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    Boss FAQ by thetimetraveler

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Version 1.2
    Castlevania: LoI Boss FAQ
    Written by: Peter McEntee a.k.a. thetimetraveler
    Email: deityultima@netscape.net
    Table of contents
    I.	Introduction
    II.		Version updates
    III.	Brief synopsis
    IV.	Play control/General tips
    V.		Boss- Golden Warrior
    VI.	Boss-Parasitic worm
    VII.	Boss-Golem
    VIII.	Boss-Medusa
    IX.		Boss-Joachim
    X.		Boss-Succubus
    XI.	Boss-Doppelganger
    XII.	Boss-Walter
    XIII.	Boss-Death
    XIV.	Boss-Flame Elemental
    XV.	Boss-Ice Elemental
    XVI.	Boss-Thunder Elemental
    XVII.	Boss-The Forgotten One
    XVIII.	Credits
    XIX.	Legal stuff
    I.	Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my first FAQ. Please bear with me as I explain the tough
    points behind each boss. My apologies that this FAQ is not finished but it will in
    time. I will also be conducting this walkthrough using the equipment, relics and
    sub-weapons that I used. By using this FAQ you may not only be able to beat these
    guys but look great doing it! So let's get started!!!
    II. Version updates
    -Version 1.0- FAQ post.
    -Version 1.1- Cleaned up some errors and added addition Boss info.
    -Version 1.2- Added Elementals and The Forgotten One bosses.
         III. Brief Synopsis
    For those who don't know, Castlevania is a long running series that has been
    around since the NES days of old. The story goes as follows: throughout the
    previous millennium (and even once in 21st century) the clan of vampire hunters
    known as the Belmonts has been charged with fighting and defeating Count Vlad
    Dracula every one hundred years. No one knew how or why this curse befell this
    clan, until now that is. Castlevania: Lament of Innocent takes place in the 11th
    century when the first of the Belmonts, Leon, sets out to find his betrothed
    inside a dark castle. His story explains the curse and how the battle between good
    and evil began...
    IV.	Play control/General Tips
    The basic controls:
    Left analog stick- Move around the area Right analog stick- opens the action
    window (Items, Equipment etc.)
    X button-Jump, Double jump (in air)
    O button-Sub-weapon attack (the sub-weapons are: knife, axe, holy water, cross and
             Square button- Weak whip attack (Fast but weak)
    Triangle button- Strong whip attack (Powerful but less recovery time)
             R1 and R2 buttons- Guard (Very important!!)
             L1 button- Orb window
             L2 button- Relic window
             Start button- Start menu
             Select menu- Map
    -Take full advantage of Leon's combo attacks. Experiment with different attacks
    and even sub-weapons to create good combos. (Note: you can only do simple combos
    in the beginning but as you gain more abilities you can do more)
    Here's a favorite of mine from later in the game as an example:
    Weak, Weak, Weak, Strong, Weak and Red Orb/Holy Water.
    -Guard often, but not too often. Guarding is very important in boss battles. It
    could save your neck in the end. Remember not to just hold down the Guard button
    for if you block too many hits in tandem you will falter leaving you open for a
    second or two.
    -The quick step ability is you friend so use it! One of the coolest abilities in
    the game, the quick step is invaluable. Using it not only avoids an attack with
    ease, but you create a very nice opening for a counter attack as well. (Note: the
    quick step ability is not available right off the bat so you need to train until
    you get it.)
    -Heal often and always carry a sacrificial doll in your accessory slot. Try to max
    out on potions and other healing items before heading into a boss battle. Also
    carry a sacrificial doll with you (when equipped, if your HP reaches 0, the doll
    is destroyed and you are left with about half your max HP. This item can be bought
    at Rinaldo's shop for 2,000 gold). In a battle if the doll is destroyed try to
    find a safe spot to open your action window and equip another accessory to help
    you out.
    V. On to the first battle! Lone Armor!
    Golden Knight HP: 60
    Description- Guardian of the last chamber of the tutorial rooms. Only special
    attacks are effective.
