possession of the ball or more.
    Tip: The key here is to score a goal in the first 10-15 minutes, because
    if you score later it would be impossible to complete the mission. Once
    you score, try to recover the ball and pass it to your defenders. Then
    lose time passing the ball from one defender to another(the keeper also).
    I strongly recommend to look at the radar to not miss any pass.
    Mission 4-1       Rival: Cataluna
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Low
    CPU Psychical condition: High
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: Win.
    Tip1: There is no tip for this one. All your players have an average of 2.5
     and the CPU's ones have 10(perfect players). If you want to win them, show
     all what you have learned in the previous missions to defeat them.
    Tip2: Use a 4-3-3 formation and to bombard the team with loads of chipped
     through balls, but play them just before the player is in line with the
     last  defender. This is because the defender will take the ball down, but
     your momentum will make you take the ball from him, leaving with a clear
     run on goal. Also, play as London, as more or less all the opponents
     attacks will be caught offside.(Tip provided by Ikanentl)
    Mission 4-2       Rival: Picardie
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Low
    CPU Psychical condition: High
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Read Mission 4-1.
    Mission 4-3       Rival: Iberian
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Low
    CPU Psychical condition: High
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Read Mission 4-1.
    Mission 4-4       Rival: Cibeles
    Your Psychical condition: Low
    Your Physical condition: Low
    CPU Psychical condition: High
    CPU Physical condition: High
    Objective: Win.
    Tip: Read Mission 4-1. This is the mission I needed more time to complete.
    * 8. Roster FAQ
    A) Clubs
    This section includes the real names the 16 teams you can unlock on
    Mission Mode. I included the original uniforms also(only the home uniform,
    in the future I will include the away too).
    All the players are displayed in the original order they appear in the game.
    If any number should be changed, then you would see (N) at the end of
    that names.
    If any name should be changed more for an special reason, then you would
    see (*) at the end of that names.
    Feedback will be appreciated, if you notice any mistake.
    Pennine (Manchester United)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                  15 I       5 G        2 F
    AWAY                                   2 F       1 H        1 H
    1  Fabien BARTHEZ
    2  Gary NEVILLE
    5  Laurent BLANC(N)
    6  Rio FERDINAND(N)
    27 Mikael SILVESTRE
    7  David BECKHAM
    18 Paul SCHOLES
    16 ROY KEANE
    11 Ryan GIGGS
    20 Ole Gunnar SOLSKJAER
    13 Roy CARROLL
    12 Phillip NEVILLE
    24 Wesley BROWN
    30 John O'SHEA
    25 Quinton FORTUNE
    8  Nicky BUTT
    32 Bojan DJORDJIC
    28 Michael STEWART
    15 Luke CHADWICK
    4  Juan Sebastian VERON
    21 Diego FORLAN
    Lombardia(Inter de Milán)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                4 B        4 B       5 A
    AWAY                               13 C       11 B       3 F
    1  Francesco TOLDO
    4  Javier ZANETTI
    13 Fabio CANNAVARO
    2  Ivan CORDOBA
    27 Francesco COCO
    7  Sergio CONCEIÇAO
    14 Luigi DI BIAGIO
    6  Cristiano ZANETTI
    20 Alvaro RECOBA
    9  Luis Nazario de Lima RONALDO
    32 Christian VIERI
    12 Alberto FONTANA
    24 Carlos Alberto GAMARRA
    23 Marco MATERAZZI
    31 Nelson David VIVAS
    25 Matias Jesus ALMEYDA
    18 Stéphane DALMAT
    5  Belozoglu EMRE
    10 Domenico MORFEO
    78 Nicola VENTOLA(N)(*)
    30 Obafemi MARTINS(N)
    (*)The highest number you can give is 40, you could use 28 for VENTOLA
    San Anton(R.C. Deportivo de La Coruña)     Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                        4 A        1 C         1 C
    AWAY                                        1 B        1 A        12 A
    1  Jose Francisco MOLINA
    12 Leonel SCALONI
    16 Carlos Campos Cesar SAMPAIO(N)
    4  Nourredine NAYBET
    3  Enrique ROMERO
    18 VICTOR Sanchez Del Amo
    16 SERGIO Gonzalez
    21 Juan Carlos VALERON
    10 FRAN Gonzalez Perez
    9  Diego TRISTAN
    13 Dani MALLO
    5  CESAR Martin Villar
    2  MANUEL PABLO Garcia
    15 Joan CAPDEVILA
    20 DONATO Gama da Silva
    22 Marino HELDER
    23 Aldo Pedro DUSCHER
    11 J. Emilio Garate AMAVISCA
    8  Djalma F. Dias DJALMINHA
    7  Roy MAKAAY
    17 Walter PANDIANI
    West Falen (B.V. Borussia Dortmund)        Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                        13 C       1 H        12 C
    AWAY                                         3 D       1 H        12 C
    1  Jens LEHMANN
    3  Ferreira Aparecido EVANILSON
    5  Sebastian KEHL
    21 Christoph METZELDER
    17 Leonardo DEDE Santos
    8  Torsten FRINGS
    10 Tomas ROSICKI
    18 Lars RICKEN
    12 Henrique Souza EWERTHON
    9  Jan KOLLER
    22 Marcio AMOROSO
    20 Philipp LAUX
    4  Christian WÖRMS
    23 Ahmed Reda MADOUNI
    6  Jörg HEINRICH
