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    Secrets FAQ by alamone

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 07/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Disgaea secrets FAQ v0.1 (C)2003 alamone.
    May not be reprinted without author's written consent.
    Disgaea is (C)2003 Nippon Ichi Software.
    After playing for 150 some hours and finally defeating Super Demon King
    Pearl, I've decided to stop playing Disgaea and write up this little FAQ:
    random hints and tips in no particular order that may or may not be useful.
    ----------------Killing the NPCs in your castle
    - The NPCs in the castle may show up in a Black Congress fight.
      If you kill them, a tombstone will appear in their place in the castle.
      This is not permanent and will be reset on the next game load.
    ----------------Getting enemies to join
    - If you chuck an enemy onto the base panel, one of two things happens:
      1) Enemy joins your party
      2) Enemy kills ALL of your remaining party members,
         and the base panel disappears
    Boss characters will not join your party.
    The probability that a monster will join your party depends on
    the relative level of the monster and its remaining HP(?)
    ----------------Removing friends from the map
    - If you chuck a friend onto the base panel, it will be safely removed
      from combat. The unit cannot be taken out for that turn again.
      Use this to protect weak units from getting killed.
    ----------------Free movement
    - The free movement trick from La Pucelle also works here, but is a bit
      less effective since you have a limited inventory. Simply equip shoes,
      make your movement, and then change your equipment back.
    ----------------Increasing the LV of enemies
    - Chuck an enemy onto another one. As long as it's not a penguin,
      they will merge together into a monster with the LV added together.
    ----------------Etna's diary
    - There are two hidden switches in the castle. One behind the throne,
      and another near the skull on the counter of the Rosenqueen shops.
      Flip both of them to enable access to Etna's diary, which is in
      the middle corner of the intermediate hallway between the throne
      room and the shops. If you visit this area consistently for each
      chapter, you will be rewarded with a Testament item in the final
    ----------------Space + Time engine
    - To get the space + time engine, defeat "Item God 2" at floor 100 of
      a Legend item that has inhabitants that are LV255 on floor 1.
      The item will be put into your inventory automatically.
      Like in La Pucelle it allows teleportation anywhere in the map.
      However you cannot proceed to the warps in the Item world with
      it equipped - it must be taken off first.
    ----------------Maou Prier (LV2000)
    - To get Maou Prier to join your party, you must defeat her
      in the alternative hell (you must petition the Black Congress
      to open the gate). She has the very useful Arcadia item.
      Her skills are Omega-heal, Dragon Fist and Great Miracle.
      Great Miracle does magic damage.
    ----------------Legendary Witch Marjoly (LV2500)
    - To get Legendary Witch Marjoly to join your party, defeat her
      in the Beauty Castle (again, petition the Black Congress).
      She has 4 strong Legend items and the skills:
      Terafire, Terawind, Teracool, Terastar, Dark Force.
      Dark Force does magic damage.
    ----------------Become Chou Maou
    - To become Chou Maou, you must defeat Chou Maou Pearl (LV4000)
      (Super Demon King Pearl) in Pearl's Tower, which is unlocked
      after beating alternate Hell and Beauty Castle.
      After defeating Pearl he reincarnates into a penguin
      and has even higher stats (LV6000). I have not defeated
      the penguin version - and don't know if anything
      special happens if you do.
    ----------------Easy EXP
    - To get easy EXP, use the Cave of Trials 3. There is a 3x3
      grid of enemies there that you can take out with 1 attack.
      Any attack that can target a 3x3 square is good, but
      physical ones are better since they don't have so much
      variability in enemy resistance. You can also petition
      the Black Congress to increase the strength of enemies
      to make this tactic more effective.
    ----------------Leveling weak friends
    - To level up weak friends, have them included in combo
      attacks. Even if they do 0 damage or miss, as long as the
      enemy is killed they will get some shared EXP.
      Units that use the same weapon have a higher
      percentage of joining a combo, so keep that in mind.
    ----------------Tactics for killing strong enemies
    - For killing very strong enemies such as Maou Prier etc,
      the following is what I recommend:
    Rahal is your primary attacker. Give him the strongest
    sword you can (e.g. Galaxy blade). Equip items on him
    only for the purpose of increasing his ATK and maybe HIT.
    Have nine other units with the ability to cast Braveheart.
    For each turn in battle, send out Rahal and one of the
    support units. The support unit's only purpose is to cast
    Braveheart on Rahal once, and serve as a decoy. The
    enemy will always target the decoy because it is weaker,
    leaving Rahal free to attack the enemy. Just make sure
    there is enough space between Rahal and your support unit
    so that the enemy does not use an area skill that hits
    both of them. With this tactic, you have 10 turns with
    Rahal's strongest special to kill any unit. If this is
    not enough, you have to improve the strength of your
    items or increase Rahal's LV (or perhaps try reincarnation
    to aim for better base stats).
    ----------------The "impossible fight" in Ch. 6
    You don't get anything special from beating the impossible
    fight in Ch. 6, so just lose it if you don't feel like
    leveling up.
    ----------------Item World tactics
    Take advantage of the "muteki" (invincible) attribute if it
    exists in the item world you are fighting in.
    You can defeat enemies much stronger than yourself with it.
    The enemy AI does not take into consideration the color
    attributes at all. Also be wary of the duplication
    attribute - it may duplicate your characters if you
    step on it and that can cause you much grief. If this
    happens, I recommend just going to the next floor.
    Also, take note that the geo-triangles can be chucked
    onto enemies and will self-destruct and begin a chain.
    Chains cannot start if the triangle is the same color
    as the panel. If the chain finishes with the holy (transparent)
    element and removes all panels, there will be a explosion and
    all enemies will be damaged.
    ----------------Counter-counter-counter-counter attack
    Sometimes a regular attack will do more damage than
    using a special, depending on the number of Counters
    you and your enemy have. If you have 5 counters and
    the enemy also has 5 counters, you have the potential
    to do that many physical attacks, which could very
    well add up to do more than a special attack. However,
    you must eat the enemy's physical attack damage as well.
    You can petition the Black Congress to increase
    your Counter by 1.
    contact info:
    alam (at) moon.co.jp

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