    Strategy: Not much of a fight, just a battle to test your newfound skills. Guard
    when he attacks and just pound away at him with different whip combos. Not much to
    him really....
    VI. Next, a parasitic infestation....
    Undead Parasite HP: 1,200
    Description- Giant worm that guards the Blue Orb at the end of the House of Sacred
    Strategy: For your first real boss battle you are basically playing a game of
    whack a mole except replace the word "whack" with "whip" and "mole" with
    "throbbing core". The arena consists of five holes on the ground and some on the
    walls. The worm's head will consistently travel from wall hole to wall hole trying
    to ram you. Your job is to find the core (maybe tail?) that pops up from one of
    the holes in the ground and pound it. Remember
    that this is the target, not the head for the head doesn't take damage! The worm
    will summon minions called soulless to attack you but they go down pretty quickly
    or you can avoid them all together. On occasion the head will breath fire on you
    so be careful when it comes out of the hole. Just keep focusing on the core/tail
    and victory is yours.
    Treasure: Blue Orb and warp to Rinaldo's shop
    VII. 3rd battle! Rise and emeth rocky!
    Golem HP: 1,500
    Description- Earth monster that guards the Red Orb at the end of the Anti-Soul
    Mysteries Lab.
    Strategy: You will first need the "e" stone to complete the inscription in the
    stone to fight the golem. Find the stone in the Garden area and place it in the
    hole in the golem's arena. The golem will pull himself together and begin the
    fight. He attacks you with punches that go right through your guard so don't
    bother unless you want to get hurt. Dodge often and hit him from behind if you can.
    When he's in front of you jump up and hit his head so the low punches don't get
    you. Use your shiny new Orb with your sub-weapons to take him out. When he finally
    falls to you.......he gets back up. Yeah, he has a second bar of health and now
    he's pissed! The battle escalates as he now can fire his hand like a spring loaded
    rocket at you to deal serious damage. He also cannot be hurt anywhere except the
    red circle on his head which is now exposed. You will see him prepare to shoot his
    hand at you when he holds it. Take this time to prepare to dodge. After he fires,
    dodge as quickly as you can. He now tries to recoil it back to his arm, slowly.
    While he's doing this run up, jump and smack that circle! Follow this pattern
    until he's gone for good.
    Treasure: Red Orb and warp to Rinaldo's shop
    VIII. Number 4! You will make a fine statue.....Hsssssss
    Medusa HP: 2,000
    Description- Legendary snake monster that guards the Green Orb at the end of
    Garden, Forgotten by Time.
    Strategy- A brief cut scene preludes the battle with Medusa. Leon sees the statues
    of men that fought and failed to kill the legendary monster. Medusa and Leon have
    a little chat and then begin to fight. One dangerous power Medusa possesses is the
    power to turn things to stone so be extra careful here. Medusa has a variety of
    attacks that could really ruin your day. First and most frequent are her snakes on
    her head. They will snap at you so respond by either jumping or guarding. After
    you hit her a bunch of times with your whip she will bleed and drop damaging blood
    on the floor as she moves away so be sure to avoid those. Next is her stone stare
    which will, you guessed it, turn you to stone. Don't jump for you probably will
    land in the path of the gaze. Instead, dodge and attack while she's still gazing.
    Should you be turned to stone quickly rotate your left analog stick and push your
    four primary buttons to de-stone yourself. After you are frozen stiff, Medusa will
    curl into a ball and roll around the arena trying to hit you. If you use your
    controller like crazy then you will break out and her attack won't hit you. Use
    different whip combos and sub-weapon attacks. I used the Red Orb/Holy Water combo
    a lot but other combinations work well too. After you get her down to her yellow
    life bar she will use two new attacks. She will float high up in the air and
    release a river of snakes at you. Guard once or twice or roll out of their path.
    Also added is an attack where Medusa will levitate petrified stones that circle
    her and then are thrown at you. Guard and dodge left or right until they are all
    gone. Just follow her pattern of attack carefully, heal often and keep whipping
    away. After you defeat her, Medusa will utter something about the whip not being
    complete yet and then turn to stone herself.