    7  Stefan REUTER
    15 Sunday OLISEH
    19 Guy DEMEL
    11 Heiko HERRLICH
    29 Jan Derek SORENSEN
    13 Giuseppe REINA
    24 David ODONKOR
    Isar(F.C. Bayern München)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                6 A        10 B       2 A
    AWAY                                1 A        17 D       2 D
    1  Oliver KAHN
    2  Willy SAGNOL
    4  Samuel KUFFOUR
    5  Robert KOVAC
    3  Bixente LIZARAZU
    20 Hassan SALIHAMIDZIC
    23 Owen HARGREAVES
    13 Michael BALLACK
    16 Jens JEREMIES
    11 Jose R. da Silva ZE ROBERTO
    9  Giovani ELBER
    33 Stefan WESSELS
    25 Thomas LINKE
    18 Michael TARNAT
    6  Pablo THIAM
    17 Thorsten FINK
    7  Mehmet SCHOLL
    8  Niko KOVAC
    26 Sebastian DEISLER(N)
    24 Roque SANTA CRUZ
    14 Claudio PIZARRO
    21 Alexander ZICKLER
    Midport(Liverpool F.C.)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                              13 B       2 A        2 A
    AWAY                              13 I       1 A        2 D
    1  Jurek DUDEK
    3  ABEL Luìs Silva XAVIER
    4  Sami HYYPIA
    2  Stephane HENCHOZ
    23 Jamie CARRAGHER
    13 Danny MURPHY
    17 Steven GERRARD
    16 Dietmar HAMANN
    18 John Arne RIISE
    10 Michael OWEN
    11 El Hadji DIOUF(N)
    22 Chris KIRKLAND
    6  Markus BABBEL
    21 Salif DIAO
    30 Djimi TRAORE
    25 Igor BISCAN
    28 Bruno CHEYROU
    7  Vladimir SMICER
    15 Patrik BERGER
    8  Emile HESKEY
    5  Milan BAROS
    Vatican(A.S. Roma)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                         2 G         3 B       1 I
    AWAY                        13 I        11 B       1 A
    1  Francesco ANTONIOLI
    5  Jonathan ZEBINA
    19 Walter Adrian SAMUEL
    23 Christian PANUCCI
    2  Marcos Evangelista de Moraes CAFU
    11 Ferreira da Rosa EMERSON
    10 Francesco TOTTI
    20 Davide BOMBARDINI
    32 Vincent CANDELA
    20 Gabriel Omar BATISTUTA(N)
    24 Marco DELVECCHIO
    22 Ivan PELIZZOLI
    4  Luigi SARTOR
    13 Lenadro Damian CUFRE
    25 Gianni GUIGOU
    27 Daniele DE ROSSI
    17 Damiano TOMMASI
    8  Francisco LIMA
    7  Diego FUSER
    15 Olivier DACOURT(N)
    18 Antonio CASSANO
    9  Vincenzo MONTELLA
    London(Arsenal)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                      6 A        10 H       4 D
    AWAY                      2 E        11 F       2 E
    1  David SEAMAN
    12 LAUREN Bisan Etame Mayer
    18 Pascal CYGAN
    23 Sol CAMPBELL
    11 Sylvain WILTORD
    19 Aparecido GILBERTO SILVA
    4  Patrick VIEIRA
    7  Robert PIRES
    10 Dennis Nicolaas BERGKAMP
    14 Thierry HENRY
    13 Stuart James TAYLOR
    5  Martin KEOWN
    20 Matthew UPSON
    22 Oleg LUZHNYI
    16 Giovanni VAN BRONCKHORST
    15 Raymond PARLOUR
    8  Fredrik LJUNGBERG
    17 Eduardo Cesar Daude Gaspar EDU
    28 Kolo TOURE
    25 Nwankwo KANU
    30 Jeremie ALIADIERE
    Seine(Paris Saint Germaine)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                 21 H        5 A        2 D
    AWAY                                 11 I       11 D        1 B
    1  Lionel LETIZI
    5  Mauricio POCHETTINO
    6  Frédéric DÉHU
    2  Gabriel HEINZE
    14 Fabrice FIORÈSE
    33 Alexander NYARKO
    10 RONALDINHO De Assis Moreira
    4  Jérôme LEROY
    9  Martin CARDETTI
    16 Jérôme ALONZO
    12 Talal EL KARKOURI
    18 Didier DOMI
    22 CRISTÓBAL Parralo
    3  Lionel POTILLON
    17 Francis LLACER
    20 Ribeiro HUGO LEAL
    29 Slim BEN ACHOUR
    19 Reinaldo da Cruz OLIVEIRA
    26 Bartholomew OGBECHE
    11 José Da Silva ALOISIO
    Rhein(Bayer 04 Leverkusen)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                 1 B         1 H       1 B
    AWAY                                11 I        17 F       9 G
    1  Hans Jorg BUTT
    4  SILVEIRA dos Santos Juan
    19 Lucimar da Silva Ferreira LUCIO
    35 Diego PLACENTE
    25 Bernd SCHNEIDER
    10 Yildiray BASTURK
    28 Carsten RAMELOW
    8  Jan SIMAK
    13 Daniel BIEROFKA
    27 Oliver NEUVILLE
    11 Francoaldo Sena Souza FRANCA
    20 Frank JURIC
    5  Jens NOWOTNY
    2  Christoph PREUSS
    14 Hanno BALITZSCH
    18 Frankie HEJDUK
    17 Pascal Karibe OJIGWE
    23 Thomas BRDARIC
    9  Ulf KIRSTEN
    12 Dimitar BERBATOV
    34 Huzeyfe DOGAN
    Beaujolais(Olympique Lyon)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                 10 E       5 H        4 D
    AWAY                                 14 E       10 D       4 B
    1  Grégory COUPET
    2  Eric DEFLANDRE
    20 Patrick MULLER
    5  Claudio Roberto CAÇAPA
    13 Jérémie BRÉCHET
    8  Antonio Ribeiro Reis Jr JUNINHO
    6  Philippe VIOLEAU
    10 Eric CARRIÈRE
    24 Vikash DHORASOO
    9  Da Silva Sonny ANDERSON
    14 Sidney GOVOU
    25 Rémy VERCOUTRE
    4  Florent LAVILLE
    3  Gomes Moraes EDMILSON
    19 Jean-Marc CHANELET
    23 Florent BALMONT
    7  Mahamadou DIARRA
    27 Alexandre HAUW
    11 Tony VAIRELLES
    18 Pegguy LUYINDULA
    15 Christophe DELMOTTE
    21 Frédéric NÉE
    Piemonte(Juventus F.C.)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                              4 C        2 D        3 H
    AWAY                              2 G*       5 F        1 H
    *It should be pink, but this color isn't available in the game.
