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Help To Exterminate The Innocents!05/26/04Bobo The Clown
This gets my vote for RPG of the year. Check back in 7 years. Might be game of the decade.10/18/03honestgamer
Unorthodox, hilarious, great fun.09/20/06HYD
A masterpiece that can become overwhelming...11/29/04Apollocub
Nippon Ichi, kiss me!03/29/05Braben
Kinda like chess with guns, demons and exploding penguins11/12/07darkknight109
Angels and demons02/03/09DjSkittles
Don't get me wrong, I like this game. Nevertheless, it isn't very good.10/07/03Idiot 101
Best. Strategy RPG. Ever.09/12/03JPeeples
The Life of an Underworld Prince05/01/09kefka989
Thin line between angel and demon....09/04/04ldkdante88
Dood...... This game is awsome!!09/06/05Marcus8521
Dollar for dollar the play time doesn't rank well10/17/03Megalomania
One of the best Strategy RPGs ever made, and YOU haven't played it!07/09/08megaman2005
Into the Darkness04/08/16nastynate3118
Disgaea: Hours and Hours of Leveling Up04/21/06plasmabeam
Lovers of FFT will love this too? Not exactly my experience.10/07/03pngaou
I, Prinnies say this Strategy Role Playing Game kicks demon and angel ass, Dood!02/16/06Prinnies
Disgaea, the best medicine.03/07/04Psych0tic
A Strategy RPG Fan's Dream08/11/04Rpgcat57
Disgaea Truly Is The Overlord Of Strategy RPG10/07/03Secret Asian Man
There is no reason not to get this game08/14/06Shivan Reincarnated
A good step in the right direction.09/05/04SpiralSage
Penguins and Demons and Angels, Oh my!12/09/04Sylvanyze
Think you're hardcore? This is the game for you.09/06/05Syonyx
The Best Playstation 2 Game11/29/04Tails 64
The “Earthworm Jim” of Strategy RPGs02/14/04The Limpopo Pixie
A powerleveler's dream game11/12/10ulillillia
The best strategy RPG since Final Fantasy Tactics.10/29/10UltimaterializerX
Prinny tested, dood approved!08/14/06wannabepunktony
One of the funniest games around, almost perfect...02/13/06wolverinefan

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Better Than Final Fantasy Tactics06/14/04Aagon
Step aside Orlandu, Laharl has arrived.09/03/03bearsman6
Finally a sRPG that lives up to the hype; or lack thereof.08/29/03CalypsoPSO
An extremely fun, yet unbalanced, SRPG.09/13/03CarbunkleFlux
Disgaea has set a new standard for TacticalRPG09/02/03cuccoo
Disgaea: A new breed of Tactical RPG01/07/04DarkMagnus
Refreshing, addictive, and above all else, FUN!09/05/03Foley
Dood, this game rocks!!!09/09/03Jagged Valentine
Why Are You All Not Kneeling Yet?10/21/03Kaosu Reido
If you put exploding penguins, angel assasins, and demon rulers into a strategy RPG, then you have a classic!08/29/03Kashell Triumph
Buy. This. Game. Now.08/29/03Katon
Thank you Atlus!09/23/03lbabinz
A charming and unique strategy RPG experience09/10/03MJ
Disgaea leaves a mediocre mark on the tactical rpg legacy07/20/04onyxvenom
Disagaea: Hours of Gaming!02/14/04power1887
One of the greatest SRPG's ever made.04/14/04reomax
The Prince of Darkness returns!!!!!, not Satan09/05/03rond556
The Prince of Darknesss may rule, but it needs a serious meeting with advisors11/29/03SaintAjora
Demons, Angels, and ... Sexual Innuendo. Ouch!09/02/03Sharingan Ashton
Strategy RPG at it's best09/28/03THAguyINgta3
One of the best (and weirdest) tactical RPGs ever...12/07/03trancejeremy
An interesting upgrade to the strategy RPG genre, but what values does it have that really makes it great?01/22/04Vesper
A Precise Review / Existential Rant from an Semi Old School Gamer10/07/03xsfenrirx
After 2 Years of Sleep, Your Dad is Dead and Penguins Explode09/01/03Zairoll the Squirrel

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