    Treasure: Green Orb and warp to Rinaldo's shop
    IX. Battle 5! Phenomenal Vampire powers....Itty bitty living space...
    Joachim HP: 1,500
    Description- Vampire that guards the Purple Orb in the Dark Palace of the
    Strategy: Before you can fight Joachim, you have to activate the two switches in
    the dungeon: one to extend the bridge and the other to stop the water flow. When
    Leon steps inside he'll meet Joachim. Joachim mentions a powerful relic known as
    the Ebony Stone and tells Leon that if he defeats him in battle, he will tell him
    what it does. So, of course, the fight begins. You will notice that Joachim seems
    immune to your whip at first but run to any corner of the (small) room and you
    will see a floating blue sphere. These things have to be taken out first before
    you can hurt Joachim. He will attack you with the swords rotating around him both
    as a projectile and from underground. Simply run away from them and go for the
    spheres. On occasion a jet of flames will erupt from the ground to protect the
    sphere so watch out. The spheres only stand about two hits each. After taking all
    three out your ready for Joachim. Mix a good amount of offensive and defensive
    attacks for this battle. He will eventually regenerate the spheres and continue to
    attack so repeat the process. After beating him, the truth behind the Ebony stone
    will be revealed and another stone, the Crimson stone will be mentioned. Joachim
    dies before explaining though so take the warp back to Rinaldo's (P.S.-be sure to
    examine this cut-scene closely at the end...).
    Treasure: Purple Orb and warp to Rinaldo's shop
    X. Numero 6! Sexy and Deadly!
    Succubus HP: 1,000
    Description- Evil temptress who guards the Yellow Orb at the end of the Ghostly
    Theater area.
    Strategy: Before you can enter the Succubus' lair you must find the bell item in
    the area first. Once you have it, stand in front of the stage and ring it 3 times.
    A cut-scene will now emerge with Leon looking towards the stage to see Sara
    standing there. He runs to her and tells her to follow him out. She suddenly
    attacks with his back turned and he evades. Sara turns into the form of the
    Succubus and Leon says he knew it was too easy. After a brief exchange, the fight
    begins. The Succubus' speed is much better then your own so as she dashes you need
    to stay one step ahead by whipping where she is headed next. She will try to get
    close enough to kiss you which proves deadly for Leon so keep you distance. She
    also shoots a stream of....stuff at you so guard against that. She will summon
    plants to rise from the ground to harm you as well as vines that travel along the
    floor to hit you. Dodge or jump around these. In terms of damaging her, well timed
    combos are your best bet. Attacking in the air works too so your not being hit by
    those vines. Heal often and whip away until she's down. After the battle she will
    mention Rinaldo and his daughter right before she dies. Take the Yellow Orb and
    warp to head back and hear the whole story.
    XI. Battle 7! Copycat, Copycat!
    Doppelganger HP: 1,500
    Description- Dark impersonation of Leon who guards the top floor in the main
    castle area.
    Strategy: This battle shouldn't be too tough. For one thing, you now have the
    legendary Vampire Killer at your side and your clone doesn't. Also, since he is
    the dark you and uses the same sub-weapon attacks you do, you know how to get
    around them by now. Make him feel the pain of the whip by smashing him up with
    combos. He won't be a problem, just an inconvenience.
    Treasure: None
    XII. Battle 8! The King of the Castle!
    Walter HP: 1,500
    Description- Dark Lord of the Night who started this whole mess.
    Strategy: Well you made it to the top floor, now let's kill this guy already! A
    cut-scene emerges with Walter congratulating Leon on making up alive. After some
    chit-chat, the fight starts. You run up to him and whack him with the whip.
    Another cut-scene. They go on about how the whip actually affects him (a previous
    cut scene explains why anything else wouldn't). So now we go back into the battle
    again. If you've ever played any of the previous Castlevanias, you may recognize
    Walter's attacks. He fires either one or three red fireballs around him which
    explode after a short time. Just stay away from him to avoid these. He also
    teleports often to different places but the camera will keep up with him so just
    follow suit. Good whip combos work wonders and be sure to use all your hearts up!
    (I'll explain why later) He has one super attack you should be careful of though.