    1  Gianluigi BUFFON
    21 Lilian THURAM
    5  Igor TUDOR
    4  Paolo Ronald MONTERO
    13 Mark IULIANO
    19 Gianluca ZAMBROTTA
    3  Alessio TACCHINARDI
    11 Pavel NEDVED
    26 Edgar DAVIDS
    17 David TREZEGUET
    10 Alessandro DEL PIERO
    12 Antonio CHIMENTI
    15 Alessandro BIRINDELLI(N)
    2  Ciro FERRARA
    6  Salvatore FRESI
    14 Cristiano ZENONI
    7  Gianluca PESSOTTO(N)
    18 Marco DI VAIO(N)
    8  Antonio CONTE
    16 Mauro CAMORANESI
    9  Marcelo SALAS
    25 Marcelo Danubio ZALAYETA
    Cataluna(F.C. Barcelona)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                               4 E        10 G       5 D
    AWAY                               2 B        2 B        2 B
    1  Roberto BONANO
    5  Carles PUYOL
    3  Frank DE BOER
    4  Patrick ANDERSSON
    17 Gaizka MENDIETA
    6  XAVI Hernandez Creus
    10 Juan Roman RIQUELME
    8  Philip COCU
    20 LUIS ENRIQUE Martinez
    7 Javier SAVIOLA
    9  Patrick KLUIVERT
    25 Robert ENKE
    12 Philippe CHRISTANVAL
    33 Dani TORTOLERO
    18 GABRI Garcia
    2  Michael REIZIGER
    14 GERARD Lopez
    15 Fabio ROCHEMBACK
    31 Thiago MOTTA
    11 Marc OVERMARS
    19 DANI Garcia
    22 GEOVANNI Deiberson Marcio
    Picardie (R.C. LENS)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                           13 C        3 B        1 E
    AWAY                            2 B        3 B        1 B
    1  Guillaume WARMUZ
    14 Ferdinand COLY
    6  Jacek BAK
    3  Rigobert SONG
    4  Adama COULIBALY
    30 Cyrille ROOL
    19 Pape "Bouba" DIOP
    5  Jocelyn BLANCHARD
    11 Tony VAIRELLES
    7  Antoine SIBIERSKI
    10 Daniel MOREIRA
    16 Sébastien CHABBERT
    20 Zoumana "Papus" CAMARA
    17 Yoann LACHOR
    24 Rod FANNI
    2  Éric SIKORA
    15 Pape SARR
    8  Seydou KEITA
    29 Charles-Edouard CORIDON
    21 John UTAKA
    18 Olivier THOMERT
    28 Dagui BAKARI
    Iberian(Valencia C.F.)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                             1 A        3 H        1 H
    AWAY                             3 F        3 F        9 D
    1  Jose Santiago CAÑIZARES
    23 Cristobal CURRO TORRES
    4  Roberto Fabian AYALA
    2  Mauricio PELLEGRINO
    3  FABIO AURELIO Rodrigues
    14 VICENTE Rodriguez Guillen
    8  Ruben BARAJA
    21 Pablo AIMAR
    6  David Aliques ALBELDA
    18 Cristian Alberto KILY GONZALEZ
    7  John ALIEU Carew(*)
    13 Andres PALOP
    25 Carlos MARCHENA
    5  Miroslav DJUKIC
    15 Amedeo CARBONI
    22 Gonzalo DE LOS SANTOS
    19 Francisco RUFETE
    10 Miguel Angel ANGULO
    9  SALVA Ballesta
    24 Miguel Angel Martinez MISTA
    17 Juan SANCHEZ
    11 Adrian ILLIE
    (*)Last season Carew decided to use his first name instead of his last name.
    Cibeles(Real Madrid C.F.)          Shirt      Shorts     Socks
    HOME                                13 I       1 I        1 A
    AWAY                                 1 H       1 H        2 F
    13 CESAR Sanchez Dominguez
    2  Michel SALGADO
    4  Fernando Ruiz HIERRO
    22 Francisco PAVON(N)
    3  ROBERTO CARLOS Da Silva
    10 Luis Filipe Madeira Caeiro FIGO
    6  Ivan HELGUERA
    24 Claude MAKELELE
    5  Zinedine ZIDANE
    7  RAÚL Gonzalez
    9  Fernando MORIENTES
    1  Iker CASILLAS
    15 Raul BRAVO(N)
    17 Oscar MIÑAMBRES(N)
    13 Ivan CAMPO(N)
    16 Flavio CONCEIÇAO
    19 Esteban CAMBIASSO
    8  Steve MC MANAMAN
    14 Jose Maria Gutierrez Fernandez GUTI
    21 Santiago SOLARI
    16 Pedro MUNITIS(N)
    11 SAVIO Bortolini Pimentel
    This team is a real mess. As everybody knows, Ronaldo is number 11 and Savio
    left the team last year, like Munitis and Ivan Campo. Moreover, it's a crime
    that the first keeper is Cesar instead of Casillas.
    B) Legendary Teams
    About this section I should say that the reliability of the names is about 95%,
    because it was very hard to found these names. The squad of a club doesn't
    change very much during 2-3 years but the legend teams are formed with
    players of different World Cups, so I revised the squad of all the Worl Cups and
    review of them to now who were the best players. REALLY time-consuming.
    If you see a gap in a name, then it means that I've no idea who that player is.
    Your help will be imprescindible to complet this section.
    Although you haven't unlocked these teams yet, as I explain in section 9, you
    edit the names of the players if you press A B Y X Down Left Up Right Start on
    the initial screen(that which says 'Press Start')
    England Legends
    1  Gordon BANKS
    2  Terry BUTCHER
    4  Bobby MOORE (Captain)
    3  Don HOWE
    7  Kevin KEEGAN
    8  Bobby CHARLTON
    5  Bryan ROBSON
    10 Paul GASCOIGNE
    11 Stanley MATTHEWS
    9  Gary LINEKER
    18 Raich CARTER
    21 Peter SHILTON
    12 Ray WILSON
    13 Billy WRIGHT
    23 Roger BYRNE
    6  Duncan EDWARDS
    17 Alan BALL
    14 Glenn HODDLE
    19 John BARNES
    15 Jimmy GREAVES
    20 Tom FINNEY
    16 Kenny DALGLISH
    Holland Legends
    1  Jan JONGBLOED
    2  Frank RIJKAARD
    6  Ronald KOEMAN
    8  Ruud KROL
    7  Johan NEESKENS
    14 Johan CRUYFF (Captain)
    13 Johannes REP
    17 Ruud GULLIT
    10 Dennis BERGKAMP
    11 Robert RENSENBRINK
    9  Marco VAN BASTEN
    23 Piet SCHRIJVERS
    3  Adrianus HAAN
    5  Berrie VAN ARELE
    12 Wilhelmus VAN HANEGEM
    16 Barry HULSHOFF
    4  Jan WOUTERS
    19 Wilhelmus JANSEN
    15 Gerald VANENBURG
    20 René van de KERKHOF
    18 Jan GIELENS
    Germany Legends
    1  Josef MAIER
    6  Dietmar DANNER
    4  Franz BECKENBAUER (Captain)
    5  Berti VOGTS
    7  Gunter Theodor NETZER
    17 Paul BREITNER
    8  Pierre LITTBARSKI
    10 Karl-Heinz RUMMENIGGE
    9  Rudi VÖLLER
    11 Uwe SEELER
    13 Gerhard MÜLLER
    12 Hans TILKOWSKI
    21 Harald SCHUMACHER
    3  ???
