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"Dracula May Cry"

An uninspired Castlevania based clone of Devil May Cry. I'm very turned off, bad, BAD Konami!!

I opened the game totally stoked about it! The new Castlevania! I can't wait! After loading I was first dissappointed by the horrible techo music. Then I moved around and I thought this is not castlevania this is a Devil May Cry rip-off, but then I pushed the attack button and there was a whip. Already dissapointed I pressed on hoping to be impressed. The more I played the more I was dissappointed, I've played this game before, wasn't it called Devil May Cry? The first boss, was sad. He was just a big pile of rocks. I was dissapointed time and time again, everytime I entered a room I felt that I had played a better, cooler, more fun version of this game.

This big pile of rocks is a perfect analogy to this game.

Bottomline, if you want to play a cool version of this, do yourself a favor and get yourself a $15 dollar copy of DMC. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is not worthy of your hard earned cash.

6/10 GRAPHICS - Not Bad
The second I started playing this, I thought Devil May Cry in a Castlevania setting. While the boss monsters are OK looking, I felt like the thing this game was lacking the most was atmosphere. While in Devil May Cry there is fog, and scary little details, Lament is very sterile. It seems like this game was just thrown together for the holiday season, and they had no time for polish. This is only a Castlevania game by name.

The level design is boring, uninspired. The caslte looks like a sterile beta version of Devil May Cry.

The enemies look, pixelated, and are animated badly. Only the bosses have decent form and texture. But even some bosses, like the Big Pile of Rocks really didn't impress me and I didn't understand why there was a cut-scene to reiterate that you would be fighting a Big Pile of Rocks. While in Devil May Cry the cut scenes were cool!!! Why did they even bother in this game?

The special weapon attacks, look lame...

5/10 SOUND - Uninspired
Think about the most rudimentary use of sound in a game, and that's what you'll get. Nothing to make you feel like you are in Castlevania, I mean this is CASTLEVANIA! not just some game you could slack off on. Symphoy of the Night, was excellent, why not just borrow sounds.

Devil May Cry is proof, that sound design is vital in this type of game. By not bringing us into the atmopsphere with sound, we just don't believe we are in the game.

1/10 MUSIC - Horrible Choice of Music
Techno for a Castlevania?! The music feels so disconnected from the gameplay. It feels like the music just loops over and over and over, there is no variety. If it was good techno, maybe I could dig it, but it wasn't good techno. It was very, very bad techno. Again I mention Symphony of the Night and Castlevania 1 and 3 that music had atmosphere, and went along with the game.

Devil May Cry, had such excellent music. It went along great with the cutscenes, and drove the action. This techno is just boring and redundant.

6/10 CONTROL - Usable, but confusing
It seems that everything including the control was borrowed from one of my favorite games of all time, ''Devil May Cry'' but adjusted to add new abilities like holy water tossing and some sort of magic orb thingies. These new abilities were somewhat confusing to use so I didn't really use them, isn't that sad?

7/10 GAMEPLAY - It's not a total waste
Even though everything is ripped out of Devil May Cry and changed to fit the Castlevania asthetic, the game is not a total waste, maybe next time Konami will make another good Castlevania game and if you can't wait till they do, you can always play this one. The main character is another Raiden-Type hero, why does Konami do this to us? The reason I loved Simon and Trevor Belemont from the early series is because they were hairy testosterone whip weilding freaks. I don't know what's going on, maybe the Castlevania dude has lost his touch, who knows.

Several things bothered me, if the hero was supposed to be a knight why did he have a fairy whip? Why are all of Konami's games so overdramatic nowadays. I don't care about story just let me kill stuff and make it cool-looking...

*Note to Konami: keep the games fun, keep the stories short and sweet, and concentrate on making the GAME good. Also no more wimpy girl heroes, and no more overly sappy love stories please...

I would give this game a lower grade, but I would feel horrible about it. It coulda been a contender. Besides, I've played far worse...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/20/03

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