    He charges up a great amount of energy that converts into a giant ball. It will
    hit the ground and create a massive fire shockwave. Though it looks and sounds
    threatening a simple guard prevents any damage. The reason its dangerous though is
    that if it connects it does a LOT of damage. Slay the vampire and victory is
    Or is it....
    Cut-scene. I won't say what happens, just that you got one more boss before you
    complete this epic journey.
    XIII. Final battle. Logically, can you really "kill" this guy.....?
    Death HP: 4,444
    Description- Lord of the dead and the underworld
    Strategy: You look death straight in the face....and laugh. Well not laugh but you
    have to beat him anyway. Death transports you to a circular arena surrounded by
    the flames of Hell. He is always on the border of the arena and summons all his
    attacks from there as well. One important thing about Death is that Sub-weapons
    don't affect him (hope all your hearts were used on Walter...) so all your attacks
    should be whip-based. He starts off with 2 basic attacks. First he uses his
    infamous sickle against you. He either winds it up and throws it or does a simple
    slash. Dodge the throwing sickle and just back up from the slash. His second
    attack consists of summoning flaming skulls to suicide bomb Leon. While he's
    summoning whack him. When the skulls come at you, start dodging left and right as
    they come toward you. As they get close they start to turn red, this signals the
    self-destruct so keep moving. Death will teleport to another part of the border
    after every successful combo attack so keep up with him. After he goes down to the
    yellow health bar, he adds another attack to the mix. He sends bolts of fire down
    onto the arena and they radiate outward. Run to avoid the first strike and jump
    over the shock wave. He may do this twice in a row so stay on your toes here. Heal
    and attack, attack, attack. Eventually he'll fall.
    Congratulations! You beat Castlevania: Lament of Innocence for the PS2. Yay!
    And now the extras you may have missed....
    XIV. Extra Boss battle #1: The Fires of Hell manifested...
    Flame Elemental HP: 1500
    Description- Incarnation of Fire found in the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab
    Strategy: For the first of the three secret elemental battles you face the Flame
    Elemental. It carries a long sword weapon that it will rush at you with. Guard and
    dodge as necessary. The Elemental will swing its sword from a distance to release
    fireballs that will follow a straight path. Just run or roll away from this. Its
    biggest attack is a large fire sphere that is created when it slams on the ground.
    Somersault backwards to avoid this as a guard won't help much. If you fought the
    Ice Elemental before this fight be sure to equip the Ice whip as it will double
    all damage even the Vampire killer would deal. Even if you don't have it this
    battle will not take very long. Heal accordingly as you go. Your primary attacks
    should be your longest combos for if you have the Ice whip equipped you can easily
    take care of this guy in fewer than 30 secs if done correctly.
    Treasure: Whip of Flames
    XV. Extra Boss battle #2: Feel the Arctic chill...
    Ice Elemental HP: 1500
    Description- Incarnation of Ice found in the Dark Palace of Waterfalls
    Strategy: For the second of the three secret elemental battles you will face the
    Ice Elemental. This battle is similar to the previous battle in the Ice Elemental
    will rush at you with a long lance/sword weapon so follow the same idea: Guard and
    avoid. It will occasionally use a spinning attack but just guard against it.
    Another attack consists of ice balls that are thrown at you much like the Flame
    Elemental's attack so follow the same strategy of running or dodging. Also, the
    Elemental with fire a beam of concentrated cold air at you. Just dodge this one.
    It may also use an ice shockwave which may paralyze you. Try to equip an accessory
    with resistance to this effect or hit the buttons like crazy to get out. If you
    beat the Flame Elemental first use the Fire whip to make short work of this one.
    Like the one before it, long and powerful whip combos with the Fire whip in toe
    will spell a sweet victory.