    14 Uli HOENESS
    16 ???
    15 ???
    23 ???
    18 Jürgen KLINSMANN
    19 Fritz WALTER
    20 Ernst LEHNER
    Argentina Legends
    1  Ubaldo FILLOL
    2  Silvio MARZOLINI
    6  Daniel PASSARELLA
    3  Oscar RUGGERI
    18 Osvaldo César ARDILES
    5  Luis Fernando MONTI
    10 Diego Armando MARADONA (Captain)
    17 Leopoldo LUQUE
    19 René HOUSEMAN
    11 Mario KEMPES
    23 Nery PUMPIDO
    21 Sergio GOYCOECHEA
    12 Jorge OLGUÍN
    15 ???
    20 Jorge Luis BURRUCHAGA
    8  Guillermo STABILE
    14 Bernabe FERREYRA
    7  Jose Manuel MORENO
    16 ???
    13 ???
    Brazil Legends
    1  Émerson LEÃO
    2  Jorge de Amorim Campos JORGINHO
    4  Djalma SANTOS
    3  NILTON dos Reis SANTOS
    7  SÓCRATES B.S. Souza Vieira de Oliveira
    6  Antônio Carlos TONINHO CEREZO
    8  Arthur Antunes Coimbra ZICO
    5  Eduardo Gonçalves de Andrade TOSTÃO
    10 Edson Arantes do Nascimento PELÉ (Captain)
    9  Jair Ventura Filho JAIRZINHO
    11 Manoel Francisco dos Santos GARRINCHA
    12 Cláudio André Mergen TAFFAREL
    14 Hideraldo Luiz BELLINI
    19 ALDAIR Nascimento dos Santos
    22 ???
    18 ???
    23 Leovegildo Lins da Gama JÚNIOR
    17 Waldir Pereira DIDI
    16 Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri DUNGA
    15 Roberto RIVELINO
    13 GÉRSON de Oliveira Nunes
    20 Antônio de Oliveira Filho CARECA
    Italy Legends
    1  Dino ZOFF (Captain)
    2  Claudio GENTILE
    3  Giuseppe BERGOMI
    5  Gaetano SCIREA
    4  Franco BARESI
    11 Roberto DONADONI
    8  Gianni RIVERA
    6  Giuseppe MEAZZA
    10 Roberto BAGGIO
    20 Paolo ROSSI
    9  Luigi RIVA
    12 Walter ZENGA
    21 Fulvio COLLOVATI
    23 Giovanni FERRARI
    18 Giacinto FACCHETTI
    13 Gabriele ORIALI
    15 Nicola BERTI
    16 ???
    14 ???
    7  Fulvio BERNARDINI
    17 Salvatore SCHILLACI
    19 ???
    Legends of '90
    12 Sergio GOYCOECHEA
    4  Franco BARESI
    3  Giuseppe BERGOMI
    5  Andreas BREHME
    13 Paul GASCOIGNE
    8  Lothar MATTHÄUS
    11 Dragan STOJKOVIC
    10 Diego Armando MARADONA
    18 Jürgen KLINSMANN
    17 Salvatore SCHILLACI
    19 Roger MILLA
    1  Bodo ILLGNER
    6  Guido BUCHWALD
    7  Vincenzo SCIFO
    15 Ruud GULLIT
    14 Pierre LITTBARSKI
    20 Gary LINEKER
    23 Claudio CANIGGIA
    9  Marco VAN BASTEN
    24 Tomas SKUHRAVY
    16 José Miguel González Martín del Campo MÍCHEL
    21 François OMAM BIYICK
    Legends of '94
    1  Michel PREUD'HOMME
    2  Jorge de Amorim Campos JORGINHO
    4  Marcio SANTOS
    3  Paolo MALDINI
    18 Tomas BROLIN
    10 Roberto BAGGIO
    6  Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri DUNGA
    17 Krassimir BALAKOV
    7  Gheorghe HAGI
    11 ROMARIO de Souza Faria
    8  Hristo STOITCHKOV
    21 Cláudio André Mergen TAFFAREL
    5  ???
    12 Alexi LALAS
    16 ???
    13 Vincenzo SCIFO
    14 Dennis BERGKAMP
    9  Gabriel Omar BATISTUTA
    15 Martin DAHLIN
    24 ???
    20 Kennet ANDERSSON
    19 Jürgen KLINSMANN
    Legends of '98
    1  José Luis CHILAVERT
    15 Lilian THURAM
    8  Marcel DESAILLY
    6  ROBERTO CARLOS Da Silva
    18 Edgar DAVIDS
    17 Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri DUNGA
    10 Zinedine ZIDANE
    7  Brian LAUDRUP
    20 Davor SUKER
    9  RONALDO Luis Nazário de Lima
    16 Fabien BARTHEZ
    3  ???
    5  ???
    13 Zvonimir BOBAN
    11 RIVALDO Vito Borba Ferreira
    19 Michael OWEN
    12 Marcelo SALAS
    21 Luis HERNANDEZ
    14 Dennis BERGKAMP
    32 Christian VIERI
    33 Gabriel Omar BATISTUTA
    C) National Teams
    There're some players who I have no idea who they are, I pointed them out withh
    this symbol ???. If you know any, please help me.
    1  Zdravko ZDRAVKOV
    2  Rosen KIRILOV
    6  Radostin KISHISHEV
    5  Georgi MARKOV
    4  Ivaylo PETKOV
    8  Velizar DIMITROV
    17 Stilian PETROV
    10 Krassimir BALAKOV
    19 Martin PETROV
    9  Dimitar BERBATOV
    11 Vladimir MANCHEV
    12 Yordan GOSPODINOV
    13 Martin STANKOV
    3  ???
