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"Good, not SOTN good but good none the less!"

First off let me say that I have been a fan of the Castlevania franchise since its debut in the late 80's.

I loved the gameplay of the traditional 2D Castlevania's and naturally like any other CV enthusiest I often wondered what a true 3D Castlevania was like.

Now we all know, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is the first true 3D Castlevania. And I might say that it is fairly decent of a title. Allow me to ellaborate.

GAMEPLAY: (8/10)

The game is good, it's not too hard but its not a cake-walk either. It could have been a lot tougher. I like the new combo system but the thing that bothers me is the whole 'whip' thing. I dont like the whips, I much rather prefer the SOTN feel on weapons. Swords, Maces, the whole nine yards. Anyone who has played SOTN all I have to say is one word: Crissagrim.

I also love the return of the relic system, which is good for the fact that it gives you a wide array of moves and attacks. Overall I stick by my 8 out of 10.

STORY: (6/10)

The story is...a bit lacking. Most reviews will tell you the same thing pretty much. Leon, the baron of his land finds out that a vampire who likes to play games with mortals kidnaps his girlfriend and forces him to fight hordes of monsters with no weapons except for a whip that an item dealer gives you at the start, very skeptical if you ask me.

GRAPHICS/SOUND: (8/10, 9/10)

When I first fired up the game and actually got to control Leon, I first noticed the backgrounds and the great 3D feel.
The game is expansive and I like the map system. You can actually change the angle and degree of the map. The really bad thing about the graphics is the camera. Its horrendous...oh my is that bad. You cant move the camera and about 95% of the time you would want to. The lighting is good but in some places its just too dark to see anything clearly and you end up sometimes getting ambushed by many many monsters.

The weapons are graphically done very well. My personal favorite is the holy water, it looks very well done. The whip combos are done well too.

Now the musical score is another thing.

The music is very good. The first few areas were reminiscent of SOTN and that is good. But it isnt done with a real orchestra, just synths. I havent fully heard all the tracks but from what I have heard it is a good soundtrack. The sound effects are nicely done too. Leon grunts when you swing your whip and you can hear the enemies sometimes cackling and you can hear the creaking bones in the skeleton soldiers. Its a nice touch, I love how everything sounds. The sound system is well worth the 9


Why the ???'s you ask? I havent fully finished the game yet so I dont know how well the replayability will actually be. But if it is like SOTN and AOS then hopefully you will get to play thru as a different character. Maybe you will be able to play as Mathias, but I highly doubt it. I will update my PLAYTIME/REPLAYABILITY score when I do in fact finish the game.

To rent or to buy: That is the question. Buy it if you really are a die-hard fan of Castlevania or you loved SOTN and want to see the 3D incarnation of those same developers.

If you dont like Castlevania but liked Devil May Cry, then you might enjoy this game, but I suggest you rent it if that is the case. In fact...Leon does remind me of Dante, except Dante's voice is much cooler and more tollerable.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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