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Reviewed: 10/28/03 | Updated: 10/29/03

The Belmonts are back in town

The wait is over, The Belmont Clan are back and this time with style. I know there’s a lot of compairing this game to SOTN. Please….This game is way better in this gamers humble opinion. The Castlevania series have come a long way to get to were it's at today....I just hope Konami still listens to their fans and continues making the series. we all know how most people didn't like the 3D versions on N64, but konami has done this game well and with fans in mind and it's about time konami did something about it.

Story: Your job as a vampire Hunter (Like in all the Castlevania games) is to kill monsters and destory everything.In this game they have you rescue Leons girl friend from the Evil Walter and bring piece back to the world once again.

Gameplay: You’ll forget all about the 3D Castlevania’s on the N64 after you play this masterpieces. The controls are spot on. At first I didn’t think I would like the controls, because the N64 version had weird controls, being in 3D and all, but their really work here. The camera is a issue sometimes, but does work in general.This game is the most fun I’ve had out of a game in awhile. The Relics and the subweapons are really well done in this game. You can use them as you please to suit your style gameplay. This is the game konami should have made in the first place,but didn't. I just hope the next Castlevania game does more platforming? The real time window which you use for subweapons and health is something you really have to get use to, you just can't stop the game to use health or different whips, you have to do it in real time while the game is going and while some of you wont like that I think it wont bother you to much.

Graphics: while not the best I’ve seen….their not too shabby either. The environments look and feel like Castlevania. The lighting is really well done for a PS2 game. I aplaud konami for doing a fantastic job. The only problem I had with the graphics are the rooms look exactly the same….thank god for a map system, otherwise we would get lost. The candles, the whips, the whole feel of how the game should look is all here and then some.

Sound: Michiru Yamane did all the music and it shows. Garden Forgotten by time, Castlevania Reincarnation and Admiration of the Clan are sure to be classics. All the Castlevania sounds are here. The monsters screaming, all the dark sounds & feels all Castlevania. Just the music alone we get you. After hearing the music you’ll want to get it on CD.

How long: Most 3D action games are about 10 hours long and this game is no different,but it doesn't matter when your having so much fun playing. and with all the wont matter either way, because when your playing this masterpiece of a game 10 hours will feel like years!

Overall: I know everybody wanted a SOTN type game again, but I'm glad konmi choose not to go that route. It stands on it own just fine. Hey.....It’s Castlevania! Go into castle beat monsters, slash, kill, destroy everything in sight,That’s what a good Castlevania game should do, and it does it in spades....And to keep the game going…there’s extras galore and having to get a 100% is what gives this game replay value. If you have a Castlevania collection already, you will want to put this game in that collection,I say get it! It’s no Symphony of the Night but that’s just fine with me.

If you’re a Castlevania fan, don't rent, buy this masterpiece of gaming bliss.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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