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"A great game without the "castlevania" name"

Introduction - Castlevania Has been around for years. It follows the path of a person (usually a Belmont) who has set out to destroy Dracula, each time with a new storyline following a more or less sound storyline. So is this new incarnation worthy of the Castlevania name? Read on.

Story - The story is solid and well told. Basically, you are Leon Belmont. Your wife to be, Sara has been kidnapped by Dracula himself and in order to save her, you gave up your name and position as one of the highest ranked soldiers of the king. My only qualm here is the unbearably long intro. One should not have to go through so long a cut scene without some playtime in between. In other words, I would have liked the story to be incorporated in a more hands on way than a cut scene 8/10

Graphics- The graphics are in a word: decent. The environments are rich and full of atmosphere and character/enemy models are quite detailed. Animations are fairly fluid and there is little slowdown (if any) to be encountered However that's it. The graphics do nothing else to draw in the player. So I won't say there's anything wrong with it. Just not anything GREAT either. 8/10

Sound- Ahhhh yes. This works. The music first off is top notch and well composed. It manages to set the mood and is always fitting. For those that have followed the Castlevania series, it still manages to give you that old school feel you have come to know and love.
Sound effects are well done and fitting to each material hit/walked on etc. 9/10

Gameplay- This is what adventure games are all about. And without a doubt Castlevania delivers here. you have a basic slash, a harder slash and a jump button, use them together to string combos. There are also sub weapons and variations to each of them to mix it up a bit. Special techniques are also littered throughout the game to add to your enjoyment. The camera does a good job to keep you interested, with minimal frustration. Along with tons of exploration, the gameplay is sweet. My gripe here was the actual game length. I would have liked a couple more hours of storyline play. 9/10

Conclusion: All in all this is a great game. You probably could finish it in a rental but there's so much incentive to come back to it that a buy is warranted. Final score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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