    14 Galin IVANOV
    7  Biser IVANOV
    15 Todor YANCHEV
    21 Marian HRISTOV
    18 Svetoslav PETROV
    16 Georgi IVANOV
    22 Zoran YANKOVICH
    20 Svetoslav TODOROV
    Dimitar IVANKOV
    Predrag PAZIN
    Krassimir TCHOMAKOV
    Zlatomir ZAGORCHICH
    Milen PETKOV
    Alexander ALEXANDROV
    Daniel BORIMIROV
    Danail BACHKOV
    Hristo YOVOV
    22 JIANG JIN
    5  FAN ZHIYI
    14 LI WEIFEN
    7  SUN JIHAI
    8  LI TIE
    9  MA MINGYU
    19 QI HONG
    1  AN QI
    17 DU WEI
    13 GAO YAO
    11 YU GENWEI
    3  YANG PU
    16 QU BO
    20 YANG CHEN
    1  Oscar CORDOBA
    2  Andres OROZCO
    5  Edgar RAMOS
    4  Ivan CORDOBA
    3  Juan Carlos RAMIREZ
    15 Giovanni HERNANDEZ
    6  Oscar DIAZ
    12 Ruben Dario VELÁSQUEZ
    17 John Javier RESTREPO
    11 Rafael CASTILLO
    9  Julián VÁSQUEZ
    21 David GONZALEZ
    20 Andres MOSQUERA
    23 Ivan LOPEZ
    16 Edgar HERNANDEZ
    18 Gerardo BEDOYA
    13 ???
    7  Freddy GRISALES
    10 Elkin MURILLO
    8  Jorge BOLANO
    14 Tressor MORENO
    19 Jorge SERNA
    Juan Carlos HENAO
    Jorge BERMUDEZ
    Gonzalo MARTINEZ
    Maurizio SERNA
    Fabian VARGAS
    Victor Hugo Posada ARISTIZABAL
    Leider PRECIADO
    1  Erick LONNIS
    5  Gilberto MARTÍNEZ
    19 Rodrigo CORDERO
    3  Luis MARÍN
    15 Harold WALLACE
    10 Wálter CENTENO
    6  Wilmer LÓPEZ
    8  Mauricio SOLIS
    22 Carlos CASTRO
    9  Paulo WANCHOPE
    11 Rónald GÓMEZ
    18 Alvaro MESÉN
    4  Mauricio WRIGHT
    14 Juan Jose RODRIGUEZ
    13 Daniel VALLEJO
    2  Jervis DRUMMOND
    17 Hernan MEDFORD
    21 Pablo CHINCHILLA
    16 Steven BRYCE
    7  Rolando FONSECA
    20 William SUNSING
    12 Winston PARKS
    Lester MORGAN
    Reynaldo PARKS
    Juan Bautista ESQUIVEL
    Oscar ROJAS
    Robert ARIAS
    Julio Cesar VIQUEZ
    Jafet SOTO
    1  Stipe PLETIKOSA
    3  Josip SIMUNIC
    20 Dario SIMIC
    21 Robert KOVAC
    10 Niko KOVAC
    14 Zvonimir SOLDO
    8  Robert PROSINECKI
    4  Stijepan TOMAS
    17 Robert JARNI
    11 Alen BOKSIC
    5  Milan RAPAIC
    23 Vladimir VASILJ
    6  Boris ZIVKOVIC
    16 Jurica VRANJES
    2  Anthony SERIC
    15 Daniel SARIC
    13 Mario STANIC
    7  Davor VUGRINEC
    19 Goran VLAOVIC
    22 Bosko BALABAN
    18 Ivica OLIC
    9  Davor SUKER
    Tomislav BUTINA
    Igor TUDOR
    Mario TOKIC
    Tomislav MARIC
    1  Petr CECH
    2  Tomas REPKA
    6  Milan FUKAL
    5  Jiri NOVOTNY
    7  Marek JANKULOVSKI
    8  Karel POBORSKY
    12 Tomas GALASEK
    10 Tomas ROSICKY
    4  Pavel NEDVED
    17 Vladimir SMICER
    9  Jan KOLLER
    16 Antonín KINSKY
    13 Lukas DOSEK
    3  Tomas HÜBSCHMAN
    15 Tomas UJFALUSI
    20 Jiri JAROSIK
    21 Stepan VACHOUSEK
    23 Tomas DOSEK
    22 Adam PETROUS
    14 Libor SIONKO
    19 Jiri STAJNER
    11 Milan BAROS
    Martin VANIAK
    Miroslav BARANEK
    Roman TYCE
    Pavel HORVATH
    Vratislav LOKVENC
    1  Jose CEVALLOS
    4  Ulises DE LA CRUZ
    3  Ivan HURTADO
    2  Augusto POROSO
    6  Raul GUERRON
    19 Edison MENDEZ
    5  Alfonso OBREGON
    20 Edwin TENORIO
    16 Clever CHALA
    9  Ivan KAVIEDES
    11 Agustin DELGADO
    12 Oswaldo IBARRA
    17 Giovanny ESPINOZA
    15 Marlon AYOVI
    23 Walter AYOVI
    8  Luis GOMEZ
    14 Juan Carlos BURBANO
    21 Wellington SANCHEZ
    10 Alex AGUINAGA
    7  Nicolas ASENCIO
    13 Angel FERNANDEZ
    18 Carlos TENORIO
    Daniel VITERI
    John CAGUA
    Nicolas ASENSIO
    Santiago MORALES
    Franklin SALAS
    Jorge GUAHUA
    Ebelio ORDOÑEZ
    1  Carlos ESCOBAR
    2  Milton PALACIOS
    5  Fabio ULLOA
    3  David CARCAMO
    13 Edgar ALVAREZ
    6  Luis PINEDA
    8  Maynor SUAZO
    15 Rony MORALES
    9  Danilo TURCIOS
    11 Carlos PAVON
    18 Renan BENGOCHE
    21 Junior MORALES
    12 Junior IZAGUIRRE
    22 Ninrod MEDINA
    4  Samuel CABALLERO
    14 Robel BERNARDEZ
    17 Walter HERNANDEZ
    7  Amado GUEVARA
    23 ???
    10 David SUAZO
    19 Saul MARTINEZ
    20 Juan Manuel CARCAMO
    Reynaldo CLAVASQUIN
    Sergio MENDOZA
    Milton REYES
    Julio Cesar LEON
    Cristian MARTINEZ
    Francisco PAVON
    Milton NUÑEZ
    Jairo MARTINEZ
    12 Ebrahim MIRZAPOUR
    5  Mohammad PEYRAVANI
    24 Rahman REZAEI
    2  Mehdi MAHDAVIKIA
    7  Hamed KAVIANPOUR
    6  Karim BAGHERI
    11 Alireza VAHEDI NIKBAKHT
    3  Mehrdad MINAVAND
    8  Ali KARIMI
    10 Ali DAEI
    22 Davoud FANAEI
    20 Behrouz RAHBARIFARD
    9  Sirous DINMOHAMMADI
    13 Javad NEKOONAM
    17 Pejman JAMSHIDI
    14 Mojahed KHAZIRAVI
    16 Vahid HASHEMIAN
    19 ???