    Treasure: Whip of Ice
    XVI. Extra Boss battle #3: Storms a brewin'....
    Lightning Elemental HP: 1500
    Description- Incarnation of Electricity found in the Garden, Forgotten by Time
    Strategy: First off there are two things that make this battle different from the
    first two. Number 1: The storm atmosphere on the way to the battle is really nice
    and number 2: there is no whip that will deal extra damage to this guy. Just the
    Vampire Killer is fine (unless you want the ice or fire effect to flash every time
    you perform a combo. It's up to you...). Same thing again with that stick so we
    all know what to do: guard and avoid. The Lightning Elemental will call down bolts
    of (hmm) lightning to hit you but you have enough time to run or roll away. Also
    the Elemental will use an Electricity sphere attack similar to the Flame's attack.
    Somersault to avoid this. Use a varied pattern of attacking such as short, quick
    and slow, powerful whip combos. Heal when necessary and keep attacking until the
    last crack of thunder sounds.
    Treasure: Whip of Lightning
    XVII. Extra Boss battle #4: Locked away for eternity, never to be found...
    The Forgotten One HP: 4800
    Description- Enormous monster of darkness found in the Prison of Eternal Torture
    Strategy: Okay, get ready for the longest and most difficult boss battle of the
    game! There is a reason this monster was locked away in the basement of the castle,
    I doubt even Walter could control this monster. But enough about that lets get to
    defeating him! This battle is divided into three parts: Abdomen, Chest with Hands
    and the Head. You start with the Abdomen. You will see 6 or 7 pieces protecting
    the inner organ which resembles a heart (though I doubt it has one.) Simply jump
    up and do the five hit whip combo to deal damage. Use the fire kick (triangle) at
    the end to do a bit more damage. After a bit of time you will see small worms as
    well as a few large ones fall to the platform you're on. If these worms hit you it
    will result in a cursed status and therefore disable your air combos so use a
    uncurse potion immediately. This or an accessory with protection from curse is
    good to use. To get rid of the worms quickly use the whip twirl attack (360 degree
    turn on the analog stick plus the triangle button) to knock all the worms out as
    well as hit the Abdomen in the process. Once the worms are gone go for the Abdomen
    again. After a certain amount of damage is dealt, a piece will fall off revealing
    a small part of the abdomen itself. After all the pieces are removed the core will
    be your only target. Be careful that when you deal damage to it on occasion blood
    will spill onto the ground and result in poison if touched. Bring serums and
    accessory resistance. After the final blow the abdomen will shrivel up and the
    platform will rise to the second area of the battle. Now you are dealing with the
    Chest and Hands of the beast. There are two points of attack here, the ribs and
    the hands themselves, however the ribs are distanced from the platform and are
    resistant to your attacks somewhat so only focus on the hands here. The hands have
    2 primary and 1 special attack(s). The hand will usually hover over you and then
    slam onto the platform in attempt to crush you. Simply wait for the hand to stop
    hovering and just before it moves somersault or roll out of the way. When the hand
    is on the platform start attacking. Whip attacks and sub-weapons are a good way to
    go here. You can also attack the hand while it's hovering in the air but there is
    the risk of getting hit so don't do it unless you feel cocky. The hand's second
    attack consists of it plating itself on one side of the platform and swing across
    to sweep you. Timing is key here, just prepare for the swipe and double jump right
    over the hand. Don't even bother trying to attack while it does this. After you
    bring it down to the yellow bar it will introduce its most dangerous attack. When
    the hand is hovering it may drop blood onto the arena which will damage you as
    well as poison. Again, carry serums and accessories with prevention. Watch your
    footing as this will reduce your space in area to move around. Simply follow these
    patterns of attack until the hands fall and the chest tips over in pain. Now we
    move to the final and most dangerous form of the Forgotten One: it's Head. The
    head itself only has two attacks but even 3 or 4 good hits could mean an instant
    game over. It will start off by yelling out and shaking the room. At some points
    during the battle when you try to attack the head it may seem invincible; its not
    but it is charging for an attack. First the head will call down 3 big rocks to hit
    you. Truth is these rocks help you. They usually fall in the same three spots: far
    left, center and far right so avoid these spots when they fall. After they fall
    you have a small time to attack the head to put in some damage. As soon as the
    head starts to go backward to charge up run behind one of the rocks. Now the head
    will release a devastating fire attack that can deal you a lot of damage. However,
    if you are behind a rock, it will absorb all the damage. The fire will sweep the
    area twice and leave the rocks weakened (you will see many cracks in the rocks
    that can only stand one more attack). After the fire stops unload on the head with
    all the attacks you got. Use your strongest whip combos and sub weapon attacks
    available. You only have a few seconds so get ready to run again. Once the head
    charges up again run to a rock that does not have any cracks in it. Any rock that
    does will be destroyed on the first fire attack and you will be hit by it. Follow
    the above strategy over and over. After 2 or more of the rocks are destroyed the
    head will summon more so adjust accordingly. It will be tough but it is possible
    to beat this guy so don't give up! After you deal the final blow the Forgotten One
    will fall and you may be out of breath. Congrats!