    18 Ali SAMEREH
    21 Javad KAZEMIAN
    1  Aaron LAWRENCE
    2  Linval DIXON
    4  Tyrone MARSHALL
    12 Robert SCARLETT
    3  Marcus Mcdonald
    10 William WILSON
    6  Keith KELLEY
    11 Theodore WHITMORE
    8  Ricardo FULLER
    9  Onandi LOWE
    13 Winston GRIFFITHS
    21 Donovan RICKETTS
    5  Fabian DAVIS
    14 Claude DAVIS
    22 Jermaine JOHNSON
    17 Omar DALEY
    18 ???
    16 Milton GRIFFITHS
    20 Jamie LAWRENCE
    7  Ricardo GARDNER
    19 Deon BURTON
    15 ???
    Micah HYDE
    Eugene BARNES
    Christopher DAWES
    Walter BOYD
    5  CHOI TAE-UK
    13 ???
    16 CHA DOO-RI
    1  Driss BENZERKI
    2  Akram ROUMANI
    4  Abdelilah FAHMI
    6  Noureddine NAYBET
    20 Faouzi EL BRAZI
    16 Youssef SAFRI
    7  Mustapha BIDOUDANE
    11 Hicham ZEROUALI
    18 Youssef CHIPPO
    10 Adil RAMZI
    23 Salaheddine BASSIR
    12 Tarik JARMOUNI
    17 Gharib AMZINE
    5  Noureddine KACIMI
    3  Abdelslam OUADDOU
    13 ???
    19 Rachid BENMAHMOUD
    14 Othmane EL ASSAS
    15 Mohammed JABRANE
    21 Rachid ROKKI
    8  Walid REGRAGUI
    9  Adelajalil HADDA
    Khalid FOUHAMI
    Abdelkrim EL HADRIOUI
    Youssef ROSSI
    Taher EL KHALEJ
    1  Edwin VAN DER SAR
    2  Michael REIZIGER
    3  Jaap STAM
    13 Arthur NUMAN
    8  Edgar DAVIDS
    9  Patrick KLUIVERT
    5  Phillip COCU
    14 Roy MAKAAY
    11 Marc OVERMARS
    16 Ronald WATERREUS
    15 Mario MELCHIOT
    21 Fernando RICKSEN
    19 Kevin HOFLAND
    22 Giovanni VAN BRONCKHORST
    6  Mark VAN BOMMEL
    12 Paul BOSVELT
    7  Boudewijn ZENDEN
    17 Pierre VAN HOOIJDONK
    20 Jimmy Floyd HASSELBAINK
    18 Victor SIKORA
    Andre OOIJER
    Wilfred BOUMA
    Danny LANDZAAT
    Clarence SEEDORF
    George BOATENG
    Patrick PAAUWE
    Rafael VAN DER VAART
    1  Maik TAYLOR
    4  George MCCARTNEY
    5  Aaron HUGHES
    3  Mark WILLIAMS
    2  Ian NOLAN
    14 Keith GILLESPIE
    8  Colin MURDOCK
    11 Stuart ELLIOTT
    7  Damien JOHNSON
    9  James QUINN
    18 David HEALY
    12 Roy CARROLL
    22 Stephen CRAIGAN
    16 Peter KENNEDY
    6  Stephen LOMAS
    17 Jim MAGILTON
    15 Michael HUGHES
    21 Kevin HORLOCK
    10 Neil LENNON
    13 Philip MULRYNE
    19 Paul MCKNIGHT
    20 Paul MCVEIGH
    Warren FEENEY
    Patrick MCGIBBON
    Shaun HOLMES
    Michael DUFF
    Andrew KIRK
    Phillip GRAY
    1  Mohammed AL DEAYEA
    2  Mohammed AL JAHANI
    3  Redha TUKAR
    4  Abdullah Sulaiman ZUBROMAWI
    13 Hussein SULIMANI
    7  Ibrahim AL SHAHRANI
    6  Fouzi AL SHEHRI
    18 Nawaf AL TEMYAT
    17 Abdullah Alwaked AL SHAHRANI
    14 Abdulaziz AL KHATHRAN
    11 Obeid AL DOSSARY
    21 Mabrouk ZAID
    5  Mohsin HARTHI
    12 Ahmed Dukhi AL DOSSARY
    23 Mansour ALTHAGAFI
    8  Mohammed NOOR
    19 Omar AL GHAMDI
    16 Khamis Alowairan AL DOSARI
    10 Mohammad AL SHLHOUB
    20 Al Hassan AL YAMI
    9  Sami AL JABER
    15 Abdullah Jumaan AL DOSARY
    Mohamed AL KHOJALI
    1  Tony Mano SYLVA
    17 Ferdinand COLY
    13 Lamine DIATTA
    4  Pape MALICK DIOP
    2  Omar DAF
    15 Salif DIAO
    6  Aliou CISSE
    19 Pape BOUBA DIOP
    10 Khalilou FADIGA
    11 El Hadji DIOUF
    22 Kalidou CISSOKHO
    16 Oumar DIALLO
    21 Habib BEYE
    5  Alassane NDOUR
    3  PAPE SARR
    12 Amdy Moustapha FAYE
    7  Henri CAMARA
    9  Souleymane CAMARA
    8  Amara TRAORE
    Mohamed ADAMA SARR
    Mamadou NIANG
    1  Juraj BUCEK
    3  Ivan KOZAK
    4  Marian ZEMAN
    5  Michal HANEK
    11 Vratislav GRESKO
    20 Karol KISEL
    6  Peter DZURIK
    7  Marek MINTAL
    15 ???
    18 Robert VITTEK
    13 Peter NEMETH
    21 Kamil CONTOFALSKY
    13 ???
    2  Marian CISOVSKY
    12 ???
    17 Vladimír LABANT
    16 ???
    10 Vladimir JANOCKO
    14 Juraj CZINEGE
    19 ???
    9  Lubos REITER
    8  Szilard NEMETH
    Miroslav KÖNIG
    Stanislav VARGA
    Miroslav KARHAN
    Igor DEMO
    Tomás ORAVEC
    1  Marko SIMEUNOVIC
    3  Zeljko MILINOVIC
    5  Marinko GALIC
    6  Aleksander KNAVS
    7  Doni NOVAK
    10 Zlatko ZAHOVIC
    8  Ales CEH
    11 Miran PAVLIN
    13 Mladen RUDONJA
    19 Amir KARIC
    9  Milan OSTERC
    12 Mladen DABANOVIC
    2  Goran SANKOVIC
    4  Muamer VUGDALIC
    23 Spasoje BULAJIC
    15 Rajko TAVCAR
    14 Sasa GAJSER
    20 Nastja CEH
    18 Milenko ACIMOVIC
    16 Senad TIGANJ
    21 Sebastjan CIMIROTIC
    17 Zoran PAVLOVIC
    Dejan NEMEC
    Matej SNOFL
    Simon SESLAR
    Anton ZLOGAR
    Matej MAVRIC
    Ermin SILJAK
    1  Fabrice BORER
    13 Marco ZWYSSIG
    5  Remo MEYER
    4  Stephane HENCHOZ
    3  Murat YAKIN
    8  Fabio CELESTINI
    10 Ciriaco SFORZA
    6  Sebastien FOURNIER
    18 Stephane CHAPUISAT
    9  Hakan YAKIN
    20 Alexander FREI
    12 Pascal ZUBERBÜHLER
    2  Giuseppe MAZZARELLI
    14 Bruno BERNER
    15 Yvan QUENTIN
    21 Patrick MUELLER
    17 Raphael WICKY
    22 Johann VOGEL
    16 Massimo LOMBARDO
    7  David SESA
    11 Francesco DI JORIO
    19 Joel MAGNIN
    Jörg STIEL
    Ludovic MAGNIN
    Johan LONFAT
    Alexandre COMISETTI
    Blaise N'KUFO
    1  Shaka HISLOP
    13 Ansil ELCOCK
    3  Dale SAUNDERS
    4  Marvin ANDREWS
    17 Nigel DANIEL
    14 Silvio SPANN
    8  Angus EVE
    5  Adrian NARINE
    15 Collin SAMUEL
    20 Arnold DWARIKA
    18 Nigel PIERRE
    21 Ross RUSSELL
    2  Ian COX
    23 Ronnie MAUGE
    12 ???
    7  ???
    11 ???
    19 Lyndon ANDREWS
    10 Evans WISE
    6  ???
    9  Dwight YORKE
    16 Anton PIERRE
    Clayton INCE
    Craig DEMMIN
    Dennis LAWRENCE
    Reynold CARRINGTON
    Stokely MASON
    Mickey TROTMAN
    1  Ali BOUMNJIEL
    6  Hatem TRABELSI
    15 Radhi JAIDI
    2  Khaled BADRA
    12 Raouf BOUZAIENE
    8  Hassen GABSI
    10 Kais GHODHBANE
    13 Riadh BOUAZIZI
    21 Mourad MELKI
    18 Slim BENACHOUR
    5  Zied JAZIRI
    16 Hassen BEJAOUI
    4  Mohamed M'KACHER
    19 Emir MKADEMI
    14 Hamdi MARZOUKI
    17 Tarek THABET
    3  Zoubaier BAYA
    23 Jose CLAYTON
    20 Ali ZITOUNI
    7  Imed M'hedhebi
    11 Adel SELLIMI
    9  Riadh JELASSI
    Habib JAOUACHI
    Chokri EL OUAER
    Kais ZOUAGHI
    Skander SOUAYEH
    Maher KANZARI
    Bassam DAASSI
    1  Mark CROSSLEY
    2  Mark DELANEY
    4  Andy MELVILLE
    3  Chris COLEMAN
    22 Christian EDWARDS
    7  Simon DAVIES
    6  Robbie SAVAGE
    10 Gary SPEED
    11 Ryan GIGGS
    9  John HARTSON
    8  Craig BELLAMY
    21 Paul JONES
    12 Darren BARNARD
    5  Roberto PAGE
    20 John ROBINSON
    19 Mark PEMBRIDGE
    15 Carl ROBINSON
    16 Paul TROLLOPE
    13 Nathan BLAKE
    14 Gareth TAYLOR
    17 Iwan ROBERTS
    18 Robert EARNSHAW
    Danny COYNE
    Danny GABBIDON
    Steve JENKINS
    Robert EDWARDS
    Matthew JONES
    Jason KOUMAS
    Rhys WESTON
    1  Dragan ZILIC
    2  Zoran MIRKOVIC
    22 Goran GAVRANCIC
    5  Sinisa MIHAJLOVIC
    3  Goran DJOROVIC
    7  Nikola LAZETIC
    4  Slavisa JOKANOVIC
    6  Boban DMITROVIC
    8  Predrag MIJATOVIC
    9  Savo MILOSEVIC
    19 Mateja KEZMAN
    12 ???
    13 Dejan STEFANOVIC
    17 Milan DUDIC
    20 Igor DULJAJ
    14 Branko BOSKOVIC
    18 ???
    16 Sasa ILIC
    10 Dejan STANKOVIC
    21 Ognjen KOROMAN
    15 Nenad BRNOVIC
    23 ???
    Miroslav DJUKIC
    Vladimir IVIC
    Vladimir JUGOVIC
    Bojan BRNOVIC
    * 9. Edit Teams
    A) Create Players
    If you decide to create a player, I have a priceless tip I discovered
    in ISS2 that works on ISS3 too.
    Although you create 2 players with Speed 10, one will be quickler. Why?
    It depends on their height and weight. If you want to create an unstoppable
    player, create a very thin dwarf with Speed 10, Acceleration 10, Shoot 10
    and Precission 10. The most valuable ability is the one that allows you
    to shoot from any position(Wide Vision).
    Create two players with these skills and transfer them to your original
    team. But change them by substitute players, because if you put them
    in the initial team, in missions 1-X they could be sent off and
    consequently you couldn't use them.
    If you want to create a perfect player(all parameters 10 and 10 skills),
    it will cost you 10512 poins.
    In this section, I will include some teams I created. Send your creations also.
    Flag: Japanese flag
    Comments: I'm a fanatic of Captain Tsubasa, a manga and anime based on a boy
    who plays football and how he improves until he plays in the national team
    of Japan. This is my tribute to this manga. You should be crazy to create
    a team with 22 perfect players as I did, but they are pretty good.