    Treasure: Black Orb (The most powerful in the game!) and some dignity
    Here's another strategy for the Forgotten One I received via email from
    jagstang 99
    For the forgotten one-
    First form - the belly of the beast
    He drops maggots and squirts blood at you. Offset the
    chance of poisoning (doesn't always work) with a
    poison ring. The second artifact should either be a
    sacrificial doll (if the player's timing isn't so hot)
    or the one that increases attack rating (which I
    used). To crush the first form, just get right in front
    of the boss and double jump...whip combo. Repeat. If
    your timing is right, you destroy the first form
    without ever getting poisoned or cursed by the blood
    or maggots. Okay, second form -
    The chest of evil...there is no hope.
    Actually, this form is a push-over too.
    He can slam a fist down on you, sweep his arm over the
    whole platform, or squeeze out more poison blood.
    To defeat this form isn't much harder then the first.
    You have to watch for where his fist will come down,
    and avoid getting trapped on the ends of the platform.
    That aside, I only attacked him when his fist was on
    the platform. And, it seemed that if a whip strike hit
    both his body and his hand the damage counted up twice
    as fast.
    Basically, time your combos so you can be moving when
    he is about to drop a fist on you. If he chambers his
    arm to sweep over the platform (very obvious) learn
    the timing and jump up. As the arm is just about to
    collide with you, double jump over it. This really
    pulls the teeth out of this part of the fight once you
    can dodge that attack.
    Finally, when he squeezes out the blood. Do not let
    him pin you against the edge of the platform unless
    you like getting crushed. Ring or no ring, I seemed to
    get poisoned more often then not crossing the blood,
    but once you get the timing down, you CAN get by him
    if you stay moving. Also, I attacked his hand with
    air/ground combos every chance I got.
    That form down, we meet him face to face.
    I think Danzig should have got some royalties for that
    demon skull face, personally.
    The main thing about this fight it knowing when to
    piss him off, and when not to, also I recommend taking
    the axe with you as your sub weapon with the fast edge
    orb enhancement, or one of the ones that lets you
    throw it.
    Hang back and do not hit him, avoid him until there
    are at least three standing stones knocked down from
    the ceiling. You have to use these to avoid his hell
    fire breath (what HAVE they been feeding him. jeeze).
    Now that you have some places to hide, it is time to
    start whittling away at the boss.
    When he's howling to bring down more rocks, pop him
    with axes or whip combos, just make sure not to get
    hit by falling rock. A guard will save you most times,
    but not against double hits.
    When he starts the fire mouth....RUN. Also watch the
    stones you hide behind, they do get whittled away. It
    isn't really safe to hide behind one if it is cracked,
    because the next burst of hellfire and you'll take the
    damage. Also, sometimes he does a double sweep...so
    wait an extra beat after the flame passes before
    charging in to attack him to make sure it isn't a
    double pass.
    If you are down to one or two stones, stay away from
    him until he howls down some more. I am not 100%
    certain, but he seems less likely to do the fire
    breath if you stay away from him/stay behind the
    All in all, if you watch his pattern, easy to crush.
             XVIII. Credits
    Thanks to Konami for all the Castlevanias they've made and Sony for letting this
    great game grace their system! Also thanks to jagstang99@yahoo.com for his
           XIX. Legal stuff
    	This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    	private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    	publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    	web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    	violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2003 Peter McEntee a.k.a. thetimetraveler

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