                          Height  Weight Foot  Face  JAW  Skin  Hair Color
    1  Genzo WAKABAYASHI  1.88m   78 Kg  LR     7     2     2     4    8
    7  Makoto SODA        1.80m   68 Kg  R      7     6     2     6    8
    6  Jun MISUGI         1.78m   65 Kg  LR     8     2     1    14    3
    7  Hiroshi JITO       1.92m   90 Kg  R      9     8     2     5    8
    4  Ryo ISHIZAKI       1.77m   65 Kg  L      7     4     3     2    -
    12 Hikaru MATSUYAMA   1.78m   66 Kg  R      9     1     2    18    8
    11 Taro MISAKI        1.75m   66 Kg  R      7     2     1    18    4
    20 SHINGO Aoi         1.60m   50 Kg  L      8     1     2    27    8
    10 Ozora TSUBASA(C)   1.75m   63 Kg  LR     8     3     2    17    8
    9  Kojiro HYUGA       1.83m   72 Kg  LR     7     2     4    20    8
    18 Shun NITTA         1.70m   60 Kg  R      9     3     2    16    8
    13 Ken WAKASHIMAZU    1.86m   68 Kg  R      8     6     3    27    8
    2  Kazuo TACHIBANA    1.75m   63 Kg  L      7     2     2    16    8
    3  Masao TACHIBANA    1.75m   63 Kg  R      7     3     2    16    8
    17 Shingo TAKASUGI    1.91m   90 Kg  R      9     8     2     4    8
    14 TOMEYA Akai        1.80m   70 Kg  R      8     1     1    13    8
    15 Takeshi SAWADA     1.71m   62 Kg  R      8     1     2     5    8
    16 Mamoru IZAWA       1.81m   69 Kg  L      7     2     2    24    8
    25 Hajime TAKI        1.74m   62 Kg  R      7     2     2    17    8
    19 Teppei KISUGI      1.77m   69 Kg  R      8     3     2    14    8
    22 Kazuki SORIMACHI   1.77m   70 Kg  R      8     6     2    15    8
    21 Mitsuru SANO       1.62m   54 Kg  R      9     2     1    30    8
    B) Creating Badges(Flags)
    Firstly, creating a badge from "nothingness" is really hard. If you have the
    badge you want to draw in your computer, you should convert this gif, jpeg, bmp
    or whatever into a 60x94 pixels image with 256 colors.
    Why 60x94 pixels? ISS3's flags' dimensions are these.
    Why 256 colors? ISS3 pallete has 240 colors, so the most similar format is 256
    colors. Using good image software like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro will make it
    easier. Follow the next steps:
    1) Create a 60x94 pixels blank image with 256 colors.
    2) Open your file with your badge and resize it to an image with a height of 60
    3) Copy your image in the clipboard and paste it in the first image you created
       like a layer.
    4) Automatically the program will arrenge the colors.
    5) If the background of the badge isn't monochromatic(one color), then you
       should edit the background also.
    6) Then image should be completed in your computer, and use a super zoom on it.
    7) Finally, you should copy pixel by pixel from the computer to the flag in ISS3
       using the most appropriate color.
    * 10. Special Teams
    You can obtain All Star teams clearing the International Cup* on hard level
    Any European Team(Italy, Germany, France recommended)--> Europe All Stars
    Any American Team(Argentina and Brazil recommended)----> America All Stars
    Any African Team(Nigeria and Cameroon recommended)-----> Africa All Stars
    Any Asian Team(Australia and Japan recommended)--------> Asia All Stars
    * VERY IMPORTANT: play from the beginning including the Regional
      Qualifying Matches, because if you play from the Group League you will
      NOT unlock these teams.
    How to unlock Gladius(World All Stars):
    1. All the regional stars teams had been unlocked AND purchased in the catalog.
    2. I commenced an International Cup in the GROUP LEAGUE mode with Brazil.
    3. I won the competition, gaining the awards for point and assist king.
    4. I then played and beat Gladius, and they are now unlocked in the catalog,
    7000 points.
    Thanks to Ikanentl.
    You can obtain Legend teams clearing the World League on hard level with:
    England----> England Legends
    Holland----> Holland Legends
    Italy------> Italy Legends
    Germany----> Germany Legends
    Brazil-----> Brazil Legends
    Argentina--> Argentina Legends
    How to unlock World Cup Legendary Teams:(Provided by Sarah Angella)
    Clear an International Cup in the GROUP LEAGUE on hard level. I'm not sure, but
    recommend unlocking the rest of Special teams before getting these teams.
    King and Top Scorer King are not necessary.
    The order is not really important. As you complete the game with these teams you
    get the team legends in this order:
    1st. 98's Legends
    2nd. 94's Legends
    3rd. 90's Legends
    * 11. Bugs
    These are the bugs I've found until now:
     - If you play with 1 player in the International Cup and you save your
       evolution. When you reload your game(another day), the special moves
       you unlock in the catalogue won't be available in your saved game.
       With 2 players there is no problem, at least in the Spanish version.
     - I noticed also a bug while playing with any original team including clubs.
       Although you change their uniform, when you use them if the former uniform's
       color coincides with the used by your rival, your uniform would change to
       the second uniform. To avoid it, I've the same uniform for local and away.
     - If you go straight into an International Cup or World League match,
       you are unable to perform the special skills and new player cursor you
       have bought in the catalog. It is annoying yet there is a way around it.
       All you need to do is go into the free training mode and do a couple
       of skills then it will work fine for the rest of the game.
       (provided by Ikanentl)
     - You can't change the language of the game, because this feature isn't in the
       game settings. But there is a way to change it:
       1. Turn on your Gamecube without a disc on it.
       2. Go to options and change the language of your console. The available
       languages for this game are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
       3. Now you can enjoy the comments of Papin and Schuster among others.
       (provided by my brother)
    * 12. Legal Stuff
    This document is Copyright 2003 Joan Roda. All trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.Feel free to distribute or post as long as you don't
    change my name or try and make any money off of it, okay? Letting me know
    about it would be appreciated too.
    This FAQ is exclusive to the following websites:
         GameFAQS            www.gamefaqs.com
         Cheat Code Central  www.cheatcc.com
         Cheats.de           www.cheats.de
         IGN                 www.ign.com
         Cheat Planet        www.cheatplanet.com
         Neoseeker.com       www.neoseeker.com
         GameNotOver         www.gamenotover.com
    * 13. Special Thanks
    Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka for creating this game.
    Almond(my brother Jordi) for his initial feedback.
    Bloch for his corrections on players' names.
    lkanentl for the special teams and his comments.
    Ralf Babe for his correction on the mission mode.
    Behnam Nourparvar for the IRAN squad.
    Daniel Warsén for correcting a bug in the bugs section.
    BIG BIG THANKS to Sarah Angella for unlocking World Cup Legendary Teams.

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